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A Hack by Jeff Russell

This booklet is best used in conjunction with Small But Vicious Dog, Vornheim: the Complete
City Kit, and a random name generator of your choice. That being said, it is entirely system
neutral and should work just fine with the fantasy roleplaying game of your choice.

I have striven for ruthless efficiency in the writing, design, and layout of this supplement. I
have made the assumption that you, the reader and user, is intelligent and creative, and the
purpose of this document is merely to assist in adding a particular flavor to your adventures. If
you would prefer expansive explanations and details, I recommend the original Warhammer
City: Middenheim supplement, which is chock full of lovingly crafted details about the “real”
Middenheim. The goal of this document is to assist in creating your own Middenheim with a
laser-like focus on what is useful in play, and present it in a way that is straightforward and quick to
reference at the table.

As such, many of the tables themselves assume that you will be able to figure out how to use them
on your own, rather than providing detailed instructions per table. Some general notes, though:
in tables with columns of variable length (4, 6, 8, etc) the idea is that you can roll one of each
appropriate die type and combine the results. Many of the multi-column tables are constructed so
that if you roll once, you can read straight across and get a useful result. Some of the tables imply
relationships with the next entry down. There is one “nested” table, where a different die size is
used based on the situation: it is the exception in having explicit instructions.. Finally, it should go
without saying that all tables are tools to spur creativity, and are merely useful lists with numbers
next to them - so you can always pick any result or combination of results that suits you.

This is a labor of love, borne out of affection and respect for the original material and the
imaginative fuel it contains. It is not for sale. If any of the original creators or rights-holders wish
for it not to be distributed, please contact me, Jeff Russell, and I will be very cooperative: let’s not
make things ugly for a fan, please.

Special thanks to:
Carl Sargent, Phil Gallagher, Jim Bambra, Paul Cockburn, Graeme Davies, Sean Masterson, Ian
Miller, Charles Elliot, H. John Blanche, Tony Ackland, H. Martin McKenna, Russ Nicholson, and
Stephen Tappin for the original Warhammer City: Middenheim in all of its detailed, wacky glory
Zak Smith for Vornheim and providing an example of the beauty in efficiency
Chris Hogan for Small But Vicious Dog - the game I started writing this supplement for before I
knew it existed
Mike Evans for his most excellent Vornheim hacks and the model for the complex job generator
Logan Knight for wacky, grungy inspiration, the basis of the NPC table, and being an
understanding guy
And to everyone who commented, critiqued, and generally showed interest on Google+: Nick
Abruzzo, Forrest Aguirre, Justin Akkerman, August Aronsson, James Aulds, Chris Carpenter,
Daniel Davis, Steve Daniels, Ben Djarum, Radek Drozdalski, Jeremy Duncan, Mike Elston ,
Mike Evans, Thomas Fitzgerald, Jeremy Friesen, Colin Gamer, j garrison, Kelvin Green, Thor
Hansen, John Harper, Jason Hobbs, Russell Hoyle, Manwell Hung, Jacob Hurst, Erik Jensen,
michael julius, Arnold K., Humza Kazmi, Logan Knight, Chris Kutalik, Ben L., Dallas M, Martyn
Maillardet, Chris McDowall, Wil McKinnee, Jeremy Murphy, M Nicksic, Aleksandr Revzin,
Richard Rush, Ramanan S, Pearce Shea, Steve Sigety, Zak Smith , Peter Smits, noah stevens,
Harley Stroh, James Swetnam, Chuck Thorin, Troy Tucker, Luis Velasco, Evan Webber, Michael
Wenman, Jim White, Elliot Wilen, Brian Wille, John Williams

Table of Contents
Overview 2
The City 2
The Watch 2
Religion 2
The Undercity 3
Districts 4
The City Gates & Lift Chairs 5
Palast 6
The Great Park 7
Grafsmund-Nordgarten 8
Ulricsmund 9
Altmarkt-Altquartier 10
Southgate-Ostwald 11
Neumarkt-Osttor 12
The Freiburg 13
The Wynd 14
Westor-Sudgarten 15
Geldmund-Kaufseit-Brotkopfs 16
New Rules 18
Contacts 18
Relationship Maps 18
The Law 19
People 20
Powers 21
Chaos Cults 21
NPCs 22
Nature of Relationship 22
Careers 23
Places 24
Inn & Tavern Generator 24
What Shop is This? 25
Situations 26
Detailed Job Generator 26
Is This Job Still Available? 26
Quick Job Table 27
Intrigue Generator 28
Intrigue Progress 29

spread rumors. and almost everyone has a friend or family in the force willing to do a favor in the right circumstance • Patrols leave from each of the headquarters and the chance of encountering them varies by district • Patrols are generally less frequent but larger at night • Standard Patrols: 4-9 civilian volunteers led by a sergeant • Elite patrols: 4-9 professional soldiers led by a watch captain. worship of Sigmar is fairly minor in Middenheim. and he demands strength and ferocity from his followers • Sigmar is the founder and patron god of the Empire. and occasionally worse 2 . there are more wizards and alchemists in Middenheim than even Altdorf • Heavy armor and large weapons are not tolerated. and reinforcements • The diligence and professionalism of the watch varies widely. inviting harassment and false charges from the watch The Watch • The watch headquarters are located at each of the four city gates. Middenheim is an imposing fortress city • The only ways into Middenheim are the precarious lift- chairs and the four massive viaducts raised by dwarven ingenuity and human magic • Known as the “Magical Capital of the Empire”. often accompanied by a wizard Religion • Ulric is the god of wolves and winter. and worship of Ulric is widespread • The more extreme followers of each god perform petty vandalism. champion of mankind and warrior against Chaos • Unlike most of the Empire.Overview The City • Middenheim sits atop 500 feet of sheer grey rock rising from the mutant haunted depths of the Drak Wald forest • Built around the temple of Ulric with the help of the Dwarves. additional weapons. with jail cells.

Overview • Shallya. Verena. the entire Fauschlag is riddled with old Dwarven tunnels. and Morr have minor temples The Undercity • Below the streets is an extensive sewer system • Even deeper. following the bidding of dark masters even deeper in the rock 5 Members of the watch are more and more willing to turn a blind eye to people entering the sewers if the right palms are greased 6 Some of the fungi and gases that occur in the sewers are valuable to the less scrupulous herbalists and alchemists of the city 7 The wealth of the city derives from ridiculously rich veins of gold that run through the Fauschlag 8 The body of a mutant was found in one of the open sewers of the Old Quarter. a casualty of intercult hostilities 9 Gems. Myrmidia. and stray coins come to rest in the thickest concentrations of filth in the sewers 10 Dwarves in charge of inspecting the sealed tunnels have begun to go missing 11 A former member of the Wizards and Alchemists guild is a liche living in the sewers. animating corpses to steal valuables and magical components 12 Deep in the tunnels a race of vile ratmen plot the utter downfall of the human city above 3 . jewelry. closed off and abandoned Roll Rumor 1 The dwarves keep access to the tunnels open and send armed expeditions to fight something 2 Some ancient and wealthy buildings have cellars that run deep enough to connect with the tunnels 3 Cultists have tunneled from the sewers into the wealthy catacombs of the Morrspark Cemetary 4 Mutants and beastmen lair deep in the tunnels.

and interactions should provide plenty of fodder for investigation and adventure. The rumor tables are intended to function as a general introduction to the districts. and of course. The truth of any and all rumors is left to the referee’s discretion. as adventure hooks. jobs. and rumors. The Great Park 9. Ulricsmund 11. sources for ideas. The Merchant Quarter 4 .Districts Middenheim is divided into twelve districts shown on the map below. 4 2 9 5 8 11 3 12 6 7 10 Districts 1. Palast District 8. Southgate-Ostwald 2. Their interaction with the rules for contacts. Each district has a day and night description. The Wynd 5. NPCs. Grafsmund-Nordgarten 10. Altmarkt-Altquartier 12. notable locations. City Gates & Lift Chairs 7. Westtor-Sudgarten 6. The Freiburg 4. Neumarkt-Osttor 3.

then reverses Night • The gates are barred and the only activity is the coming and going of Watch patrol shifts Locations • Watch Barracks 5 . Districts 1. and pilgrims jostle to pay their toll and get through • There is a 1 in 6 chance someone coming through the gate is stopped and questioned by the guards • As the afternoon wears on. merchants. City Gates and Lift Chairs • Each of the four massive city gates is flanked by fortified towers and watch barracks • The lift chairs rise up all 500 vertigo inducing feet from the forest floor to a terminus that houses guards and a toll collector Activity Day • Farmers. the press thins.

Districts 2. Some say the Graf thinks the emperor’s gone senile! Locations • Middenpalaz The city’s defenses will be in trouble if 11 it loses too many wizards and dwarves to • Konigsgarten the new taxes • Square of the Martials The three Midden Marshals are 12 unhappy about the current state of the court 6 . Palast Roll Rumor The Graf has become ineffectual in his Activity 1 grief and is steered by his advisors Day • Tourists. he usually is a big fan of dwarves • The square of the martials is deserted except for One of the Law Lords has been even members of the Knights 7 more depressed and melancholic than his usual quiet demeanor Panther assigned guard duty The Estalian doctor brought in to tend 8 to the Graf ’s feeble minded son has • Members of the royal scandalous appetites household occasionally return from nocturnal 9 The court hopes to use the carnival to distract the people from passing excursions. sometimes unpopular new laws with guards and sometimes Relations between the Graf and the more discreetly 10 Emperor are souring. gawkers. and 2 The Graf ’s illegitimate son seeks to be made the heir sellers of cheap souvenirs throng the square of the martials hoping to get 3 The Graf ’s daughter is unusually liberal in the suitors she will entertain a glimpse of someone famous A powerful member of the court is some • Knights Panther 4 kind of nefarious agent discourage unsavory types from paying too much The chancellor has become addicted to attention to the palace 5 Laughing Powder gates The Champion’s support of the new Night 6 taxes is strange.

Districts 3. like the Activity 1 minstrel and some of the ladies-at- court. clerics. hawkers. even those to the death Some of the plants in the park are 12 causing a mysterious new disease 7 . and dwarves because a mysterious fence is paying • The Showboat extra • The Blackpool The bookies at the stadium have been 11 fixing fights. and worse stumble out in disheveled Unsavory elements use the free groups 8 intermixing of the social classes in the park as cover for nefarious transactions • Couples meet for nighttime trysts behind The halfling chef at the Showboat has the bushes 9 settled down to a quiet retirement after a life of adventuring Locations The pickpockets in the park have been • Bernabau Stadium 10 targeting wizards. and The illuminations at the carnival will pickpockets ply their trade 4 be less impressive this year because the wizards are unhappy about recent taxes among the crowds • Small stalls sell food and Bernabau Stadium once housed a sport knick-nacks and people 5 that involved kicking around a snotling into goals at either end of the stadium enjoy them on small benches next to tinkling Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Yarblinsky 6 earned his position by repeatedly fountains defeating beastmen with his bare hands Night There is a honeycomb of chambers • Patrons of the Showboat 7 under the stadium housing pit fighters. The Great Park Roll Rumor Certain members of the court. frequent the Showboat Day • People from all walks of 2 Well-paying customers at the Showboat can get exclusive wines that have been life stroll along gravel smuggled in from the Reikland walk ways between exotic One of the vagrants in the park is hot-house gardens and 3 actually a wealthy nobleman who has flowering trees gone mad • Beggars. stroll up in groups or hamstrung beastmen.

Grafsmund. and still has barrels of it hidden in the wine cellar • Hardly anyone travels the well-cobbled streets Important people. but he 11 Locations conducts all of his business through a local agent • The Prospect Some Sigmarite nobles have been hiding • The Graf ’s Repose 12 pro-Ulric vandalism of their homes under wraps for fear of causing further • The Harvest Goose trouble 8 . Only some are working with • Young rakes and footpads dandies stroll arrogantly Some watch patrols are well paid to to the various high 9 teach undesirables a lesson they won’t class hostelries in the forget about where they’re not wanted neighborhood Disreputable fellows have been seen in and out of a home near the Morrspark. even the Graf and 3 the heads of various commissions dine at between large houses set the Harvest Goose regularly in their own grounds A particular wealthy merchant has • The watch discourages 4 become smitten with a pretty young thing and spends very little time at any street performers or home hawkers and quickly sends Some older houses’ cellars are old them on their way so as 5 sections of Dwarven tunnels with sealed up connections to the rest of the not to disturb their betters undercity • Other than the odd A particular noble with too much time luxurious carriage. Roll Rumor Nordgarten The owners of the Prospect pump their 1 guests for information which they use to perform audacious heists Activity The owner of the Harvest Goose arrived 40 years ago with a mule-train of Day 2 gold. the 6 and too much money has been hosting “authentic Chaos rituals” for exclusive only business on the guests streets is servants and Only the finest thieves and burglars ply their trade here.Districts 4. and jealously guard flunkies running errands 7 their turf against common thugs and sneak thieves or delivering messages Groups of young rakes looking for Night 8 more “authentic” experiences hire guides. • Frequent watch patrols 10 and the owner has not been seen for keep the streets relatively weeks calm and safe A mysterious count has recently purchased a home in the district.

for one of their properties 6 is preventing mutation in unborn Night children • Mostly people passing The physicians guild is purchasing fresh through the area on the 7 corpses for good money and who knows what purpose way to nighttime business. with the and someone is blackmailing him occasional beggar or Tensions have risen between the Graf busker 4 and the high priest of Sigmar • During festivals. and Halfling Interests Locations The Elven representative at the • The Black Plague 9 Komission is actually a princess of Laurelorn. kidnapped by bandits as a Memorial child • The Temple of Ulric Templars of the White Wolf have been • Temple of Verena 10 including outlying villages of Sigmarites in their regular anti-mutant pogroms • The Guild of Physicians • Offices of the Komission The Physicians’ Guild only hears complaints from patients. and takes for Elven. and 11 living patients as proof of the doctor’s Halfling Interests effectiveness • The Begierbaden The Sacred Flame of Ulric won’t burn a 12 true believer and will empower weapons against servants of Chaos 9 . and that his worshippers are little better than demonologists of great pomp through the streets Rich women gather in the baths of the Begierbaden. Dwarven. Dwarven. the priests or templars of The Templars believe that Sigmar was Ulric will lead processions 5 not a god. but with the occasional Radical racial separatists have been quietly rising in the ranks of the footpad or pickpocket 8 Komission for Elven. vaulted roof 2 The high priest of Ulric wants to lift the celibacy requirement for his priesthood of the Temple of Ulric and start a dynasty of his own towers over people of all The high priest of Ulric has had a walks of life going about 3 relationship with the Graf ’s paramour. their business. Districts 5. Ulricsmund Roll Rumor The Black Plague was only kept out of the city by some dark deal struck by Activity 1 the Graf at the time and still honored to this day Day • The high.

if you don’t get the tar sorts beaten out of you for asking questions Night Fleischer and his employees work as • The market is totally 6 hired muscle and provide disposal services for the Big Cheese deserted • The streets of the Old No one in the Legalists can find any 7 records because of an ongoing struggle Quarter remain just as between rival factions of catalogers busy at night. Altmarkt. often give way to footpads with ridiculous attempts at commoner clothing and beggars give way to Any taste can be fulfilled in the Old prostitutes 9 Quarter. with slow but The halflings of the Kleinmoot shun outsiders. and the Blazing Hearth is 3 steady business after where their elders meet to conduct their business • Hawkers.urchins 8 Quarter for a bit of slumming. and Civil cases settled in the Fusspulver 4 Court of the Worshipful Guild of charlatans ply their trade Legalists are arbitrary and capricious • The Old Quarter is The Last Drop is a good place to buy or crawling with disreputable 5 sell illegal goods. provided it’s not too classy and the money is right Locations • The Old Market The Big Cheese is attempting to recruit • The Kleinmoot 10 or eliminate his criminal rivals • The Worshipful Guild of Legalists 11 A son of a prominent merchant was found in a very comprising and very • The Last Drop Inn dead position in an Old Quarter brothel • Fleischer’s Slaughterhouse • The Blazing Hearth The watch ignores all but the most 12 obvious crimes and will only enter the Restaurant quarter in huge. twitchy groups 10 . pickpockets. but become Groups of young rakes come to Old even seedier . agitators.Districts 6. Roll Rumor Altquartier Most of Middenheim’s underworld 1 business is headquartered out of the Old Quarter Activity A Marienberger known as “The Big Day 2 Cheese” is the most powerful crime boss in the city due to his drug smuggling • The Old Market peaks around 9 am.

and those that refuse • Dragon Ales Brewhouse disappear “The Man” is not one person at all. and is willing to arrange anything for the right price Activity The rivalry between the Ostwald and Altquartier gangs is heating up as each Day 2 district consolidates behind powerful • Southgate is quiet in the leaders day as its residents toil If one asks about “The Man”. Southgate.workers Guild who uses the hospice for racketeering spend their pennies on The halfling owner of Dragon Ales drinks and doxies or get 8 conceals a business in vile poisons and into brawls of varying necromantic agents behind his cheerful. but he has especially close ties to “The Man’s” operations Night • By night. Roll Rumor Ostwald The head of the largest crime ring in 1 Ostwald is “The Man”. if they look like they’re worth it with plenty of thieves and Pfandleiher’s pawn shop is one of the footpads for spice 6 principal fences in the city. and deals of “The Man” is a master of disguise who all sorts are struck in back 9 conducts much of his own business in the guises of various lieutenants and rooms flunkies Locations 10 One of the Altquartier gangs is trying to shut down Pfandleiher’s pawn shop to • The Drowned Rat Tavern prop up their own preferred fence • Pfandleiher’s Pawnbrokers Workers at the hospice are being offered • The Labourer’s Hospice 11 fantastic wages for special after-hours illicit work.drunks. rosy cheeks seriousness. and degenerates. he will 3 be contacted at an unexpected time by a away at miserable jobs well-informed respectable stranger either in their homes or other parts of town The Drowned Rat’s cellar connects to 4 the sewers and is a way point to thieves • Ostwald is bustling with on their way to jobs around the city all sorts of unpleasant Any outsider coming into the Drowned people . Districts 7. 12 but is in fact a series of cut-outs for a mysterious organization 11 . both areas The chief beneficiary of the Labourer’s Hospice is a member of the Merchant’s 7 are lively . diseased 5 Rat will be beaten severely and robbed beggars.

entertainers. rich. etc has been pickpocket goes about 5 using the watch to round up vagrants their own business more and beggars for “public health reasons” quietly Castle Rock Coaches smuggles wine for the Showboat. and the owner is Night 6 considering moving into even more lucrative cargo • Flamboyant young people head to the The major crime rings want to know 7 who the source is for the dealers at the popular taverns while Templar’s Downfall goons from Ostwald or Some of the tradesmen are tired of the Altquartier pass them to 8 protection rackets out of the slums and question tradesmen late on are banding together to run off goon squads protection payments The Singing Moon’s members only Locations 9 policy is part of the security for a secret elf supremacist organization • Royal College of Music The human musicians of the Royal • The Singing Moon College of Music and the elves at the 10 Cabaret Singing Moon got into a vicious brawl in the streets • The Templar’s Downfall Bar 11 One of the tanners in the Gerberbahn is willing to work on any sort of leather. fashionable young people go for 4 and charlatans ply their ridiculous cocktails and other. Neumarkt. tradesmen. Roll Rumor Osttor Members of the watch trade shifts in the 1 Neumarkt for favors so they can browse the wares and hit on housewives Activity The Director and the Conductor of the Day 2 College of Music frequently argue. stronger diversions trade while the occasional The Komission for Health. apprentices. • The Komission for no questions asked Health. & A foreign merchant furious at the taxes Welfare 12 and fees to set up shop refuses to pay for protection and is looking for muscle • Castle Rock Coaches for hire 12 .Districts 8. Education. and now the director has been found dead • Shoppers. and servants The two elves in the court have a mostly-friendly rivalry for the affections 3 hurry to purchase goods of the beautiful elven owner of the Singing Moon of all sorts The Templar’s downfall is where • Beggars.

The Freiburg Roll Rumor Footpads aren’t common because the Activity 1 students are n’t worth the trouble. its libraries host secrets for the patient Enforcers from the Wizards’ Guild crack down on illegal magical use. 3 region based here has ambitions to while poets. and there is a higher 6 The owner of The Scholar’s acts for the Chancellor in the purchase of antiques proportion of students to at auction to keep the price reasonable academics The owner of the Scholar has something Locations 7 dangerous in his antique collection that is sought by unsavory elements • Temple of Sigmar • The Scholar’s Hostelry 8 The proprietor of The Red Moon is a sultry woman who appearas young • The Red Moon through preparations of the high wizard • The Wizards’ & The libraries available to the Wizard’s Alchemists’ Guild 9 Guild are second to none. mimes. and succeed the Grand Theogonist street artists compete for The Gragh Mar school trains children in meager tips 4 the faith of Sigmar and inculcates a deep distrust of Ulric and his followers Night • The scene is much the The priests of Sigmar have powerful 5 ties to the Empire. and 2 to the Frieburg except in the most egregious cases of drunk and disorderly artists discuss important brawling topics over cups of coffee The Chief Priest of Sigmar for the in the numerous cafes. 11 leaving smoking piles of ash for the watch Some monks at the Gragh Mar school 12 believe the cult of Ulric to have been infiltrated by Chaos cultists 13 . and trusted • Collegium Theologica members have access to rare materials The Collegium Theologica is a full 10 University except for a charter. scholars. but there’s the occasional ransom attempt Day The watch rarely pays much attention • Students. Districts 9. except followers of Ulric in Middenheim the coffee is traded for ale. but are shunned by same as in the day.

workmen. and the actually valuable statue is deeper in the temple 14 . 2 The statue of Grungni is solid gold and set with enormous gems apprentices. a mysterious Arab has directed the day to day business of the • Offices of the Komission Windhund Haulage Company for Public Works • Offices of the Dwarven 9 The priests of Grungni encourage their followers to wreck Human civilization Engineers’ Guild • The Windhund Haulage The cult of Grungni has been Company 10 encouraging more from their human hosts and to throw off the shackles of human slavery One of the tradesmen is selling original works for less money than they’re worth 11 (selling for about d100 less than book value) The first visible statue of Grungni is a 12 cheap fake. and buyers and sellers of all sorts The Guild of Stonemasons and move through the plain 3 Architects is jealous of the appointments received by the Dwarven Engineers’ but neat buildings with Guild crates of merchandise or Building plans lans of are available from leading teams of horses 4 the Komission for Public works with the right introduction or bribe Night • The streets are only The Dwarven Engineers’ Guild has 5 access to plans for the defensive works slightly less busy at night.Districts 10. The Wynd Roll Rumor The dwarves in the Temple of Grungni Activity 1 have been fighting off threats from the tunnels of the undercity for years Day • Artisans. of the city with a slightly greater concentration of footpads 6 The Windhund Haulage company is really a front for a smuggling and and racketeers message carrying service Locations 7 The Windhund Haulage company • Chapel of Grungni makes use of zombie labor after hours • The Guild of Stonemasons and Architects 8 Recently.

can go many places others due could not and unlike the richer areas The Tilean doctor to the Graf ’s son of the city. and its barbs are known as being surprisingly accurate • Morrspark Cemetary • The Grunpark Some otherworldly being posing as • Temple of Shallya 9 a child has taken up residence in the orphanage at the Temple of Shallya • Temple of Myrmidia • Shrine of Morr A renowned miser hasn’t been seen for 10 • The Laughing Jackass weeks. Westor. Roll Rumor Sudgarten At night. but more 5 been “buried” being flung from the Cliff of Sighs. there are surprisingly few generous bones at its base Night The Laughing Jackass is where the • The streets are mostly 6 fashionable go for a drink when they want a relaxed atmosphere quiet. but for the occasional dinner party Students. there are more has not made a call to the Temple of 4 beggars and buskers than Shallya. and pseudo- 7 intellectuals of all sorts hold court at the guests or under-ambitious Laughing Jackass footpads The Laughing Jackass is known for its Locations 8 satires of public figures. perhaps because of his strange beliefs pickpockets. his house looks untouched Restaurant The priests of Morr have been hiring people to watch the Cemetery at 11 night because of a recent spike in graverobbing The Temple of Myrmidia regularly 12 passes information on to a famous Tilean mercenary captain 15 . Districts 11. as the marks Considering how long paupers have are less well off. the Grunpark is overrun by 1 Ostwald street gangs too young to work their home streets Activity Only the wealthy can be buried in the Morrspark and various dark groups Day 2 seek the bodies or the treasure buried • Tradesmen and other with them middle class folks go Priests of Shallya enjoy a special 3 protection among the city’s poor and about their own business. scholars.

and fat merchants scream at their The owner of the Man o’ War bought 5 his restaurant through trade. but the stakes set by the patrons are sometimes exotic Activity The arms in the common room of the Templars’ Arms are genuine relics Day 3 blessed by Ulric for smiting chaotic beings • Carts and mule trains flow through the southgate. Roll Rumor Kaufseit. The arms in the common room of the 4 Templar’s Arms are cheap decorative laborers work massive replicas barely suitable for smiting rats warehouses. Trade. and is the only remaining son from a noble family with the Chaotic taint • Offices of the Komission for Commerce. The elite watch patrols in the Geldmund Brotkopfs 1 neighborhood are practically a private force paid for with Merchant gold (The Merchant Quarter) The Gambling at The Heavens Lament 2 is honest. and Taxation watch are found near the warehouses.Districts 12. Geldmund. lackeys and maintains contact with his friends Night The chairman of the Merchants’ Guild • Footpads and the 6 is now the Convenor for the Komission on Commerce. and piracy. shutting out all other Imperial cities outdo each other with the opulence of their Wolf Runner coaches have an agreement with Castle Rock coaches. 8 nighttime gatherings taking the north of the empire and leaving the south Locations Coaches have been seen going in and • Heavens Lament Cabaret 9 out of one of the warehouses. while The merchants are negotiating contracts merchants strive to 7 with merchants in Marienburg. and strange sounds have been heard • Templars’ Arms Hostelry • Man O’ War Restaurant Gotthard Goebbels is living a double • The Merchants’ Guild 10 life. Trade and One of the crime lords from the slums is 11 attempting to move up from protection Taxation rackets to extortion of major merchants • Staller’s Stables A merchant is organizing an expedition • Wolf Runner Coaches 12 to a distant land to acquire exotic merchandise and needs capable caravan guards 16 .

Districts 17 .

. funny you should ask. • Create an NPC as a starting point. Draw a circle with their If a player character asks a contact name in it something he would know about.New Rules Contacts Relationships This table is meant as a supplement To create an NPC relationship map: for the Vornheim contact rules. then • For each NPC on the map. 2d2 minus the current degree particular reason to know. roll on of separation from starting the contact table below NPC new connections b. do he just tells the player. draw a line Maybe you should be on your way. but I connect to an existing NPC. the current NPC feels that way towards those NPCs “You know. Determine the relationship every time this is rolled for the same for each connection. Roll again 9-11 on this table with a +1 (cumulative d.” . If there is already a connection “Sorry. 12 actually have heard something about that” • Repeat until you have a sufficiently complex map 18 . but while I between the NPCs. If so.” Roll a random rumor for the contact’s district create a new NPC and draw a line connecting the current “I don’t know. . Any connections from part a.directs you to a new NPC in a random district. but you know who NPC to the newly created NPC might. that were determined not to “Don’t know anything about it. to be used instead of the table there. .” from this NPC to a randomly determined existing NPC. I connected in part c. If it is inquiry) one-way. that 3-5 have you here. 6-8 did hear. . can’t help ya. can you help me with relationship is now mutal something?” c. Each new connection has a Roll Result chance to connect to an NPC already on the relationship map “Now why would you go and waste equal to (25% x the degree of 2 my time with something like this? separation). Any time a the following: player character asks a contact about something he doesn’t have any a. and they’re on good terms.

New Rules The Law This process for handling a trial Trial and Sentencing emphasizes simplicity. but you have a record punishment is likely physical or service 16-17 Not Guilty! Free to go.000 gold per level of Misdemeanor (0): things like severity stealing petty amounts. double 4-5 Guilty! Slavery. time in the stocks.severity . arson. rape. Roll 3 or Atrocious! Horrible death. such as for the of bribes) +/. Double severity for penalty heresy. Worshipping chaos gods. work as a pit fighter. harboring mutants Time Rotting in a Cell 2d6 . 13-15 Not Guilty. Military: crimes by or against labor: a light penalty those in the military. or desertion in 1d6 days Heresy (-6): Going against society. mutilated: serious permament penalty severity if lower class Religious: religious crimes. Pay a fine. and charges expunged Severity of the Crime 18+ Apologies! The plaintiff will pay a penalty of 1. +3 to all rolls. but feel free to Roll 3d6 . necromancy. insubordination Time to Sentence Felony (-3): serious “normal” crimes If Guilty. crimes 6-8 Guilty! Pay a hefty fine. or others.severity + (1 per 1000 gold add other modifiers.Court Modifiers social class of perpetrator and victim. Double effectiveness of bribes. sentence will be carried out like murder. mostly religious. fighting. +3 for followers of Ulric 9-12 Guilty. lawyers. banishment: Court Less a very serious and very permanent penalty Civil: “normal” crimes.(1 per 10 gold spent on bribes) weeks Gold must be spent before roll Minimum of 1 night held Check for disease once every week (rounded up) in prison 19 . Free to go. temporary slavery: a serious against priests.

..People Roll Last Name First Name Position Feature Trait Relationship to. Helseherer Albrecht High Wizard Guant & Ascetic Head in the Suspects the worst of 1 clouds Hoflich Joachim Law Lord Quiet & Wry sense of Holds ransom a 2 Dignified humor relative of Ehrlich Reiner Law Lord Quiet & Melancholic Trying to quietly 3 Unassuming contact Schutzman Ulrich Watch Tall & Imposing Harsh & Seeks guidance from 4 Commander unbending Stolz Werner Chief Priest of Severe & Cautiously Wants to humiliate 5 Sigmar Haughty ambitious Ar-Ulric High Priest of Tall & Rangy Kindly but Having an affair with 6 Ulric ambitious Schlagen Emmanuelle Lady at Court Tall & WIllowy Crafty & Lover of 7 Manipulative Todbringer Boris Graf Going to seed Crippled by Can’t stand the 8 grief sight of Prunkvoll Siegfried Knight Always wears Appalling bore Turned down a 9 Eternal armor in public advance from Liebkosen Petra Lady Dark. Suspicious of the 11 Marshal magnanimous power of Goebbels Gotthard Komission Premature Grey Vain & grasping Secretly working for 12 Konvenor Hair Wasmeier Karl-Heinz Law Lord Unremarkable Cruel & Dangerously 13 avaricious underestimates Schwermutt Johann Garrison Light Build Human & Smitten by 14 Commander approachable Eberhauer Janna Deputy Freckles Intelligent & Terrifies 15 Wizard friendly Sparsam Josef Chancellor Walks with a Collector of Irrationally despises 16 Limp antique art Zimberlich Hildegarde Chaperone Frail but Not easily Fiercely devoted to 17 sprightly fooled 18 Todbringer Katarina “Princess” Beautiful Delicate Crush on Lafarel Rallane Court Silvery blond hair Hopeless Best friend of 19 Minstrel romantic Fanmaris Allavandrel Master of the Startling green Enjoys the Drinking buddies with 20 Hunt eyes good things 21 Schmiedehammer Dieter Champion Broken nose Friendly Engaged to 22 Jung Kirsten Lady Stylish Intuitive Despises 23 Sinnlich Natasha Lady Ice blue eyes Worships power Regrets a fling with 24 Pavarotti Luigi Physician Flamboyant Lust for life Cares for Todbringer Stefan Baron Sickly & drooling Feeble minded Can only get help 25 from 20 . curly hair Gold digger Having a fling with 10 the son of Von Genscher Maximillian Midden Facial Scar Courageous.

People dx God Adjective Noun Short Term Goal Long Term Goal Quirk 1 Tzeentch Purple Hand Sell into slavery new Gain control of Have a successful front arrivals government business 2 Khorne Crimson Blade Assassinate Foment civil war Unsubtle. secrecy poorly government leader followed 3 Slaneesh Jade Sceptre Trick and sacrifice Summon a demonic Seek depravity more than children horde power 4 Nurgle Fecund Belly Graverob the rich Shut off the city from the From an unexpected class or Empire profession 5 Weeping Sore Cause the possession Gain control of a guild Arctually worship a minor of a military leader demon 6 Golden Eye Pass laws to drive out Destroy all other chaos Most are severely mutated demi-humans cults 7 Mask Steal an important or Increase the mutants in Leader is a powerful magic valuable item society user 8 Crown Recruit someone Build a vast network Take orders from a patron important of cults deep in the undercity 9 Sabotage the city’s Destroy the city Obvious but easily concealed defenses tattoos 10 Take control of Discredit the church of Leader’s long-term goal another cult Sigmar differs from cult’s 11 Open portal to realm Posseses a powerful magical of chaos item 12 Gather massive wealth Operates within another secret society 13 One member is an actual prophet 14 Subverts expectations for cult members 15 More effective at crime than religion 16 Recruits by drug addiction 17 Leader is a convert from another cult 18 Believe they worship a benevolent god 19 Entirely one ethnic or cultural group 20 Dangerous beast as a pet 21 .

People dx Race Gender & Demeanor Appearance Motivation Quirk Age 1 Middenheimer Old Male Aggressively Beshitten Money Mutation 2 Middenlander Young Male Sarcastically Shabby Lust Speech Pattern 3 Other Imperial Male Cringingly Fancy Power Chaos Cultist 4 Marienburger Female Haughtily Unremarkable Religion Serious Disease 5 Young Female Drunkenly Seductive Fame Madness 6 Old Female Comically Diseased Social Rank Hard-working 7 Earnestly Bored Curiosity Honest 8 Inappropriately Crazy Intrigue Strange Collection 9 Obese Boot-licking Missing Body Part 10 Starved Viciousness Addiction 11 Glutonny Deformity 12 Goodness Body Language 13 Highly Formal Manners 14 Scar(s) 15 Fanatical 16 Strange appetite 17 Decent 18 Nervous Tic 19 Melancholic 20 Gourmet Palate D20 Relationship D20 Relationship 1 Business 11 Control 2 Blackmail 12 Politics 3 Family 13 Jealousy 4 Distant Relative 14 Suspicion 5 Crime 15 Rivalry 6 Debt 16 Fear 7 Lust 17 Hate 8 Disgust 18 Treachery 9 Friendship 19 Extortion 10 Love 20 Grudge 22 .

People D100 Career D100 Career D100 Career 1 Agitator 34 Grave Robber 68 Racketeer 2 Alchemist 35 Gunner 69 Raconteur 3 Alchemist’s Apprentice 36 Herbalist 70 Rake 4 Artillerist 37 Herdsman 71 Rat Catcher 5 Artisan 38 Highwayman 72 Road Warden 6 Artisan’s Apprentice 39 Hypnotist 73 Runner 7 Assassin 40 Illusionist 74 Rustler 8 Bawd 41 Initiate Priest 75 Sapper 9 Begar 42 Jailer 76 Scholar 10 Boatman 43 Judicial Champion 77 Scout 11 Bodyguard 44 Laborer 78 Scribe 12 Bounty Hunter 45 Lackey 79 Seer 13 Bunko Artist 46 Lawyer 80 Servant 14 Buyer 47 Mercenary 81 Slaver 15 Charlatan 48 Merchant 82 Smuggler 16 Civil Servant 49 Militiaman 83 Soldier 17 Cleric 50 Minstrel 84 Spy 18 Coachman 51 Muleskinner 85 Squire 19 Counterfeiter 52 Necromancer 86 Student 20 Demagogue 53 Noble 87 Targeteer 21 Demonologist 54 Outlaw 88 Templar 22 Drunk 55 Outlaw Chief 89 Thief 23 Duellist 56 Outrider 90 Thing 24 Elementalist 57 Park Keeper 91 Toll Keeper 25 Engineer 58 Pedler 92 Tomb Robber 26 Entertainer 59 Pharmacist 93 Torturer 27 Exciseman 60 Physician 94 Trader 28 Fence 61 Physician’s Apprentice 95 Trapper 29 Footpad 62 Pick Pocket 96 Watchman 30 Forger 63 Pilgrim 97 Witch Hunter 31 Freelance 64 Pit Fighter 98 Wizard 32 Gambler 65 Professional Mourner 99 Wizard’s Apprentice 33 Gang Member 66 Prospector 100 Woodsman 67 Protagonist 23 .

Scholar 24 . Hungry Halfling cheap meets here Ostwald 8 Staff will go Owner refuses to pay Neumarkt. Hog’s Head Awful tolerated Altquartier 7 Long stays are Political action group Southgate. The Freiburg Spinning Wheel human race 10 Proprietor constantly The Wynd Drunken Journeyman rambles about pet topic 11 Westtor. Templar’s Arms someone a job and split the loot Nordgarten out for a room 5 Cheap Cheap drinks Requires attendance at Ulricsmund Dwarf ’s Stoneholm sermons to get breakfast 6 Just Fights aren’t Safe house for a crime ring Altmarkt. Broken Anvil far for good protection Osttor tippers 9 Won’t serve one demi. Regent’s House Sudgarten 12 Geldmund. Drowned Rat Kaufseit- Brotkopfs 13 Last Drop 14 Laughing Jackass 15 Mighty Man O’ War 16 Singing Showboat 17 Heaven’s Lament 18 Red Moon 19 Vicious Dog 20 .Places dx Availability Quality Best Feature Quirk District Adjective Noun 1 Open Luxury Good food Filled with people you City Gates Graf ’s Repose Rooms wouldn’t expect for the quality 2 Shared Good Bedbugs A game or gambling Palast Dicey Propsect Rooms hardly bite 3 Room in Average More rumors Extremely surly service The Great Smiling Fool stables than usual Park 4 Kick Spartan Easy to find Split up a gang of footpads Grafsmund.

Places D30 Shop Type 1 Bowyer/Fletcher 2 Brewer 3 Butcher 4 Candle/Lampmaker 5 Calligrapher 6 Cartwright 7 Cobbler 8 Cooper 9 Dyer 10 Engraver 11 Fuller 12 Furrier 13 Glassblower 14 Goldsmith 15 Herbalist 16 Jeweler 17 Laundry 18 Leatherworker 19 Locksmith 20 Musicshop 21 Outfitter/Tailor 22 Pawnbroker 23 Pharmacist 24 Potter 25 Printer 26 Ropermaker 27 Sign-maker 28 Tanner 29 Weaponsmith 30 Weaver/Spinner 25 .

Situations D20 Client Desire Action Noun 1 Merchant Want(s) to Kill Noble 2 Noble Want(s) to Steal from Politician 3 Politician Need(s) to Discredit Bawd 4 Bawd Need(s) to Investigate Priest 5 Priest Must Protect Artisan 6 Artisan Must Extort Gang Leader 7 Gang Leader Plan(s) to Delay Crime Lord 8 Crime Lord Plan(s) to Maim Wizard 9 Wizard is actively ___ing Frame Group of Thugs 10 Group of Thugs is actively ___ing Gather information from Cult 11 Cult is being coerced to Gather goods from Dwarf 12 Dwarf is being coerced to Spy on Informant 13 Informant is fighting against Escape from Watchman 14 Watchman is fighting against Make disappear Military Officer 15 Military Officer Want(s) to Blackmail Guild 16 Guild Need(s) to Transport contraband to Komission 17 Komission Plan(s) to Kidnap Witch Hunter 18 Witch Hunter is actively ___ing Persuade Friend 19 Friend Must Gather contraband from Enemy 20 Enemy is fighting against Secretly meet Merchant 26 .

Crime Boss .you can keep the rest 3 Tunnel into a wealthy merchant’s vault 4 Murder a gang leader 5 Rid a slum building of an infestation of especially vicious rats 6 Stake out a warehouse to catch a thief 7 Rough up a shopkeeper who won’t pay his protection money 8 Break an associate out of the watch’s jail 9 Smuggle drugs into the city from a nearby inn 10 Case a merchant’s house for a gang of cat burglars .d6. now there’s fallout to deal with 3-5 Someone else took it.d20 2D6* Job Status 2 Someone else attempted it and did a terrible job. but there’s probably other work available 12 Someone else finished the job.d10.get a percentage 11 Discover and infiltrate a suspected Chaos Cult 12 Find the herdstone for a group of beastmen and report it to the templars 13 Rid a slum building of an infestation of especially vicious squatters 14 Collect blackmail information on a Komission Konvenor 15 Participate in illegal pit fighting 16 Join an expedition to an abandoned Dwarf Fortress 17 Investigate a cult’s use of the sewers 18 Find the remains of a wizard thrown off the cliff of sighs 19 Protect a local noble during the carnival from an assassin 20 Burn down a rival’s warehouse Roll a die based on who is offering the job: Normal Person . Business Member .d12.d4. Situations Dx Job 1 Steal a recently acquired Nekharan necklace from a merchant 2 Recover a ring from a grave . but they haven’t finished yet 6-8 Yes.d8. Criminal . and now associates of the target have a counter-job to offer *Add +1 to roll for every week since initial job offer 27 . Merchant . Noble . it’s still available 9-11 Someone else finished the job.

Trade. Guild Roll Rumor 4 The Graf Power Midden Marshals Intimidation The Law Lords Roll District. Guild Roll Rumor 17 Wizard & Alchemist Favors Physicians Guild Participation A random District Roll District. Roll Rumor and Taxation 9 Cult of Sigmar Protection Komission for Money Worshipful Guild Roll District.Situations Basic Intermediate Complex Extra-Complex D20 Person/Group Wants From Because of a That they blame on Because they lack of are secretly behind 1 A Power Sex An NPC Safety A Chaos Cult Roll District. Commerce. Burgerlich Roll Rumor Komission 20 A Company Approval A Chaos Cult An object An NPC Roll District. Roll Rumor 3 A Chaos Cult Connections The Graf Protection The Merchant Roll District. Commerce. Education. Works Roll Rumor 15 A Labor Guild Publicity A Craft Guild Indulgence Wizard & Roll District. Legalists Elven. Roll Rumor Halfling Interests & Welfare 12 Komission for Elven. Trade. Legalists Elven. of Legalists Roll Rumor and Taxation 10 Komission for Violence Worshipful Guild of Cooperation Komission for Roll District. Dwarven. Dwarven. Trade. Education. & Health. Burgerlich Roll Rumor Komission 19 A random District Influence A Company Approval A Power Roll District. Support Public Works Roll Rumor Interests & Welfare 13 Komission for Political Komission for Discretion A Labor Guild Roll District. & Halfling Health. Dwarven. & Roll Rumor and Taxation Halfling Interests 11 Worshipful Guild of Cooperation Komission for Violence Komission for Roll District. Health. Roll Rumor 8 Cult of Ulric Submission Cult of Sigmar Power Komission for Roll District. support Public Works Roll Rumor & Welfare 14 Komission for Public Discretion A Labor Guild Publicity A Craft Guild Roll District. Commerce. An Object Komission for Political Komission for Roll District. Roll Rumor 2 An NPC Money A Power Marriage The Graf Roll District. Roll Rumor 5 The Merchant Guild Marriage Law Lords Submission Midden Marshals Roll District. Education. Roll Rumor 28 . Roll Rumor 7 Midden Marshals Intimidation Cult of Ulric Connections Cult of Sigmar Roll District. Roll Rumor 6 The Law Lords Safety Merchant Guild Sex Cult of Ulric Roll District. Guild Burgerlich Roll Rumor Komission 18 Physicians Guild Participation A random District Influence A Company Roll District. Alchemist Guild Roll Rumor 16 A Craft Guild Indulgence Wizard & Alchemist Favors Physicians Guild Roll District.

Situations 2d6 Intrigue Status 2 Abject Failure! 3-5 Setbacks 6-8 Situation Stable 9-11 Progress 12 Success 29 .

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