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Some examples of comparative studies, researches on volunteering in Europe

Author Title and year Topics covered Countries

SPES "Volunteering across Europe , Description of: Spain
(Centro di Organisations, Promotion, Volunteer landscape France,
Servizion per il Participation Third sector UK,
volontariato del 2007 Legal framework the Netherlands
Lazio) Relations with public institutions Poland
Forms of funding Czech republic
Regulations Italy
Volunteer infrastructure
Realities and instruments
CIVIQ (T. van "Volunteering and participation Study on volunteering (definitions, realities, fact and 25 Member states
Hal, M. on the agenda: Survey on figures) and volunteering policies in 25 Member States
Steenbergen) and volunteering policies and
Business-Society partnerships in the EU."
Mgt, Rotterdam 2004
School of Mgt
(L. Meijs)
CEV Fact and Figures Provides comprehensive statistical data and information Published until now for 12
research study is an on-going about volunteering and volunteers in the different countries:
project . European Union Member States. Belgium (June 2004),
started in 2003 Bulgaria (August 2006),
Czech Rep. (June 2004,
updated 2007)
France (July 2004)
Germany (Nov 2004)
Ireland (April 2004)
UK (April 2004)

Spain (January 2005)

Poland (June 2005)
Portugal (August 2005)
Italy (March 2006)
Austria (March 2006)
Sweden (2007)
CEV and AVSO Legal Status of Volunteers in Provides comprehensive and practical information on Published for 24 countries:
Europe. volunteers and the law in a range of current and future Austria
research study carried out European Union Member States. Belgium
between September 2002 Raises the profile of voluntary activities and the barriers Bulgaria [updated 2006]
and September 2003 that hinder its further development. Czech Rep.[updated 2005]
Provides examples of good practice in national Denmark [updated 2005]
legislation, policies and programmes. Estonia [updated 2005]
France [updated 2005]
Greece [updated 2005]
Ireland [updated 2005],
Lithuania [updated 2005],
Luxembrg [updated 2005];
Portugal [updated 2005];
Romania [updated 2005];
Slovenia [updated 2005];
Switzerland [updated 2005]
UK [updated 2005];
John Hopkins The Comparative Non profit Research shows value of volunteering work: 36 countries (17 European)

university Sector Project 34 countries

Civil society sector sources of support, with and without
Volunteering and giving as a share of GDP by country,
including gifts to religious worship organizations where
available, ca. 1995-2002

AVSO 'Youth civic service in Europe. To understand the legal, financial and administrative France
Policies and programmes" frameworks of youth voluntary and civic services Germany
2005 developed in the studied countries. Italy
To examine how difficulties can be overcome through Czech Rep
application of EU instruments and policy developments Poland
in the MS. European level

CIVICUS Global CIVICUS Global Survey of The CIVICUS Global Survey of the State of Civil Society: country profiles on
Survey the State of Civil Society, Vol. Volume 1 presents the programs findings in the form of 44 Argentina, Bolivia,
Edited by V. Finn 1: Country Profiles concise country profiles which look at factors such as civic Bulgaria, Chile, China,
Heinrich. CT: Kumarian Press, 2007. engagement, democracy, corruption, social capital, gender Croatia, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Ecuador, Egypt,
Bloomfield, equity, and civil societys role in policy. In most chapters,
Fiji, Georgia, Germany,
the assessment is followed by policy recommendations. Ghana, Greece,
Guatemala, Honduras,
Hong Kong, Indonesia,
Italy, Lebanon, Macedonia,
Mongolia, Montenegro,
Nepal, Netherlands,
Northern Ireland, Orissa
(India), Poland, Romania,
Russia, Scotland, Serbia,
Sierra Leone, Slovenia,
South Korea, Taiwan,
Togo, Turkey, Uganda,
Ukraine, Uruguay, Vietnam

and Wales; and an Annex

on Research Methods.
CIVICUS Global Taking the pulse of civil CIVICUS is publishing the second volume of the CIVICUS 45 countries
Survey society worldwide the Global Survey of the State of Civil Society which provides a
Edited by V. Finn CIVICUS Global Survey of the wide-ranging analysis of key issues facing civil society
Heinrich and State of Civil Society , Vol.2: worldwide. The book draws on the information collected by
Lorenzo Comparative Perspectives the CIVICUS Civil Society Index project in more than 45
Fioramonti countries to explore issues such as civil societys
accountability, its relations to the state and corporate sector
and its role in governance and development. It also includes
regional overviews of the state of civil society in different
continents. By bringing together a diversity of perspectives
and themes, this book offers a comprehensive and engaging
analyses of civil society worldwide
Universit de Vocasport study (2004) The job creation potential of sport EU-25 (where possible)
Lyon I Amliorer l'emploi dans le
domaine du sport en Europe
par la formation