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Prosthetic: a prosthetic arm

Kidney machine
Pacemaker: After his last heart attack, he was fitted with a pacemaker.
Ventilator: He was put on a ventilator.
Respirator: She was put on a respirator.
Oxygen mask
Oxygen tent
Life-support machine/ system: He was put on a life-support machine in intensive
Defibrillator: defibrillation
Drip(n3)= IV: She's been put on a drip.

Aspirate: Samples were aspirated from the stomach.


Dialysis: kidney/renal dialysis
a dialysis machine
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Dentist= dental sergeon
Dentist(2): an appointment at the dentists
She couldnt get treatment because she wasnt registered with the dentist. see:
the doctor's
Dentistry(2): preventive dentistry
Orthodontic: orthodontic treatment
Dental: dental disease/care/treatment/health
a dental appointment
dental records
(British English) a dental surgery (= where a dentist sees patients)
periodontitis= pyorrhoea

Floss= dental floss
Dental dam

Toothed; a toothed whale
The motor was driven by a toothed belt.
Toothed(2): a gap-toothed smile
Toothless: a toothless old man
She gave us a toothless grin.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Buck teeth
Milk tooth= baby tooth
Wisdom tooth
False teeth

Root canal
Roof(4) of your mouth
Gum: gum disease
Gumboil. see: mouth ulcer, cranker.
Toothache: I've got toothache.
(North American English, British English) I've got a toothache.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Teethe: he began to teethe at the age of 3.

Cut a tooth
Cut(22): When did she cut her first tooth?
Drop out

Chatter(2): Her teeth chattered as she dressed.

Grit your teeth: She gritted her teeth against the pain.
Stop it! he said through gritted teeth.
Bare your teeth,
Cap(v4): SYNONYM crown
He's had his front teeth capped.
Crown: SYNONYM cap
I've had one of my teeth crowned.
Gap-toothed: a gap-toothed smile/grin
Toothy: a toothy smile
Impacted: an impacted wisdom tooth
Overbite: She was a fifth-grader when she got braces to correct an overbite and a
gap between her two front teeth.
Brace: My daughter has to wear a brace on her teeth.
Filling: I had to have two fillings at the dentist's today.
One of my fillings came out this morning.
Shes only eight years old and she already has five fillings.
The dentist said she would do the filling immediately.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Caries: dental caries
Cavity: Most dentists fill cavities right away.
Scale(v3): The dentist scaled and polished my teeth.
Plaque: Remove plaque by brushing your teeth regularly.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Extraction(4): I didnt like having my teeth drilled but extractions were

infinitely worse.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Taste bud
Abdmoinal: abdominal pains
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Adenoidal: an adenoidal voice (= one that sounds as though you are talking through
your nose, caused by adenoids swelling)
Nasal speech
Airway: Prevent the tongue falling back and obstructing the airway.


Snort(v): to snort cocaine

Snort(n): to take a snort of cocaine
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Respire: Terrestrial amphibians respire through their skin.

Exhale: He sat back and exhaled deeply.
exhale something She exhaled the smoke through her nose.
Inhale: SYNONYM breathe in
She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.
He inhaled deeply on another cigarette.
Lift your arms above your head and inhale as you stretch.
inhale something Local residents needed hospital treatment after inhaling fumes
from the fire.
Draw(16): draw at/on something He drew thoughtfully on his pipe.
draw something in She breathed deeply, drawing in the fresh mountain air. see:
Wind(v1): He was momentarily winded by the blow to his stomach.
Puff(v3): SYNONYM gasp
I was starting to puff a little from the climb.
Gasp(v2): gasp (for something) He came to the surface of the water gasping for
gasp (something) (out) She managed to gasp out her name.
+ speech Can't breathe, he gasped.
Gulp: gulp (for something) She came up gulping for air.
gulp something (in) He leant against the car, gulping in the cold air.
Gulp(n): Can you start on Monday? Amy gave a gulp. Of course, she said.
He drank the glass of whisky in one gulp.
Pant: His breath came in short pants.
SEE ALSO pants
See: pain: the bends
Short(9): a fat man, always short of breath
Shallow breathing
Huff and puff: Jack was huffing and puffing to keep up with her.
Puffed= puffed out: I get really puffed in the aerobics class.
See this at: Health.
Puff(5): The hill was very steep and I soon ran out of puff.
SEE ALSO powder puff
Sniffle(v/n): After a while, her sniffles died away
Snuffle(n/v): The silence was broken only by the snuffles of the dogs.
His breath came in snuffles.
Snuffle(v): SYNONYM sniff
I could hear the child snuffling in her sleep.
Sniff: We all had colds and couldn't stop sniffing and sneezing.
She sniffed a little and dabbed at her eyes.
Wheeze: He was coughing and wheezing all night.
She was wheezing with delight at her own joke.
+ speech I have a chest infection, she wheezed.
Wheezy: I'm wheezy today.
a wheezy cough
A breath of fresh air: We'll get a breath of fresh air at lunchtime.
Lungful: She gulped in lungfuls of cool fresh air.
Deep(6): She took a deep breath.
He gave a deep sigh.
Snore: I could hear Paul snoring in the next room.
Snore(n): She lay awake listening to his snores.
Snort: The horse snorted and tossed its head.
snort with something to snort with laughter
snort in something She snorted in disgust.
+ speech You! he snorted contemptuously.
Respiration: Blood pressure and respiration are also recorded.
SEE ALSO artificial respiration
Respirator: She was put on a respirator.
Respiratory: the respiratory system
respiratory diseases
the respiratory rate
Bronchial: bronchial pneumonia
bronchial asthma
Bronchitic: a bronchitic cough
Bronchitis: He was suffering from chronic bronchitis.
Windpipe: SYNONYM trachea
It felt as if strong fingers were squeezing his windpipe.
She got a pea stuck in her windpipe.
Asthma: a severe asthma attack
We have thousands of asthma cases a year.
children who develop asthma
Asthmatic: asthmatic patients
an asthmatic attack
Therapy: clenbuterol, salbutamol
Legionnaires' disease
Chesty: Im a bit chesty at night.
a chesty cough
Black lung

Pulmonary: pulmonary disease
the pulmonary artery
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Asphyxia: to die of asphyxia
Asphyxiate: SYNONYM suffocate
He was asphyxiated by the smoke.
asphyxiating gases
Asphyxiation: The cause of death was asphyxiation.
Choke: She almost choked to death in the thick fumes.
choke on something He was choking on a piece of toast.
choke somebody Very small toys can choke a baby.
Collapse(6): (lungs)
Obstructive: obstructive lung disease
Obstruction: SYNONYM blockage
He had an operation to remove an obstruction in his throat.
bowel/intestinal obstruction
Stuffed up
Congestion: congestion of the lungs
medicine to relieve nasal congestion
Rx: a nasal decongestant

Cold(n2): I've got a cold.

a bad/heavy/slight cold
to catch a cold
Cough(n2): to have a dry/persistent/hacking cough
My cold's better, but I can't seem to shake off this cough.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Runny: I think Im getting a coldIve got a sore throat and a runny nose.
Dry(4): a dry hacking cough
Hacking cough
Get\ have\ etc the sniffles
Get\ have\ etc the snuffles
Rx: Linctus: cough linctus, cough syrup= cough mixture= cough medicine

Sinus: blocked sinuses

Strep throat

Pneumonia: She died from bronchial pneumonia.
Whooping cough= pertussis
TB= tuberculosis= consumption: an increase in the number of TB cases
SARS: No new SARS cases have been reported in the region.

Expectorate. Rx: expectorant ????

Sputum: blood in the sputum

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Eustachian tube
Cardio: cardiogram
Coronary: coronary (heart) disease
a coronary patient (= somebody suffering from coronary disease)
He had collapsed and died of a massive coronary.
Coronary thrombosis

Systole X diastole

Murmur(4): a heart murmur.

Bypass: heart bypass surgery
a triple bypass operation
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Ingest: Food is the major source of ingested bacteria.
Grazing animals ingest dioxins through eating contaminated plants.
Inject: inject something (into yourself/somebody/something) Adrenaline was injected
into the muscle.
The anaesthetic is injected locally.
inject yourself/somebody/something (with something) She has been injecting herself
with insulin since the age of 16.
The animals were injected with small amounts of the chemical.

Digest: Humans cannot digest plants such as grass.

You should allow a little time after a meal for the food to digest.
Digestion: Vegetables are usually cooked to aid digestion.
COMPARE indigestion
Digestion(2): to have a good/poor digestion
Digestive: the digestive system/tract
digestive problems
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Indigestion: SYNONYM dyspepsia

Rich food always gives me indigestion.
Rx: Alak-Seltzer, Magnesia, Milk of magnesia, Liver salts
Juice(4): digestive/gastric juices

Gastric: a gastric ulcer

gastric juices (= the acids in your stomach that help you to digest food)
Digestive system
Alimentary canal
Peptic ulcer
coeliac disease
Metabolism: The body's metabolism is slowed down by extreme cold.

gastric flue
Gastic band: Hes had a gastric band fitted to help him lose weight.
a gastric band operation
gastric band surgery
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015


Surgery: major/ minor surgery, to undergo a surgery, she had three surgeries in
under one month.
Surgical: surgical procedure/ ward, the lump will need to be surgically removed.
Invasive X non invasive (of a surgery).
Operative: operative treatment. See: post operative.
Post operative: the post operative period.
Operable X inoperable.
Operate(5): the doctors operated last night, we'll have to operate on his eye, to
operate for suspected acute appendicitis.
Procedure(3): to perform a routine surgical procedure.
Keyhole surgery
Incision: make a small incision below the ribs.
Section(9): the surgeon performed a section on the vein. See: caesarean.
Transplant: patients often reject transplanted objects, surgeons have successfully
transplanted a liver into a boy, organs are transplanted from donors into patients
who need them. See: implant.
Implant(2): an electrode implanted into the brain
So far, only one person has survived an operation to implant an artificial heart.
COMPARE transplant
Implant(n): silicone breast implants.
Graft: skin graft.
Graft(v): newly grafted tissue onto/ into/ to his back, a tissue from his back has
to be grafted on.

Operating table: the patient died on the operating table.

Operating theatre/ table.
Lavage ( )
Cauterize : the wound has to be cauterize.
Open heart surgery
Prep(v): prepare someone for operation.
Under the knife= stab.
Suture(n/v): signs of the suture are still obvious, to suture a wound.
Stitch(4): the wound needed six stitches, I had six stitches in my foot after the
accident, I'm having / getting my stitches out today.
Stitch(v): the wound will need to be stitched (up).

Intubate: they managed to intubate the victim inside the wrecked car, to intubate
the trachea, we made the decision not to intubate.

Dilatation and curettage

Plastic surgery/ surgeon: she needs extensive plastic surgery to her face.
Skin graft
Tuck(n,2): a tummy/ belly tuck.
Restorative: restorative surgery /dentistry.
Reconstructive: reconstructive surgery.


Medicate. see: treat at: accident.

Serum: snakebite serum

Overdose: a drug/drugs overdose

She took a massive overdose of sleeping pills.
OD= overdose(v): He had overdosed on heroin.
(figurative) I had overdosed on sun.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015


Biological clock: (figurative) At 35, Kate's biological clock was ticking (= she
was beginning to think that she would soon be too old to have children).
The movements of the leaves are triggered by the plants biological clock.
Circadian: Jet lag occurs because jet travel ignores the circadian timekeeper.

Genito-unrinary: genito-urinary disease/medicine

Acute: acute appendicitis

OPPOSITE chronic
Chronic: chronic bronchitis/arthritis/asthma
the countrys chronic unemployment problem
a chronic shortage of housing in rural areas
Chronic(3): a chronic alcoholic/depressive

Quiescent= doemant
Dormant: SYNONYM inactive
a dormant volcano
During the winter the seeds lie dormant in the soil.
The seeds may lie dormant for hundreds of years.
Carry: Ticks can carry a nasty disease which affects humans.
Vector: Mosquitoes are the vectors in malaria.
Incubate: The source of infection may be a person who is incubating an infectious
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Connective: connective tissue

Aspirate: Samples were aspirated from the stomach.



Geriatric: a geriatric patient/ward (= in a hospital)
geriatric care/medicine
See: gerontologist.

Clinical: clinical research (= done on patients, not just considering theory)
clinical training (= the part of a doctors training done in a hospital)
clinical trials of a drug
Clinically: clinically depressed
clinically dead (= judged to be dead from the condition of the body)
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015


Cryonics. see: cryogenics


The Hippocratic oath

Paramedic: Paramedics treated the injured at the roadside.

Ambulance worker
Paramedical: paramedical staff
See: first aid, first responders.
Medic: Somebody call a medic!
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

House officer
Intern: Interns and residents at the hospital are working 12-hour shifts.
COMPARE house officer
See: stagier, rotator
Registrar: a paediatric registrar
Consultant: a consultant in obstetrics
a consultant surgeon

Doctor: You'd better see a doctor about that cough.

Doctor Staples (= as a title/form of address)
Doc: What did the doc say?
Will I be OK, Doc?
Quack. see: shrink at: mental

Medicinal: medicinal herbs/plants

medicinal properties/use
(humorous) He claims he keeps a bottle of brandy only for medicinal purposes.
See: therapeutic, curative.

Ampoule: The drugs stolen include an ampoule of adrenaline which could kill if