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English II


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I. Match the words with the definitions.

bike lorry plane ship bus motorbike train

1. A ____________is a large, heavy vehicle with wheels. It is used for moving goods.
2. The ____________________ has two wheels and no engine. We power it using our feet.
3. A __________________is fast and has two wheels. It is powered by an engine.
4. A__________________is a large machine that runs along a railway line. It can carry many people.
5. The ________________is a large vehicle with lots of seats. It can carry many people around a city.
6. The __________________can fly in the sky. It is fast, comfortable and can carry many people.
7. A ___________is a very large boat for moving people or goods across the sea.

II. Complete the sentences using the present continuous or present simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. He usually (speak) quickly that I (not understand)

2. At the moment I (enjoy) so much and I (not want) to
3. Im busy at the moment. I (redecorate) .the sitting-room.
4. Tom and Jane (have) a long conversation.
5. What ..(they/ talk) about?
6. This car (make) a strange noise, I (think)
something is wrong.
7. He never (listen) .to what you say.
8. She (have) .a big house at the moment.
9. Why ..(you/walk) so fast today?
10. I (not know) ..what to do with the money.

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