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Oil Palm Bioplastic

Bioplastic Composite of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch and Starch

Oil palm bioplastic is a bioplastic composite of
cellulose and cassava starch. The cellulose purified
and modified from oil palm empty fruit bunches
that a waste in oil palm mill. The oil palm bioplstic
are totally biodegradable and environmentally
friendly. The oil palm bioplastic could be use as
bioplastic sheet for packaging, shopping bag and
other uses.

Utilization of the empty fruit bunches for bioplastic conducted in tree general step: 1)
isolation and purification of the cellulose, 2) modification of the cellulose, and 3) bioplastic
synthesis (cellulose, starch, plasticizer and compatibilizer). Cellulose has no plastic properties
and cannot directly use in bioplastic production. Some modification is needed to improve and
alter the properties of the bioplastic composite. Cellulose content in bioplastic composite
could be added up to 75%. Cellulose and starch ratio adjusted according to the properties
needed in the bioplastic and the end product. Adding more of the modified cellulose will
increase the tensile strength but reduce the elastic modulus of the bioplastic.

Research development of the oil palm bioplastic funded by INDONESIA ESTATE-CROP FUND
(IECF) for PALMOIL with Oil Palm Grand Research Program. This research is collaboration
between Inconesian Oil Palm Society (IOPS) and Indonesia Research Institute for
Biotechnology and Bioindustry (IRIBB).

For more information please contact the head of the research project: Dr. Isroi (e-mail: