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Water and Power Development Authority

Annual General Managers Meeting

Good working relationships between General Managers and the Authority are important,
evenly good to create an opportunity and a challenge to fully utilize the available resources.
The opportunity is that in a relationship of trust and support, Authority members and General
Managers can have an honest dialogue about what is being accomplished, where the gaps may
be, hatching the new ideas or how to explore new horizons and how to maintain progress.
Good relationships with positive attitude promote sincerity and constructive planning.
On the challenge side, if there is no working relationship between Authority and General
Managers then there can be a reluctance to bring up areas of performance and improvement,
resources required to uplift the organization and a tendency to avoid conflict.
In order to have a better working relationship and to have a look on the performance and
issues pertaining to the organizations/formations of WAPDA, an Annual Meeting of General
Managers will be held on ______.

Annual General Managers Meeting is a platform to discuss the performance of WAPDA as an
organization and not to be considered as individual assessment. WAPDA is a federal entity and
has taken up many projects of national importance. Execution of these projects in a timely and
cost effective manner is imperative for performance improvement.

Although Authority Meetings serve the purpose of bringing up issues related to projects and
requirements to boost the projects progress. However, some issues need an open
communication/discussion between Authority members and project authorities.

Annual General Managers Meeting will be conducted to brainstorm on the leadership progress GMs
have made in reaching goals of departments and in furthering objectives of WAPDA.