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Test for Intermediate level students. A. We are going to play soccer.

B. We are having good holidays.
Choose the best answer. C. We should finish eating then.
Im in my classroom now. I can see Ben(1)the D. I doubt it. Strange.
window. He(2)that I.(3).at him. E. Come on. Lets not waste time.
1. The correct answer for number 1 is.
A. Look out 7. Deni: Can I talk to Budi, please?
B. Looking out Tasha: Sure.
C. Is looking A. Hes not available at the moment.
D. Looks B. Hes completely busy.
E. Looked C. I can take your message.
D. Ill put you through.
2. The best answer for number 2 is E. Ill be in help.
A. Isnt knowing
B. Dont know 8. Theresome butter on the bread.
C. Doesnt know A. Is
D. Didnt know B. Are
E. Hasnt known C. A lot of
D. A few
3. The best answer for number 3 is E. A little
A. Was looking
B. Am looking 9. The following are the expression of agreement,
C. Have looked except
D. Looked A. Thats a good idea.
E. Look B. Im not sure, actually.
C. I completely agree.
4. Ann: Wheres Alan? D. Thats fine.
Ben: I dont know. Ihim since this morning. E. I think so.
A. Didnt see
B. Dont see 10. Ann drinks milk every morning. She never
C. Hasnt seen drinks coffee. The combination of these
D. Havent seen sentences are as these following, except.
E. Hadnt seen A. Ann likes milk better than coffee.
B. She prefers milk to coffee.
5. They..bubbles when Ben suddenly yelled. C. She prefers drinking milk to coffee.
A. Blew D. She likes to drink milk better than coffee.
B. Blow E. She likes drinking milk to drinking coffee.
C. Have blown
D. Are blowing 11. Ann: Hey, long time no see though. Where you
E. Were blowing live now?
Ben: Yeah, wellI lived in Sambas two
6. Ben: Hey guys, so what are we gonna do this years ago.
weekend? Any plans yet? A. Ive been living like forever here.

B. I will move in several years later. 15. My parents and I went to Puncak for a day off.
C. I think I am quite good. The underlined phrase means
D. I am still alive. A. Not more than a day.
B. Holiday.
12. Ann: How long have you been standing in this C. Only for one day.
line? D. Day by day.
Emely: Its a long line. E. Vacation.
A. Ive been standing like two hours.
B. Id been standing here for two hours. 16. Ann: Do you want to go to the gym this
C. Ive done standing in line since this afternoon?
morning. Emely: Id love to..
D. I am still standing, friend. A. I prefer watching comedies.
E. Ive been standing anytime. B. But work has been crazy this week.
C. I dont think its a great idea.
13. Look at all these following sentences. D. Why dont we walk?
1. After I do my homework. E. I dont know. I cant decide.
2. Yes, I have. How about you?
3. I like cartoon, quiz and comedy. And you? AMOXIXILINE TABLET 500mg
4. Just the same. What programs do you often Indication: effective for gram positive and
see? negative bacteria.
5. Well, I enjoy fauna world and news. When Direction: take one tablet three times a day
do you watch television? with warm water. It will be more effective
6. Do you have a television. when taken in empty stomach.
The correct order of those sentences is:.. Caution: keep out of the reach of children.
A. 6,3,2,4,5,1. 17. What is the medication for?
B. 6,3,4,2,1,5. A. Stomachache
C. 6,2,4,3,5,1. B. Bacteria
D. 6,2,3,4,5,1. C. Infection
E. 1,2,3,4,5,6. D. Virus
E. All pains
14. Private-some-in-Indonesia-today-stations-are-
television-there. 18. According to the text, the medication will work
The arrangement of the jumbled words is. well when.
A. Today in Indonesia some private television A. It is taken regularly.
stations there are. B. It is taken in empty stomach.
B. Today there are some private television C. It is dissolved in warm water.
stations in Indonesia. D. It is taken with meal.
C. Some private television stations are there in E. It is kept out of reach of children.
Indonesia today.
D. In Indonesia some private television 19. Keep out the reach of children means..
stations are there today. A. We must put it far away.
E. Some Indonesia private television stations B. We must let children touch it.
are there today. C. We mustnt let children get it.
D. Its not for children.

E. Its only for adults. cloudy and sometimes it rains on half the days
of the year.
James: Hello, good afternoon. This is John
James speaking. I need a one way ticket from 23. Where is London situated?
Jakarta to England on April 31st, please. A. London is big and quite crowded with
Ruth: Yes Mr James. It is available. Its seven million populations.
Garuda flight no GA 777 at 8 pm. What seat B. It is in southeastern England along the
would you like, sir? Thames River.
James: Id like an aisle seat in executive class. C. It is the capital city of the United Kingdom.
Ruth: Sure. D. It is the largest city in Europe.
20. From the conversation above, we know E. The situation is just like a big city.
A. John James wants to fly to England right 24. What is the purpose of the speaker talking
away. about London?
B. John James is having a direct conversation. A. He wants to entertain readers.
C. John James has got tickets for leaving and B. He wants to persuade readers.
returning. C. He wants to give news about London.
D. John James prefers a window seat to an D. He describes London to readers.
aisle seat. E. He report about London.
E. John James is reserving the flight via
phone. I was a very shy girl. My family..33poor. My
parents really hoped that one day
21. Tiredness felt after a long flight to a place an educated woman. Therefore, to
where the time is different is called. a qualified school, or should I say a very
A. Sightseeing expensive school. The first day
B. Travelers cheque, I..37...Drake, the most
C. Stop over handsome boy in my school. He never looked
D. Jet lag at me until one day he saw me crying in the
E. Itinerary library.

22. Ann: I feel that studying English is helping us 25. The best answer to fill in the blank is
so much, both in society and academic sides. A. Was
Ben: Yeah,Thats a good point. B. Were
A. I think its not worth it. C. Is
B. Its absolutely weird. D. Had been
C. How come we skip English class? E. Wasnt
D. In my opinion, I dont know.
26. The best answer to fill in the blank is
London is the capital city of the United A. Will
Kingdom. Its located in southeastern England B. Would
along the Thames River. London is a big city C. Was
with population about seven million. Its the D. Grew
largest city in Europe. The weather is generally E. Changed

27. The best answer to fill in the blank is
A. Asked 33. A: Have you ever been in an accident?
B. Chose B: Yes,.
C. Sent A. It was awesome.
D. Ordered B. It was terrific.
E. Were C. It was frightening.
D. It was unbelievable.
28. The best answer to fill in the blank is
A. Was 34. This sign means..
B. Were A. We have to be clean.
C. Went B. We mustnt stay close.
D. Go C. We must throw away the
E. Had gone garbage.
D. We help re-process used
29. The best answer to fill in the blank is things.
A. Meet E. We help to do cycling.
B. Had met
C. Have met 35. It means..
D. Met A. Danger
E. Would meet B. Dont pass
C. Be careless.
30. The generic structure of a narrative text is D. Stop
A. Orientation-complication-resolution
B. Orientation-problem-evaluation
C. Identification-description
D. Material-step
E. Orientation-events-evaluation

31. Ann: I am watching the parade.

Ann said to me that.
A. I was watching the parade.
B. She was watching the parade.
C. I am watching the parade.
D. She is watching the parade.
E. She was being watched the parade.

32. What did you do?. He asked me..

A. What I have done.
B. What I did.
C. What he had done.
D. What I had done.
E. What you had done.