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Paper: English (A) Marks: 55

Class: 7th Subjective Time: 2 Hours

Q No, 1: Translate the following paragraph into Urdu: (10+10=20)

(1) The villagers live in simple houses. Every village has a masjid where
Muslim offer prayers. Some of the smaller villages do not have electricity. The
villagers have green trees in and around their houses. The trees provide shady
sitting places in the summer afternoon.
(2) In big cities, hundred of men, women and children die every year in road
accidents. Accidents are mostly caused by our carelessness. Some may walk
into the road without looking out and be hit by a vehicle.
Q No, 2: Answer any five of the following questions. (2x5=10)
(1) How can we avoid accidents?
(2) What are the caused of traffic accidents?
(3) What is the importance of a festival?
(4) What do Muslims sacrifice on Eid-ul-Azha?
(5) Why do we call Pakistan a land of small villages?
(6) What is usually the population of a small village?
(7) Which aspect of human life does Islam covers?
Q No, 3: Write a summery of the poem :(05)
Rain in summer
Q No, 4: Write the meaning of the following words. (10)
Religion, Occasion, Peaceful, quite, Festival, Celebration, Rejoice,
Sacrifice, Carelessness, Aware, Violation, Serious
Q No,5: Write the sentences of the following word. (10)
Safety, Carelessness, Minimize, Risk, Queue, Sacrifice, Celebrate

Paper: English (A) Marks: 20

Class: 7th Objective Time: 20 Min

Q No,1: Tick the correct option to fill from the following : (10)

(1) The occupation of the villagers __________.

(a) Mining (b) Cutting woods (c) rearing cattle (d) Farming

(2) The panchayat works for the ____________ of the people.

(a) Health (b) Welfare (c) Education (d) House Construction

(3) Eid-Ul-Fitr is a ___________festival.

(a) Local (b) Historical (c) Religious (d) Social

(4) ____________ cant jointly be sacrificed.

(a) Goat (b) Lamb (c) Sheep (d) Cow

(5) Accidents are caused by ___________.

(a) Crowded roads (b) Traffic jams (c) Carelessness (d) Rash Driving

(6) Eid-Ul-Azha is the festival of ___________.

(a) Worship (b) Sports (c) Sacrifice (d) Anxiety

(7) Eid is the festival of ___________.

(a) Muslims (b) Hindus (c) Sikhs (d) Christians

(8) About_______ percent of if total population lives in village.

(a) Forty (b) Fifty (c) Sixty (d) Seventy

(9) Village women ________________.

(a) Fatch water (b) work in factories (c) ? (d) Farming

(10) The population of our large village is about ___________ thousand.

(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 8

Q No, 2: Fill in the blanks with the suitable word given below. (10)

(Live, Comes, Looks, Works, Brothers, helpers, answerable, praise)

1. Islam_________all the aspects of human life.

2. ________ All _________ to be Allah.

3. You will be held __________ for your actions.

4. Women are our ________________.

5. Every Muslim is the ______________ of every Muslim.

6. The villagers _____________ in simple houses.

7. The Panchayat _____________ for the welfare of villagers.

8. Hopes__________ true.

9. Sumaira _________tired.

10. Ahmed ________ better now.