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(Part 1)

by Jeremy Taylor

Colin the Condor came out of his shell on a cold morning in late February.

'Come on Colin,' said his mummy. 'Eat this!'

'What is it?' asked Colin.

'It's a worm,' said his mummy.

Colin ate the worm. It tasted horrible. 'Uuuurgh! I don't like worms,' said Colin.

What will Colin eat?

On his second day, Colin's daddy came to the nest. 'Hello, Colin,' he said. Heres
something for you to eat.'

'What is it?'

'It's a mouse,' said his daddy.

Colin tried to eat the mouse. It tasted horrible. 'Uuuurgh! I don't like mice,' he said.

Colin didnt like worms, either. Nor did he like fish or lamb. He didnt eat anything
at all.

Every day Colin grew thinner. His parents soon became very worried about him.

One day his daddy found a piece of cheese on a bird table. He flew home and gave
the cheese to Colin.

''What is it?' asked Colin.

''It's cheese,' said his daddy.

''I dont like cheese.'

''Youve never had cheese before, said Colins daddy. Try and eat a little.'

Colin tried a tiny piece of cheese. Do you like it? his parents asked him.

Colin thought for a moment. The cheese tasted ... fantastic! 'Mmmm! I love cheese!'
he said. 'Can I have another piece please?

(Part 2)

by Jeremy Taylor

From then on his daddy brought some more cheese from the bird table every
day. Colin ate it all - but still wanted more. "I LOVE cheese!' he said

Now Colin ate cheese and more cheese and more cheese. He grew fatter and
fatter and fatter. One day his mummy said to Colin, 'Okay, Colin, today you
must fly.'

'Me? Fly?' asked Colin. 'Are you crazy?'

'No, no,' said his daddy. 'You are a big bird now.'

'I'm a very big bird now,' said Colin. 'I eat so much cheese. But I love cheese. I
don't want to fly.'

'I'm sorry, Colin, but you must fly today.'

I can't fly!

Colin was very unhappy. He started to cry. 'I can't fly! I'm too fat!'

'That's not true,' said his mummy.

Suddenly there was a big bang, then another bang. A man was shooting at Colin
and his parents. 'Quick, Colin, we must fly away!'

'But, but, I can't fly!'

'Yes you can!' said his mummy and pushed baby Colin out of the nest.

(Part 3)

by Jeremy Taylor


'I'm falling!' shouted Colin.

'Put your wings out!' called his daddy.

'I can't!'

'Yes you can!'

Colin was falling very fast. 'HELP!'

'Put your wings out, Colin!' shouted his mother. 'Please!'

I can fly!

Colin could see the ground below. He closed his eyes and put his wings out.
Suddenly he wasn't falling any more. Colin the Condor was flying!

'Look mummy! Look daddy!' he called. 'I'm flying! I'm not too fat! I can fly!'

His mummy and daddy were very happy. Baby Colin was not a baby any more.

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