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Elevator Pitch

These solutions using Oracle Secure Backup deliver next-generation data protection for Oracle Engineered Systems including: Exadata, SPARC
SuperCluster, and Oracle Optimized Solutions heterogeneous environments with near no single point of failure high availability and the security
of encryption. The flexible, multitier architecture provides accelerated data protection processing and virtually unlimited scalability with central
management and end-to-end data protection across heterogeneous technologies. These solutions complement Exadata and SPARC SuperCluster
backup solutions to the ZFS Storage Appliance by offering cost effective long-term storage on tape technologies.

Key Messages
Completes your solution, simplifies sales and expedites closes, shortens sales cycle
Lock competitors out of the sales opportunity, eliminate the need for lengthy backup and recovery POCs
Single Vendor Total Solution, strengthen account control
Oracle Secure Backup reduces licensing costs and maintenance costs by about 75% over comparable products

MAIN COMPETITORS (see full oos collateral for substantiation)
Solution EMC Data domain De-duplication is best for replicating backups of solutions that do
not have replication built in. Oracle replicates data much more
intelligently at the database level and ZFSSA levels so we dont
need expensive de-duplication technologies.

Software / Symantec Netbackup and Netbackup Again, DE duplication is not required for replication and Oracle
Appliances Secure Backup licensing can be up to 75% less costly than
Symantec products
Savings / Value
CapEx OpEx
Oracle Secure Backup reduces licensing costs and maintenance Pending
costs by about 75% over comparable products
Link to TCO document - Pending

Winning the Customer/Objection Handling

Customers need this solution to simplify their backup and recovery of Engineered Systems and Oracle Optimized Solutions.

C-Level Top Concerns

Oracle Secure Backup is immature compared to other products.

Oracle Secure Backup is the most integrated backup and recovery software with Oracle Database and applications in the industry.

Mid-Level and Datacenter Manager Concerns

Oracle Secure Backup does not have all the features our existing solution has and does not seem to be a viable solution to provide data
protection for the entire datacenter.

Oracle Secure Backup does not have many features other solutions have, but it does not require many of them as many of those
features are included in our software stack in much more intelligent positions. De-duplication does not work well with EHCC or
HCC for example and replication is done higher in the solution stack than a third party solution.

Links and Contacts

Links Contacts
(internal) Dean Halbeisen

(External) Dean Halbeisen

Main Alias for extended global Optimized Solutions Team: (sign up through APS)

Finding and Growing Customers

New Customers Existing Opportunities
Customers making infrastructure changes Oracle Database customers

Deploying Oracle Optimized Solutions, Exadata, and SPARC Oracle Database customers with existing tape environments
Cost conscious customers

Oracle Secure Backup backs up unlimited servers to tape - FREE

Customers not happy with existing backup software

Customers looking for an turnkey solution for applications to tape

Key markets: All Oracle Customers

Sizing and Configuration Information

This solution includes too many configurations to cover in a short forum such as this. Below are general guidelines that apply to all the
configurations in the solution. Please note that none of the sizing included in this solution is going to be a direct hit for any customer and will
always require some level modification to meet the customers SLAs an operational requirements.

Architecture Sizing
SW HW Metric Notes and Cost
Client Tier: Client software for None required unless you Client software is required on The client software is free
the following are required: include potential network or any server using Oracle and a single tape drive
SAN upgrades to handle Secure Backup for backup license is included with
Exadata, SPARC
volumes and recovery. No client Oracle Enterprise Database
SuperCluster and Optimized
Solutions software or licensing is licenses
required for NDMP backups of
the ZFSSA product line
Administrative Tier: 2 x Administrative servers that It is best practice to keep the The administrative software
Administrative Server can be Sun Fire X4270 M2 or number of backup clients well does not require licensing
Software is required SPARC T3-1 Servers with below 200 per Administrative other than licensing for Tape
16GB RAM server. The solution drives in use in the backup
recommends two servers for domain. Administrative and
redundancy and to make sure Media Management software
you can backup your can be run on the same
administrative servers to each system if desired
Data Management Tier: 2 x Media servers that can be Each media server is capable The media server software
Media server software is Sun Fire X4270 M2 or SPARC of driving up to 10 (T10000C) only requires licensing for the
required T3-1 Servers with 32GB RAM or 15 LTO 5 Tape drives. tape drives used on the
media server which s $3500
per tape drive
Storage Tier: The storage tier 1 x SL3000 or SL8500 tape The amount of storage The cost of the solution is
requires the following library hardware will greatly depend much higher when it is
software: 2 X Oracle Key Management on the customers desired deployed in a no single point
configuration. The sizing in of failure configuration.
ACSLS Appliances
the solution is based on NSPF is not required and
SLConsole 2 x ACSLS servers
assuming the solution being you should help the


Oracle Key Management SAN infrastructure backed up is at full capacity customer choose the
ZFSSA BUI 10Gb or Infiniband configuration that help them
meet their needs and budget