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Friday, September 22, 2017

Vestaburg Elementary School


In science we are still learning

about the 5 senses. We have done
This week we focused on the letter Hh. Your child an experiment with salt and water
should know how to correctly write a capital and small and pepper and water. Ask your
letter Hh and be able to tell you the sound that it child what happened when we
makes. (H says hhhhh, Horse in a house, h,h,h.) Please stirred each one in water. We are
have your child show you how to make Ee Aa Hh and having so much fun using our 5
write his/her name. senses!
In writing we are continuing to tell
In math we have identified circles, squares, and stories. We start with what
rectangles. Please have your child find these shapes happened first, next, last, and how
around your house. Discuss with your child that circles we felt during our story. Ask your
are round and flat, squares have 4 sides, 4 corners, and child to tell you a story in order
4 equal sides, and rectangles have 4 sides and 4 from what happened first, next
corners. Also, a square is a special rectangle. then last, and how he/she felt.
We have also been comparing numbers 1-10 using
comparing mats and square tiles. Please talk to your
Dates to remember:
child about two numbers between 1-10 and ask which
number is more and less. Sept. 22: Shirt sales for elementary
Thank you for any extra help at home with this! Sept. 27: 1:00 dismissal
Sept. 28: Picture day
Sept. 29: Homecoming
Oct. 9: Board Mtg. 7:00
Oct. 11: 1:00 Dismissal
Oct. 25: 1:00 Dismissal
Oct. 31: Halloween

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call before or after school (268-
5284 ext. 1141), write a note, or email @ .
*Also, please check out my web page at: (for additional info. &