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And. Uxmal #260, Hogares Ferrocarrileros 2 secc, Soledad de Graciano

Snchez, S.L.P. 78436
Cell Phone: 4441999454
E mail:
Personal Information: * English
Age: 32 TOEFL ITP 510
Birthplace and Birthday: TOEIC Certification
Interlingua English School
San Luis Potos, Mxico. (Elementary and Advanced levels)
December 28th 1983
* Six Sigma
Education: Green Belt trained
Master in Logistics Instituto Tecnolgico de San Luis Potos
Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, Spain
March 2013 - December 2013 * 7 habits of highly effective people
Instituto Tecnolgico de Estudios Superiores
Metallurgist and materials engineer de Monterrey
Universidad Autnoma de San Luis Potos, (Campus San Luis Potos, Mxico)
August 2000 January 2005 * Improving Leadership Skills
(Azamar Consultores)
* Diploma in Marketing Management * Global Culture Excellence
The European College of Management (Azamar Consultores)
(Dublin, IE)

* Certificate in Business Studies * Software Applications

Dataflo, Lotus, AS400, SAP, Minitab,
The European College of Management (Dublin,
AutoCAD, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Office
- International Business Communication
- Business Management and Administration
- Numeracy & Statistics
- Marketing Professional Affiliations & Others:
Member Chapter 979, Institute of Industrial
* Karrass Member Futuros Lderes de Amrica
Effective Negotiation
Effective Negotiation 2
Additional Professional Activities:
The follow up on the program (Chicago, Il)
Conferences and Workshops
* APICS Training
CPIM Modules
+ Organizer:
- Basics of Supply Chain Management
Date Event
- Master Planning of Resources
October 2005 10 Leadership Training
- Detailed Scheduling and Planning
Desafiando Retos
- Execution and Control of Operations
Future Leaders of
- Strategic Management of Resources
America / FLA
* General Coordinator
WRTH (Barcelona, Spain)
March 2004 3 IIE (Institute of Industrial Logistics Procurement Assistance (Internship)
Engineers) Regional (Nov 2013 October 2014)
Conference Rompiendo el * Negotiation and relationship with suppliers
Cascaron, un vistazo al * Request and follow up purchasing orders to
nuevo Mundo Industrial suppliers (Follow up
ITSLP * Founds Collect payments)
Coordinator * Elaboration and follow up delivery schedule for
+ Participant: * Benchmarking activities
Date Event * Update and manage the contracts
May 2005 IIE Annual Conference * Develop projects to delivery savings, cost
Atlanta GA avoidance and service
November level improvements
2004 4 International Industrial * Participation in the sourcing and bid process,
Engineering Conference supplier selection,
Sacudiendo Ideas; negotiation of rates and conditions, awards and
Instituto Tecnolgico de contract
Villahermosa management

Professional Experience:
LAKE CABLE LLC. (Bensenville, Il, USA)
Buyer (May 2012 December 2012)
DRAEXLMAIER * Review sales forecast to secure supply of raw
Customer Service Planner (Feb 2016 Actual) materials
* To provide service to the customers before, during * Request and follow up purchasing orders to
and after a
purchase process.
* Planning production according customer needs. * Negotiate prices and delivery times
* Work with customers, and material planners to * Elaboration and follow up delivery schedule for
ensure to ensure vendors
the correct sales forecast. * Manage and control for inventory in
* Communicate actively with international planning warehouse
function and * Teamwork with Incoming Inspection. Quality
factories to prevent out of stock risks from occurring Assurance for raw
and to recover material (Including Analysis, rejection and
from supply issues as soon as possible
* Communicate to the business any risk of out of
notification defective
stock and ensure materials to Suppliers).
all relevant parties have timely and accurate * Follow up corrective actions for quality
availability problems with suppliers,
information improving quality specifications in materials.
* Adjust the supply parameters in order to optimize
throughout the supply chain
* Root cause analysis of shortages with LABORATORIES (SEL)
recommendation of Buyer (February 2009 March 2012)
appropriate action to ensure we learn from every * Review projects schedule for secure supply
issue raw materials
* Prepare and publish appropriate reports to monitor * Negotiate price, lead times and monitor
supply chain procurement contracts
* Suggest and implement improvements to our supply
* Contact suppliers, review quotes, issue
planning purchase orders and
Practices award components bids
* Coordinate, manage and control consignment
* Manage and control inventory in warehouse
* Identify potential suppliers according to
* Pursue and implement cost reduction
strategies with main
* Liaising among distributors, manufacturers ,
departments and
* Analyze financial performance of projects
related to raw
materials to comply with corporate objectives
* Constantly assure service, quality and price
levels with main

Main Projects
* Savings as Proposal Buyer, with proposals
and materials team of
over $ 500,000 Usd
* Reduce the number of distributors from 51 to
35 achieving a cost
reduction strategy of up to 5 % ($ 40,000 Usd)
* Bid all the consignment material, achieving
cost reduction in some
brands of up to 7 % ($ 12,000 Usd) *Based on
annual volume of
consignment material 2009

Buyer (Jun 2007 January 2009)

Planner Engineer (December 2006 May


CQI Engineer (February 2005 October 2006)