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Power(6): the secretary has the powers to approve the proposal, the police powers

must be defined, the president has the power of veto over all bills.
Authority(2): only the manager has the authority to sign the cheques, he's got the
authority to search the house. See: responsibility: jurisdiction.
Force(5): culprit should expect to face the full force of the law, the court
ordered that these rules have force in the English law, theses guidelines don't
have the force of law.
Force (4): economic/ market force, the forces of good/ evil, he was the driving
force, she was a force to be reckoned with, that's a powerful force for change, tv
has become a major force in the politics, he was defeated by a force beyond his
Competent(3): the case was referred to a competent authority.
Position(6): wealth and position were not important to her, the position of woman
in the society, the company has a dominant position in the market.
The long arm of sth: there's no escape from the long arm of the law.
Might is right: their foreign policy is based on the principle might is right.
Crack the whip.

Exercise(4n): the exercise of power by the government, the exercise of discretion.

Exercise(v1): when she appeared in court she exercised her right to remain silent,
he exercised his influence over the judge.
Exert: he exerted all his authority to make them accept the plan, the moon exerts a
force on earth that causes the tides.
Reserve(3): he reserved the right to refuse admission, all rights reserved.
Wield(v): he wields enormous power within the party.
Assume= take on: the rebels assumed control of the capital, the court has assumed
responsibility for the girl's welfare. See here: invest,

Politics(2):mu don't want to get involved in office politics, sexual politics, the
internal politics of the business.

Powerless= helpless: powerless minorities, we were powerless in front of the attack

of the enemy.
Powerless(2): I saw the incident but I was powerless to help, a feeling/ sense of
Fatality(3): A sense of fatality gripped her.
See: powerless at: win lose, capacity.
At the mercy of sth: I'm not going to put myself at the mercy of the bank.
We were at the mercy of the weather.

Tyrannize: a father who tyrannize his children, the King tyrannized over his
people. see: oppress
Tyranny(1): the victim of oppression and tyranny, the tyrannies of the nazis, the
children had no protection against the tyranny of parents, these days it seems that
we must all submit to the tyranny of motor car. See: slaves of motor car.
Persecute: through out the time people have been persecuted for their religion,
persecuted minorities.
Oppressive: oppressive laws/ government, the political situation has grown
increasingly oppressive.
Grind sb down: years of oppression have ground down the people, don't let them
grind you down.
Downtrodden: downtrodden minorities / nations by the occupation.
See: hold sb down At: declare and much more.
Trample(2): the government is trample on the views of ordinary people, she won't
let him trample on her any loner.
Walk all over sb: she'll always let him walk all over her.
Brutalize: the prisoners were brutalized and humiliated.

Smoke filled room: the decision was made in a smoke filled room.

Cut sb down to size

Put sb in their place: she tried to preside the meeting but I soon put her in her
Bring/ take sb down a peg or two: he needs to be taken down a peg or two.
Show sb who's the boss.

Beg leave to do sth: I beg leave to add few comments on my own.
Take a French leave.
Without as much as a by your leave: he went straight in without a by your leave.
Leave(n,2): to be absent without leave, she asked for leave of absence, the court
granted him leave to appeal against the sentence.
By/ with your leave. See here: with your permission.
Furlough: to go home on furlough, six week furlough.

Say-so: nothing can be done without her say-so, he has the finally say-so on these
Permission(1): you must ask permission for all expenditures, the event wasn't given
official permission, she took it without permission, with your permission I'd like
to make few comment, the poem was reprinted by kind permission of the author.
Permission(2): the publisher is responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions
to reproduce the illustrations.
Mandate(n,1): the election victory gave the party a mandate to continue its reforms
program, a mandate for the end of the civil war.
Mandate(v,2): the commission was mandated to draft a constitution.
Mandated(3): mandated government.
Approve(2): the committee unanimously approved the plan.
Approval(2): the proposal will be submitted to the committee for approval,
government/ congressional/ parliamentary approval, the board has given its seal of
approval to the plan, partner/ planning approval, the decision is subject to
approval by the shareholders, the required / received approval for the proposal
from the shareholders.
Assent(n): name nodded her assent, the director have her assent to the proposal,
there were murmurs of both assent and dissent, the bill received the Royal assent.
Assent(v): nobody would assent to the terms they proposed.
Consent(n): children under 15 can't give consent to medical treatment, written
consent of parents is required she was charged with driving a car without the
owner's consent, to refuse/ withhold your consent.
Consent(v): when she told them her plan they readily consented, he reluctantly
consented to his daughter's marriage, she finally consented to answer our
Countenance(v)= consent to sth: the committee refused to countenance his proposals.
Sanction= authorization: these changes will require the sanction of the court, the
ideas received sanction at the meeting.
Grant: my request was granted, I was granted a permission to do it/ a license to
mine/ a divorce, the bank finally granted me a loan, those lands have been granted
to families in perpetuity.
Blessing: the government gave its blessings to the new plans, he went with his
parents' blessing.
Give sth the nod: I'm waiting for the nod, I hope he gives the nod to the plan.
Go-ahead: the cousin has give the go ahead to start building, the union leaders
have now go he go-ahead to continue talks with the management.
Green light= go-ahead: the government has give the green light to the plans.
Ok= okay(n)= approval= go ahead= green light: I'm still waiting for the the
committee's okay.
See more at: decision.
Okay(v)= approve: she filled in an expenses claim and the manager okayed it.
All-clear: the ship was given the all clear to sail.
Clear(v,11): the plane had been cleared for take off, to clear the goods through
the customs.
Clear(v,10): his appointment was cleared by the board, I'll have to clear it with
the manager.
Square sth with sb: I think I can come but I'll have to square it first with my
Clear(v,12): she hasn't been cleared by security.
Clearance(3): I'm waiting for clearance from the headquarters, all employees at the
marine base require security clearance.
Permit: radios are not permitted here, there're fines for exceeding the permitted
levels of pollution, we were not permitted any contact with each other, he
permitted himself a wry smile, she wouldn't permit herself to look at them, permit
me to give you an advice.
Authority(3): it was done without the principal's authority, we acted under the
authority of the UN.
Under license
Authorization: you can't enter without auth, who gave you the auth. To release the
Unauthorized: unauthorized access/ use of funds/ biography.
Admittance: I was unable to gain admittance, he was refused/ denied admittance to
the country.
Take it on yourself to do sth.
Entrance(3): we were denied entrance, the police could gain entrance, entrance
Entry(2): to be granted/ refused entry to the country, no entry, entry is free to
the museum.
Admit(3): the window admits little light into the room, each ticket admits one
adult, you won't be admitted into the concert after it has started.
Right of way(1): private property no right of way.
Right of way(2): a public right of way for walkers. See: trespass.
Passage(9): we were promised a safe passage through the occupied territories, they
will no longer enjoy free passage through the the EU members.
Out of bounds to/ for sb
Off limits: the palace has been off limits to public. See here: no entry.
Turn sb away from sth: there had no place to go so I couldn't turn them away,
hundreds were turn away from the stadium.

Veto(n): he use of presidential veto, to have the power/ right of veto, the British
government used its veto to block the proposal.
Veto(v): plans for expansions have been vetoed by the agency.
See: refuse, deny, disallow.
Override= overrule: the chairman overrode the committee's decision and signed the
agreement. See: decision: retract. See: law: annul, strike down, revoke etc.

Exemption: she was given exemption from the final examination.

Dispensation: she needed a special dispensation to remarry, the sport's ruling body
gave him a dispensation to complete the competition.
See: force: excuse sb from doing sth.
Make allowance for sth. See: make concession. You're going to have to give a
little. See them at: decision.
Stretch a point: I hope they'll stretch a point and allow me to stay in.
Pass(15): I don't like it but i will let it pass, her remarks passed without
comment. See: let sth ride. see: let it go at that, go unchallenged.
Let sb off sth: he let us off homework today.
Derogation: a massive derogation of human rights.

Vest sb with sth | vest sth in sb: the overall authority is vested in the Supreme
Court, the Supreme Court is vested with the overall authority.
See: GiveTake: endow. See: responsibilitiesCimmitement: entrust.
Reside in= vest in: the authority resides in the board of directors.
Empower= authorize: the courts have been empowered to to impose the death penalty
in certain crimes.
Invest(4): her new position invests her with a great deal of responsibility, he was
invested as the president yesterday. see: divest. See here:
assume. See: investiture.
Install(3): he was installed as the president last May.
Create(3): he was created a baronet in 1777, the government has created 8 new

Rubber stamp

Plenipotentiary: he was promoted from ministry plenipotentiary to full ambassador,

plenipotentiary powers.
Arbitrary(2): the arbitrary powers of officials, they were accused of arbitrariness
and personal bias.
Abuse: to abuse position/ authority etc.
See: untrammeled, unchallenged, unmolested, unhindered, unimpeded.
Blank cheque: the president was given a blank check by the congress to prosecute
the war.
Carte blanche: he was given cart blanche to say whatever he wants yo say in the
report, to have carte blanche.
Freedom(5): I was given the freedom of the whole house.
Give sth/ get/ have the run of sth: her dogs have the run of the house. see: make
free with sth. take liberies with sth, took the libirty woth my files. see:
willing: give sb their head, let sth loose.
Whatever sb says goes.
Let loose sth: she was finally let loose in the kitchen, a team of professionals
were let loose on the project. See more: willing.
See: Avoid: untouchable.

Ultra vires

Subject(adj,3): as a deploy at he's not subject to the local laws, all nuclear
installations are subject to international safeguards.

Admissible: photographs are admissible evidence provided that it can be proven to

be authentic, the claim isn't admissible under current policy.
Impermissible: impermissible invasion of privacy.
Unofficial: unofficial agreement/ strike, unofficial estimates put the figure over
two million.
Not supposed to do sth: you're not supposed to walk on the grass.

On behalf of sb | on sbs behalf: on behalf of my department I'd like to to thank

you all, she's receiving the prize on behalf of her husband.
Emissary= envoy: the King's emissary.
In the name of sth | in sth's name: I arrest you in the name of the law.

Devolve (sth) on sb
Devolved: devolved responsibility, a system of devolved government.
Delegate(v): some managers fins it difficult to delegate, some of the work had to
be delegated. See: contract out, farm sth out, outsource.
Delegation: the delegation of authority/ decision making.
Deliver(4): they delivered their prisoner over to the invading army.
Cede: Spain ceded Cuba to the United States, the had to cede the control of schools
to the government.

Patent(n): to apply for/ obtain a patent on an invention/ sth, the device is

protected by patent.
Patent(adj): patent applications / law/ office.
Patent(v): to patent a device.
Right(n,3): he sold the rights for two millions, all rights reserved.
Copyright(n): who owns the copyright on this song? The copyright expires after 70
years of the death of the author, he was sued for copyright infringement/
violation/ breach.
Copyright(adj): copyright material.
Public lending right.
Under license.
Royal Warrant. see: plug(9)
Concession(4): the Bolivian government has granted logging concessions covering
millions of hectares.
By courtesy of sth: the images were reproduced by courtesy of the British museum.

Prior(2): they have a prior claim to the property.

Prioritize(1): I'm trying to prioritize my tasks.
Priority(1): our top/ first/ high/ low priority is education, you need to get your
priorities straight/ right, education is high on our priority list.
Priority(2)= precedence: priority will be given to club members, search for vaccine
took priority over other researches, priority cases like homeless get dealt with
first. See: opportunityCompetition: preferential treatment. See: matching:
Differential treatment. See: FairnessTruth: discriminatory.
Have a bigger fish to fry.
First things first: we have a lot of thins to do but first things first we must
have a cup of coffee.
The tail is wagging the dog. See: situation: reverse.
Put/ set your own house in order.

Privilege(n,1): education should be a universal right not a privilege, to enjoy all
the benefits and privileges of membership, try not to abuse the privilege of being
allowed more freedom.
Monopoly: education shouldn't be a monopoly of the rich. see: elitism, eletist
Preserve(n): Football is no longer the preserve of men.
in the days when nursing was a female preserve
Privilege(2): as a nobleman his life has been of wealth and privilege.
Perquisite: politics was perquisite of the property owning classes.
Prerogative: in many countries education is still a prerogative of the rich, the
royal prerogative, the prime minister exercised his prerogative to decide when to
call for an election.
Privileged: those in authority had a privileged position, she comes from a
privileged background, in those days only a privileged few had the vote.
Prioritize(2): the system prioritizes the needs of elderly people.
Privilege(v)= favor: the policy privileges the sons of wealthy people. See:
opportunityCompetition: preferential treatment. See: matching: Differential
treatment. See: FairnessTruth: discriminatory.
Blue eye boy: she's the boss' blue eyed boy.
Pet= favorite: she's the teacher's pet. see: relation: the apple of sbs eyes. etc.
The apple of sbs eye: She is the apple of her father's eye.
Darling: She is the darling of the newspapers and can do no wrong.
See this and more at: preference

Underprivileged= disadvantaged= deprived: underprivileged children/ sections of

society/ groups. X privileged.
Disadvantaged: SYNONYM deprived
disadvantaged groups/children
a severely disadvantaged area
socially disadvantaged sections of the community
OPPOSITE advantaged
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Entre: her wealth and reputation gave her entre into/ to the upper class society.
A way into sth. See: SynchManage: gatekeeper, passport= key etc.
Cardholder: cardholders pay taxes on the money left.
Blue channel.
Blue badge
Boarding card/ pass.
Buss pass

Splash sth over/'across sth: their names were splashed across the front pages of
the Sunday papers, the company's name is splashes over the T-shirts.
See: the story was blazed across the daily papers.
Pride of place: the photo was given pride of place on the mantelpiece.
Fullpage: a full page ad.
Center spread.
Centerfold. See: page three girl.
Above/ below the fold: your ad will be placed above the fold for prominent view,
all the images appeared below the fold.
Above-the-fold: the company's logo must be placed in an above the fold position.
Catch line.
See: fame: center-stage
See: importance: come to the fore, foremost, forfront etc.

#promote demote
Ascension: her Ascension to the throne.
Elevation: her elevation to the presidency.
Advancement: there are good opportunities of advancement in this job if you've the
right skills. See: dead end job.
Exaltation: the exaltation of emotions beyond logical reasoning.
Climb(n,4): a rapid climb to stardom, the slow climb out of recession.
Leapfrog(v): the win allowed them to leapfrog three teams and occupy the second

Buggins' turn.
Kick sb upstairs.
Shunt: he was shunted sideways to a job in sales.
Exalt: his son was exalted to high position in the government through family
Elevate= raise= promote: he elevated his friends to powerful positions in the
government, it was an attempt to to elevate the football to a subject worthy of
Ranking(n): he improved his ranking from forty to second, she retained her no. One

Preferment= promotion
Work your way up: he worked his way up from message boy to executive accountant.
See: claw your way up, the greasy pole.
Climb(8): he climbed to the top of his profession, the team has climbed to fourth
in the major league.
See: progress: scale(v,fig), ascend(fig).

Downgrade: she was downgraded from principal to vice principal, the downgrading of
diplomatic relations.
Relegate: she was then relegated to the role of assistant, he relegated the
incident to the back of his mind.
Bust= demote.
Demote from sth to sth.
Overlook= Passover: she's been overlooked for promotion several times. See: do sb
out of sth.

#change leader
Unseat: to unseat sb.
Dislodge: the rebels have failed so far to dislodge the president from power.
Displace(4): displaced workers.
Oust: he was ousted as a chairman, the rebels managed to oust the government from
Ouster: the ouster of the president by the military.
Overthrow: the president was overthrown in a military coup.
= Topple: a plot to topple the president.
Depose: the president was deposed by military coup.
Deposition: the deposition of the King.
Remove(4): the elections removed him from power.
Usurp: the usurpation of powers, democratically elected representatives shouldn't
be usurped by pressure groups, she scheming to take my place and usurp my powers,
he's trying to usurp the principal's authority. Usurper.
See: GiveTake: divest sb of sth, wrest sth/ control of the town from the government
Counter insurgency.

Coup= coup detat: He seized power in a military coup in 2008.

to stage/mount a coup
an attempted coup
a failed/an abortive coup
She lost her position in a boardroom coup (= a sudden change of power among senior
managers in a company).
Palace coup= revolution coup: He deposed his father in a palace coup in 1970.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Aggrandizement: her sole aim was personal aggrandizement, he was a greedy monarch
who pursued the course of military aggrandizement from the beginning of his reign.
See: hegemony, expansionist.
Empire building
Mandate(n,4): the Cook Islands mandate was given to newZeland.
Mandated: a mandated country.
Monopolize: men traditionally monopolize this industry, as always she monopolized
the conversation, stop monopolizing him I need to talk to him. See:
OperationControlHonesty: dominate.
Monopoly: the government had a monopoly on tv.

#Power Influence
Baron: press/ drug baron.
Tycoon: business/ property/ media tycoon.
Magnate: a media/ shipping/ industry magnate.
= Mogul: a movie mogul.
Captain of industry.
Biggie: this day is going to be the biggie in his career, composers including the
biggies like Beethoven.
The big enchilada.
Big business(1): link between politics and big business.
Bigs(1/2): the Biggs, software bigs, an international travel bigs.
Big business(2): health and fitness have become big business.
Brahmin: a Boston brahmin.
Powerhouse: China the economic powerhouse.
Big gun
Big hitter: they've appointed one of the industry's big hitter to the board.
A heavy hitter
Hitter: the heavy hitters of the Japanese industry.
Bigwig: she'd to entertain some local boring bigwigs.
Big name / shot/ noise.
A big fish in a small pond.
Magnetic: a magnetic personality.
Movers and shakers.
Worthy(n): the meeting attended by some local worthies.
A man/ woman of substance.
Mistress(5): she wants to be the mistress of her won affairs, she's the mistress of
plain speech.
Master(n,2): he felt he's no longer the master of his future.
Oligarch: the power of oligarch to influence the government.
Power broker.
Charmed circle: the charmed circle of the senator's advisers. See:help: goto.
Inner circle.
The establishment: the members were drawn from the ranks of establishment.
Powerful= influential: immensely powerful country.
Overlord: a feudal overlord,
Machine(n,3): the president's propaganda machine, Hollywood's slick public
relations machine produced a new movie.
Mafia(2): the politics is still controlled by the middle class mafia.
Brass= the brass.
Strong(5): the strong.
Alpha male
Supremo: Microsoft supremo Bill gates.
Anyone= anybody: he's not anyone.
Someone(2): he was a small time lawyer and keen to be someone.
Inner circle.
Steering committee/ group.
Hierarchy(2): the hierarchy voted against the decision.
Central: the central committee.
Elevated: an elevated status.
Dignitary= VIP: the PM met some local VIPs.
VIP= celebrity: to get VIP treatment, the VIP lounge.
Top(3): she's at the top of her profession, he's determined to make it to the top,
the decision came from the top, packing is at the top of the list, he finished at
the top of the league.
At the top of the tree.
On top: she remained on top for the rest of the match.
On high: an order came down from on high that lunch-breaks were to be half an hour
Top-ranking: toptanking officials.
High ranking: high ranking official/ officer/ post.
Ranking(adj): a ranking diplomat, he was the ranking at the time.
Rank: she doesn't mix with people of high social rank, within months she was
elevated to ministerial rank, the promotion means that I'm right above him in rank.
Top level: a top level meeting/ tennis/ inquiry.
High level: high level talks/ negotiations/ staff/ corruption.
HighPowered: high-powered job/ executives.
The dizzy heights of sth: she dreamed of reaching the dizzy heights of success, she
reached the dizzy heights of number eleven on the chart.
Chief(adj,2): the chief inspecting officer.
Chief(adj,3): commander-in-chief. See: chief of staff.
Chief(n): army/ industry Chiefs.
Chief executive: the chief executive addressed the board.
Second in command: he served the business as second in command to his father, he's
my second in command.
Senior(1): senior official/ lecturer/ manager, a senior partner in the firm, senior
position/ post, I spent six year working in that firm at a senior level, the
meeting should be chaired by the most senior member present, he's senior to me,
junior nurses worked with more senior members.
Senior(n,3): she felt unappreciated by both her colleagues and her seniors.
Seniority: a position of seniority.
Seniority(n,2): should the promotion be based on seniority or merit? A lawyer with
five years' seniority.
Superior(n): your social superiors, I'm complaining to your superiors, he's my
immediate superior.
High up
Grandee: the corruption condoned by powerful grandees of government?
Paramount(2): China's paramount leader.
Supreme: the supreme champion/ commander of the armed forces, it's an event in
which she reigned supreme.
Suit(5): we can leave the details to the suits, he's a suit not creative.
Superintendent: school/ park superintendent.

Personage: Royal personage.

A list: I only invited A List celebrities. see: all-star

Lowly= humble= obscure: a lowly government clerk, how should I know I'm just a
lowly employee. See: cog in the machine.
Low ranking: a low ranking official. See: importance: petty bureaucrat. See:
happen: #significance: two bit secretary
Runt. See here: alpha male.
Underling: SYNONYM minion
He dishes out orders to his underlings.
Minion: While I was waiting to see him, a minion brought me some tea.
Whenever the director needed more information, his minions were sent scurrying in
all directions to obtain it. see: job: runner
Third class: she's treated as third class citizens.
Tinpot: a tinpot dictator/ government.
Non entity.
See: fame: non-person, unknown,
See: size: stature, collosus, pigmy etc.
See: qualificationsSpecialist: giant etc,
See: happen: significant: minor, bit player etc
See: authority: no body, non entity, etc.
See: importance: of note, of moment, leading, etc.
Junior: junior employee, she's junior to me.
Associate(adj): associate membership/ member/ director/ producer in the movie.
Assistant(adj): assistant managers /coach/ secretary/ chief.
Second in command
First lieutenant.
Under: undergraduate, underage, the under-fives.
Up-: uphill, upland, upgrade.
Over(prep,9): he ruled over a great empire, she has only the director over her.
Lightweight(n3): he's a political lightweight, he's an intellectual lightweight.
See more: importance.
Heavyweight(3): a political heavyweight, a heavyweight journalist.
Little people: the helplessness of little people facing vast political forces.
The rank and file: the rank and file of the workforce, rank and file members.
Eunuch: a political eunuch. See: a cog in a machine.
Higher up.
Over sbs head: I couldn't help feeling jealous when she was promoted over my head,
I'm not happy that you went over my head to ask for this time off.

Subordinate(adj): in many society women are subordinate to men.

Subordinate(n)= inferior: he always confer with his subordinates before making
decision, relationship between subordinates and superiors.
Inferior(2): an inferior officer.

Line(11): orders came down the line from the very top, he's second in line to the
chairman, to be next in line to the throne, the line of command.

See: OperationControlHonesty: headship.

Governing: the conservatives were the governing party them , the school's governing
body took responsibility for the decision.
Ruling: the ruling party/ body.
The powers that be: the powers that be are trying to figure out what should we do.
The corridors of power.
Leaderless: his sudden death left the country leaderless.
Executive(adj,2): executive board/ body/ committee/ officer/ authority/ power is
held by the president.
Office holder/ bearer.

Be in sbs gift | be in the gift of sb: such posts are in the gift of the general

On sbs coat-tails: she got where she's today on her brother's coattails. See:
reflected glory.
See: #help: grease the wheel. DoingMaking: old boys network, nepotism, cronyism.
Have friends in high places.
Pull rank on sb. See: pull string.
Throw your weight around: she was a good manager who didn't find it necessary to
throw your weight around. See here: wire puller.
Ex officio: ex officio member of the committee. See: honorary.
Figurehead: the president of the club isn't just a figurehead. See: nominal, in
effect, effective, titular, a ceremonial post, the real power behind the throne, in
all but name.
In name only: He's party leader in name only.
Wire puller.

Self-declared. see: unacknowledged leader.

Self styled: self styled president/ expert. See: not that.
Self appointed
Self proclaimed
Self-selection. See: volunteer. see: self appointed, self declared, unacknowledged.
see: self motivated.

Blockade: a naval blockade

to impose/lift a blockade
an economic blockade (= stopping goods from entering or leaving a country)
blockades of roads by truck drivers protesting over pay
Embargo: SYNONYM boycott
an arms embargo
embargo (on something) an embargo on arms sales to certain countries
a trade embargo against certain countries
to impose/enforce/lift an embargo
Snub: SYNONYM boycott
All the country's leading players snubbed the tournament.
Black(v): SYNONYM boycott
The unions have blacked all imports from the country.
Sanction(n): Trade sanctions were imposed against any country that refused to sign
the agreement.
The economic sanctions have been lifted.
Veto= ban: SYNONYM ban
For months there was a veto on employing new staff.
See: force: bar.
Outlaw: SYNONYM ban
plans to outlaw the carrying of knives
the outlawed nationalist party
Proscribe: proscribed organizations
Membership of any proscribed organization is a serious matter.
Officials promptly proscribed the procedure.
See: law: outlaw and much more.
See: measure: curfew.

Unban: OPPOSITE ban

The main anti-apartheid parties were unbanned in 1990.
Unfreeze: The party plans to unfreeze some of the cash held by local government.
See: startEnd/ Force: impose, lift, raise, clamp, etc.