Board Members Present: Susan King, Patti Place Absent: Linda Sarchioni Presidio Realty, Inc.: J. R. Wear, Sheila Ullmann The meeting of the Board of Directors of Key Royal Condominium Association, Inc. was called to order at 6:32 pm by President, Susan King. Susan King introduced the Board Members and Presidio Realty representatives to the homeowners present. Patti Place made a motion to accept the minutes of the meeting of November 20, 2006. Susan King seconded motion. Motion passes. J. R. Wear gave the Management Report. There is one unit owner who has not paid the 4th quarter maintenance fees. John Goede is handling that. Resales and Rentals have slowed down. Homeowners must make the Management Office aware when they are selling or renting unit. The approval applications can be obtained from the office or downloaded from the Key Royal web site. John Bremer, maintenance, has been busy cleaning the property, pressure washing the patios. Dogs should be on a leash at all times while outside. Owners of the pets are required to clean up after them. There will be a fine assessed to anyone who is seen not cleaning up after his or her pet. The Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 27, 2007. The first letter of notification will be going out soon. There will be 3 Board positions available. The letter of engagement has been signed for Dennis Cook to do the annual audit and taxes. Hopefully, the gates will be installed tomorrow. They will be left open for a few days. Everyone will be notified that the gates are operating.

Susan King informed everyone that the installation of cameras is being looked into. A new company put down mulch this year. They were very responsible and did a great job. Downspouts were shortened where necessary. Weed spraying killed some of the plants. They were removed. Sod was used in those areas. Carports in Bldg. #9 and Bldg. #11 are being repaired. The buildings continued to be cleaned. This is an ongoing project. If you have bugs then please call the office. People are throwing cigarette butts into the mulch. This is very dangerous and unsightly. Pool gates were replaced. Your key should work but if not, bring in old key to the Management Office and it will be replaced. Fitness Center door has been locked. Pool key will fit this lock. No children are allowed in the Fitness Center. Rental Agents have rented to people with dogs. They should be made aware that renters are not allowed to have pets as per our documents. Only 2 cars are allowed to park on the property. Patti Place also reminded everyone that only a certain number of people are allowed per unit. Visitor passes are not being picked up. Please go to the Management Office if you haven’t already done so to get them. Good Neighbor Award – Susan King gave an award to Theresa Corso for cleaning up all the cigarette butts in front of her building and Berwin Bravo who cleans the railings in his building. Patti Place spoke about the upcoming election for the Board of Directors. She stressed how important it is to make a commitment. She and Susan would not be running again. She thanked John Goede, Sheila Ullmann and J. R. Wear for doing an excellent job the past two years. Meeting was opened for discussion. Unit #1033 Vincent Zasa Asked for reserved parking spots to be painted yellow. Also, a child came into the Fitness Center with a key. Unit #1012 Gloria Dugan As of December 19th her check had not been cashed. She was told that she was not on the list of delinquencies, so she should check again to see that it has cleared. Unit #412 Dorothy Hassellberger If a child fell in the gym would the Association to subject to a lawsuit. John Goede answered that we would. There is a high cost of retaining attorneys for collections and infractions.

John explained that there is no cost to the Association, just the owner pays plus 18% interest. Mrs. Dugan wanted to know if there were damages to her unit by her renter who is responsible to repair them. John Goede explained that she would be as she owns the unit. Susan King spoke about the rental applications. Credit and criminal checks are made. Many applicants have a very low credit score. Unit #324 Julius Mirecki Not a full time resident. He had no information about the gates. Susan King explained that someone had crashed into them and destroyed them. It is costing the Association $12,000 to replace them. Unit #1233 Dennis Kaser About once a week someone is in his parking space. Number 496. There are many different cars that park in the space next to his and they do not have Key Royal parking stickers. Susan told him to call the office if it happens again. John Goede reminded the Board that we must have cameras that can read license plates. Unit #511 Godcharles He wanted to know about the car washing facility. John Goede is working with the developer regarding this matter. Unit #1214 Kuttner He asked about a direct debit from his account to Key Royal. J. R. Wear stated that we are not set up to do that. The meeting was adjourned by Susan King at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sheila Ullmann, CAM Property Manager Key Royal Condominium Association, Inc.

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