Debra J.

Rahn Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1638) NOTE TO EDITORS: N99-50

September 17, 1999

PRESS ACCREDITATION PROCEDURES FOR RUSSIAN ZVEZDA (STAR) SERVICE MODULE LAUNCH The Zvezda Service Module, the cornerstone of Russia's contribution to the International Space Station, is scheduled for launch no earlier than Nov. 12, 1999, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The official launch date will be set at the conclusion of the Joint Program Review, between NASA and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency, and the General Designer's Review of launch preparations by RSC-Energia in Moscow, currently set for Sept. 2729, 1999. Zvezda (Russian for "star") is the Russian-built module that will serve as the living quarters for the first resident crew and provide control of the station until the arrival of the U.S. Destiny Laboratory next year. News media wishing to cover the Zvezda launch must request press accreditation no later than Sept. 23, 1999, as follows: U.S. news media representatives should send a fax to: Ms. Debra Rahn PAO for International Relations NASA Headquarters Washington, DC 20546 Fax: 202/358-2983 e-mail: The fax must be on the organization's letterhead with the media representative's full name, title, organization, address, telephone and fax numbers, passport number with issuance and expiration dates, date and place of birth, citizenship and city where the visa will be issued. A media representative requiring a letter of invitation to obtain a Russian visa should fax a copy of the first page of his or her passport.

Canadian, European and Japanese news media representatives should contact their nations' space agency public affairs offices to request press accreditation as follows: Canadian Space Agency: Mr. Stephane Corbin Manager, Public and Media Relations St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada Tel: 450/926-4350 Fax: 450/926-4352 e-mail: European Space Agency: Mr. Franco Bonacina Media Relations Paris, France Tel: 33 1 5369 7713 Fax: 33 1 5369 7690 e-mail: National Space Development Agency of Japan: Mr. Yosuke Nishijo Public Relations Office Tsukuba, Japan Tel: 81 298 52 2753 Fax: 81 298 50 2232 e-mail: Each space agency must submit a list of its news media to the Russian Aviation and Space Agency 45 days prior to launch. A dual-entry visa is required for anyone traveling to Baikonur. The Khrunichev Space Center will provide letters of invitation for news media requiring visas. Russian visa forms are available in newsrooms at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX; Kennedy Space Center, FL; and Headquarters, Washington, DC. Cost: $1,000 U.S. dollars per person. The cost includes round-trip air transportation from Moscow to Baikonur and return, local transportation, and meals. Payment must be transferred no later than 30 days prior to launch to: The Riggs National Bank McLean Branch

6805 Old Dominion Drive McLean, Virginia 22101 USA Account no. 01-819-232/InfoMOST Transit code: 05-600-00-12-60 Tour of Baikonur: Arrangements have been made for the news media to tour the Soyuz launch pad, the Service Module checkout building and the Proton integration building. Communication Equipment: News media representatives who plan to use satellite phones or other communication equipment at the Baikonur launch site must send a fax requesting approval no later than 45 days prior to launch directly to: Mr. Sergei Jiltsov Head, Public Relations Department Khrunichev Space Center Moscow, Russia Fax: 7 095 145 9203 Tel: 7 095 145 9802 Requests should include a description of the equipment and frequency. GSM 900 telephones are approved for use at Baikonur. Mr. Jiltsov can provide a list of companies in Moscow where the GSM 900 can be purchased or leased. Baikonur Communication Center: Located in the Proton Conference Hall. There are telephone and fax machines available. Telephone and fax charges will be provided closer to launch. Pre-Launch Tour of Khrunichev Space Center, Moscow, Russia: A tour of the Proton Assembly Department and the Space Station hardware will be arranged on Launch minus One Day (L-1). News media interested in participating should contact Mr. Sergei Jiltsov directly. - end -