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Delaware Bicycle D

Council News B
Volume 8, Issue 1 - May 2004 C
A Cooperative Effort of the Delaware Bicycle Council and the Delaware Department of Transportation
online database and will be made avail-
Newark Earns Honorable Mention able to you if you choose to apply again
next year. A hard copy of this letter
as “Bicycle Friendly Community” along with a certificate honoring your
The following is a letter received by few additional improvements could earn community for these efforts will be sent
Heather Dunigan, WILMAPCO, regard- a Bicycle Friendly Community award out later this week.
ing Newark’s standing as a bicycle for your community in the future. We
friendly community... were particularly impressed with Once again, congratulations on your
Newark for the plans set forth in the progress in creating a bicycle-friendly
Dear Heather Dunigan, draft bicycle plan update. Look for a community.
more detailed analysis of the strengths
Thank you for your Bicycle Friendly and weaknesses we saw in your applica- Andy Clarke
Community application. After careful tion in the near future. State and Local Director
review of your application and consulta- League of American Bicyclists
tion with local cyclists, we have deter- The League will promote your honor-
mined that Newark, DE should be rec- able mention status on our website for For more information on "Bicycle
ognized with an honorable mention des- one year. We will gladly review an Friendly Communities" see
ignation. updated application next year, so we
urge you to make as many improvements prs051503.htm
The honorable mention designation is as possible in the meantime! Our appli-
presented only to communities on the cation process is moving to an on-line Inside this Issue
cusp of earning a Bicycle Friendly format in our efforts to make the best Sussex County Bicycle Safety
Community award. You should be proud use of the information you provide. Your Committee Page 2
of this accomplishment indicating that a application will be entered into this
Bicycle Maps Available Page 2

Bike Month Events Calendar. Page 3

Message from the Governor Delaware Bicycle Crash

Information Page 4
Delawareans use their the goal of increasing the number of children
bicycles as a sport, a and teens who can choose to bike to school. James F. Hall Trail Page 4
means of transportation, Whenever DelDOT repaves a road, a bike
DelDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian
and as an enjoyable fami- path is now placed alongside. I want people Updates Page 5
ly activity. Bicycling pro- to truly have the choice - to take a car or a
vides health benefits to bike. And we're getting there, road by road. Celebrate National Trails Day Page 5

the cyclist, but we all also benefit from the Bicycle Council Membership
reduced air emissions from vehicles when The job of the Bicycle Council is to help Changes Page 6
someone chooses to cycle to work or go for a inform us of ways to improve biking in
DelDOT Maintenance Hotline Page 6
bike ride rather than drive to a gym. Delaware. Your input is so important, please
take the time to give us you thoughts…and Delaware Senior Olympics Page 6
Creating more bikeways and encouraging and get out there and ride!
Bikes in State Parks Page 7
enabling safe cycling is one of my favorite
aspects of Livable Delaware. We implement- Legislator’s Bike to Work Ride Page 7
ed the Safe Routes to Schools program with
Delaware Bicycle Council News
bicycle crashes in Sussex County. Of 200,000 safety brochures, funded by
Sussex County those 24, 18 were on Route 1 - the pri- DelDOT and Public Health. These
mary beach travel road. Fourteen of the brochures were then distributed to real-
Bicycle Safety crashes involved out of state visitors tors, hotel lobbies, restaurants, job fairs,
and 9 involved foreign exchange stu- state parks, and local bike shops.
Committee dents. Also, in 14 cases, the cyclist was
By Lisa Moore, Office of at fault. In addition to the brochures, Public
Highway Safety Health purchased 3,000 reflective
The underlying problem soon became bracelets and stickers. The Delaware
This committee was originally formed clear - many out of state visitors and State Police also planned to increase
in response to concerns about the high foreign students were unaware of their enforcement efforts along the
number of bicycle crashes in Sussex Delaware's cycling laws. Also, the Route 1 corridor.
County during the summer tourist sea- number of injuries was a direct result of
son. The committee is comprised of these cyclist not wearing helmets or tak- The committee teamed with the Ocean
members from the emergency room ing other safety precautions. The com- Atlantic Real Estate Agency in
professional staff of Beebe Hospital, the mittee agreed to print more than Rehoboth Beach to distribute bike hel-
Delaware Department of mets to those in need, as well as to dis-
Transportation, the Delaware Office of tribute other safety items and informa-
Highway Safety, the Delaware Bicycle tion. Ocean Atlantic and the State
Council, Sussex County EMS profes- Police contributed a large number of
sionals, the Delaware Office of EMS, helmets, which were then distributed to
the Delaware Division of Public Health, adults as they passed the location on
and the Delaware State Police. their bicycles. The committee will meet
again in early summer 2004 to review
It was determined that between June the data from summer 2003 and deter-
and September 2002 there were 24 mine effectiveness of its efforts.

Bicycle Maps 2004 Bicycling Event Calendar

Available from Date Event / Contact Info

DelDOT Mar 27 WCBC Icicle Metric Century /

Apr 25 MS Mason-Dixon Ride /
Two Delaware bicycle maps are May 1 Bike at Bellevue State Park / (302) 761-6952
available free from DelDOT - the May 8 Cloutier Bike Rodeo for Kids / (302) 994-2656
New Castle County map issued last May 12 Legislator's Ride to Work /
May 22 Tour de Cure / 888-diabetes or
year and the Kent/Sussex County
May 23 Krispy Kreme Crit Races /
map issued in 2000. Jul 4 WCBC Delaware Double Cross /
Aug 28 WCBC Shore Fire Century /
You can order online at www.del- Sep 11 Amish Country Tour, Dover / static/pubs_forms/manu- Sep 26-27 WCBC Twin Centuries /
als/maps/ orderform.htm. Maps Oct 3-4 MS150 Bike to the Bay /
are also available from the Tourism Oct 6 Delaware Senior Olympics Time Trails /
Office by calling 1-866-284-7483 Oct 9 Delaware Senior Olympics Road Race /
Oct 16 WCBC Savage Century /
Oct 24-26 WCBC Cape May Weekend /
This web site also has information
on other available Delaware maps. WCBC = White Clay Bicycle Club

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Volume 8, Issue 1

Bike Month
Events Calendar
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
The majority of the rides listed on this calendar are sponsored by local bicycling clubs. 1
WCBC is the White Clay Bicycling Club based in New Castle County -- for more ride details
FSVS is the racing affiliate of WCBC -- see
DDSR is the Downstate Delaware Striders and Riders, a new club in Kent County for Cyclists
and Runners/Walkers -- see
Also DelDOT and the Dover Kent MPO are planning some events still to be scheduled --
check for updates.
2 WCBC Ride to 3 WCBC Very Hilly 4 DDSR Dover Ride 5 WCBC Training 6 WCBC People's 7 WCBC Recovery 8 Cloutier Bike Rodeo
Augustine Beach 8:30 Training Ride 5:45 PM 5:15pm - 25-30miles Ride 5:45 PM - 32 to Plaza Ride 6PM - 20 Ride 6 PM - 25 to 35 for Kids - 1 PM DM
AM - 50 miles JMcC - 28 to 38 miles AC MKS WCBC Tuesday 42 miles AC FSVS to 25 miles NS miles JoJ WCBC Ride Leader
Night Rides 6pm - 25- Training 10 AM - Ride
WCBC Audiophile's 35mi two groups for Racer Training Ride
Delight 7:30 AM - 103 5:30 PM - 2 hours followed by discussion
various skill levels
miles FW BHS/EM WCBC Bike LV/NW JoJ WCBC Pinnacle
to Bay training Ride 6 Century 7:30 AM - 100
PM 10 to 20 miles DA miles MN
9 WCBC Ashland 10 WCBC Very Hilly 11 DDSR Dover Ride 12 Legislators Bike 13 WCBC People's 14 Bike to Work Day 15 TMA Bicycle
Tour Fit & Fun Ride 9 Training Ride 5:45 PM 5:15pm - 25-30 miles to Dover Ride 7 am - Plaza Ride 6PM - 20 Ride your bike to work Patrol Course 8AM to
AM - 25 to 30 miles - 28 to 38 miles AC MKS WCBC Tuesday 56miles one way DC to 25 miles NS and encourage others Noon - CL WCBC MS
Night Rides 6pm - 25- WCBC Training Ride Bike to Bay Training
HR WCBC Hill Practice 6 35mi two groups for to do the same.
PM - Several times up 5:45 PM - 32 to 42 WCBC Recovery Ride Ride 9 AM - 20-25
various skill levels
miles AC FSVS Racer miles HR WCBC Mt.
hill on Rt. 213 JoJ 6 PM - 25 to 35 miles
to Bay Training Ride 6 Training Ride 5:30 Pigsah Ride 8:30 AM -
PM - 2 hours LV/NW JoJ
PM - 10 to 20 miles DA 85 miles MB

Bike To Work Week

16 17 WCBC Very Hilly 18 DDSR Dover Ride 19 WCBC Training 20 FSVS Mountain 21 WCBC Recovery 22 AI duPont
Training Ride 5:45 PM 5:15pm - 25-30miles Ride 5:45 PM - 32 to Bike Ride at Middle Ride 6 PM - 25 to 35 Hospital Bike Rodeo
MKS WCBC Tuesday 10 AM AK Tour de
- 28 to 38 miles AC 42 miles AC FSVS Run 6 PM LJ WCBC miles JoJ
Night Rides 6pm - 25- Cure - 10, 31 or 62
35mi two groups for Racer Training Ride People's Plaza Ride
various skill levels 5:30 PM - 2 hours 6PM - 20 to 25 miles miles 1-888-DIABETES
BHS/EM WCBC Bike LV/NW NS WCBC Hawk Mountain
to Bay Training Ride 6 Twin Century Sat/Sun -
PM 10 to 20 miles DA 200 miles WH
23 WCBC Fit & Fun 24 WCBC Very Hilly 25 DDSR Dover Ride 26 WCBC Training 27 FSVS Mountain 28 29 WCBC
Lunch Ride 9 AM - 25 Training Ride 5:45 PM 5:15pm - 25-30miles Ride 5:45 PM - 32 to Bike Ride at Middle Chestertown Tea Party
miles BA WCBC Icicle MKS WCBC Tuesday
- 28 to 38 miles AC 42 miles AC FSVS Run 6 PM LJ WCBC 9 AM - 50 miles NS
Night Rides 6pm - 25-
Ride in May 8:30 AM - WCBC Hill Practice 6 Racer Training Ride People's Plaza Ride WCBC Cornwall
35mi two groups for
32 to 45 miles CI PM - Several times up various skill levels 5:30 PM - 2 hours 6PM - 20 to 25 miles Furnace Ride 8 AM -
Krispy Kreme Crit hill on Rt. 213 JoJ BHS/EM WCBC Bike LV/NW NS 90 miles WH
Challenge (Races) DM to Bay Training Ride 6
PM 10 to 20 miles DA
30 WCBC Annual 31 WCBC Centreville
MDW Ride to Mt. Century 7:30 AM -
Gretna 9 AM - 73 100 miles MN
miles ER WCBC Very Hilly
Training Ride 5:45 PM
- 28 to 38 miles AC

Ride Contacts - All #'s area code 302 unless otherwise noted.
JuJ - Judi Jeffers 761-6592, HR - Harry Russell 239-0334, JB - Jeff Butcher 737-3660, MCM -
Mary Clare Matsumoto 731-1430, FW - Frank Warnock 366-0842, AC - Aaron Chen, MKS
- Mike & Kim Stockslager 242-6676, BHS - Bob & Helen Spinden 834-4923, EM - EdMcNulty 834-7429, DA -
Dick Albertson 475-5869, LV - Lisa Vible, NW - Nancy Waddell, NS - Norm Shurak 610-558-2615 nshu-, DM - Doug Mills 994-2656, JoJ - Jo Johnson 478-6104, MN - Mario Nappa 239-1179, BA - Bob Adelman 234-1057, CI - Carol Ireland 995-9658, WH - Wally Hertler 610-388-7115, ER - Ed Ruchelli
215-572-0753, CL - Chris Law 266-6353, DC - Don Carbaugh 529-7929, AK - Angela Kates 651-4349

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Delaware Bicycle Council News

Delaware Bicycle Crash Information James F. Hall

By Lisa Moore, Office of Highway Safety
In 2002 there were 108 bicycle crashes, OHS also funds the TIPP program
resulting in 89 injuries and 5 fatalities. through a sub-grant award. The TIPP
That number of crashes increased program combines bicycling and pedes-
slightly in 2003. There were 113 bicy- trian safety programs and their
cle crashes, resulting in 103 injuries and resources to make a more significant
2 fatalities. Of further note, the crashes impact on reducing crashes. The pro-
are heavily over-represented in New gram includes community partnerships;
Castle County. In 2002, 70 of the 108 a bicycle safety peer education pro-
crashes occurred in New Castle County. gram; a resource center for schools,
In 2003, 66 of 113 crashes, as well as youth organizations, and civic groups;
both fatalities, occurred in New Castle and media outreach. The school pro-
County. grams are presented to elementary and
middle school-aged children by trained The James F. Hall Trail is a 1.76-mile,
The Office of Highway Safety (OHS) safety presenters and include take home multi-user path running from Bradford
works to reduce the incidents of bicycle information for parents. Lane and Apple Road to Wyoming Road
crashes, injuries and fatalities through a at the College Square Shopping Center in
number of countermeasure programs. In addition, OHS holds a seat on the Newark. The trail, which opened in July
OHS manages the State's bicycle helmet Bicycle Council. The Council strives to 2003, is paved, with an adjacent jog-
bank. In 1995, the Delaware General increase facilities and opportunities for ging/walking path of crushed stone or
Assembly required the state to initiate a bicycling, to be an identifiable resource turf. The paved surface can be used by
bicycle helmet bank for low-income for cyclists, to promote safety in bicy- skaters or cyclists. Among the features
families with children under the age of cling, and to increase the number of offered by the trail are:
16. This program is coordinated at the cyclists in Delaware. The Council • No Motor Vehicles! The path does not
county-level, through the Community includes representatives from the com- cross streets except at dead ends. The
Traffic Safety Program coordinators. munity, the Department of path goes under South College Avenue
Once a need is established, education Transportation, the Department of and Library Avenue (Rt. 72).
and helmet distribution is conducted for Health and Social Services, the • Access to the Amtrak Station, College
parents and children. In FY 2003, 692 Delaware State Police, the Division of Square Shopping Center and Main
helmets were distributed to children Parks and Recreation, and the Office of Street via connecting streets.
from low-income families. Highway Safety, as well as many others. • Passes through three city parks -
Phillips, Lewes and Kells. Cyclists and
skaters should watch for small children
in these areas and yield to pedestrians
Bicycle Crashes
along the entire path.
120 108
• Lighting and police call boxes along
100 89 the whole trail.

2002 • Bike racks, benches and litter recepta-
cles along the trail. Bike/skate repair
20 5
shops are accessible via S. Chapel
crashes injuries deat hs
• Passes over streams, through woods,
along wetlands, near fast trains on the
adjacent fenced Amtrak line.
Bicycle Crashes by County

80 Another proposed trail (the "Pomeroy

Line") is planned to connect the James F.
40 Kent Co Hall Trail to Main Street, the Transit Hub
Sussex Co
and White Clay Preserve.
crashes crashes
For more information, please call the
2002 2003
Newark Parks and Recreation office at

Page 4
Volume 8, Issue 1

Secondly DelDOT is undertaking a miles of abandoned rail corridors that

DelDOT Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan for the State as will be included in this study. Many of
well. Unlike cyclists, pedestrians tend to these lines parallel major roadways
and Pedestrian take shorter trips when they venture out, where cycling conditions may not nec-
and because people walk for different essarily be the acceptable for all but the
Updates... reasons, there are a variety of types of most confident of riders. The potential
By David Petrosky, Project users to accommodate. This effort is development of these rail trails would be
Planner, DelDOT similar in nature to the Bike Plan, but a great opportunity for the state to pro-
the primary focus is on identifying the vide off alignment trail facilities that
The Delaware Department of needs of pedestrians and the connections could be enjoyed by all levels of users
Transportation is working on several that need to be made in order to fulfill for transportation or recreation.
new initiatives that are intended to raise those needs. Another part of the effort
the bar when it comes to developing and included in the development of this plan The progress of both the Bicycle and
constructing Bicycle and Pedestrian will be research into current state poli- Pedestrian Master Plans can be followed
Facilities across the state and furthering cies and practices that affect walking in on DelDOT's website by going to the
the goals of Livable Delaware. Delaware. The pedestrian plan will also following link
help the Department to prioritize loca- projects.html There you will find
The first of these initiatives is the tions for future investment and increase updates on the project progress, most
Statewide Bicycle Master Plan. This our coordination efforts that link pedes- current display boards, photographs and
plan is a comprehensive look at the state trians to other modes such as the transit an electronic comment area. The Rail
of Delaware in an effort to link commu- network. Trail Facilities Master Plan just got
nities statewide with the inception of started in April, but information and
additional state bike routes, with local The third effort is the Rail to Trail updates should soon be there as well. It
and regional connections off of these Facility Master Plan. This endeavor will is anticipated that all three of these plans
main routes and to help guide the state examine the feasibility of conversion for will be finished by the end of this calen-
in determining priority areas for future 11 of the State's abandoned rail lines in dar year and will provide DelDOT
bicycle connections. The plan will also to multi-use Bicycle Pedestrian facili- Planners and Engineers with the tools
help DelDOT planners and engineers by ties. Each corridor will be studied to a needed to continue to develop and con-
developing a set of design guidelines for conceptual design stage and preliminary struct safe, efficient, multi-modal
different types of facilities and roadway estimates will be prepared to indicate friendly transportation options to the cit-
classifications. the feasibility of conversion. All told izens of Delaware for years to come.
there are 11 tracks totaling roughly 105

Wilmington, The Delaware Division of

Celebrate National Trails Day at Parks and Recreation, The Brandywine
Zoo, Delaware Greenways, and the
Wilmington’s South Park Drive Delaware Center for Horticulture. Come
join us for a healthy, fun-filled day in
June 5, 2004 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
the great outdoors.
Trails Day will be celebrated at South There will be something for everyone!
Park Drive in Wilmington State Parks Walk or bicycle to the park or get a ride
on June 5, 2004 from 10am to 2pm with from one of several bus stops around the
a good old fashioned street fair! Food, City. For more information contact
games, storytelling, clowns, music, art, Wilmington State Parks at 302-577-
nature walks, traveling zoo animals and 7020 or The City of Wilmington at 576-
more will entertain, educate, and delight 3810. The South Park Drive Street Fair
your whole family! The event is free and National Trails Day Celebration is
and open to the public being brought to you by the Friends of
Wilmington State Parks, City of

Page 5
Delaware Bicycle Council News

Delaware Bicycle Council

Membership Changes Congressional
The Bicycle Council would like to • Doug Mills - New Castle County
thank the following members who have
left the Council in the past year:
• Nicholas Vacirca - Dept. of Caucus
Education Representative
• Janet Arns - Dept. of Education • Tim Willard - Sussex County One hundred twenty three members of
Representative for three years Representative Congress are listed as members of the
• Jay Kelley - Dept. of Transportation Congressional Bicycle Caucus, founded
Representative for three years If you would like to be considered for in 1996 as "an informal, bipartisan group
• Paul Stevenson - New Castle County future openings on the Delaware whose primary goal is to provide a place
Representative for six years Bicycle Council, contact: for cycling Members of Congress and
staff to have fun" and to provide
And we would like to welcome the fol- Don Carbaugh, 302-529-7929 Congressional leadership to complement
lowing members who have joined the advocacy efforts to improve conditions
Council within the past year: or for bicyclists.
Lydia Prigg, 302-739-4101
• Harry Isaacs, Jr. - Council on To see who the members are check out
Transportation Representative Oregon Rep. Blumenaur's web site at
• Calvin Weber, Jr. - DelDOT
• Tom Hartley - Kent County

DelDOT Delaware Senior Olympics

Bicycling is just one of 24 competitive In the time trials, riders go out one at a
Maintenance Hotline sports and events that make up the time at 60 second intervals. The best time
New Castle County (North) Delaware Senior Olympics, held during for each age group for each gender is the
368-6628 September and October every year. In winner.
addition there are noncompetitive fitness
New Castle County (Canal)
programs for most of the competitive Road Races
323-1111 sports. Saturday, October 9
Kent County (Central) Marydel, DE
739-1111 Any Delaware resident age 50 and over is Age Groups: Distances for
Sussex County (South) eligible to compete in the annual games. Same As For each age group:
855-1111 Competitions are held separately for men Time Trials 20k (12.5 miles)
(Business Hours Only) and women in five year age groups start- 40k (25 miles)
ing at 50 years old and going up to 100+.
Athletes who qualify in the state games
may participate in the National Senior In the road races, the first one over the fin-
Games held every two years. The bicy- ish line for each age group for each gen-
cling events are: der is the winner.

Time Trials The races this year are qualifying races for
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 next year's Nationals in Pittsburgh.
Pictured above are the 2003 state champi- Dover Downs Speedway
ons at First State BMX track in Milford. Age Groups: Distances for each For more information, contact Suzanne
First State has one of the top BMX pro- 50 - 54 age group: Cavanaugh at or
grams in the country. For the names of the 55 - 59 302-454-0202. Also, see their web site at
2003 champions as well as much more 1 mile
60 - 64 5k
information on their program, see their web
65 - 69, etc. 10k

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Volume 8, Issue 1

Bikes in State Parks - Come On and Take A Free Ride

By Judi Jeffers
Through grant funding received from do not lock up a bike at any time; and shape, spend time with your family, and
the Delaware Department of return bikes to the Park Office when you have a good time."
Transportation, the Delaware Bicycle are finished cycling."
Council has purchased bicycles for use Mark you calendar, bring a helmet and
at Bellevue State Park at no cost for park The bike user will leave a license or join members of the Bicycle Council
visitors. The twelve mountain style credit card at the office as security. That and representatives from the Bellevue
bikes for men, women and children are will mean the bikes can only be used staff and guests:
available free for use in the park. when the office is open. That's 7 days a
Several years ago this successful Park week starting on May 1st, from 8:30 am When: Saturday, May 1, 2004 (rain or
Peddler program was introduced at Cape to 4:30 pm. shine)
Henlopen State Park. Bellevue guide-
lines for use are similar to Cape's: In 1999 the Delaware Bicycle Council Where: 10 AM, Bellevue State Park
provided grant funding to the Division (Meet at the track bulletin board)
"Visitors are asked to observe the fol- of Parks & Recreation to purchase ten
lowing: bicycles, then known as "white bikes" at Please feel free to join us on your own
Cape Henlopen State Park. Offering bike. Members of the Bicycle Council
Wear a helmet; bikes are permitted on free bikes became an instant success. will be giving away bike lights and med-
park roads and designated bike paths; ical information carrier systems ("make
bikes are not permitted on nature trails; ''The Park Peddler Program is a wonder- your helmet a lifesaver") and bicycle
warn pedestrians in advance that you ful way to get more people interested in safety information.
will pass to their left; ride to the right on cycling,'' said Charles A. Salkin, director
roads and bike paths; use hand signals of DNREC's Division of Parks and We're celebrating
when stopping or turning on park roads; Recreation. ''It's a great way to stay in Bicycle Month!
Join us on May 12 for the 15th annual route, including DelDOT Secretary Also, "sag" service
Legislators Bike To Work Ride. This 56- Nathan Hayward, and officials from will be provided by Bike Line on the route
mile (one way) ride began in May 1990, DNREC, New Castle County, the (to Dover only) for those experiencing
with State Rep. Roger Roy leading bicy- Delaware Bicycle Council, the Council on mechanical problems.
cling enthusiasts from the Delcastle Greenways and Trails, and the various
Recreation Area to the steps of the State police bicycle patrols. Some of the more Again this year Carol Senerchia will lead
Capitol in Dover to attend the signing of serious bicyclists bike back to Delcastle in a group from Sussex County. This 42-
the bill creating the Delaware Bicycle the afternoon for a total of over 100 miles. mile ride leaves Milton at 7:30 AM start-
Council. Since then it has ing from the parking lot at
become an annual event to Union and Magnolia Streets
promote bicycling during and follows Bicycle Route 1 to
national bicycling month. Dover. DelDOT will shuttle
There are rendezvous points riders and bikes back to Milton
along the way for those who after the ride, but Carol must
prefer a shorter ride (for have a count of heads and bikes
example 30 miles from in advance to determine the
Middletown or 14 miles number of shuttles needed.
from Clayton). See the Call her at 302-732-1130 or e-
Bicycle Council web site for Legislator’s Bike to Work Ride mail her at cabinetconnection@
approximate leaving times for more information
from the intermediate points, and for a cue Again this year DelDOT will provide and to confirm that you are going to join
sheet for the entire route. return transportation from Dover for rid- the ride.
ers and their bikes for those who only
In recent years Rep. Roy and State Sen. want to bike one way. If you want return Cue sheets for both rides are available on
Dave Sokola have led bicyclists from transportation, you must make an advance the Bicycle Council web site, www.del-
Delcastle to Dover. They were joined by reservation - call Dave Petrosky 302-760-
as many as 80 other cyclists along the 2128 or e-mail him at dpetrosky@

Page 7
“Our Mission is to Promote and Enhance Bicycling in Delaware.”
A Cooperative Effort of the Delaware Bicycle Council and the Delaware Department of Transportation

Dover, DE 19903 C
P.O. Box 778 B
Delaware Bicycle Council News D

Delaware Bicycle Council Membership and Staff Support

Representatives Representing Phone Number E-Mail Address
Don Carbaugh New Castle County 529-7929
Fred Breukelman Public Health 739-4724
Harry Isaacs, Jr. Council on Transportation 684-1332
Judith Jeffers At Large 761-6952
Tom Hartley Kent County 697-6400
George Heberling Public Safety - State Police 856-5850
Danna Levy Greenways & Trails Council 478-7853
Laura Madara DNREC 577-7202
Doug Mills New Castle County 994-2656
Lisa Moore Office of Highway Safety 744-2740
Tim Plemmons At Large 655-7275
Nicholas Vacirca Dept. of Education 739-4658
Calvin Weber, Jr. DelDOT 760-2365
Amy Wilburn At Large 995-2985
Tim Willard Sussex County 856-7777

Staff Support Affiliation Phone Number E-Mail Address

Joe Cantaloupo DelDOT Planning 760-2112
Fritz Schranck Deputy Attorney General 760-2020
Wendy Bernard Admin. Assistant 760-2121