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Types of Packaging Machines and there

Type 1: Liquid Packaging Like milk, water, juice, sharbat, rasna, frooty,
lassi etc
Type 2: Sold Material Packaging Like sugar, tea, dal, rice, gutka, supari,
masala, kurkure, namkeen etc.

Water Pouch Packing Machine.

There is wide range of water pouch packaging machine to pack water or
equaling to it. The automatic machines is a combination of 2 components
1) the filling part and the 2) sealing part. The filling components which we
say it take water from the tank which has attached top of the machine
approx storage limit 14ltr or more depend on the manufacturer and
machine read the volume of water throughout sensor which has been
attached to the tank.
And second sealing thing it depend on the sealing heaters
There are 2 types of sealing heaters
1. Vertical sealing heater
2. Horizontal sealing heater
If we think about light consumption of these machine because any one
think that if we name the think that is heater it would take huge amount
of light, but it not true it take only 1.5kw single phase not necessary to
take III phase light connection and motor takes only 1.5hp.
In water pouch packing machine you can set 200ml water pouch to
maximum 500ml pouch.
So in market generally to variant is coming speed capacity 2000-2200pph
and 3000-3200pph
So in 1 kg polythene it would product approx. 9 to 10 bags
Each bag contain 200ml 100pcs so in 10 bags 1000pcs.

After that if I go for the masala or solid items so it

technical details as follows.
Accessible with us, is a very utilitarian and dependable scope of
Automatic Pouch Packaging Machines that is utilized for pocket pressing
of various types of material. These machines convey rapid, long haul
execution and simple upkeep bundling arrangements. Appropriate for
pressing distinctive pack sizes, these machines are developed in
adherence to the business acknowledged guidelines.
These machines use a wide range of warmth sealable overlaid films for
completing the bundling work. Accessible in the models of 1 ml to 10 ml,
10 ml to 50 ml, 50 ml to 100 ml, 100 ml and 250 ml.
This machine is intended to pack Salt, Washing Powder and different
chemicals. Not at all
like different
machines the pulling
and fixing of pocket
is with a similar unit

Extensive variety of
Automatic Pouch
Packing Plant with multi set out weathers toward serving the assorted
requests of the bundling business. These plants are prepared for
pneumatic operation for fixing of jaws and hence give flat and vertical
fixing. Having hostile to sticking capacity, these machines are
incorporated with computerized sensors for improving velocity and
unwavering quality.
Our customers can benefit from us, an extensive variety of FFS neckline
sort wood screw filling machines that are utilized for pressing powder
and free streaming items in pocket frame. Furnished with wanted filling
framework and wood screw control board, these machines are proficient
for bundling seal pocket for 1 kilogram for different powdered items like
flour, drain powder, flavors, henna and cured powders.
These machines guarantee trick evidence measure variability at a rapid
and are made of nourishment review crude material. These machines can
make pockets of various sizes to meet the changed prerequisites of our
maker and exporter of Automatic Packing Machines, Powder pressing
machines, Chips and Snacks Packing Machines, Granules Packing
Machines, Grains and Pulses Packing machines, Liquid Packing Machines,
Peanut Bar and Cake Packing Machines, Spices Packing Machine. Our
Machines will chip away at Weigh-metric Principle with PLC Based Touch
screen Control boards,
We additionally fabricate machines with exceptional particular according
to client prerequisites
These machine is Auto Weighing, Filling, nitrogen flushing, Sealing,
Coding, Batch Cutting, Cutting , including each of the one machine .One
more exceptional highlights is that in our machine you can create the
bundles extending from 10gms to 2000gms,
This machine is reasonable for Masada powder pressing machine
20 gems to 1Kg (Optional) Packing Speed 60pkts/min
Neckline sort pocket pressing (CTAPP) machine, fitted with servo wood
screw filler are utilized to pack Sticky, non streaming and fine powders
like, Milk Powder, Maida, Gram Flour, Wheat Flour, Coffee Powder,
Powdered Spices, Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Maize Flour,
Pharmaceutical Powders and so forth.
The CTAPP Machine is vertical electro-pneumatic bundling machine. This
machine naturally frames a pocket, fills it with an item and after that
seals and after that isolates the "filled and fixed Pouch". The CTAPP
Machine is reasonable for a wide range of free stream powder Products.
This machine can be synchronized with Auger topping framework and can
pack off to 1 kg. Of items in focus fixed pockets. It utilizes a solitary move
of pressing film The Machine is fitted with Collar Type Former Pipe unit
that; change over level pressing film into vertically fixed tube; which is at
last changed over in to filled and fixed pockets. Flat Sealers act like
opening and finishing jaws to steal away even fixing.
Auxiliary and Optional Equipment
1. Pneumatic Gusseting Device
2. Filled Pouch Conveyer (Take off Conveyor)
3. D punching Unit
4. Container level sensor gadget (Minimum Material Level Sensor Device)
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