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Alpha Productions

On Todays date ______________ The Artist(s) _________________________ has given consent

between _______________ and ______________(Employees) and ________________________
(Record label). For ownership rights, all footage will be owned by Alpha Records. The artist has agreed
to the following statements:

1. Artist Services

a. The artist shall perform as a _____________________________(Role) and the artist has

agreed that the recording will be released on YouTube as an unofficial video. The production
time and date will be agreed upon between the artist and the employer.
b. Alpha Production will pay for all recording costs as an independent contractor (equipment,
mise-en-scene and camera).

2. Compensation

a. Alpha Production, an independent contractor will not give any fee to the artist (s). All work
produced will be solely used for educational purposes. Footage will not be sold under a retail

3. Artists Rights and Obligations

a. The artist will be able to retain credits on the final production edit and promotional work
b. Under the Data Protection Act 19881 and Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 19882. The
artist will not be granted permission to music publishing rights and any rights to use the

4. Terms and Termination

a. If the contract is breached this will result in a termination of the contract

b. With agreement from both parties by a written notice 2 weeks being production the
contract will be terminated and outdated.

5. General Provisions

a. Governing Law- The Human Rights Act 19983 the artist and production company will be equally
protected in case of a dispute or unfair treatment. In addition, under the Health and Safety

Act at work 19744, Alpha Productions will be responsible for the health and safety of the artist
by ensuring they are not stressed out and are protected from unsafe conditions


_______________________________ (NAME PRINT)



Alpha Productions:

___________________________________________ (EMPLOYEES NAME PRINT)



Date: ________________