605 Made Holiday Market Terms & Agreement

1. General information: The 605 Made Holiday Market will
take place in the parking garage of Cherapa Place in Sioux
Falls, SD on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 from 10:00am to
5:00pm. This is a unique pop-up market that combines
several local makers under one point of sale. As a maker
participating you are only responsible for dropping off
and picking up your goods. We will promote, set up,
decorate the market area, sell, and tear down your goods
while you go about your regular day! When it is all said
and done, we mail you a check for your sales.

2. Qualifications: Only local makers are eligible to be
involved with the 605 Made Market. All items must be
original designs and/or handmade by the maker submitting
the application. No resale is permitted.

3. Application process: Submit your completed application
and 4-7 photos that best represent your work to
knottygnome605@gmail.com. The application deadline is
Friday, October 6, 2017. No late applications will be

4. Selection notification: There will be a limited number of
makers chosen to participate in the 605 Made Holiday
Market. A jury process will determine the participants
based on your completed application and submitted photos.
In an effort to keep the Market changing, please note if
you have new products to offer for this season.
Notification by email of the selected makers will made by
Friday, October 13, 2017.

If you are selected...
5. Drop off and pick up: Drop off times will be on Friday,
December 1st, at Cherapa Place from 6:00-8:00pm and
Saturday, December 2nd, from 6:30-7:30am. Pick up time
will be on Saturday, December 2nd, from 5:00-6:30. There
will be no exceptions to these times.

6. Market cost: 605 Made Market shall only sell the accepted
goods at the retail price specified by the maker. The
maker is responsible for a $25 set up fee, which is due 7
business days after your acceptance into the Market. 605

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Made Market and the maker agree that 605 Made Market’s
commission is 25% of the retail price with the remaining
75% going to the maker. 605 Made Market will pay all
credit card fees and sales tax on your sales.

7. Payment: Payment from sales will be made to the maker 7
business days after the 605 Made Market date. Payments
will be mailed to you unless you set up arrangements to
pick your check up. If your sales are over $600 you will
be required to complete a W-9 form.

8. Packaging: Goods must be sale ready with appropriate
packaging, identification and price. You are encouraged to
include your own branding on the packaging. You will be
assigned a maker number that is required to be on EVERY
product. Items that are not clearly marked with your
vendor number an price will not be put out to be sold.

9. Sales inventory/tracking: We do not keep an itemized
inventory of each single item that sells. If you would
like to know what sells you will need to keep an inventory
of your items before and after the sale.

10.605 Made Market makes every effort to set up and display
your products in an efficient and attractive way. Please
realize that all makers’ items will be mixed together on
display. We also take as many precautions as possible to
keep your items safe. We are however unable to be
responsible for theft and damage that may occur during
regular sales events. This has never been a problem in the
past, but unfortunately we must all be aware of the
possibility of an incident.

If you decide that the 605 Made Market might be a good fit for
you and your business, please attach 4-7 photos of your work
and submit them with your completed application to
knottygnome605@gmail.com no later than Friday, October 7, 2017.

Thank you,
Stacy Wengler
Knotty Gnome Variety & Salvage
605 Made Market Coordinator

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605 Made Holiday Market Application

Maker name: ________________________________________________

Business name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City, State & zip: __________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________

Website: ___________________________________________________

Description of your goods: (What you do and why you do it?) We

want to hear your story!










Price ranges of your items: ________________________________

Describe what you would be selling at the Market in one
sentence as you would want it to appear in a listing:



Maker signature: ___________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________

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