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Choose the correct option.

1. I'd prefer a(n) ____ boss who I can do 5. An aerobics instructor probably earns
my best for. ____ a tennis coach.

a. temperamental a. better paid than

b. organized b. not as hard as

c. egotistical c. as much as

2. Patty is a(n) ____ person that never 6. Psychiatrists are often ____ politicians.
brags about her grades. a. better educated than
b. as much work as
a. modest c. more college degrees than

b. intolerant 7. You want your friend to lend you her

laptop for the weekend.
c. stingy Could I ____ laptop for the weekend?
a. lend your
b. borrow your
c. borrow me your
3. My friend ____ people are late for
8. Your classmate has a cell phone. You
a. cant stand when want to use it to make a quick call.
Would it be OK ____ cell phone?
b. can stand it a. if I used your
b. if used your
c. cant stand it when
c. using your

9. My neighbor is kind of shy, but he ____

me for a favor anyway.
4. ____ seems exciting. I' ve always been
a. made
interested in design.
b. did
Ashley: ____
c. asked
a. Works as an architect

b. Work as an architect
10.My girlfriend ____ me a nice
c. Working as an architect
compliment she said I was kind and
a. did 15.The thing ____ is meeting people my
b. gave
a. I be the most curious.
c. express
b. I would be the most curious about

c. about I would be the most curious

11.Could you tell Matt ____ come to class

a. that Akiko can't 16.These jeans have a tear in the knee.

They are ____.
b. does Akiko
a. broken
c. that Akiko to
b. stained

c. torn
12.Can you ask David ____?

a. If he wants studying tonight

17.There is a small leak in the aquarium.
b. whether or not he wants to study It is ____.
a. leaked
c. whether he wants study tonight or
not b. leaking

c. scratched

13.While I ____ tennis yesterday

afternoon, I realized that I ____
something. What a predicament I ____ 18.The keys on my laptop don't work
in! right. They keep ____.

a. played forgotten am a. adjusting

b. was playing... had forgotten was b. skipping

c. am playing have forgotten c. sticking


19.Those plants look extremely dry. They

14.Trying the local food is one thing ____? ____ watering.

a. I be excited by a. need

b. would be exciting b. need to be

c. I would be excited by c. needs

20.Gasoline ____ the unnecessary use of a. prefer rather prefer
b. rather rather prefer
a. is been wasted through
c. rather prefer prefer
b. is being wasting through

c. is being wasted through

25.You can learn to dance better not by

a. take a class but by go out to the

21.The ozone layer ____ CFCs in products clubs
like refrigerators.
b. taking a class but by going out to
a. has depleted by the clubs

b. has been depleted by c. to take a class but by to go to the

c. is been depleted by

26.You can have your laptop ____ at a

22.One thing to do about unemployment computer repair shop.
is to ____.
a. fix
a. donate clothing and food
b. fixing
b. help farmers grow safe crops
c. fixed
c. train people for new careers

27.I'm really ____ going camping with my

family this spring

23.Awareness projects can help reduce a. looking forward to

the spread of diseases such as ____.
b. coming up with
a. global warming
c. getting along with

c. poverty
28.My sister has ____ her fianc for the
third time. When will they ever get
24. A: Would you ____ learn the guitar or
the violin? a. cut down on

B: Well, I'd ____ not to play the guitar. b. come up with

One day, I'd like to join an orchestra,
so I guess I'd ____ to find a good violin c. broken up with
29.A: My car is broken, but I can't afford c. ambitious
to fix it.

B: What about ____ expenses to save

money? 34.To find a job in Paris, she ____ in
international law.
a. cut down on
a. have majored
b. cutting down on
b. should have majored
c. To cut down on
c. couldn't have majored

30.People have been using home

computers ____ the 1980s.
35.If I ____ so immature, I would have
a. ago appreciated all that my family tried to
do for me when I was in school.
b. since
a. had been
c. over
b. has been

c. hadn't been
31.Within 50 years, scientists ____ a cure
for the common cold.

a. will discover 36.Discount stores don't have to advertise

much ____ customers.
b. will be discovering
a. to be attracted
c. will have discovered
b. in order to attract

c. by attracting
32.____ Terri got her first car, she
immediately found out how many of
her friends needed rides.
37.You know, Starbucks is famous ____ its
a. Before coffee, but I love its pastries.

b. Until a. because

c. The moment b. due to

c. for

33.My friend's husband is so ____. He's

always fighting with people.
38.A: Maria was wearing a new ring
a. naive today, and Pablo looked very happy.

b. argumentative B: They ____ decided to get married.

a. shouldn't have a. be doing

b. be done
b. may not have
c. do
c. must have

43.Next, the people selected for the talk

show must ____ in order of preference.
39.A: I bought a TV last month. After two
days, it broke, but I didn't do anything a. be ranked
about it.
b. rank
B: I ____ taken it back to the store right
away. c. do ranking

a. must have

b. should have 44.People ought ____ to take a driver's

course before they get a license.
c. would have
a. to be required

b. be requiring
40.You should check the bus schedule
next time c. to be require

This is an example of a ____.

a. suggestion

b. criticism

c. assumption 45. Something has ____ to clean up litter

on our streets.

a. to be done
41.If you do it again, youll lose your job
b. got to done
This is an example of a ____.
c. been do
a. prediction

b. demand
46.Stray animals shouldn't be allowed in
c. warning city parks, ____

a. should they?

42.To prepare for a TV talk show, b. Shouldnt they?

research has to ____ to find interesting
c. they should?
50.In the last five years, I ____ to improve
my English quite a bit.
47.The problem of street crime can't be
solved easily, ____ a. have managed

a. cant it? b. had manage

b. It can? c. will have managed

c. can it?

48.This city is ugly because there is ____


a. downsizing

b. graffiti

c. noise pollution

49.Firefighters have to be ____ to go into

burning buildings.

a. courageous

b. cynical

c. timid

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