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Site / Place of Handover : Handil

Department / Service : CST/OPB/HDL
From :I Gede Andi Dipayadnya
Date / Time :24 February 2011
To :Rinaldi
CC : Mr. Sentot H./ Mr. Sri Widadi

I. HSE Matters

Based on marine inspection on 20 February 2011, found any findings at LCT. Teluk
Bontang which needs to be complied before IRC or MOP can be issued. No activity
since 21 February 2011.

II. Work In progress and Today Activities

Item. 10599C
Replaced corroded plate and nozzle at T-922
- Corroded tank plate already repaired by doubler
- 2 steam line already replaced, nozzle no. 13 and nozzle no. 14.
- Heavy corroded nozzle no. 16 and 17 already completed.
- Corroded nozzle no. 7 already replaced
- Repair welding at nozzle no. 14, due to incomplete fusion. NDT after repairing
- Based on CPA/INS inspection at 14 February 2011, Nozzle no. 10 (10 #150) and nozzle
no. 12 (4 #150), need to be replaced.

Item. 10752C
Installation of goose neck and 3 drain line at T-922
- Modification of 6 goose neck line already completed.
- Stringing material and double joint of 3 drain line from T-922 to disposal tube area
- Install line from 6 goose neck to flame arrestor
- Install pipe support and operating access for 3 drain line, must be done by cold job.
- Replace corroded level glass of T-922, waiting material from CPA/MNT.
III. Main Events on the Period.

Item. 11075C
Replace 12 valve SDV 5083

Item. 10599C
Replace corroded plate and nozzle at T-922
In progress.

Item. 10752C
Installation of goose neck and 3 drain line T-922
In progress

IV. High Priority Job to be done in forthcoming days

Item. 10778C
Installation of line discharge from P-9170/P-9180 to T-920

Item. 11002C
Replacement of corroded reducer and sprinkler FW line at API

Item. 10807C
Repair corroded section of jetty structure API area

Item. 10563C
Install scaffolding at V-9200 to assist CPA/INS

V. Pending Job and to be solved


VI. Miscellaneous Items

- Contractors team under PT. Meindo, Foreman: Sukasmono

- MOP LCT. Teluk Bontang will be valid until
VII. Signature of Leaving Personnel Signature of Incoming Personnel

( I Gede Andi Dipayadnya ) ( Rinaldi )

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