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110 S. Main St. New Carlisle, Ohio 45344 -

Editor: Jay Maxwell - 937-307-6429 -


Roger Thornbury, Pres. 845-9565
Curtis Hamlin, Secy. 304-638-4387 Douglas Baker, W.M. 902-0698 Jay Maxwell, Secy. 307-6429

FOOD BOOTH Sept 29 & 30 New Carlisle Ohio

Helmut Schuster - Chairman
The Craft Club will once again setup a
food both during the Heritage of Flight Festival & Parade
Festival. This will be the
10th year that the Lodge Sept. 29 & 30
has participated in this
event. This is the
Lodges biggest Friday September 29
fundraiser for the year
and we ask for your help
Classic Cruise - In 4 - 10 PM
Stop by our food booth in front of the Masonic Temple
in carrying out this large
and important undertaking. The profits The weekend Festival opens with a Classic Cruise-In. In past years over 800
from the sales go towards a variety of Classic Cars & Trucks have lined Main Street for one of the states largest
things; charitable donations, kitchen fund, cruise-ins. 50/50 Raffle. Concessions, Vendors, Carnival Rides & Games.
supporting the Masonic Association and Live Entertainment all night.
the other bodies that meet in the Temple.
Saturday September 30
Everyones Help Needed Parade and Festival 7:00 am - 11 pm
Lodge, Chapter and Council Members 5K Walk/Run - 8:15 am
Parade of Planes and Community Parade - 11 am
Booth Hours Carnival rides, Games, Concessions, Vendors
11 AM - Thursday - Set up Tents 50/50 raffle and Live Entertainment
Stop by our food booth in front of the Masonic Temple
Friday Sept. 29 Impact Bethel Pancake Breakfast 7 - 10 am. at United Methodist Church,
12:00 - 3 Set up Booth Silent Auction 9 am - 10 pm., Team Fastrax Parachute Jump above Main
3:00 - 6:00 Booth Open 1st Shift Street 10:45 am, Attempt to break world record for largest group of chicken
6:00 - 9:00 Booth Open 2nd Shift dancers 1:00 pm at the main stage area. Wing eating contest 5 pm.
9:00 - 10:00 Clean Up For more information: visit

Saturday Sept. 30
8:00 - 9:00 Set Up Heritage of Flight Parade Saturday Sept. 30 @ 11 AM
9:00 - 12:30 Booth Open 1st Shift The Parade of Planes will proceed down Main Street at 11 am.
12:30 - 3:00 Booth Open 2nd Shift Featuring the Antioch Shrine Parade Units
3:00 - 5:00 Clean Up Community sponsored floats, local bands, celebrities, and mascots, plus
an amazing display of modern and historical aircraft make this one of the
A sign up schedule is posted on the most spectacular parades in the region. New Carlisle Lodge will
bulletin board at the lodge. Please check participate in the parade and pass out candy.
your schedules and allocate some of your
time for our Food Booth. We encourage
you to bring your wives, girlfriends, adult New Carlisle Lodge Dates
family members and even friends that may Sept. 29 Food Booth and Car Show
be interested in Masonry. Sept. 30 Food Booth and Parade
A complete festival schedule can be found Oct. 04 @ 7:00 - Fellow Craft Degree
at the website Oct. 12 @ 6:00 - Dinner Before Stated Meeting
Contact: Helmut Schuster, Chairman Oct. 12 @ 7:00 - Stated Meeting - Review Grand Lodge Legislation
Oct. 18 Noon - November Newsletter Info Deadline
Oct. 5 @ 7PM Craft Club Stated meeting
Oct. 19 @ 7:00 - Master Mason Degree
Oct. 20 & 21-Grand Lodge Annual Meeting - Dayton Masonic Center

New Carlisle Lodge No. 100 F. & A.M.

The following Grand Lodge Legislation will be discussed at our October Stated Meeting
Our three delegates to the Grand Lodge will be voting on the following legislation and would like your input. Listed
below are the items to be considered and will be discussed at our October meeting. The full text of each proposed
change will be available at the October meeting. Numbered items will be voted on. Lettered items were received
after last years Grand Lodge.
Item to be voted on
1. Sec. 11.05 Gambling and Penalties. (A) All lotteries, games of chance and raffles of every kind and character, by
or under the management or supervision of Lodges within the Jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, are hereby prohibited.

Item to be read for the first time.

A. Honorary, Dual and Plural membership shall be by written ballot and require 2/3 affirmative vote of members
present. It now reads the vote shall require a unanimous ballot.

B. Clarify what is required if Lodges allow Alcohol to be served in a Masonic Temple.

1. Comply with all federal, state and local laws.
2. Alcohol may not be used in any dedicated lodge room.
3. Alcohol may not be used for beverage purpose during Table Lodge Ceremony.
4. Prior to serving or allowing the use by lodge members of alcohol at a Lodge activity, held in non-dedicated
areas of the building a Lodge must;
a. Consult an attorney for a written determination of the conditions under which it can serve, use or allow
the use of alcoholic beverages to or by its members.
b. Obtain a liquor license if required.
c. Consult with insurance company and acquire appropriate insurance.
5. The Lodge membership must signify its assent to serving or use of alcohol beverages by adoption of a Lodge
Standing Resolution to that effect. Secure written permission from Temple Company.
6. Inform youth groups in writing that alcohol may be present in the building.

HAPPY 80+ Stair Lift Chairs Donations Reach 50% of our Goal
OCTOBER BIRTHDAY To Date $6,500.00 Donated
Everett H. Blount - 95
Raymond L Trueblood - 87 New Carlisle Lodge and the Masonic Association have approved a project to
Harry Stuck Jr. - 86 install 2 Stair Lift Chairs at the rear of our Temple. One from the basement to
mid floor and one from mid floor to Lodge Room. This will allow our
William Berry - 83
members and visitors the ability to use the Dinning room in the basement and
David L. Hobson - 81 the Lodge room upstairs. Over 50% of our Lodge members are over the age
of 70, and many have trouble climbing stairs which limits their access to our
The chairs have been ordered and installation
Timothy Holiga
should be completed sometime in October. We
March 4, 1955 - September 9, 2017
Brother Holiga (62) was a member of still need your donation to reach our goal of
Beavercreek Lodge No. 753, New Carlisle $12,093.51, the total cost of the Chairs. Please
Chapter and Secretary of New Carlisle give if you can.
Beavercreek Lodge No. 753 conducted a Make checks payable to:
Masonic Funeral Service for Brother New Carlisle Loge No. 100 and mail to:
Holiga September 15 at Routsong Funeral Jay Maxwell, Secretary, New Carlisle Lodge,
Home, Dayton, Ohio. 7021 Creekside Cir., Fairborn, OH 45324

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