August 14, 2010

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Barbara Hough Roda

Where has the season gone? In my family’s case, to Boston, the pool, down to Stone Harbor and back up to the Big Apple. School is only days away, but even in the rush of summer I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way, such as: • Pringles, Swedish fish and grapes are still great beach fare.

The bittersweet lessons of summer

• Kids’ closets do, actually, come with floors. You just need a shovel and the stamina to dig your way through dirty socks, old shoes, fully loaded backpacks, Hasbro game pieces, old math tests and empty water bottles.

grand. • Don’t cheat on your longtime hair stylist. You’ll pay with a cut • Courtesy of in-the-know that’s an inch and a half longer Texas relatives, the best new on the left side than the right, and beach accessory comes with a then return to your regular stylist handle: The Bubba Keg Mug. to repair the damage done by that very temporary replacement. • Never underestimate the speed and cunning with which a small dog • There’s nothing like family. can inconspicuously carry a big, fat Nothing. slug into the house and up the stairs before making a deposit on the • Park the car and walk. You’ll bedroom carpet. Neither should one be amazed by what you see. minimize the decibel level of the mom who finds the slimy creature One-year-old Danha Kellum watches the “Stop the Violence” • There is always shock value sliding, oh-so-slowly, across her 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Farnum Park. Sunday News photo/Justin Graybill in TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras.” polka-dot flip-flops.

• Makeup can, literally, slide • E-ZPass is a godsend. off of your face when the heat • ”Little Women’’ is worth a index pushes 100-plus degrees. • Walden Pond is a lot bigger third read. Maybe even a fourth. than, well, a pond. • Enter a public bathroom • The sound of “Pomp and stall without a pack of tissues • It’s lonely being one of the Circumstance’’ will always be a and you do so at your own risk. only females over age 18 who tear-jerker. doesn’t have a tattoo. • Laugh freely. It feels good. • Hot dogs still taste better at • Laser tag isn’t just for boys. the ball park. • Longwood Gardens is • The best therapy: A long talk with a dear friend.

Cover photo

by Jeff Ruppenthal/Sunday News

• Some days are actually too hot for the pool. • Green nail polish is just for girls. • Always trust your instincts - continued on page 9


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AuguSt 14, 2010 • 

Cathy Kambouroglos
By Maureen Leader Special Features Writer
“The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do Will Be Within The Walls of Your Own Home.” ~ Harold B. Lee

Mom of the Month

This is a sign in Cathy Kambouroglos’ living room, Lancaster. You may think that as a stay at home mom to five children she has an incredible amount of work to do within those walls. But the way, the style and the attitude in which Kambouroglos and her husband Tom raise their family, it all works out. Kambouroglos and her husband always wanted a large family. It’s all they have ever known. He is one of nine and she is one of seven siblings. “My mother made it look easy,” recalls Kambouroglos. “I always wanted my dinner table full.” Two years after the Kambouroglos’ got married they started their family. Before Kambouroglos gave birth to her first child, she had planned to go back to work. At that time she worked at the café in Border’s Book Store. But as soon as she saw her son, Nicholas’ face, she knew she could never leave him. She and her husband knew for her to be a stay at home mom would be “a huge financial thing.” Additionally, they wanted their children to attend private Catholic schools, yet another financial sacrifice. But as Kambouroglos says, she and Tom are “both on the same page,” and she appreciates his support. Kambouroglos has always had the attitude of “things are always going to work out.” And then she said, “Would you do anything at all if all you looked at was how much it was going to cost?” Her children, she said, “are the most important thing.” Kambouroglos describes her

parenting style as “strict.” She herself was raised that way. She remembers as a child going out to dinner or to church with her family and was expected to sit still, not to run around. At the time she felt this was no fun but now she appreciates how she was raised. “With a larger family it is easier to be strict. Because I can’t do everything for all of them.” So, even her youngest, Gabrielle, 7, has to “step up.” Kambouroglos has always Cathy Kambouroglos with her children (l to r) Emmanuel, 13; Annaliese, 15; taught her children how to do Gabrielle 7; Caitlyn, 12; and Nicholas, 16. things for themselves, but she’s also taught them how she wants them done. Kambouroglos will tell her children if what they did wasn’t a great effort. “I won’t praise them just because they folded the laundry. I will tell them if I want it done a different way.” Kambouraglos says it makes her children “stronger The ONLY pediatric rehab center in people. One of ONLY six pediatric “Sometimes it is easier to just PA accredited in the entire rehab centers by the Commission do it yourself, but you aren’t United States accredited by the on Accreditation of Rehabilitation doing your children any favors Commission on Accreditation of Facilities (CARF) and one of only with that.” Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Some may think this kind of six in the United States. no nonsense parenting is a little The ONLY medical-based harsh or a little old fashioned. But it turned out to be the best thing rehabilitation center that for the Kambouroglos children offers services to individuals as they faced one of the biggest ages birth to 21. challenges in their young lives: two years ago their mother was The ONLY facility that diagnosed with breast cancer. offers services to ALL It was a very scary time for children with special needs, the family. But as Kambouroglos remembers “I wasn’t afraid regardless of their family’s that they couldn’t take care of ability to pay. themselves.” She knew that with The ONLY facility in all her teaching and training her children would be able to make central PA with a pediatric their own lunches, do their own therapy pool and a specialized laundry. The children “rose sensory integration treatment to the occasion,” she recalled. “They always do.” program. But though Kambouroglos CALL F could relax about the daily stuff EVAL OR AN Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center of life being handled, she had UATIO one fear that she had trouble TODA N 625 Community Way • Lancaster, PA 17603-2301 coming to grips with: “I had the 393-0 Y! 717-393-0425 • 425 fear that I wouldn’t be around ...helping children turn disabilities into abilities...everyday - continued on page 11

Schreiber is...

• • •

Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center is—


• AuguSt 1, 2010


Lancaster, P a.

Parenting: Teens vs. Toddlers
By Maureen Leader Special Features Writer On July 6 of this year I officially became the mother of a teenager. Of course, as with all the major events of my life, I had to post this fact on my FaceBook Page. I was shocked at the posts that followed: Good luck, Maureen — it’s not easy! Have fun!! Raising teens is an adventure in and of itself! OMG! I wish you all the best! Pick your battles carefully. May the force be with you! You will survive — If you’re lucky… Remember: She will turn 18 another baby, we would warn and then you can kick her out! other women from ever getting But wait a second. Yes, I have pregnant, and the human race heard about teenagers … And would end. To all the moms of today’s yes, I know about the hormones, doesn’t anyone the arguing, the clothes, the teenagers: makeup, the driving, and the remember what parenting was dating. Yeah, I know, I know. like? Anyone? When today’s Heck, I used to BE a teenager … teens were babies and toddlers? ok, it was a very long time ago I say THAT was the tough time. You say my new teenager will but I do remember giving my poor mother a run for her money argue with me? Roll her eyes at me? Anyone ever have to deal … I hear moms say how they with a screaming toddler in the miss those baby/toddler years. supermarket? My new teenager will need to How cute and sweet the little be driven everywhere? Her social ones were … oh, how they wish they could take their teenager life will become my life? Ok … get in the car … buckle up and and go back 10 or 15 years. let’s go. No packing the diaper Oh really? I contend that God does bag with sippy cups, pacifiers something to mothers’ brains and Cheerios or wrestling with to make them forget how truly the car seat. My teen will be cranky and difficult those early years were. temperamental? Oh, really? Otherwise we would never have Ever spend an afternoon with a napless toddler? Can we talk about the pool? These days I pull up to the pool entrance, slow down, and my teenager jumps out. She puts on her own sunscreen, buys her own lunch, and swims. Ten years ago I spent my summers sporting a hunchback as I raced after her at the baby pool. I changed messy, dripping swim diapers in dank locker room bathrooms and prayed for rain. You say teenagers want to sleep all day, that they’re lazy. My teenager certainly wasn’t sleeping in 13 years ago. No, she was up at 1 a.m., 3:30 a.m., and at 5 a.m. she was up for the day … Teens are hard to discipline, you say? Take away the cell phone. Take away the car keys, no party this weekend. Done. What do you do to a three-yearold who just broke your prized stained glass lamp? Take away a

privilege? Reason with her? I have a friend who says parenting babies and toddlers is physically demanding and once they become teens parenting is more mentally exhausting. True perhaps … but I believe the rewards are greater. Sure, those sticky lollipop kisses and hearing “I wuv you mummy!” are precious. But give me a teenager who is taller than you and looks you in the eye and says with all sincerity, “Mom, you’re amazing.” Time spent with a teenager is a lot more intellectually rewarding, interesting and yes, more FUN than with a kindergartener. Using the toilet, sharing and putting away your toys are all valuable life lessons. But how about visiting a dying grandparent? Resisting peer pressure? Sticking up for an outcast? Studying every night to bring up your math grade? These are the things of life that show the true character of a kid — of a person. And perhaps these are things that come after you’ve done your job parenting the toddler. If your teenager is on the right track and doing good things, then yes, all the hard work with your babies and preschoolers are paying off right now. Parenting a teenager? Bring it!

Sightseeing tips
(MS) — For many families, no vacation is complete without a little sightseeing. A chance to experience other cultures or even the uniqueness of your own culture and its vast history, sightseeing is often a joy for adults but can prove tiresome for kids, particularly younger children. “Sightseeing and exploring various cultural institutions can be a wonderful way to enrich the lives of children and for families to create lasting memories together,” said Linda Coulombe, Manager of Science Programs, National Children’s Museum. “As our nation’s children’s museum, we know such excursions can sometimes be overwhelming for kids, which is why we are offering a few ideas for parents to consider to ensure their family has meaningful and memorable experiences.” When sightseeing with children, parents should consider the following tips, courtesy of the National Children’s Museum.

* Limit your choices. Almost every cultural institution has something valuable to offer children, including lessons in art, history, science, technology, nature, and more. While it can be tempting to visit a variety of venues in one day, kids do best when they visit just one attraction at a time, whenever possible. Limit your experience to about two hours to allow children time to really absorb the content of that particular environment, so they can learn more and better remember their experience.

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* Let kids do the planning. If your child is old enough, allow her to tell you what she wants to see and do for a change. Kids are likely to be more interested, engaged, and excited if they get to help call the shots and create their own experience.

21 South Broad St. • Lititz • 717-627-5435 Mon - Thurs 10-4; Fri 10-8; Sat 10-4

- continued on page 10

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AuguSt 14, 2010 • 

Wisteria ~
By Marci Watterson Special Features Writer Years ago, our family added a beautiful flowering vine to the backyard, a wisteria. Through the first couple years, this vine intertwined with a lattice fence, producing a wonderful privacy fence and home to many feathered friends. As the years passed, the wisteria started to reach beyond the fence with streamers, so we trimmed it back to the fence. Needless to say, the wisteria had other ideas of reaching out into our yard, so we now trim the streamers twice a summer, until it has brownish pods hanging in amongst the vines. For a while we threw out the trimmings, until one day I started to fiddle with bending and shaping them into wreaths, now these trimmings are made

Trimmings to treasure
into homemade wreaths for friends and family. If you happen to be the owner and caretaker of a wisteria, give this craft a try! First item on the agenda is pruning the unwanted streamers from the main stalks. Hold a end portion of a streamer with one hand, gently remove the leaves in a downward motion and set the leafless vines a side for a wreath. The wisteria will provide the vine streamers and the summer sun and warm weather will dry the wreaths. Although a few items will be needed in addition; pruners, wire snips, and floral wire to hold the vines in shape. The floral wire can be substituted by tie wraps or even pipe cleaners, these items are removed later. Any other small items to customize your wreath for holidays, or fun is up to you!

A few helpful hints with the green streamers, vines remain pliable for a couple days, but you may place them in water to prolong the workable time. Find a few strong streamers and start winding around each other, one slightly lower then the other, this will give more length to work with. Continue until you have enough length to make a circle, at this point you may choose to use your ties for holding or continue to wrap around into a circle shape. The heart shape will need a tie to bind the tops of the two vines, but the same lengthening principle applies. Each of the two vine streamers will bend away from each other, creating the top of a heart. This is best done on a table top, for support. Bring the two vines together at the bottom of the heart shape, then to form a sharp angle just bend each streamer back onto its self and continue to wrap around the path you came from. Tie the remaining end pieces into a gap or opening in the vine wreath then back through another gap, this will secure the streamer. Adding more bulk is a simple process of threading new streamers into spaces of the shape you’ve just made, then work the wrap in a spiral motion

throughout the shape. Thread the new sections in at different places to give uniformity. Don’t worry if the shape is a little distorted, the vines are very forgiving while green and you can pull or push once you have the desired size and shape. Placing a weight, such as a picnic bench or bricks can also help flatten a wavy outcome. I like to leave a loose section of wreath for hanging on a door,

but a piece of wire will do also. Decorating is a personal choice, you may choose to leave it completely natural or add little items. Using floral wire to attach items, allows you to have a quick and easy change out for different times. Once dried and/or decorated, these trimmings are a fabulous gift for family and friends, enjoy!

Educating Lancaster’s Children for over 25 years!

2750 Weaver Road, Lancaster
717-560-0815 Ph • 717-560-0817 Fax Ages 20 months thru 6th grade
Karen Rubenstein, Director ~ 

• AuguSt 14, 2010


Lancaster, P a.

Day Trippin’ ~ Hershey Butterfly Garden
By Rochelle A. Shenk Special Features Writer Nearby Hershey is jam-packed with family activities — thrills and excitement at Hersheypark, animals at ZooAmerica, chocolate (to eat and learn about) at Hershey’s Chocolate World, sporting events at the Giant Center, and the opportunity to discover the life and times of Milton S. Hershey at The Hershey Story. And, there’s Hershey Gardens, the 23-acres that showcase nature’s everchanging palette. “There’s a lot for families to see and do. The entire garden is beautiful throughout all the seasons, but the summer season is the most popular time for families from both the local area and out-of-town to visit the gardens,” says Tammy Harris, general manager at Hershey Gardens. Hershey Gardens opened as a 3.5-acre rose garden in 1937. Since then it’s grown to include 12 theme gardens that feature an oak grove, a fragrant rose garden featuring 275 varieties and 5,600 roses, Mrs. Hershey’s rose garden containing Old Garden roses that Mrs. Hershey grew, a rock garden, Japanese garden, a perennial garden, seasonal display garden, and an arboretum. And, don’t miss the herb garden or the childr en’s garden with a butterfly house. “A weeping beech tree has been in the garden since the 1940s; it’s a favorite with children since they can walk in the leafy shade that’s created by the arbor supporting its branches. The Japanese Garden is a favorite with the entire family; it features a variety of different trees including dawn redwoods as well as some unique hardscapes such a tranquil pond and gurgling stream,” she explains. A fun way to discover the gardens is via a scavenger hunt. Special hunts are created for prereaders (ages 3 to 7) and readers (ages 8 to 14) as well as those who enjoy flowers (the flower

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Hershey Garden is blooming with flowers and butterflies. power hunt). Harris notes that although guests are encouraged to print out the information from the garden’s website (www. and bring it with them to the gardens, it is also available at the gardens on request. The perfect place for family fun is the children’s garden, which is at its peak mid- to latesummer. It’s fun and whimsical with a surprise around every turn, and both the young and young-at-heart can experience the wonder of nature and plants. Each of the 32 themed areas in this garden has an educational component that’s geared for hands-on learning and fun. In one area a Hershey Bar is stamped into the pavement — 12 equal squares, which makes children are challenged to solve eating fun, but also makes it various math-related questions a great math tool). In another, (a Hershey Bar is divided into children learn to tell time as they become a human sundial. Solving puzzles and Cash Up Front? Consign? mysteries can provide fun for the whole family. An interactive guide, “The Great Garden Kids, Teens, Adventure”, contains clues Womens, to help little sleuths solve Maternity gardening mysteries. Successful & Plus Sizes adventurers claim their prize — a child-sized gardening tool provided by Ames True Temper. “Children have fun with the Great CONSIGNMENT 329 Main Street, Landisville • 898-3117 Garden Adventure while they’re Visit us at here, and get to take home a

Your Choice!

gardening tool so they can have gardening fun at home,” Harris says. A path winds through the children’s garden leading to the butterfly house, which is open through Sept. 12. On hot days, the perfect way for kids (and adults, too!) to cool off is a quick run through the Hershey Kissshaped mister just outside the butterfly house. Inside, the wonderful world of up to 25 different species of North American butterflies including an exhibit on their - continued on page 9

L ancaster, P a.


AuguSt 14, 2010 • 

Playhouse provides ‘hours of imaginative play’
By Laura Knowles Special Features Writer Children love to pretend, whether they are imaging themselves as Mommy tucking baby into bed or Daddy as he whips up a batch of morning pancakes. “Of all the toys and playthings we have here at the Children’s Corner, the children just love the playhouse. It offers hours of imaginative play,” says Mary Jane Hudock, director of the childcare center at Moravian Manor. Indeed, a real playhouse provides the perfect vehicle for pretend play. Kids can pretend to be parents or children. They can imagine that they are pioneers in a rustic log cabin or royalty living in a castle. They can fight off dragons and monsters, act out a fairy tale like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” or argue with their “spouse” over the care of a dozen hungry kids. From real life to not-so-real life, a playhouse is a wonderful tool for the imagination. Pretend play in a playhouse is a great way to learn how to interact with tools, food, appliances and other pretend toys. When kids play pretend together they can learn and better develop their social skills. They can also have a great time playing with their parents, sometimes even reversing roles, when Mom plays the child and the child is the parent. “A playhouse can teach simple things like sharing and taking turns,” says Hudock, adding that a playhouse can also teach more complex things like abstract thinking when kids pretend simple objects are something else. It’s interesting to watch how boys and girls play differently in the same playhouse. Often, the boys will imagine that the playhouse is a fort and they are fighting off the enemy. Girls tend to pretend they are princesses in a castle or a loving mother with babies to care for. Even so, a playhouse can offer boys and girls a chance to imagine their roles as grownups. Ask almost any child what they wish they had, and even today, kids long for a playhouse. It can be outside in the backyard, or in the finished basement. It can even be a little corner of the playroom, with a kitchen, table and chairs and other accessories. It becomes a secret little world where fantasies come true. “A playhouse is really a scaled down version of a real house,

and can teach responsibility,” adds Hudock. A playhouse can be an indoor or an outdoor playhouse. The advantage of an outdoor playhouse is that it it becomes a retreat for kids in a natural environment. Choose a flat area of the yard, where it is nice and shady. Make sure it is close enough for you to - continued on page 11

d y % Sa fie 96 nts atis S re Pa Are of nts e tud S

education could unleash endless



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Hey Mom, I’m bored!
By Cathy Molitoris Special Features Writer If the late summer doldrums have set in at your house, check out these ideas to banish the phrase, “Hey Mom, I’m bored” from your child’s vocabulary. THE FREEBIE: HAYLOFT CANDLES AND PETTING ZOO If your children are itching to visit a zoo, but you don’t want to spend the money or take a long drive, check out the next best thing. In Leola, your kids can get up close and personal with a variety of animals all for free at Hayloft Candles and Petting Zoo. The place features animals ranging from goats to several types of birds, donkeys, a pig, deer, rabbits and peacocks. A large pond, gazebo and walking path make it a picturesque spot to visit on a warm summer day. Inside, you can watch candles being made, and if you don’t mind spending a little money, cool off with homemade ice cream. THE DETAILS Hayloft Candles and Petting Zoo is located at 99 S. Groffdale Road, Leola. Phone: 656-9463; on the Web: www.hayloftcandles. com. It’s open Monday through Wednesday and Saturday 9 a.m. purchasing a rod and accessories to 7 p.m.; Thursday and Friday 9 plus bait, unless you want to dig a.m. to 8 p.m. up your own. Lancaster County is ripe with places to cast your WHAT THE KIDS SAY line, from rivers and ponds to My girls love animals and small creeks. There’s sure to a were especially drawn to the place near where you live. active goats who entertained us with their antics. Both girls THE DETAILS enjoyed feeding the animals For fishing regulations and and liked seeing the unique details, including bodies of binturong, which they’d never water to check out, visit www. seen before. A talking parrot had them laughing out loud. WHAT THE KIDS SAY WHAT MOM SAYS Given the choice, my 9-yearEven though it’s called a old would fish every day if we “petting zoo,” you don’t have let her. She loves the sport and, much opportunity to actually thanks to the many stocked lakes touch the animals and signs warn and ponds in the area, almost that the animals may bite. Still, always catches something. Her the place is small enough to feel favorite spot is Speedwell Forge like you can interact with your Lake in Lititz, where you can fish new furry friends even though a from the shore, or if you have a fence separates them from you. boat, take to the water. Bring a few quarters to buy food to feed the animals. WHAT MOM SAYS Except for baiting the hooks THE STEAL: FISHING and actually touching the fish, I Think of a good old-fashioned love fishing, too. It’s a relaxing summer activity and fishing way to spend time as a family might come to mind. In our and enjoy the beauty of Lancaster family, it’s a favorite activity of County. I’ve had some excellent our youngest child especially, conversations with my daughters although we all enjoy it. In while we’re quietly waiting Pennsylvania, children under 16 for the fish to bite. Getting my do not need a license to fish, so preteen to open up and talk to it’s technically a free activity, but me? That’s priceless. you will have some expense in THE SPLURGE: ADVENTURE SPORTS IN HERSHEY If your children are driving you crazy, take them to Adventure Sports in Hershey and let them burn off that excess energy. Whether it’s driving go-karts, playing outdoor laser tag or hitting each other via bumper boats, there’s something for everyone here. If that’s not enough, Adventure Sports also features batting cages, miniature golf, a driving range and an arcade. And you can top off all the fun with a sweet treat from their ice cream parlor. THE DETAILS Adventure Sports is located at 3010 Elizabethtown Road (Route 743) in Hershey; phone: 533-7479; on the Web: www. It’s open - continued on page 9

So, I packed my daughter off to theater camp this summer. For my almost 5year-old the camp was only a halfday experience, Monday through Friday for a couple weeks. For me, it was a chance to free up some mornings to do things like write this column.

Total drama

Tales of the LancDad

her bed. She never drew on anything like that before. Even when a toddler! When my wife asked why … “I wanted pictures on my floor. It will look nice,” I was hoping the camp Halli said excitedly. would be a chance for her That was one of those times to meet some new people (a strange feeling for even some as a parent when you turn adults) before she is thrust into around quickly, hiding the the world of kindergarten. And, smile and impending laughter. hopefully it would become a That’s the creative drive I creative outlet for a child in hope to fill with theater camp. transition. However, camp has led to The effects of having a new child in the house are starting to change our family dynamic. Teagan is now 7-months-old and Halli has moved away from the novelty of a baby brother to the realization that all mommy and daddy’s attention is not focused on her. Don’t get me wrong, she is still a good girl, but there are things coming out of her that she can’t explain. another regression in behavior, crying when daddy leaves. At her culminating “show,” she was the only 4-year old who couldn’t complete “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and exited stage left in tears of stage fright. She’s such a little actress at home! Maybe it’s too much too fast; I just wanted to get her into different surroundings and situations before Kindergarten. “Why did you do that,” I She enjoys the camp. She always has a smile on her face ask. when I pick her up. So, maybe “I don’t know,” she replies it’s all good. breaking into tears. Suggestions and comments I believe her. There’s some can be sent to Michael at kind of reactionary device . triggering and forcing her to act out to get attention. I empathize, but I still don’t • LancDad Link of approve. There are also some the Month: http://www. things she knows exactly why ephrataplayhouseinthepark. she did them. Sometimes that org. We discovered Halli’s explanation is too cute. excitement for theater when One evening, when things were uncomfortably quiet as she played in her room my wife discovered Halli drew the cutest, square-headed, happy little monster on the carpet near we went to see “Seussical the Musical, Jr.” The next child friendly event is “Willy Wonka: The Musical” in December.

L ancaster, P a.


AuguSt 14, 2010 • 

Butterfly garden
- continued from page 6

lifecycle awaits. Plants in the butterfly house include both nectar plants that they use for food and host plants for egglaying and caterpillar feeding. “In August we may have as many as 400 butterflies. Butterflies love the heat so they’re really active on warm days, particularly between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. By 4 p.m. they’re settling down to roost for the evening. So be sure to time your visit well,” Harris advises. There’s also a special “For the Birds” exhibit that features 29 unique birdhouses that were created for the contest. While winners in the various categories were selected in April, guests are invited to vote for the People’s Choice award through September 26. Another garden area that’s popular with both children and their parents is the herb garden, which features mostly culinary herbs all of which have ID tags. “Parents like it since they can get ideas for an herb garden of their own, and children like to explore

and touch the herbs. It’s also educational since kids can make the connection to what they may see in the store to what they see on their plate at home,” Harris says. Hershey Gardens also is festively decorated for the Pumpkin Glow in October (Fridays October 15, October 22 and October 29 from 6 to 8 p.m.) The garden paths are decorated with about 100 carved and lighted pumpkins. Children are encouraged to come in costume and Trick-OrTreat throughout the garden. During the holiday season guests may enjoy Mother Nature’s natural beauty with a Winter Walk at Hershey Gardens (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, November 5 through December 26 and daily, December 27 through 30).

Hershey Gardens

Mom’s the Word
- continued from page 2

For further information and admission pricing, please visit - continued from page 8 or call daily 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (hours 534-3492. vary after Labor Day; see hours listed on Website). Prices range from $2 for the batting cage to $26 for four attractions of your choice. • It is possible to endure 11 consecutive bad-hair days.

I’m bored

when you’re driving on the edge — of New York City and it’s a • The Jersey beach never holiday weekend. Do otherwise disappoints. and expect to end up in mid-town Manhattan. It’ll take two hours • Do not seek honesty from to get turned around and back your children. They’re likely through the Holland Tunnel. to oblige. While readying for a dinner with friends at El Serrano, • Still, the most-asked question I announced that I’d stay in the from June through August, “Are clothes I’d worn through the we there yet?’’ day. “It’ll be fine, Mom,’’ my daughter said in what was a truly • ”Toy Story 3’’ lives up to the sincere tone. “It’s pretty dark in reputation of its predecessors. there.’’ • Vacation stops at American May the waning days of landmarks won’t, as your August be bright. children insist, make for the worst days in the history of the Barbara Hough Roda is mom universe. They might end up to Faith and managing editor of being the best. the Sunday News. E-mail her at, or call her • Watermelon Salad With at 481-7335. Mint is a culinary find. Visit, where you can find her blog and the • Have your children make recipe for Watermelon Salad dinner, and they’re more likely With Mint. to eat the food.

begging to go back to experience was a little intimidated, but we outdoor laser tag and try the had a great time. It was easy to bumper boats again. control the car but still race fast enough to get the adrenaline WHAT MOM SAYS pumping. We chose the “pick There’s enough to do at two” attractions pricing option, Adventure Sports to keep even so we spent $13.50 per child. the most active kids occupied If you’re looking for a place to for hours. I had to drive the go- throw a party, Adventure Sports WHAT THE KIDS SAY kart with my youngest, because offers party packages starting at We’ve driven by Adventure she’s too young to drive, and I $65 for up to 10 guests. Sports many times on our way to Hersheypark and my children have wanted to go for a long The #1 College Planning Firm in Pennsylvania time. The bumper boats were the first attraction they chose and both girls had a blast shooting water guns at each other and “chasing” each other throughout the pool in their boats. Next we got behind the wheel of the goIt costs $20,000/year in 2010 karts and raced around the track to attend a state school before heading inside to play a few arcade games and enjoy In 2026 it will cost some ice cream. Both girls are

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Lancaster, P a.

The (K) Clues are for Kids
Created by Timothy E. Parker October 12, 2009

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* Focus on a specific area of interest. Before heading to your destination, choose a specific subject on which to focus during your visit. For example, if you are headed to the Museum of Natural History, you may choose to focus on learning about dinosaurs. Take some time to read up on the subject with your child in the days leading up to your visit, and discuss it on your way to the museum. Then head straight to Dinosaur Hall. Focusing on one area gets children excited about * Be an engaged and what they will see and enhances what they already know. interested parent. Make it clear that your visit is a treat--a * Use past experiences to special time for you and your connect your child to the site. child to share together. Your Building on past experience level of enthusiasm, interest, and is critical to a child’s learning. excitement is contagious. Be To understand a new concept a learner along with your child your child might encounter at and share the experience that a museum or monument, try learning is fun! to connect it to a concept that Scheduled to open in the he is already familiar with. For example, if you know you will Washington, DC region in 2013, look at a sculpture that depicts the National Children’s Museum a person throwing a ball, bring (NCM) will be a world-class your child’s own ball with you cultural and educational center and encourage him to use it in a dedicated to engaging children and empowering them to make a similar way. difference. The mission of NCM * Create your own special is to inspire children to care activity. Allow your child to be about and improve the world. actively involved in the learning Visit them online at www.ncm. museum.

process during your visit. Bring a notebook or sketchbook and crayons, and encourage your child to count objects, record what he liked most about his favorite exhibits, or sketch his own version of what he sees during your visit. Or before you head to the museum, take an online tour and create your own “Treasure Hunt” or other hands-on activity where kids have an opportunity to see, touch, taste, and listen, or act out their impressions of what they experience.

ACROSS 1 . (K) Hop, ___ and a jump 5. (K) Shut the door hard 9. (K) Spotted 1 2. Opera by Verdi 1 3. Singer Tenille 1 4. (K) America 1 5. Watkins ___ , NY 1 6. (K) Fishing ___ (fisherman’s tools) 1 7. (K) Needle 1 8. On occasion 20. (K) ___ of butter 21 . (K) How to drink hot tea 22. (K) Opposite of buy 24. (K) It is, shortened 27. Kind of talk or rally 29. Peter or Paul’s title 32. (K) Dove’s home

34. ___ Lanka 36. (K) Yogi or Fozzie 37. (K) ___ truly 39. Lennon’s wife 41 . (K) Secret agent 42. (K) Skateboarders use it to start a jump 44. (K) Father 46. Trail the pack 48. Beyond control (3 words) 53. (K) I have (shortened) 54. Substitute spread 55. (K) One way to roll 56. (K) Cow’s comment 57. Russian ruler of old 58. (K) Had on 59. Plant appendage 60. Alters a skirt 61 . (K) Winter

weather DOWN 1 . (K) Droops 2. (K) About 2.2 pounds 3. Same as before, in footnotes 4. (K) Window sections 5. (K) The stars and ___ (American flag) 6. Impend 7. Mountains in Chile 8. (K) Unmarried women 9. Provisions 1 0. (K) Largest continent 1 1 . (K) Desire to have 1 9. The ___ of the iceberg 23. Scientist’s workplace 24. (K) Sleet-

covered 25. In addition 26. Caviar source 28. (K) Athlete who plays for pay 30. (K) Short sleep 31 . (K) Make an effort 33. Historic period 35. (K) Within a building 38. (K) Not rough 40. Clumsy person 43. Rhythmic throbbing 45. Arab boats 46. (K) Type of bean 47. Admit openly 49. Sports unit 50. Shakespeare’s bardship 51 . Evil Roman emperor 52. (K) Sketched

Can you find the answer to this riddle within the solved puzzle?

It is in most dialogue?
Look for the answer in next weeks’s paper.


Previous riddle answer:
Yellow sub in a tub? 54 A) Oleo © 2009 Universal Press Syndicate

L ancaster, P a.

our health).” Recently Kambouroglos has started “dabbling” with working outside the home. She does have her real estate license and has started to sell purses by ThirtyOne. A home based business, it’s very flexible and is only one or two nights a week. “It’s been fun to get back out there,” said Kambouroglos. But still, she is in no hurry. She says, “My children are my career. Everything else is just a job.”

AuguSt 14, 2010 • 11

July Mom
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to see them get married.” Kambouroglos has since recovered and said one of her “hobbies” now is staying healthy. As a result of the illness the Kambouroglos family eats almost all organic. “It (the breast cancer) changed how we eat. I read a lot about how much nutrition comes into play (with

Mom details
Kambouroglos’ favorite restaurant: Ciro’s in Lancaster. Kambouroglos likes positive phrases and affirmations and has notes posted all around her home. She doesn’t watch much TV but when she does, she likes to watch HGTV. Kambouroglos especially enjoys designer Candice Olson. Kambouroglos likes to cook and makes lots of homemade ice cream and tries to be all-organic. Favorite color: Hot Pink On a night out with her husband the Kambouroglos’ often end up “hanging out at Barnes and Noble.” Kambouroglos loves to work out every day. She especially likes Jillian Michaels workout tapes. Her children do, too. Things she finds herself saying almost on a daily basis: “Life isn’t fair.” “If you’ve got lemons, you better learn how to make lemonade.”


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keep an eye on the kids While plastic kid playhouses are ideal for younger kids, you might prefer a wooden playhouse for older children, as long as it is properly treated and safely painted. Add a kitchen, accessories, dolls, dress up clothes, stuffed animals, furniture, even a doorbell. An indoor playhouse provides hours of fun, while parents are nearby. It can also be used on rainy days or on snowy winter days. Equip it with all the fun additions that foster a child’s imagination. And don’t be surprised if you hear your own words coming from the little ones, as they scold their “children” or take their “pets” for a walk,

I wonder what my home will be like when I get married? Will it be like this one? I hope not. Mom and Dad are mad at each other again. I could tell as soon as I got up this morning. You can feel it in the air. Everyone in the family is up tight when Mom and Dad get this way. If it’s like the past, it will last about three days. Then it will be over––over until they rub one another wrong again. It seems that they get upset over such little things. I hate it for Sally and Jerry. They’re so young, and they don’t understand. When I get married, I’m not gong to get mad at my husband for three days in a row. It’s too tough on the kids.
No. 273RB © Concord Associates. For a free copy ask for No. 273RB, and send a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Concord Associates, 205 W. Riverside Dr., Bridgewater, VA 22812.

ACCU-AIRE MECHANICAL SERVICES, INC. Commercial/Industrial Construction • Service Heating • Ventilation Air Conditioning Lancaster • 285-2228 BINKLEY & HURST LP Farm & Industrial Equipment Sales • Service • Parts • Rental 133 Rothsville Station Rd., Lititz • 626-4705 Outback Toy Store 101 W. Lincoln Ave., Lititz • 625-2020 EBERSOLE’S VACUUM CLEANER SALES & SERVICE Household & Commercial Central Vacuums Bags-Parts-Service 20 Beaver Valley Pk., Willow Street • 717-464-1325 GEHMAN FEED MILL, INC. Denver, PA GOOD’S STORE, INC. Clothing • Dry Goods • Hardware • Lawn & Garden • Shoes East Earl • 354-4026 Quarryville • 786-9028 Schaefferstown • 949-2663 Ephrata • 733-7356 HIGH’S AUTO SERVICE, INC. General Repairs • State Inspection Air Conditioning Service 1603 Rothsville Rd., Lititz 626-0264

HOOBER, INC. Case IH Farm Equipment Intercourse 800-732-0017 McAlisterville • 800-433-6679 Middletown, Delaware 800-341-4028 Seaford, Delaware 800-843-3056 HOPEWELL MENNONITE SHARING PLAN A Faith-Based Ministry Affordable Medical Coverage Family or Business 610-286-6160 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri Box 129, Morgantown J.B. HOSTETTER & SONS, INC. Hardware • Paint • Housewares Lawn & Garden Equip • Electronics Appliances • Just Ask 3Rental Mount Joy • 653-1841 KAUFFMAN’S FRUIT FARM & MARKET Fruit Growers 717-768-7112 Deli • Groceries • Produce Bulk Foods 3097 Old Phila. Pk., Bird-In-Hand

LICHTY BROTHERS, INC. Finest Collision Service Showroom Quality Painting Towing • Hunter Wheel Alignment East Earl • 717-445-6733 MARK G. BRUBAKER Certified Public Accountant 214 N. Market St., Elizabethtown • 367-2555 1 N. Hess St., Quarryville • 786-1433 MARTIN’S AUTO SALES Specializing In Used Pickup Trucks 1025 W. Main, New Holland 717-656-6621 MARTIN’S COUNTRY MARKETS, LLC Groceries • Home Dressed Meats LIncoln Mall at Ephrata • 738-3754 Morgantown • 610-286-5045 MARTIN LIMESTONE, INC. Burkholder Paving New Holland Concrete Construction Supply Centers Blue Ball • 717-354-1300

SENSENIG’S FEED MILL Grain • Pet Food & Supplies 115 S. Railroad Ave., New Holland 354-4756 • 800-724-2002 WEAVER MARKETS, INC. Supermarket & Banquet Facilities Adamstown • 717-484-4302 Reinholds • 717-336-3868 WEAVER’S STORE INC. Shoes • Boots • Clothing Hardware • Sporting Goods Archery Range • Housewares Fivepointville - Rte. 897 717-445-6791• 800-856-4031 Leola Hardware • 717-556-0791 YODER’S COUNTRY MARKET, RESTAURANT & BUFFET Menu & Buffet Dining • Banquets 14 S. Tower Rd., New Holland • 354-4748 PaulB LLC Hardware • Ephrata 717-738-7350 Fax 738-7360 Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. Company ZIMMERMAN’S INSURANCE Personal • Light Commercial • Life 200 W. Main, Leola 717-656-2176 ZOOK MOLASSES CO. Molasses: Liquid • Dried • Organic GOOD FOOD, INC. Processors of Syrups, Molasses, Sugar, Cooking Oils & Dry Blending Honey Brook • 800-327-4406

M. M. WEAVER & SONS, INC. Massey-Ferguson Sales & Service 169 N. Groffdale Rd., LANDYSHADE MULCH PRODUCTS Leola • 656-2321 Bark/Mushroom/Playground Mulch Screened Top Soil • Railroad Ties MUSSELMAN LUMBER, INC. 1801 Colebrook Rd., Lumber • Building Materials Lancaster • 898-7689 New Holland • 354-4321 Ephrata • 733-2241

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Lancaster, P a.

You’d never know Aidan spent his first four weeks in the NICU. Born 10 weeks early, I knew there could be complications. Fortunately, I had the expertise of my doctor and the entire team at Women & Babies – and they delivered.

To read Sheri’s story or to share yours, go to


Experienced doctors, nurses, midwives • Over 40,000 precious babies delivered Highest level NICU in the county • 24/7 pain management to keep moms comfortable Comprehensive testing and medical care for high-risk patients To find a Women & Babies Hospital physician, call 1-800-341-2121.

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