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Misunderstood Keeper of the

Missing Pieces A man in chains

Maestro monkey
Image shows a man standing A screaming baboon perches
next to a child at the beach. Only atop our subjects head. The
the image is cut like a jigsaw Wrapped in thick chains and tied monkey hurls cigarettes and
puzzle and theres a piece An unseen painting is observed
to an anchor, the subject seems needles at a nearby crowd of
missing where the childs face by several figures. All but the
to almost be whistling as he preteens.
and the mans heart should be. artist are reacting in horror or
sinks to unknown depths.
Another missing piece conceals revulsion. The artist beams with
The subject holds the beasts
the identity of the location. A pride at his work.
Bright fishies watch on with leash.
third shadow hints that another disdain.
person may have been cut out of One of the preteens holds up her
the picture. hand to block the barrage.

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Triumph and
Mouse and raven Cast out Martyr impatience
The two figures sit across from a In the foreground we have a
game of backgammon. The young woman crying, her face
raven blathers on, chatting about A woman sits in a throne. She Father holds up newborn over
buried in her hands. Growing looks sad and off-camera. Her
who knows what. The mouse his head, looking up at it with
naturally from her back is a set flesh is pierced in many places
quietly sips at his lemonade, awe. Child had radiant glow
of colorful butterfly wings. by spears, held by off-scene
obviously interested in around him. Mother sleeps with
something else. attackers. The spears pierce her a smile nearby.
In the background are three heart, her womb, and her head.
mean-looking goths. Each looks
The raven is preparing to cheat at The spectre of death studies a
defiant and each makes a Her hand loosely holds the spear
the game, switching the dice. clock reading 11:55.
different dismissive gesture to in her heart.
the foreground girl.

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