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ST: Heat recovery from shower drains
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Gregers Reimann <> 21 August 2007 12:45
To: Ahmed M&E ST Building <>, "" <>
Cc: "Poul E. Kristensen" <>, CK Tang <>

Hi Ahmed and Regina,

Here are a few links to the heat recovery technology for shower drains. Regina will today inquire whether
this technology can earn us extra Green Mark points.

If the eight showers in the ST Building can be built only to have one drainage pipe then we only need to
purchase one of these heat recovery units (approx. 500 US dollars).



CK Tang <> 21 August 2007 21:57
To: Gregers Reimann <>
Cc: "" <>, "Poul E. Kristensen" <>


We need to look at such technology for the Islamabad airport for heating
purpose. I just realised that the "green-house roof" we proposed will
heat up during daytime but also cool down at night by the night sky and
this is when we need the heating to work. I think we should propose a
heat storage system were the heat will be captured and used during night
time using one of these heat recovery system that we should place on the

I need to calculate how much heat we can store out of this "green-house
roof" concept. In addition, I also need to know the temperature of water
storage required for a heating system. My initial guess is about 23 deg
Celsius. But being very unfamiliar with heating system..... I am not

Please confirm the heat required for heating up building through the air
system, i.e. via the heating coil system.

Kind regards,

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There are links to the product in my previous mail below. but also requires more mechanical parts and maintenance.ST: Heat recovery from shower drains Page 2 of 2 > Gregers Reimann <gregers@ien. We may have to import the devices from Canada or the> Dear Ahmed and Safian. 24/01/2008 . Rozman bin Musa <rozman@p- perdana... "Poul> CK. CK Tang <ck@ien. Kristensen" <poul@ien. We have lot of direct sun-light during the winter i>.my> 22 August 2007 09:35 To: CK Tang <" <regina@ien. Kristensen" <" <>.jaring. The latter is more> 24 January 2008 08:57 To: Ahmed M&E ST Building < so please include it in the drawings + the BQ.Gmail .my Cc: "Poul>.dk>. so it is definitely worth doing it for each of the showers in the ST Cheers. so we could look into storing solar energy for night heating. GREGERS IEN Consultants Let me know. This can either be done with a Trombe wall or by storing hot water using solar> Cc: " +60122755630 [Quoted text hidden]>. "regina@ien. Regina has confirmed that installing heat recovery devices for the shower drains will earn us a Green Mark point for GREGERS [Quoted text hidden] Gregers Reimann <gregers@ien. Each heat recovery device costs about 500 US dollars. if you need help sourcing for this product.