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CORE 017-1

1. Polar Coordinate Distance Radius Vector

2. D < B2-4AC = Ellipse
3. A parabola (plural "parabolas"; Gray 1997, p. 45) is the set of all points in the plane equidistant
from a given line Parabola
4. The line segment containing both foci of a hyperbola whose endpoints are both on the
hyperbola Transverse Axis
5 18 GG EZ
19. An angle with the vertex formed with the common endpoint and two chords in a circle.
Ans. Inscribed Angle
20. An angle with measurement of 360 degrees Ans: Full Angle
21. A thyrector: Ans. suppress transients
22. GG EZ
23. Ans. Cache
24. What do you call hfe? Ans. Beta
25. GG EZ
26. Zero input in an operational amplifier Ans: Offset
27. GG EZ
28. The difference of an indicated value to its actual value is called Ans. Accuracy
29. A device used to measure the efflux time of a specified volume of fluid through fixed orifice
at the bottom of a cup to represent the viscosity of the fluid. Ans. Saybolt instrument
30. In filament lamps, increasing the voltage will result to a lower value of current. This behavior
is referred to as Ans. Non-linear
31. The use of a byte to store two numerals is called Ans. Packed BCD
32. When ejection of electron decreases energy level from the incident radiation,
Ans. Photoemission occurs
33. A device consisting of LED/IRED combined into a single diode. Ans. Optoisolator
34. When a DC value exceeds the positive and negative peak values in a clamper, a _________ is
developed. Ans. Pulsating DC
35. When current flows through a wire, it produces a magnetic field around the wire in the form
of? (Di ito yung actual question pero oarang ganito yung main thought.) Ans. Concentric Circles
36. A varactor can be used in what application? Ans. Tuning a Gunn diode
37 45 BORBON
46 54 LACSON
55. What would be multiplied to current and voltage to get the value of true power?
Ans. Power factor
56. If the cross-sectional area is halved what will happen to the resistance? Ans. Doubled
57. What will happen to the power dissipated by a component if the resistance is halved?
Ans. Doubled
58. Rf current and heating current Ans. Same
59. What would be the load impedance if the power source has an internal impedance?
Ans. The load impedance should be equal to internal impedance.
60. How to calculate inductance of parallel inductors without mutual inductance?
Ans. Alam niyo na yun
61. If the emitter resistance doubles with TSEB, the collector current will
a. Drop in half b. Stay the same
c. Double d. Increase

62.If a splash of solder shorts the collector resistor of TSEB, the collector voltage will
a. Drop to zero b. Equal the collector supply voltage
c. Stay the same d. Double

63. If the emitter resistance increases with TSEB, the collector voltage will
a. Decrease b. Stay the same
c. Increase d. Equal the collector supply voltage

Q: In TSEB, the base current must be very: Small
Q: The Q point of TSEB does not depend on the: Current Gain
Q: The majority carriers in the emitter of a PNP transistor are: Holes
Q: The current gain of a PNP transistor is: The ratio of the collector current to base current
Q: Which is the largest current in a PNP transistor: Emitter Current
Q: Change in rate of velocity: Acceleration
Q: Unit of luminous intensity: Candela
Q: Determines the number of protons: Atomic Number
Q: Answer: Exchange Energy
Q: Product of reaction of acid and base: Salt
Q: Answer: Rotational Kinetic Energy
82. Discovered the Proton: Ans. Ernest Rutherford
83. GG EZ
84. Which of the following values are not included in the Ans. integrity
85 89 GG EZ

90-98 (Answers lang )

Ans. Diffraction of crystal

Ans. Planning
Ans. Intermediate planning (middle)
Ans. Atomic mass unit/atomic number
Ans. Composite
108. A device interconnecting two networks that use different protocols and formats is called a
a. Bridge b. Gateway
c. Router d. Node
109. A device interconnecting LANs together that usually have identical protocols at the physical
and data link layers is called a
a. Bridge b. Gateway
c. Router d. Node
110. In telephony, traffic is defined in
a. Hundred-call seconds b. Average number of calls in a specific period of time
c. Erlang d. All the above
111. The Internet and the WWW are
a. The same thing b. Completely different
c. Related d. Local area networks
112. The following term is not a major concept in cellular phone systems.
a. Frequency reuse b. Cell reuse
c. Cell splitting d. Handoff
113. In local area networks, the following topology or topologies are seldom used.
a. Star b. Ring
c. Bus d. a and b
114. The xDSL service with the highest projected data rate is
115. The chief advantage of coaxial cable over open-wire line is
a. Minimized radiation losses b. Low cost
c. Low noise pick up d. Low resistive losses
116. Unshielded twisted-pair cable is
a. Seldom used due to noise problems b. Increasingly used in computer networking
c. More costly than coaxial cable d. All the above
117 125 NONITO
Q: Which is not an effect of our environment on wave propagation? Radiation
Q: A point in space that radiates electromagnetic energy equally in all directions is called
Isotropic point source
Q: Not one of the basic modes if getting radio wave from the transmitting to receiving antenna
Shadow wave
Q: Type of wave that is most affected by the D, E, F layers of the ionosphere Sky wave
Q: Largest frequency that will be returned to earth when transmitted vertically under given
ionosphere conditions Critical frequency
Q: Characteristic impedance of free space 377 ohms
Q: Area between the point where the ground wave ends and first sky wave returns Quiet zone
& Skip zone
Q: Refraction and reflection action of sky wave between the ionosphere and ground Skip
Q: Satellite communication system used by companies such as K-Mart to quickly verify credit
cards and check inventory data VSAT

The AT&T T1 - Use 8-bit PCM code and include 24 voice channels
Flat line - No reflection and VSWR = 1
In a balanced line, the same current flows in each line 180 deg out of phase
The input impedance of a quarter wavelength section of a 50- transmission line that is
terminated with a short Infinite
Device that is used to match an unbalanced transmission line to a balanced transmission
line Balun
Antenna can be transducer
Installing a receiving antenna, you can often overcome diffraction problems Hot spot
The process of interchangeability of receiving and transmitting operations of antennas
Half-wave dipole antenna Hertz antenna
Antenna that is a quarter-wavelength long connected such that the ground acts as a
reflecting quarter-wavelength section Marconi antenna
Angular separation between the half power points on an antenna's radiation pattern
Standard AM broadcast stations usually use what type of transmitting antennas
Marconi array
Antenna often found in small AM broadcast receivers Ferrite loop antenna
Yagi-Uda antenna consists parasitic director and reflector