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Cohen 1

Julianna Cohen

Prof. Rodrick

ENGL 115

21 September 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Dunlop, Sally, et al. "Marketing to youth in the digital age: the promotion of unhealthy products

and health promoting behaviors on social media." Media and Communication, vol. 4, no.

3, 2016, p. 35+. Opposing Viewpoints in Context,

sunorthridge&xid=3dce0a81. Accessed 15 Sept. 2017. Discusses the topic of the

negatives of social media in the aspect of advertisement connection with unwholesome

products and harmful substances with a more specific focus to children and young adults.

The article brings forth statistics and facts of companies and what percent of social media

platforms these companies to advertise to their target public are using. This article brings

forth an important fact about the identity of social media and while it is viewed by the

public and portrayed as a positive thing in the world, it does contain negative content and

allow negative practices that can alter its identity in the publics eyes. The article also

introduces the positive advertising done by companies on social media which allows the

public to form their own opinion and that identity can be swayed by many things but the

individual has final say from their logic and meaning.

Kumar, V. and Bala Sundaram. "An Evolutionary Road Map to Winning with Social Media

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Cohen 2

&AN=78551319&site=ehost-live. Accessed 15 September 2017. Discusses how

companies are trying to integrate the use of social media into advertising and establishing

an online identity to their customers. Companies use social media to connect with

customers and create a way to understand their customers and their use of social media to

spread information. Relates to essay by introducing the idea of companies expanding

ways to advertise and create an identity with the public that allows products or services to

be introduced and reflected upon. Article does provide example of companies use of

social media that do include more successful results and some that were not as successful.

While the article does the show the positive, allowing the negative side to be viewed

gives more authenticity and real life usage of social media.

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Discusses how the use of social media with companies and corporations is both becoming

a negative and a positive due to not setting definitive parameters on what the consumer

and business communication can extend to. The article includes experiment example of

how different aspects were involved with the communication and advertisement of an

airline company. The article includes the topic of how the interface of companies and

businesses with consumers could be interchangeable with product placement and actual

communication of getting the profile of a typical costumer and their experience with

products or services. The topic of identity is seen here because how companies portray

themselves over social media is one aspect of how the customer views them and the
Cohen 3

connection of how many people this can spread to can cause impact which speaks to