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Roll ABOVE Aptitude. Hit models in cover on a 6 ROLL TO HIT Leader Shooter FIGHTING ROLL TO HIT Leader ae “Hit below the bore!” Fighter - Roll BELOW Aptitude, Shooter (| Healer G) ‘The rules prosented here are Mini Gangs: Gateway, This leaflet ie a full stand-alone game designed to help children and learn hhow to play tabletop strategy games. For more advanced gamers, = ' Ramshackle Games recommends Mini Gangs: Casual and Hardcore Which are expansions for Gateway. They add equipment, skills, new HEM weapons, armour, scenarios and many other features.» less visite Ramshackle Games we ste for mere (NSS Seen aes OFTIIG LVN ‘makes a lightweight and fun rules system for quick games. ts ideal for ‘hubs, families and hard-core ‘gamers looking fora quick fx. Mini Gangs is: a ime of hatties in the Post-t Apocalyptic wasteland, Players take turns to use thelr mini gangs on the battle feld. Each gang is trying to injure all the {enemy models, Players have 4 models each. q ' Leader, a Fighter, a Shootor and a Healer. its up to you which models you use but it needs to be easy to see which Is which, uA ‘The Leader should obviously be the coolest model you have. A Leader can shoot and Is so quite good at ighting, so should have a gun and. 2 combat weapon, FIGHTER The Fighter is re ‘model with a har be anything you fr any other fire ‘a chainsaw ‘suooTEn Shooters are great shots but not so good at jeent matter what kind of Healers can’t shoot and they aren't very ‘900d at fighting, so for this model chose ne that has a bag, mod-pack or other auch Tike non-wepaon Rem, A wizard with a staff right also make a good healer model j layers have chosen thie modes, j ‘on the gaming table. This shet scenery ent dai mat tart the game a last om from a {turn players make an Acton Witsaeh of oda. When all har mode have made an Aetion tm torn onde ands ha next player's tr F your cine Each layer convo four diferent model character in Midi Gangs, Thos are jer a healer Médeld each have a number that goes with them called Awesomeness. Awesoméness shows how good, ‘the model is at fighting, shooting or healing. The profes befeWw show each character's Awesomeness yiich actions that meds may make Under exerotl sg ayaugston aso how to equ ya ‘What they look like shold sbow whlch ype dh Le >) Ga BRA] Tey excel in all forms of close up king. Get your {ger close to your enemies and watch them gol In your tun each of your models may make one action each. Actions are Move, Crawi, Fight, Charge, Shoot or Heal. Select a model and say which action itis taking. Your turn ends when all your models have made an action, Some characters can make actions that others cannot. MOVE ‘All models may make a Move Action, {All models may make a Fight Action. ‘Armodel may attack 1 enemy it is touching Roll a dic. you roll UNDER your Awesomeness then you hhave won the fight and Injured the enemy. you roll EQUAL TO or OVER your ‘Awesomeness then the fights a draw and nobody is hur. pe move and a fight action into one action. First the character may make anormal move action of 10cm, ‘Then they may make a normal fight action against any enemy model they are now touching, s Serene gers fy WINNING AND LOSING sisi fel aes aac be ty ‘ayers lve al alr mol areal uo hey au. “/ ebiayerraania toro wir ip 2 —————— Rifle, ptol, blaster, take your pick! The range and accuracy of a good shot can make the difenrce between winning and losing, Healers dont cary weapons but can havea staf I] wand, bag book or other em. A good mesic can sop your geng going when the chips Leaders and Shooters may make Shoot Actions. You may choose an enemy model to shoot a Your shooting model must be able to see the target model This target model must be within 30cm of the ‘Sometimes the target model is covered by ‘gaming terrain so thatthe shooter can only se@ you rell OVER your Awesomeness then you hhave hit and Injured the enemy. you roll EQUAL TO or UNDER your Hf Only healers may make a ‘A model may try to heal 1 Injured model itis touching Rolla dice, Ifyou roll OVER your Awesomeness then you havo healed the injured mode ‘Stand the healed model back up, ‘The model Is no longer injured. ae as Injured, lay them down on the ‘gaming table. Injured characters may only ‘make Crawl Actions until Healed wate you roll EQUAL TO oF UNDER your Awesomeness you have failed to heal the target model, target model is stil injured. Saat ort Th ies: rat