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Development of technical requirements

for a power plant produced by OAO Saturn-Gas Turbines

I. General.

Full name of the Customer organization: PT. Trust Restu Bangun Energindo (TRBE)

Full address of the Customer organization: Jl. RS Fatmawati No.39, Pusat

Niaga Duta Mas Fatmawati, Blok-C1/11-12, Jakarta Selatan, 12150, Indonesia

Name of General Director: Mr. Harijono HIRDJOSUMARYO

Name of Chief Engineer: Mr. Agushari PSEMBODO
Name of Chief Power Engineer: Mr. Soetjipto SOEWONO

Intercity telephone code - +62 (778) x x x x x x(in Batam city)

Telephone numbers - +62 (21) 72792040(in Jakarta city)
Telefax numbers - +62 (21) 72792106(in Jakarta city)

Necessary total electric power 300 MW.

Units Quantity 1(one) pcs block (consist of 2 GTE-110+2 HRSG+1 STE-100).

Application class:
- base 280 pcs MW make 2 GTE pick up load each @ 100 MW + 1 STE pick up load @ 80 MW,
- peak 300 pcs MW make 2 GTE pick up load each @ 105 MW + 1 STE pick up load @ 90 MW,
- reserve 20 pcs MW find the rest power the rated capacity 320 MW – 300 MW = 20 MW.
Planned year operation hours: 8,000.
(maximum possible 8,500 h)
Is recovery power plant exhaust gases heat necessary:

- not necessary; No!

- necessary for water heating; No!

√ - necessary for steam generation. Yes!

Necessary total heat value МW (if necessary): No!

Steam ratings:
● steam pressure;
● steam temperature;
● steam flow.

Hot water ratings per specifications: No!

water temperature:inlet: оС,

outlet: оС;

water pressure -

water flow -

II. Requirements. Power plant.

1. Power plant function:

power generation (consumption diagram per hour); Yes!
● power generation with exhaust gases heat recovery in a form of steam (total
heat value and consumption diagram); Yes! Agree for turbine feed steam supply only.
● power generation with exhaust gases heat recovery in a form of hot water
(consumption diagram). Yes! Agree for boiler feed hot water supply only.
2. Main performance ratings.
2.1. Capacity of a unit…………2x 110 MW GT & 1x 100 MW ST
2.2. Total power……………….320 MW
2.3. Voltage……………………10,5 kV
2.4. Power factor…………….... 0.8
2.5. Frequency………………… 50 Hz
2.6. Climatic conditions:
● the lowest air temperature………………… 21.3 deg.C

● the highest air temperature……………….. 34.2 deg.C

● design temperature……………………….. 31 deg.C
● design air pressure……………………….. 1004.5 ~ 1015.5 milibar
● altitude above the sea level………………. +/- 3 m
● average relative air humidity……………... 73% to 96%
● seismicity per MSK scale, _0_ points (As per history of earthquakes, that Batam island
have absolutely never occurred)

3. Design.
3.1. Power plant:
● machine shop (general plan, drawings for available communications,
calculations and drawings of existing foundations); Yes!

gas-distributing communications; Yes!

operator room; Yes!

engineering grids of heat supply and sewer system; Can not imagine it.

fire fighting water supply. Yes!
3.2. Power plant arrangement:

power plant case; Yes!

equipment positioning layout; Yes!

positioning of engineering grids and communications. Yes!
3.3. Positioning:

√ - in a building; Yes!
- in the open site (module and container version). No!
4. Machine shop:

gas-turbine unit and generator; Yes!

oil supply system; Yes!

drain system; Yes!

gas system; Yes!

air intake unit; Yes!

cooling system; Yes!

high gas content control system; Yes!

lighting system; Yes!

fire fighting system; Yes!

ventilation system; Yes!

automatic control system; Yes!

maintenance field. Yes!

5. Gas-distributing communications.
5.1. Fuel gas composition.
5.2. Gas density.
5.3. Gas efficiency.
5.4. Hydrogen sulfide content.
5.5. Drop liquid content.
5.6. Maximum size of particles of mechanical additions.
5.7. Composition of mechanical additions.
5.8. Inlet gas pressure.
5.9. Delivery set of gas-distributing communications.
6. Heat and water supply.
6.1. Water composition.
6.2. Water cleaning system.
6.3. Water supply.
6.4. Requirements to pipelines.
6.5. Auxiliary heat supply.
6.6. Water supply of utilities and fire fighting system.
6.7. Industrial and rainfall drainages.

7. Requirements for gauges of power control, water flow and their positioning.

8. Parameters and performance ratings of gas-turbine engine.

8.1. Engine type.
8.2. Specific oil flow (non returnable oil losses).
8.3. Specific fuel consumption.
8.4. Engine starting.
8.5. Engine fuel.

9. Parameters and performance ratings of generator.

9.1. Generator type.
9.2. Rated power.
9.3. Power factor.
9.4. Line voltage.
9.5. Frequency.
9.6. Cooling type.
9.7. Rotational speed.
9.8. Connection to grid.
10. Requirements for turbounits.

11. Requirements for electrotechnical equipment.

11.1. Switchgear.
11.2. Power plant connection diagram.
11.3. Power supply of control and protection system.
11.4. Requirements for electrical protection and automatics.

12. Requirements for the power plant automatization.

12.1. Function of automatic control system.
12.2. Power plant automatic control system.
12.3. Technical means and protection systems.
12.4. Requirements for software.
12.5. Requirements for information.
12.6. System version:
● automatics indicators;
● control and measuring devices;
● connecting components;
● measuring indicators;
● equipment restriction.

13. Oil system.

13.1. Oil tank shall provide continuous operation of a power plant during ________
13.2. Pumps and fixed pipeline system.
14. Power plant completeness.

15. Design and operational documentation.

16. Requirements for reliability.

16.1. Assigned service life of continuous operation before the first maintenance.
16.2. Service life before engine overhaul.
16.3. Total assigned engine service life.
16.4. Total assigned service life of equipment.
16.5. Requirements for reliability of automatic control system.

17. Requirements for environmental protection.

17.1. Technical standards design of contaminants exhaust in the atmosphere.
17.2. Exhaust gases monitoring.

18. Accident prevention.

18.1. Automatic fire fighting system.
18.2. Controls positioning.
18.3. Requirements for the noise protection.

19. Personnel training:

- not needed;

- at the Supplier’s training center;

√- at operation site.
19.1. Necessary condition for operation support.
20. Efficiency ratings.
20.1. Fuel gas price (US$/1,000nm3).
20.2. Electricity rate:
● necessary power (US$/kWh);
● stated power (US$/kW per month).
20.3. Heat power rate:
● hot water (US$/Gcal);
● steam (US$/Gcal).
20.4. Compressed air price.