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Appendix I



2 SECTION ONE. This Ordinance shall be known as the “Saint Louis City Independent Citizens

3 Commission Ordinance.” In 2021 and thereafter in each year following the year in which a

4 national census is taken under the direction of Congress at the beginning of the decade, an

5 independent citizens commission shall be convened to adjust the boundaries of the 14 wards to

6 comply with the process and standards set forth in this ordinance. The Commission shall be

7 convened no later than [Month, Day], 2021 and no later than [Month, Day] in each year

8 following a national decennial census. The Commission shall not draw ward boundaries at any

9 other time, except if ordered by judicial decision. If the date of the election is changed, the above

10 dates shall be updated accordingly to allow the Commission sufficient time to draw the new

11 ward map.

12 SECTION TWO. The Commission shall consist of [X] commissioners. To be eligible to serve on

13 the Commission, commissioners must meet the following eligibility requirements:

14 (1) Each commissioner, except for the student commissioner, must be a registered voter

15 in the City of Saint Louis for at least three (3) consecutive years immediately preceding

16 the date of appointment.

17 (2) Each commissioner, except for the student commissioner, must have voted in at least

18 three (3) of the last five (5) Saint Louis City general elections held immediately

19 preceding the date of appointment.

20 (3) One commissioner must be a student enrolled in either a community college or

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1 university located in Saint Louis City at the time of appointment who resides and is

2 registered to vote in Saint Louis City.

3 (4) Each commissioner should have general knowledge of the City's neighborhood and

4 population groups.

5 (5) Each commissioner must be free of conflicts of interest. For the purposes of this

6 section, a conflict of interest arises if, in the five years preceding the date of appointment,

7 an applicant, or their first degree relative:

8 (A)(i) Been appointed to, elected to, or have been a candidate for state or City

9 office;

10 (ii) Served as an officer, employee, or paid consultant of a political party or of the

11 campaign committee of a candidate for elective state, county or city office;

12 (iii) Been a registered state or local lobbyist;

13 (iv) Contributed or bundled one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more in aggregate to

14 candidates for City of Saint Louis elective office in the last City election.

15 (B) A person who has been, within the three (3) years immediately preceding the

16 date of application: a paid employee of the City of Saint Louis; a person

17 performing paid services under a professional or political contract to the City of

18 Saint Louis, to the Board of Aldermen of the City of Saint Louis, or to any

19 member of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Saint Louis; any Controlling

20 Person of any such consultant; or a spouse of any of the foregoing.

21 (6) Each commissioner shall be ineligible—for a period of 10 years beginning from the

22 date of appointment—to hold elective office in the City of Saint Louis. Each

23 commissioner shall be ineligible, for a period of three (3) years beginning from the date

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1 of appointment, to hold appointive public office for the City of St. Louis, to serve as paid

2 staff or as a paid consultant to the City of St. Louis, the Board of Aldermen or any

3 member of the Board, or to receive a non-competitively bid contract with the City of St.

4 Louis. This three year ban on having a paid consultancy or entering into a non-

5 completely bid contract applies to all commissioners individually and to all entities for

6 which the commission is a controlling person.

7 (7) The term of office of each member of the commission expires upon the appointment

8 of the first member of the succeeding commission in the year following the year in

9 which the national decennial census.

10 SECTION THREE. Recruitment and requests for applications should be made both in the City

11 Journal as well as mediums accessible to a diverse range of City residents. The application

12 period should be held open for no less than thirty (30) days.

13 SECTION FOUR. When the application period is closed, a list of applicants should be sent to the

14 Missouri State Auditor or a third-party auditing firm. This third party will ensure that all

15 applicants meet the above eligibility requirements and will remove all non-conforming

16 applications. The auditors will then draw fifty applications at random from this pool of eligible

17 candidates and present this list to the Board of Aldermen. Each Alderman can strike one

18 candidate from consideration. Aldermen must make their decisions on who should be removed

19 from consideration within 30 days. Depending on the commission size decided upon, the

20 auditors will draw at random roughly half the number of commissioners from the remaining

21 pool. The selected commissioners will then convene and select the remaining commissioners

22 from the auditor’s applicant pool. This selection will not be at random, and will be done with the

23 goal of ensuring and balancing the commission’s diversity across area of residence within the

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1 City, age, gender, and race and ethnicity in a manner that reflects St. Louis’ racial and ethnic

2 make-up.

3 SECTION FIVE. The Commission shall establish the boundaries of Saint Louis City wards.

4 These wards shall be comprised as nearly as practicable, of compact and contiguous territory

5 within straight lines, and contain as nearly as may be the same number of inhabitants.

6 Additionally, the ward map must comply with the federal Voting Rights Act (42 U.S.C. §1971

7 et seq.) and all other federal and state requirements.

8 SECTION SIX. The activities of the Commission are subject to all of the following:

9 (1) the commission shall comply with all state and city requirements for open meetings.

10 (2) Subject to limited exceptions, communications between the Commission’s staff

11 members and the Commission, between Commissioners, and between Commissioners

12 and the public should be subject to Missouri Sunshine law (RSMo §610 et seq.)

13 (3) Commissioners and Commission support staff cannot communicate either

14 with members of the Board of Aldermen or its staff regarding redistricting.

15 (4) the Commission shall select one of its members to serve as the chair and one to

16 serve as vice chair. The chair and vice chair shall remain voting members of the

17 Commission.

18 (5) [XX] members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum. [XX] or more

19 affirmative votes shall be required for any official action, including approval of a final

20 plan establishing the boundaries of any council district.

21 (6) the Commission shall hire commission staff, legal counsel, and consultants as needed;

22 provided, however, that compensation of such persons shall be limited to the period in

23 which the Commission is active. The Commission shall establish clear criteria for the

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1 hiring and removal of these individuals, communication protocols, and a code of

2 conduct.

3 (7) the Commission shall establish and implement an open hearing process for public

4 input and deliberation that shall be subject to public notice and promoted through an

5 extensive outreach program to solicit broad public participation in the redistricting

6 public review process. The hearing process shall begin with hearings to receive public

7 input before the commission votes and approves a preliminary redistricting plan. At

8 least one public hearing shall be held in each of the City’s police districts.

9 (8) the Board of Aldermen shall appropriate sufficient funds to meet the operational cost

10 of the Commission and the cost of any outreach program to solicit broad public

11 participation in the redistricting process.

12 (9) the Commissioners and Commission staff shall not communicate with the members of

13 the Board of Aldermen or Board staff regarding redistricting.

14 (10) the Commissioners shall not consider any incumbent or potential political candidate’s

15 place of residence in drawing the wards. The Commissioners also shall not draw wards to

16 favor or discriminate against any incumbent, political candidate, or political group.

17 SECTION SEVEN. Before formulating the final map, the Commission shall present a tentative

18 map to the Board of Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen will then have the opportunity to make

19 objections to the map. The Commission can choose to accept or reject any of the

20 recommendations made by the Board of Aldermen. The Commission may choose to respond

21 with its reasons for not following the recommendation.

22 SECTION EIGHT. By December 31, 2021, and thereafter by [Month,Day] in each year after

23 the decennial national census, the Commission shall adopt a final plan for the Saint Louis City

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1 which specifically outlines and describes the geographic boundaries for each of the City’ s

2 fourteen wards. Upon adoption, the commission shall certify the plan to the Board of

3 Aldermen; the Board of Aldermen may not change this plan. The Commission’s plan, adopted

4 as an ordinance and codified in the Revised Code of the City of Saint Louis, will have the force

5 and effect of law.

6 (i) When issuing its final plan, the Commission shall issue a report explaining the

7 basis for its decisions to ensure compliance with underlying federal, state, and

8 local laws.

9 SECTION NINE. Should the Commission be unable to produce a final map, the Mayor shall

10 be required to produce a final ward map within thirty days.

11 SECTION TEN. For purposes of this section, the following terms are defined:

12 (1) COMMISSION means the Saint Louis City Independent Citizens Redistricting

13 Commission.

14 (2) CONTROLLING PERSON means an officer, director, manager, principal, or

15 shareholder or member owning at least 10% ownership of a legal entity.

16 (3) DAY means a calendar day, except that if the final day of a period within which an

17 act is to be performed is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday in which the Saint Louis City

18 offices are closed, the period is extended to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday,

19 or holiday in which the Saint Louis City’s offices are closed.

20 (4) FIRST DEGREE RELATIVE means one’s parent, spouse, or child.

21 (5) PARENT means one’s natural and adopted parents or someone who acted in lieu of a

22 parent.


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1 (6) SPOUSE means one's licensed marriage spouse, common law spouse, or recognized

2 domestic partner.

3 (7) CHILD means one’s natural, foster and adopted, and stepchildren.

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