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Abomination & Desolation of Mankind

By Matthew Strom

Chapter 5
The Mark of Our Generation
(The exponential explosion of knowledge)
Chapter 5
Mark of our Generation
(The exponential explosion of knowledge)

If there is one dynamic that defines our time, one thing that is unique of our generation
that was absent from previous generations it is the exponential growth of knowledge and
technology. In fact, it is what the term (Technological Singularity) is based on, the one main
factor that can change everything. It is this exponential increase of knowledge that is making that
which was impossible or even unimaginable in times past possible today. It is hinted to in Moors
Moors Law was so named for Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore, who described the trend in his
1965 paper, noting that the number of components in integrated circuits had doubled every year
from the invention of the integrated circuit in 1958 until the time he wrote the paper. He
predicted that the trend would continue "for at least ten years". Though his prediction has proved
to be uncannily accurate not only for that time but it still continues today.
But Moors Law has much wider ramifications than just the exponential increase of computing
power; it is the main key to the larger exponential increase of knowledge. a simple explanation
of what an exponential increase is would be to use one-dollar bills, first you have one dollar, then
begin to add one-dollar bills in an exponentially increasing way, now you have two dollars than
four, then eight, 16, 32 etc., on and on, it doesnt take long at that rate to get to unimaginable
numbers. This is exactly what is happening to knowledge and technology in our day.
The computers and knowledge in general began to form a symbiotic union and it led to an
explosion of knowledge unlike anything the world has ever known. Because the computers keep
increasing in power and new tech is being created by using these increasingly powerful
computers, making invention and production of technologies ever faster and cheaper, and when a
new advanced tech is created, that new tech is then used to create an even more advanced tech
again faster and cheaper than the last. It goes on and on exponentially faster and faster so it is not
hard to see how unimaginable things can happen at that rate just as the exponentially increasing
dollars reach unimaginable numbers in a short time.

Exponential increasing technology is the clock work behind the advancements we see in our
society. for example, when computers arrived on the scene it was not long before they began to
develop low tech games with the new technology, these games were little more than a few digital
lines on a screen but in that day, they were the most advanced thing most people had ever seen.
Games like Pong and Pack-Man became hugely popular changing the way a whole generation
viewed entertainment. Fast forward a few years now you have the greatly advanced Nintendo
game systems in most every home in America, only a few short years more and its PlayStation
the graphics are now vastly more realistic. A few years more and now the games are photo
realistic simulations on systems such as PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360, which is where were at
today. What could possibly be beyond that? Well that is the point, eventually in an exponential
increase you will reach a Singularity when the advance becomes so huge it changes everything
Im not just talking about a big change Im talking about what I call a catastrophic change which
is change so great it not only completely changes an organisms environment, but also the
organism itself. An example of this kind of change is again in video games if they continue to
advance at their present pace. It wont be long and it will be virtual reality and holograms, digital
projections that can actually be touched, then actual realities digitally created; suddenly you have
matrix realities completely separate from the normal world where people are plugged in and
living out their lives in an alternate universe, a digital frontier that is as real to those in it as
anything in our world. See just in the case of video games the advance can reach a singularity
where suddenly they are no longer games but a new reality. Thats only looking at games its
hard to imagine the affect this kind of explosion of technological advancement will have on
everything else. Such things are not only possible in the near future but likely to come along at
some point. Even our current games would have seemed fantastic to the point of silliness to
someone living in the 80s playing Pong or Pack-Man not to mention what might come in the
Beyond computer tech increasing there are many other factors involved in the modern explosion
of knowledge, like the ever-increasing size of the internet and peoples connection to it. The
knowledge of the average person today far exceeds generations of the past because information
about anything can be found out in seconds from anywhere at any time.
As the collective knowledge of humanity continues to go on the net and more and more people
become connected to that info, the collective knowledge of humanity is growing exponentially
too, not only the knowledge itself but peoples awareness of the knowledge, because vastly more
knowledge is created daily by peoples ready access to any and all knowledge through
computers, which people are using at an ever-increasing rate. We are not only talking about
technical knowledge here we are also talking about personal knowledge through sites like Face
Book, Twitter, My Space etc. So, someone in China can see what a random person in Texas had
for breakfast one minute, then speak to a working net based artificial intelligence the next
minute, access the latest cutting-edge developments in particle physics, watch a video on how to
plant corn, then finally they can check out the relationship status of every celebrity on earth and
all before sitting down to a nice Sushi lunch. We all do these kinds of things every day and dont
realize that such a thing is a reality that only our generation has experienced there has been
nothing like it in the history of the world. All of this knowledge is growing every day heck every
minute, on the net, in us, collectively, individually, exponentially. So, our generation unlike any
before is marked by one thing above all and that is the increase in knowledge. There is a
prophesy In the Bible that speaks of a time such as this.

Daniel 12:4

Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise.
And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at
that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued. Many of those who
sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to
disgrace and everlasting contempt. Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the
expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. But as
for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and
forth, and knowledge will increase.

In this scripture God tells Daniel to seal up the vision until the prophecy would be fulfilled in the
end times including several things Denial was not allowed to write at all. I believe there is a
synergy between the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation which also speaks of mysterious
things concerning the end of the world including again some things the writer was not allowed to
record in the book. I think these prophecies will only be fully understood by the people of the
future time that they were meant for, so when that time comes the hidden things will be revealed
to those who have insight. But in Daniel God gave clues so we could recognize that time, two
keys that would be the hallmarks of that generation. The first key is Many will go back and
forth and the second key is Knowledge will increase. And when these two conditions were
met the people of that time would know they were living in the last days and that the
understanding of these prophecies was being unlocked. I believe the term Many will go back
and forth refers to the modern ability of anyone to go anywhere in the world in a few hours by
airplane, and many do travel daily to the other side of the world and back, a reality that could
never have been imagined in the history of the world save the last few generations.
Even more important is the strange reference to knowledge increasing. As I explained its just in
this last generation that the exponential increase of knowledge has become the major factor in
our world. The word used for (increase) in the Daniels prophecy is (Rava) it means (to greatly
increase or multiply). This is a direct reference to something very specific an exponential
increase in knowledge so profound that a generation is actually defined by it. This is important
because it means this prophecy was meant for our time, the (last days) and whatever was sealed
up in this prophecy is now being unsealed or will be very soon. I think the parts of this and other
connected prophecies were sealed because they concern things that could not have been
understood at any other time in history because certain events and technologies had to exist for
them to be fully understood. I believe this passage is hinting to the fact that the biblical
prophecies concerning the end times are critically linked with the exponential increase of
knowledge and there by technology.
If you look this prophecy and most others concerning the end of the world in the Bible through
the lens of the technological singularity, the Trans-human agenda and the ideals of the New
World Order, the picture the Bible paints of the last days makes a lot of sense. Sadly, its a
connection many people Bible prophecy people have missed.
Could it be that the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies in Daniel and Revelation concerning the
end of days are talking about the technology of our day and that which is coming in the near
future? I believe so especially the tech that could lead up to the singularity, like Artificial
Intelligence, cybernetics, Nano Tech and Genetics which might not only be the triggers that set
off the prophecies but might be what many of the prophecies are warning about. And that would
mean the movies and stories about these things like Terminator, Matrix etc. really were
You have to realize never in the history of man was there such a fast increase in technology. The
tings in existence today could not have even been conceived of by anyone who lived before our
time. The Daniel passage is pointing out two of the things that will exist in the last day
generation that people of previous generations could never have done, but there are a lot of other
things that have changed the world too in our time and they are like ripples from these two
things, most of them seem to have made the world more a one world people rather than
promoting the separateness of nations and people of the past. Today language is no longer a
barrier, which is quite significant since it was God Himself who put the language barrier there in
the first place and He did it to stop men from making the one world order as they were doing at
the tower of Babel. The fact that this is happening in our generation itself is important.
Distance isnt really barrier ether anymore; nearly anyone anywhere in the world can be
contacted almost anytime through a variety of high-tech ways. Or you could be on one end of the
globe and be standing in front of a person on the other side of it in a matter of hours by taking an
airplane. If you dont want to travel physically you can just send your image digitally, attending
a meeting anywhere in the world without ever leaving your office through new tech like
Teli-presence, which at this point is only a 2d version of a person on a life-size TV screen but
still it is amazing how real the tech is the next best thing to actually being there as they say. Soon
it will be fully 3D interactive holograms of people sent digitally anywhere in the world like we
saw in the Star Wars movies.
Think about it in the 80s the tech in existence today could not have even been imagined, heck we
barely had computers at that time. Now in just 30 years we have world changing tech far beyond
anything anyone could have foreseen. Consider the difference between the low tech 80s and
now, todays tech makes the 80s look like the Stone Age, just as we will soon be looking back at
2012 like it was the stone age. To the people of tomorrow our current tech will look even more
archaic than the 80s looks to us, and it wont take nearly as long get there, ether. Now it will
probably take less than half the time to get to the same or a higher level of innovation as it did
between 1980 and 2012. That coupled with where the tech innovators actually want to take the
technology in the near future is quite a terrifying prospect.
Artificial Intelligent Computers, Cybernetic Humans, genetically altered people and animals Etc.
Its only a matter of time before it all happens and according to many computer scientists and
tech innovators it will be here much faster than anyone would believe. One of the top futurists
and writers on the subject of the singularity Ray Kirswile said in a lecture speaking about the
exponential increase of technology
Its not that we will experience a hundred years of progress in the 21st century rather we will
witness on the order of 20.000 years of progress that is at todays rate of progress.
One of the main organizations involved in AI research and development is the Singularity
Institute. The entire organization is focused on preparing for and even bringing about the
Technological Singularity. Listening to some of the staff talk on the institutes videos is
indicative of what most of the people involved in the field of AI research and development
believe. Here is a summary of what they said.
Artificial intelligence is already in use and will continue to be improved by people. At some
point, we will achieve an AI that is self-aware and able to improve itself. (Which will touch off
the Technological Singularity.) From that point, it will be a very short time before the AI itself
becomes more intelligent than humans IE a super intelligence. And this is the real goal
because a super intellect could solve all human problems.
See ultimately what all the proponents for A.I. want is to build a god, and its nothing new, in
ancient times it was common practice for men to build idols to worship. Because we were
created for fellowship with God mankind has an innate need to worship and if a man doesnt
know the real God he will worship a false god or make his own god to worship. In the modern
world, most of the gods people worship fall into three categories and they are, gods of self, gods
of nature and gods of science. For example, a machine god would be a god of science. So, this
quest to build A.I. gods, is the same as lost men have been doing since the beginning this quest to
build living machines is like Pandoras Box, once that door is opened there will be no closing it.
If these machine gods are created and they will its only a matter of time, they will be
abominations and they will bring desolation to the human race.