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1. What is the % of Punjab area to total geographical area of the country?

Ans- 1.54%
2. Who was the first speaker of Punjab Legislative Assembly?
Ans- S.Kapur Singh
3. Name of Guru who composed "Lavan", for " Anand Karaj."
Ans-Guru Ramdas
4. In which district Takhni-Rehmapur Sanctuary is situated?
Ans- Hoshiapur
5. On the initiative of Bhatinda MP, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Nanhi Chhan Project was
launched on 27th August 2008 at?
6. Who has won both Sahitya Academy Award and Sangeet Academy Award?
Ans- Balwant Singh
7. Who was the founder of Patiala City in 1763 A.D.?
Ans-Baba Ala Singh
8.What are the "Choes"?
Ans-ephemeral streams of the upland plains
8. Where is Khyber Pass?
Ans- Pakistan
9. Harike Wetland is located in which district of Punjab?
Ans- Amristsar
10.What is the original name of Banda Bahadur?
Ans-Lachman Dev
11. Which dance was revived by Rabindranath Tagore?
12. The Indian National Calendar is based on?
Ans-Saka era
13. Who is known as Punjab's "Bearded Mother Teresa"?

8 times 20.Name of the Sikh Guru whose birth and death place was the same? Ans.Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi 19. Which place is known as Mecca of India Hockey? Ans Sansarpur 23. Who is known as "Flying Sikh" Ans-Milkha Singh 17.Guru Amar Das ji 24. During which Guru Akbar attended Guru ka Langar? Ans.Bhagat Puran Singh 14.Napier 25.For how many times.Ans. PAU 201 is a variety of Rice developed by Punjab Agriculture University? Ans. Who commented "Annexation of Punjab was not an annexation but a treachery"? Ans.Guru Har Rai Ji 26. To which 'misl' did Maharaja Ranjit Singh belong? Ans.Sukerchakia 21. Devi Talab Mandir is located in which of city of Punjab? Ans-Jalandhar 15. a sikh festival is held on which day? Ans. Rajiv Gandi National Law University is located at which place? Ans-Patiala 18. Hola Mohalla.Rice 22. Punjab has been put under President's rule after independence? Ans. Pushpa Gujral Science City situated in which district? .One day after Holi 16. Name the governor of Punjab who had longest stay as governor since 15 August 1947? Ans.

Who was the Chief Editor of Ghadar Party? Ans. What is the greek name of river Beas? Ans.Bathinda 35.Shah Saluja 32. The demand for Punjab State was made in February 1948 by? Ans. name of the NGO is? Ans. When and where was the first Khalsa college founded? Ans-At Amritsar in 1892 31.Doraha 34. Where is biggest Railway junction of Punjab? Ans.Lala Hardyal 37.Kinnow 28. First Rural age care centre which is founded by Japanese Embassy is located in which of the following places? Ans.Hesidros 29. Rajasthan Canal emanates from which point? Ans-Harike 38. Punjab tops all other states in India in Production of which fruit? Ans.Master Tara Singh 30. Sarhind Canal is divided into 4 further rivers from which of the place? Ans. Maharaja Ranjit Singh captured the Koh-i-noor diamond in year 1813 from which Afgan Ruler? Ans. Punjab Government has signed MoU and NGO which is working for cancer awarness.Ans.Kapurthala 27. Women wear "Hass" an ornament at which part of body? Ans-neck .Patiala 33.Roko Cancer Trust 36.

Which city is called " Guru ki Kashi.Bahadur Shah 42." We are not Sikhs or Punjabis Our region was patriotism." Ans.First and Eleventh 48. a famous art was founded by which Sikh Guru? Ans. Chola Sahib Mela is celebrated at which of the following places? Ans. Who composed Sassi Pannu? Ans-Hashim Shah 50.Dera Baba Nanak 51. In Punjab Mobile Courts were firstly introduced at which of the following places? . Chappar Chiri was famous in history why? Ans. In Which Place first school for female education was opened in British Rule? Ans. Who Said . Which vaars of Bhai Gurdas are historically important? Ans.story of amorous 49.Sri Guru Har Gobind ji 43.Major battle took place between Sikhs and Wazir Khan 40.Bhagat Singh 44.39. Who Started Naujwan Bharat Sabha? Ans." Ans.Sohan Singh Bhakna 46. Adalat-i-Ala Maharaja Ranjit Singh's time high court was situated in which city? Ans-Lahore 45. Guru Gobind Singh Ji helped out which Mughal ruler in the battle of Jaju which took place in 1707? Ans . What are Qissas in Punjabi literature? Ans. Bachitra Natak is autobiography of which Guru? Ans.Guru Gobind Singh ji 48. Gatka.Takht Shri Damdama Sahib 47.Rawalpindi 41.

Which is the last month of our National Calendar? Ans-Phalguna 58.Sher Shah Suri Marg 64. who was the propounder of Miri and Piri? Ans.3rd 55. Region of Punjab south to river satluj is known for what name? Ans. Who composed the famous romantic epic " Heer Ranjha." ? Ans. Which nationalist leader is known as Sher e Punjab? Ans. In which date agricultural year falls? Ans. Who laid foundation stone of Golden Temple? Ans. In patato production Punjab is in which rank? Ans. Ans-Batala 57. What is the other name of Grand Trunk Road? Ans.Warris Shah 62.Miyan Mir . Punjab was divided with formation of the new state of Haryana in which year? Ans.1st July to 30th June 56.1966 59.Lala Lajpat Rai 63. During Mahabharata times Punjab was known for what name? Ans.Talwara 52.Malwa 61.Guru Hargobind Ji 54. As financial year is from 1st April to 31st March.Ans. Machine tool cluster is situated in whcih of the following cities of Punjab. Novel "Doctor Dev" is written by? Ans-Nanak Singh 53.Panchanada 60.

Nanak Singh 73. Where is Guru Nanak Dev Thermal power plant located? Ans. Who is known as " Koel of Punjab" Ans-Surinder Kaur 74.Maharaja Ranjit Singh 70. What is operation flood related to? Ans-Milk Production 71.How many National Highways pass through Punjab? Ans.Bhatinda 68.Chitta Lahu was written by? Ans. Pujab was ruled by which ruler when English annexed her? Ans.Patiala 69. Kudrat De Sab Bande? Ans-Bhagat Kabir 76. Who is the founder of Modern Punjabi Literature? Ans. In Which season is paddy sown in Punjab? .Suleman mountains 66.Which of the district in Punjab is the most flood prone? Ans. Which of the mountain is located in North West Punjab border? Ans.Satluj 67. Hot blowing winds before monsoons arrive in Punjab are called? Ans.65. Sirhind Canal is connected with which river? Ans.12 78.Bhai Veer Singh 75.Loo 77. Who wrote Awwal Allah Noor Upaya. Who laid the foundation stone of Durgiana mandir? Ans-Madan Mohan Malviya 72.

33rd 87. Which animal was worshipped in the Kuka Movement? Ans. Ans-Sunehraj .Chenab and Jhelum 83.Panja Sahib's other name is? Ans. Who was the first Sikh ruler of Punjab? Ans-Maharaja Ranjit Singh 91. Who wrote jung Nama? Ans. Shivraj Patil is the ____ Governor of Punjab? Ans.Hassan Abdal 84. Amrita Pritam was choosen for Sahitya Akademi Award for her Work. Who is the pioneer of Punjabi Suba? Ans.Shah Hussain 85. Who composed the song ' Pagri sambhal jatta"? Ans.Master Tara Singh 89. Besides Warris shah is famous for his "Kissa of Heer" Ans-Damodar` 80. Chaj doab is between? Ans.Amrita Pritam 86.Who is the Punjabi Poetess to get Jananpith Award? Ans.Ans-Summer 79.Amrita Pritam 88. When were Punjab and Pepsu merged? Ans-1956 90.Banke Dayal 81.Sheep 82.Rasidi Ticket is an Autobiography of which Punjabi poet? Ans.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji 97.Where in Punjab is Shwetamber Jain Temple situated? Ans-Zira 98. When did Akal Takht was built? Ans-1608 95. Who Wrote Sukhmani Sahib? Ans.Who introduced free verse into Punjab literature? Ans-Puran Singh 99. When did Atta Dal Scheme was launched by the State Govternment? Ans-26 January 2007 94.92. Who wrote first Scientific History of Punjabi literature? Ans-Mohan Singh Dewana 100.Who started Manji System in Administration? Ans-Guru AmarDas Ji 96. Who is Father of Modern Punjabi Literature? Ans-Bhai Veer Singh 93. East Punjabi language is derived from? Ans-Shourseni .