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1. Check the schedule to see how __ the trains run.

A. frequent C. frequency

B. frequently D. frequented

2. We could print newspaper ads to __ our new restaurant.

A. publicity C. public

B. publicize D. publication

3. UNICEF has __ the responsibility of aiding children in need.

A. assumption C. assumes

B. assumed D. assuming

4. Electronic games challenge eye-hand __ in a setting designed to provide entertainment.

A. coordination C. coordinative

B. coordinate D. coordinating

5. Throughout the animal kingdom, _ bigger than the elephant.

A. whale is only the C. is the whale only

B. only the whale is D. only whale is the

6. We have __ left in my pocket.

A. twenties dollar C. twenty dollars

B. twenty dollar D. twenties dollars

7. She hopes that she can lose about _ before December.

A. five pound C. five of pounds

B. five of pound D. five pounds

8. ___ means different things to different people.

A. The happiness C. Happiness

B. A happiness D. Happinesss

9. Bread __ expensive in the grocery store on the corner.

A. is C. has been

B. are D. were

10. If you open the door, ___ will circulate better.

A. the air C. an air

B. airs D. air

11. _ attempts to clarify mankinds relationship with a superhuman power.

A. The religion C. religion

B. A religion D. religions

12. Each __ in this display is on sale for half price.

A. furniture C. pieces of furniture

B. a furniture D. piece of furniture

13. We saw ___ of birds at the wildlife preserve.

A. several kinds C. some kind

B. several kind D. any kinds

14. One of the best reasons to eat vegetables __ to add fiber to your diet.

A. are C. were

B. was D. is

15. Although southern California is densely populated, ____live in the northern part of the state.

A. a little people C. few people

B. a few the people D. a little of people

16. I think that there is too __ violence on TV.

A. few C. many

B. little D. much

17. _ processes information in many ways.

A. A software C. The software

B. Software D. Softwares

18. If the weather is good, Helen and _ will go to the beach.

A. me C. mine

B. I D. me

19. When they have enough money, Pat and _ will probably go back to school.

A. her C. she

B. herself D. hers

20. Do you really believe that she has blamed _ for the accident?

A. we C. ours

B. our D. us

21. My father approves of _ studying in the United States.

A. my C. mine

B. I D. me

22. The dog bit _ on the tail.

A. their C. her

B. themselves D. its

23. When you see the African lions in the park, you see _ in their true environment.

A. its C. them

B. their D. your
24. The accountant was terminated because of her ____.

A. effectiveness C. effective

B. careless D. carelessness

25. That process is not ___ in the factory.

A. economize C. economical

B. economically D. economics

26. The director of purchasing can __ the best price.

A. negotiable C. negotiator

B. negotiate D. negotiation

27. The new furniture ___ good in the lobby.

A. looks C. looking

B. look D. looked

28. The employees collected several __ to give to the poor.

A. clothes C. bags of clothes

B. some clothes D. bag of clothes

29. The name of __ is Swiss Marketing Associates.

A. a company C. companies

B. company D. the company

30. Mr. Jacky needs to hire __________.

A. the new secretary C. new secretary

B. a new secretary D. an new secretary

31. __ processes information in many ways.

A. A software C. the software

B. An software D. Software

32. The employees participating in the time management seminar will learn how to utilize _ time
efficiently at work.

A. they C. them

B. their D. theirs

33. I read _____ that was very good.

A. some literature C. some literatures

B. any literature D. many literature

34. __ of the entire department made the project a success.

A. An effort C. Effort

B. A effort D. The effort

35. The director of purchasing can be _ for the best price.

A. negotiable C. negotiator

B. negotiate D. negotiation

36. The soybean has provided _ with more than a hundred different products.

A. us C. we

B. our D. ourselves

37. The president of _ Bradford Businessmans Association is hosting the celebration.

A. a C. one

B. the D. for

38. The _ had eroded along the bank.

A. soils C. soiled

B. soiling D. soil

39. She wanted to find out for _ what the Norwegian fjord were like.
A. himself C. themselves

B. itself D. herself

40. Manhattan residents usually prefer less _ areas when they go on vacation.

A. population C. populate

B. populations D. populous

41. The court made it obvious that illegal parking would no longer be __.

A. tolerated C. tolerant

B. tolerate D. tolerance

42. A large number of clients mentioned that they found the company`s newest brochure to be

A. benefit C. benefits

B. benefiting D. beneficial

43. Many car manufacturers are planning to produce hybrid cars which burn less fuel and permit
fewer __ into the air.

A. pollution C. pollutants

B. pollute D. polluting

44. The office copy machines malfunction __ than the computers do.

A. more frequent C. more frequently

B. most frequent D. most frequently

45. Seminar __ numbers received a boost this year as they easily surpassed last years figures.

A. participated C. participant

B. participation D. participate

46. The number of employees taking pre-work leadership classes has __ increased this quarter.

A. sharp C. sharpened
B. sharply D. sharpness

47. The amount of books in the Library of Congress is more than 58 million volumes.


48. The food, including the fruits and vegetables, were on the table.


49. Please open the curtains and let more lights into the room.


50. Toothpaste for hotel guests are available at the front desk.


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