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University of Tennessee, Soil

Plant, and Pest Center

Field Archives
Soil, Sediment, Ice, and Other Geological Media
Shannon Mattern | The New School | @shannonmattern
National Ice Core Lab

This piece will appear in expanded form, with much
more on-site detail, in Places Journal in October or

The version I’m sharing today was formatted for an
edited collection called Uncertain Archives
(forthcoming, MIT Press).
World Meteorological Organization
Rothamsted Sample Archive; Suzanne Briet
Greg van der Bleeken
James Hutton, Theory of the Earth, 1795
Lamont-Doherty Core Sample Repository
Lamont-Doherty Core Repository
Dumbarton Oaks; National Ice Core Lab
Ramdeen; Duke University Archives
Marine Geosciences Data System, Research Vessel Tracks; DataRefuge
Via Data Center Talk
Heidi Roop, West Antarctica Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core
Spencer Lowell, via NYT, “Arks of the Apocalypse”
Spencer Lowell, San Diego Zoo
Lamont-Doherty Core Sample Repository
Lucy Hogg, Chelsea Art Galleries after Hurricane Sandy
Via Hannah Hamalainen, Libraries + Archives in the Anthropocene colloquium, May 2017
Simone de Myle, Noah’s Ark on the Mount Ararat, 1570; Internet Archive
Spencer Lowell
Thank you.