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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiterin]
Thursday July 13, 2010 23:09:56

Did meet him this evening, had good two way com with him, the subject
was nothing specific, more over the past.

I asked him what is his purpose, vision. The answer was: in the past to help
people, but he failed, he said. He also said,that he failed with all his intentions
also in SCN [Scientology].

I will meet him again the next days.

ML xxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiterin]
Thursday July 15, 2010 21:14:18

Hallo xxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiterin],

I did speek to xx [Scientologe] 10 minutes ago on the phone and I told him, that
I have learned, that he plans or has already done to go against SCN
[Scientology] with the help of an attorney. He said, that he has already
authorized attorneys to go against SCN, there are more attorneys involved
and he has put his assets as balance, advanced payment.

He said, may be then he get response to his letters and his request.
He said this step is an subtarget, the target is bringing in ethics and policies.

I told him, that I don't want to loose my best friend. We agreed to meet and talk
tomorrow after the event.

ARC xxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiterin]
Tuesday July 20, 2010 23:56:45

Dear xxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiterin],

I did talk to xx [Scientologe] on friday after the first mayden voyage event and
yesterday and short on the phone today. Here is the content of these
He has signed a paper with attorneys, which authorizes them to evaluate
possibilities and work out a concept to go against the various ORGs to push
through as the first step his several time asked request to erase all the files,
documents and data, which might exist in the ORGs on him, he told me. A
second step might follow, he said.

I told him, that this is rather strong tobacco, which means in our language
something heavy. And I mentioned to him, that he knows what SCN
[Scientology] and LRH [[L. Ron Hubbard] says about such things. He said, that
he has no other chance, as he did not get any feedback on his letters.
Also PC folders and Ethice folders are part of the request, as there are wrong
data in them, he said. He tried to correct this several times, but his information
did not find its way into the folders. As example for false data he mentioned,
that he would have seen hypnoses as better then auditing, this he had precised,
that this was not his position, but it did not find its way in the folders.
Those files or documents, which have to be kept due to legal requirements are
excluded from this request.
With ORGs it is meant organisations, where he had been somehow a staff and/or
did get service.
In addition to the request to erase the data and the files and folders he wants to
get the certificates for all the training he did in the Sea Org.
There is an authorized attorney (or more then one) in Austria and few more in
foreign countries, like always one for the country, where an ORG is located.
These attorneys have to coordinate between each other, so xx [Scientologe]

He has authorized them last week in June 2010, after 21st of June, he said. He
mentioned, that around the 21st of June he has written to the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Scientology-Stabsstelle], where he mentioned, that he will take legal action, if
he does not get a reaction. He did not get a reply. He then wrote again, where he
said thank you for the authorisation to take legal action.
The attorneys are all young attorneys, very ambitious, all of them want to have a
very popular success in a legal case and want to become famous by such a
success. These young attorneys are advised by more experienced attorneys, xx
[Scientologe] called these more experienced attorneys "mentors".
He has given his personal securities (in German called Wertpapiere) and stocks
(in German called Aktien) as a downpayment, respective deposit. The value of
this deposit is litlle bit less then eight thousand Euro (8.000.- Euro). According
to him he has now restricted control, respective disposal over these his securities
and stocks.

The attorney(s) have prepared a document, which was signed by xx
[Scientologe], this is the authorization to the attorney(s).
If the case is won and the attorney(s) can squeeze out money from the ORGs,
then he gets his deposit back.
He can and would be willing to pull back the authorization, if he gets 50%
compensated from his deposit and he gets written confirmation, that all files and
folders are erased, destroyed, including possible electronic copies, except those
data, which have to be kept due to legal requirements. Also the cycles in Munich
with the closing of the gmx e-mail account and the PSK bank account, which he
had opened under his name for the church [= Scientology] must be finished.
This cycle regardind settlement should happen soon according to xx
[Scientologe], however no exact timeline was given by xx [Scientologe].

He also mentioned the possibility of legal case financing organisations
(Prozeßfinanzierungsfirmen), but here I had the impression, that not too many
details have been worked out by him so far, howevever one such organisation is
already involved, he said.
These type of organisations want to make money, he said. He mentioned, that
the attorney(s) have a tendency to come up with and want to argue with mental,
respective emotional cruelty, but this is basically not what he wants, he said. It
looks like, that this is undecided. He said, that Source is coming in again and
stays in is what he wants.
However, the argument mental and emotional cruelty against xx [Scientologe]
im the past in SCN, Sea Org could be a "fruitfull" argument, way for the
attorney(s) to go against the church and/or any individual organisation,
including the Sea Org with the target and purpose to squeeze out money, which
on the other hand would finance their legal and attorney cost too. This situation
could be attractive for legal case financing organisations.

Reports or letters xx [Scientologe] has sent to various organisations and church
terminals do not have to be destroyed, but the filing can not be done under his

At the end of yesterdays conversation I asked him, if he would look back his
time span with SCN, where did it go realy wrong? His answer was Berlin.
Today I pulled a little bit more the strings [= fragte ihn aus] on that. On
Berlin he repeated the off policy situation there, that he did not get money
for sleeping and food. He said, that he was out int
[“Auditingbefindlichkeit”], but was send from Munich to Berlin, he was
told, that it will be for three days only and then he will go back in Session,
at the end he remained in Berlin and no session, he said. Everything was
more important then going in Session. From 19.4.2007 onwards he did not
get staff pay [Bezahlung].

On friday on the way home from the event he did show me his receipt from the
Euro Lotto, where had bought a tip. He asked me to make a strong postulate for
a win, he will share the win with me, if he wins.
I asked him, what he would do with the money, if he wins? His answer was
financing an ideal ORG building for Vienna.

I tried to handle him to give up the request to destroy the PC and Ethic folder, as
this might be needed in the future, so my argument.
Here he was thinking, but not really pulling back; this should be taken up a
second time. His reaction was "I do not have hope anymore, I was disappointed
often". I said it is never too late for the bridge.

My impression is, that this possible legal case has a potential to become a
threat and I would say it is worthwile to try to settle it.
This also then, if we do not have hundert percent proof, that the data he gave me
are right, as he denied me to see the document signed with the attorneys. But he
gave me always an impression of willing to go along with the attorneys, if not

Beside the 50% compensation I would suggest to offer full compensation
(close to eight thousand Euro), if he reveals the name of the attorneys to us
and he signs a document, where he declares, that he will never go again
against the church or against any SCN organisation.

These are the data I could get and pull out from xx [Scientologe] including what
I think about and what I would like to suggest.

ML xxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiterin]
Tuesday July 30, 2010 09:43:41

I have met xx [Scientologe] on last Wednesday, following is please the
summary of the content of the conversation with him.

He did get a reply from Germany regarding the bank account and the
discontinuation of the e-mail account. The reply is without any details regarding
the subject itself, so he said. On his reply question, what the content is, he got
the answer, that this will follow. He is concerned, that there might be overdue
depths on the bank account and the e-mail account and that at the end he has to
pay that, which was never the agreement according to him.

Regarding the issue with his authorization to attorneys he is waiting a response
from the church [Scientology], if he does not get a response he has to advice the
next step to the attorneys the week after the next week.

He will be out of town next week, he will help the pope from the local church,
where he is living, to transport used clothes to Polen by a truck.

ARC xxxxxxx [Scientology-Mitarbeiter]

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