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Lesson Learning Objective Set Induction AfL (QT) References:

Checkpoint: Folk tales At the end of this lesson, Teacher gets the class to talk about folk tales shows a Checkpoint textbook
Reading students should be able to short video on a famous folktale The Luck Child page 78-80
Comprehension have a deeper Teacher gets students to give a few examples of folk tales YouTube Video Jim
understanding of a and ballads that they have been told by their Hensons The
folktales and ballads parents/grandparents. Storyteller
Learning Outcomes Students then state the differences and similarities
At the end of the lesson, between folk tales and ballads. Reflection:
students should be able to Continue next class
compare and Teaching & Learning Activities AfL (QT/ OF/ PSA)
contrast between folk Teacher gets students to work in groups and read and
tales and ballads. analyse 2 ballads.
read and analyze 2 Teacher discusses the contextual meanings given by
ballads. students based on the ballads.
answer analytical Students attempt the six comprehension questions in
questions based on groups.
the 2 ballads. Teacher goes around and checks on students work.
Students then present their answers to the class.
Teacher facilitates their presentation.
The rest of the students give feedback.

Exercises AfL (OF/ WF/ PSA)

Students work in groups and write out their answers for
the comprehension questions on mahjong paper.
Conclusion/ Re-cap AfL (QT)
Teacher provides constant source of feedback and