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Monywa (Burmese: ; MLCTS: mu rwa mrui.; pronounced [mjw mjo]) is Capital City
in Sagaing Region, Myanmar, located 136 km north-west of Mandalay on the eastern bank of the
River Chindwin.

It is also known as Neem city because most of the streets of the city are covered by very old
Neem trees. It is one of the Unique Cities of the World.


Monywa and neighboring parts of the 'Dry Valley' are the only places in South East Asia where
you find the Hot Semi-arid/steppe climate(BSh).[3] [4] The city barely misses the Tropical
savanna/Wet and dry climate(Aw) classification due to the very high temperatures(high
evaporation levels) and a long dry season. This has to do with the 'Dry valley' being located in
the rain shadow of the Arakan Mountains. Temperatures are very high throughout the year,
although the winter months (DecemberFebruary) are significantly milder(around 21C in
January). The early monsoon months from April to July are especially hot, with average high
temperatures reaching 38.4 C (101.1 F) in April.

Monywa received 139 millimetres (5.5 in) of rainfall on 19 Oct 2011. This was a new record for
rainfall within 24 hours in October in Monywa for the last 47 years. The previous record was 135
millimetres (5.3 in) on 24 Oct 1967.[5]