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The fully-featured DUAL TEC DT-7435 motion sensor achieves

reliable protection and improved false alarm immunity through
DualCore signal processing. K-Band microwave technology and
Uniform Sensitivity Optics ensure optimum performance.

Reliable Detection With 100 lb. Uniform Sensitivity Optics
Animal Immunity The custom-designed Fresnel lens provides
The combination of DualCore signal the same sensitivity for human targets at the
processing, Uniform Sensitivity Optics and K- edge of the pattern as exists directly in front
Band technology, provides installers with both of the sensor, giving the DT-7435 consistent
quality detection and the ability to ignore pets coverage throughout the protected area.
or other animals up to 100 lbs.
Digital Adaptive Microwave
Advanced DualCore Signal Thresholds
Processing The DT-7435 digitally adjusts its thresholds to
DualCore signal processing analyzes PIR and account for room disturbances such as ceiling
microwave signals through the microcontroller. fans and other repetitive moving objects which
It supports a multitude of advanced functions, are not intrusion events. The result is
including Concurrent Diagnostics, Digital
Fluorescent Light Interference Filter, Digital
excellent false alarm immunity even in
active rooms.
Adaptive Microwave Threshold, adaptive
baselines, and Bi-Directional Temperature
Digital Fluorescent Light Interference Technology
Potential false alarms due to fluorescent lights Motion
Superb Detection Through K-Band are eliminated with a digital filter with infinite
Technology rejection. Frequency of the filter is selectable Sensor
K-Band microwave technology delivers sharp between 60Hz or 50Hz via DIP switch.
detection without holes or weak spots. The
White Light Immunity
custom-made source offers Pattern Shaping
A patented black bug guard reduces false
to fill the protected area with a broad, balloon-
alarms by providing 6,500 lux of white light
shaped pattern which matches the PIR
immunity. This helps reduce false alarm
pattern. It also offers Pattern Containment to
problems caused by lights, flashlights or
reduce the penetration of microwave energy
reflective objects.
through walls.
Concurrent Diagnostics
Enhanced False Alarm Prevention
Optimum performance and reliability are
assured through comprehensive diagnostics
The DT-7435 protects against false alarms
that do not compromise detection during
due to RF signals, electrostatic discharge, and
testing. In addition to performing a full self-
electrical overstress. The patented black bug
test upon power-up, microwave supervision
guard improves white light immunity and digital
is performed continuously; PIR supervision
adaptive microwave thresholds automatically
is performed once every hour. Temperature
adjust for room disturbances.
compensation is monitored and updated every
Immune to Pets up to 100 lbs. 30 seconds.
Backed by extensive design and field
experience with pet immunity, the DT-7435
delivers robust pet immunity without impacting
detection performance.
Detection Patterns

*Look-down fingers are enabled only when Technology
the look-down mask is removed.
Range: Operating Temperature:
35 x 35 (11m x 11m) 14 to 131 F (-10 to 55 C) 5% - 95%
Alarm Relay: relative humidity (non-condensing)
DT-7435: Energized Form A Self-test Intervals:
DT-7435C: Energized Form C Microwave supervision .......Continuous
125mA, 25VDC, 20 ohm series resistor PIR Self-Test.......................Once every hour
Tamper: Temp. Compensation ..........Every 30 seconds
(NC) 50mA, 24VDC PIR Fields of View:
Power Requirements: 22 long range edges, 12 intermediate edges,
7.5 - 16VDC (8.0 - 16VDC for UL installations) six lower edges, four look-down edges
DT-7435: 25mA typ., 30mA max at 12VDC Dimensions:
DT-7435C: 30mA typ., 35mA max at 12VDC 4.685 x 2.795 x 1.654
AC Ripple: 3V peak-to-peak at 12VDC nominal (11.9cm x 7.1cm x 4.2cm)
Frequencies: Sensitivity:
24.125GHz (K-band) Standard: 3-4 steps
PIR White Light Immunity: Intermediate: 2-3 steps
6,500 lux typical Accessories:
Fluorescent Light Immunity: SMB-10 Swivel Mount Bracket
50Hz or 60Hz, selectable SMB-10T Swivel Mount Bracket w/Tamper

RFI Immunity: Note: Swivel mount brackets should not be

30V/m, 10MHz - 1000MHz used for pet immune applications.
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ORDERING: Louisville, KY 40222
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DT-7435/DT-7435C Dual Technology Motion Sensor

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