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Quang Tran

1 Nng nghip Vit Nam
Hm nay ti xin c ni v nng nghip Vit Nam. Nng nghip ang dn dn mt vai
tr l ngnh kinh t quan trng nht Vit Nam. Mc du vn cn hn mt na dn s lao
ng trong ngnh nng nghip, nhng gi tr sn xut nng nghip ch chim 8% GDP ca
c nc. Tuy nhin, nng nghip l ngun nguyn liu chnh cho cc ngnh cng nghip
ch bin v ng gp to ln cho xut khu. Vit Nam ng th hai th gii v xut khu
1 Agriculture Vietnam
Today I would like to talk about agriculture in Vietnam. Agriculture is gradually losing its
role as the most important economic sector in Vietnam. Although still more than half the
population working in agriculture, the value of agricultural production accounts for only
8 % of GDP. However, agriculture is the main raw material for the processing industry and
contributed greatly to export. Vietnam ranks the second largest exporter of rice in the world .
2. Nh nng
Cuc sng ca ngi lm nng rt cc nhc. H phi lm vic t sng sm n chiu ti
nhng vng xa xi ca t nc. Tuy chng ai quan tm nhiu n h nhng cng vic
ca nh nng rt quan trng. H lm ra thc phm cho nhng ngi sng thnh ph.
Khng c thc phm con ngi khng th lm vic. Thm ch bc s l ngi chuyn cu
mng sng ca ngi khc cng khng th lm vic nu khng c thc phm ca ngi
nng dn. Tng t, gio vin, k s, vin chc v cc ngi khc cng cn phi c thc
phm lm tt cng vic ca mnh. Do vy khng th ni lm nng l khng cn thit v
khng quan trng trong x hi.
2. Farmers
The life of a farmer is very hard . They had to work from dawn to dusk in remote areas of
the country. although nobody cares much about them , the work of farmers is very
important . They make food for people living in cities . Without food people can not do .
Even doctors who specialize in saving lives of others can not work without the food from
farmers . Similarly, teachers , engineers , civil servants and others also need food to finish
their jobs successfully. As a result, it cannot argue that farming is unnecessary and
unimportant in society.
1 The importance of education
Today Id like to talk about the importance of education. Education is essential for us to
keep up with the world. We live in an ever changing world. New technologies keep coming
up. If you dont want to be left behind, you must keep up with the latest technologies.
Quang Tran

Without education, it will be really difficult for you to adapt to all these changes. For
example, an educated person uses technology regularly for work as well as for
entertainment. An educated farmer can apply the latest technologies into his farming.
Therefore, he can grow much better crops.

1. Tm quan trng ca gio dc

Hm nay ti mun ni v tm quan trng ca gio dc . Gio dc l iu cn thit i vi
chng ti theo kp vi th gii. Chng ta sng trong mt th gii lun thay i . Cc
cng ngh mi tip tc xut hin. Nu bn khng mun b b li pha sau, bn phi theo
kp vi cc cng ngh mi nht. Khng c gio dc , s thc s kh khn cho bn thch
ng vi tt c nhng thay i ny . V d , mt ngi c hc thc s dng cng ngh
thng xuyn cho cng vic cng nh gii tr . Mt nng dn c o to c th p dng
cc cng ngh mi nht vo nng tri ca mnh . Do , ng c th pht trin cc loi cy
trng tt hn nhiu.
2 Investment in education
Today Id like to talk about investing in education. It is the most effective way of reducing
poverty. Education is more than reading, writing and mathematics. It is one of the most
important investments a country can make in its people and its future. Moreover, it is
critical to reduce poverty and inequality. If all students in low-income countries left school
with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. Most countries
in the world are now aware of the importance of education. As a result, they spend much
of their national budget in schools.

2. u t vo gio dc
Hm nay ti mun ni v vic u t vo gio dc . l cch hiu qu nht gim
ngho . Gio dc l hn c , vit v ton hc. N l mt trong nhng khon u t quan
trng nht m mt quc gia c th thc hin cho ngi dn v tng lai ca t nc . Hn
na , n l rt quan trng gim ngho i v bt bnh ng . Nu tt c hc sinh cc
nc c thu nhp thp b hc vi k nng c c bn , 171 triu ngi c th thot khi
i ngho . Hu ht cc nc trn th gii hin nay l nhn thc c tm quan trng ca
gio dc . Kt qu l , h dnh nhiu ngn sch quc gia cho trng hc .
3. Thanh nin Vit Nam v gio dc
Hm nay ti xin c ni v thanh nin Vit Nam v gio dc. Thanh nin Vit Nam ngy
nay c nhiu c hi c hc hnh. Hin trong c nc c khong hn 2 triu sinh vin
theo hc i hc. Ngoi ra, thanh nin tham gia nhiu hot ng x hi. Cc cu lc b k
nng ngy cng thu ht nhiu bn tr. Thanh nin ngy nay c lp hn trong vic quyt
nh cho tng lai ca mnh. X hi nn to iu kin thanh nin pht huy kh nng gp
phn pht trin t nc
Quang Tran

3. Vietnamese Youth and Education

Today I would like to talk about Vietnamese youth education. Vietnamese Youth today
have more opportunities for learning. Currently in/ across/ throughout the country there are
over 2 million students attending college. In addition, young people engage/ participate
much in social activities. The skill clubs are increasingly attracting young people. Youth
today are more independence in making decisions for their future. Society should create
favorable conditions for young people developing/ promoting their abilities to contribute
to country's development.
4. Vai tr ca gio dc
Ngy nay, gio dc ng vai tr rt quan trng i vi s pht trin ca mi c nhn. Vi
gio dc con ngi c th bit thm nhiu kin thc lm phong ph thm cuc sng ca
h. Trong qu trnh hc tp, chng ta c th bit thm nhiu iu mi m, c thm nhiu
kinh nghim, i khi thng qua vic hc chng ta cn pht hin ra c nhng tim nng
ca bn thn . S hiu bit c vai tr quan trng trong mt x hi hin i, ni ng hn
s hiu bit c coi l sc mnh. Mun x hi pht trin bn vng th vic hc tp l s
la chn tt nht cho mi ngi chng ta

4. The role of education

Today, education plays a very important role for the development of each individual.
Through educating, people may know more knowledge to enrich their lives. During
studying, we can learn more new things , have more experiences, sometimes through
studying we also find our potential competences. Understanding acts the important role in
a modern society , to be exact/ strictly speaking understanding is considered as power.
Wanting socially sustainable development, studying is the best choice for each of us.
5 Education and human development
Education is the most important factor for the development of human civilization.
Education provides the nation with man powers, promotes national unity and uplifts public
awareness. A country needs different kinds of man powers such as doctors, engineers,
teachers, economists, judges, etc. If people are educated, they can understand their duties
and rights. In order to uplift human society, each people should be capable to understand
others. If peoples can understand each other, they will be united. Educated people can
reform the society. They can understand what is wrong and what is right. They can save
good traditions. Education profoundly enhances human prosperity
5 Gio dc v pht trin con ngi
Quang Tran

Gio dc l yu t quan trng nht cho s pht trin ca nn vn minh ca con ngi. Gio
dc cung cp ngun nhn lc cho quc gia , thc y on kt dn tc v nng cao nhn
thc cng ng . Mt t nc cn nhng ngun nhn lc khc nhau nh bc s, k s ,
gio vin , cc nh kinh t , cc thm phn , vv Nu con ngi c gio dc , h c th
hiu c nhim v v quyn li ca h . nng cao x hi loi ngi , mi ngi phi
c kh nng hiu ngi khc . Nu ngi dn c th hiu nhau , h s c thng nht .
Nhng ngi c hc c th ci cch x hi. H c th hiu nhng g l sai v nhng g l
ng . H c th lu gi truyn thng tt p . Gio dc tng cng su sc s thnh vng
ca con ngi.
6. Education in Viet nam
The educational system in Vietnam is divided into five levels: preschool, primary school,
secondary school, high school and higher education. Formal education consists of twelve
years of basic education. Basic education consists of five years of primary education, four
years of secondary education, and three years of high school education. The majority of
basic education students are enrolled on a half-day basis. The main educational goal in
Vietnam is improving peoples general knowledge, training quality human resources and
nurturing and fostering talent. With one of the highest GDP growth rates in Asia, Vietnam
is currently trying to improve its education system.

6. Gio dc Vit nam

H thng gio dc Vit Nam c chia thnh nm cp : mm non , tiu hc , trung hc
c s , trung hc v gio dc i hc . Gio dc chnh quy bao gm mi hai nm gio dc
c bn . Gio dc c bn bao gm nm nm tiu hc , bn nm trung hc , v ba nm ca
gio dc trung hc. a s cc sinh vin ang theo hc gio dc c bn c ln lp 1 bui
trong ngy . Mc tiu gio dc ct li Vit Nam chnh l ci thin kin thc chung ca
ngi dn , o to ngun nhn lc cht lng v nui dng , bi dng nhn ti. Vi t
l tng trng GDP cao nht chu , Vit Nam hin ang c gng ci thin h thng
gio dc ca mnh .
7. Gio dc Vit Nam
Vit Nam c khong trn 400 trng i hc v trng cao ng. Khong 15% hc sinh
bc trung hc tip tc hc i hc. Mt d, kinh t ca nc ta cn nhiu kh khn, nhng
chnh ph u t rt nhiu pht trin gio dc. Bn cnh , chnh ph cng to iu
kin v khuyn khch tt c tr em ti trng, c bit tr em vng su, vng xa. Lp hc
c qu ng hc sinh, c s vt cht ngho nn l nhng yu t nh hng n cht lng
ging dy. Hin nay, mt s trng t cng hnh thnh v pht trin p ng nhu cu
gio dc.
7. Vietnam Education
Vietnam has over 400 universities and colleges. About 15 % of high school students
continue to college. Although, our country's economy has many difficulties, the
Quang Tran

government has invested a lot to develop education. Besides, the government also facilitate
and encourage all children to go to school, especially children in the remote areas.
Overcrowded classrooms with students, poor infrastructure are factors that affect teaching
quality negatively. Currently, some private schools have also formed and developed to
meet the needs of education.
8 Lifelong education
Lifelong education is an activity that provides or uses both formal and informal learning
opportunities throughout peoples lives in order to foster the continuous development and
improvement of the knowledge and skills. There are many reasons why people said that
lifelong education is a must in a modern society. First of all, we have to learn to approach
the science and technology progress. Secondly, employment opportunities will be higher.
Nowadays, almost domestic and international business always give the higher requirement.
Therefore, we have to update the new information and new skills. Finally, study helps us
to understand more about human beings and so enables us to be behave properly and
become good citizens in the society.
8 gio dc sut i
Gio dc sut i l mt hot ng cung cp hoc s dng c hai c hi hc tp chnh qui
v khng chnh qui trong sut cuc i ca con ngi thc y s pht trin lin tc v
nng cao kin thc v k nng . C nhiu l do ti sao mi ngi cho rng gio dc sut
i l 1 iu bt buc trong mt x hi hin i . Trc ht , chng ta phi hc tip cn
cc tin b khoa hc v cng ngh . Th hai , c hi vic lm s cao hn. Ngy nay , hu
ht cc doanh nghip trong nc v quc t lun lun t ra cc yu cu cao hn . Do ,
chng ta phi cp nht nhng thng tin mi v k nng mi . Cui cng , nghin cu gip
chng ta hiu thm v con ngi v do lm chng ta bit c x ng mc v tr thnh
nhng cng dn tt trong x hi.

9 Education system
Education in VietNam is divided into five levels: preschool, primary school, secondary
school, high school and higher education. The main educational goal in VietNam is
improving people's general knowledge, training quality human resources and nurturing and
fostering talent. The school year is divided into two semesters. The first semester begins in
late August and ends some time before Lunar New Year, while the second one begins right
after the first one and lasts until June. Vietnamese parents in general pay a lot of attention
to education for their children. Securing a place in a public university is considered a major
step towards a successful career, especially for those from rural areas or disadvantaged

9. H thng Gio dc
Gio dc Vit Nam c chia thnh nm cp : mm non , tiu hc , trung hc c s ,
trung hc v gio dc i hc . Mc tiu gio dc chnh ti Vit Nam ang c ci thin
kin thc chung ca ngi dn , ngun nhn lc cht lng o to v nui dng , bi
dng nhn ti. Nm hc c chia thnh hai hc k . hc k 1 bt u vo cui thng tm
v kt thc trc Tt Nguyn n, trong khi k hai bt u ngay sau k 1 t v ko di cho
Quang Tran

n thng su . cc bc ph huynh Vit Nam ni chung dnh nhiu s ch n gio dc

cho con ci ca h . m bo mt v tr trong mt trng i hc cng lp c coi l mt
bc tin quan trng hng ti mt s nghip thnh cng , c bit l i vi nhng ngi
t cc vng nng thn hoc gia nh kh khn .
10 Street children and education
Nowadays, the number of street children is increasing rapidly. Every day, they have to live
in slums, parks or even on the sidewalk. Because of the difficult living condition, they must
sell newspapers, lottery tickets or clean shoes, so on Many of them do not have
opportunity to go to class so the illiteracy rate is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to
open free classes or vocational training courses to help them get knowledge and social
skills. If we provide street children a basic education and a better living environment, we
can contribute to reduce the illiteracy rate in them.
10. tr em ng ph v gio dc
Ngy nay , s lng tr em ng ph ang gia tng nhanh chng . Mi ngy , h phi
sng trong cc khu chut , cng vin hay thm ch trn va h . Do iu kin sng kh
khn , h phi bn bo , v s hoc nh giy, vv ... Nhiu ngi trong s h khng c c
hi i n lp hc do vy t l m ch l rt cao . V vy , vic m cc lp hc min
ph hoc cc kha hc o to ngh gip h c kin thc v k nng x hi l 1 iu
cn thit . Nu chng ta cung cp mt nn gio dc c bn ti tr em ng ph v mt
mi trng sng tt hn , chng ta c th gp phn lm gim t l m ch cho chng.
11. Quality of education
Nowadays, education is a popular problem which is cared all over the world. Especially in
Vietnam, this issue becomes greatly serious because the quality of student is decreasing in
alarming level. In fact, there are already enough reasons to worry about it. According to
the education development index (EDI) was published by UNESCO in 2008, Vietnam
stood at 79th out of 129 countries. This figure fell off 9 levels in contrast with the year of
2004 although government had increasingly invested to education annually. The
consequence makes us surprised about the quality of education foundation. However,
solving this problem is time-consuming process and it demands a well-knowledge on many

11. Cht lng gio dc

Ngy nay , gio dc l mt vn ph bin c quan tm trn ton th gii. c bit l
Vit Nam , vn ny tr nn rt nghim trng v cht lng ca sinh vin ang gim
st mc ng bo ng . Trong thc t , c l do lo lng v n . Theo cc ch s
pht trin gio dc ( EDI ) c xut bn bi UNESCO vo nm 2008 , Vit Nam ng
th 79 trong s 129 quc gia . Con s ny gim i 9 cp so vi nm 2004 mc d chnh
ph khng ngng u t cho gio dc hng nm . kt qu lm cho chng ta ngc nhin
v cht lng ca nn gio dc . Tuy nhin , gii quyt vn ny l qu trnh tn nhiu
thi gian v n i hi mt kin thc tt v nhiu mt.
Quang Tran

12. The Importance of Education

Today Id like to talk about the important of education in our society. Education is the
process of learning and acquiring knowledge at school from a teacher, receiving knowledge
at home from a parent, a family member, and even an acquaintance. Education is a key that
allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and succeed in life. Education is
not just what your major is, it is also what you learn along the way. It's about learning about
life and who you are. It's a journey, and for those of us fortunate enough to embark on that

12. Tm quan trng ca gio dc

Hm nay ti mun ni v s quan trng ca gio dc trong x hi ca chng ta . Gio dc
l qu trnh hc tp v tip thu kin thc trng hc t gio vin, tip nhn kin thc
nh t cha m , t mt thnh vin trong gia nh , v thm ch t mt ngi quen . Gio
dc l cha kha cho php mi ngi i ln trong th gii , tm kim vic lm tt hn, v
thnh cng trong cuc sng . Gio dc khng phi ch l nhng g trong chuyn nghnh
ca bn, n cng l nhng g bn hc c trn ng i. l v vic hc v cuc sng
v bit c bn l ai . l mt cuc hnh trnh , v cho chng ta nhng ngi c may
mn tham gia vo cuc hnh trnh .

1 Gia nh Vit Nam
Hm nay ti xin c ni v gia nh Vit Nam hin nay. a s ngi Vit Nam sng
trong gia nh hai th h: ba m v con ci. Ba m ngy cng quan tm nhiu hn n vic
hc hnh v li sng ca con ci. ng b, tuy khng thng sng chung vi con chu,
nhng vn quan tm nhiu n con chu, vt cht cng nh tinh thn. Ngc li, con chu
rt knh trng ng b. K t nm 2001, ngy gia nh Vit Nam c t chc vo ngy 28
thng 6 hng nm. y l mt trong nhng dp gia nh sum hp
1. Family Vietnam
Today I would like to talk about Vietnamese families now. Most vietnamese people live in
two generation family: parents and children. Parents increasingly pay more attention to
education and children's lifestyle. Grandparent, despite not often living with their children,
they still concern about their children, physically and mentally. In contrast, children highly
respect their grandparents. Since 2001, Vietnamese Family Day is celebrated on June 28
every year . This is one of the occasions for family reunion.

2 ngha ca gia nh
Hm nay ti xin c ni v ngha ca gia nh trong cuc sng. Gia nh l ni on t
ca cc thnh vin. Gia nh ph bin Vit Nam thng c hai hoc ba th h cng chung
sng vi nhau: ng b, cha m, con chu. Gia nh cn l ni che ch bo v bn trnh xa
nhng ci xu ca x hi, ng thi gia nh cn l ni ng tin cy bn ta vo mi
khi gp kh khn. H cng l ngi sn sng gip v chia s nhng nim vui ni bun
Quang Tran

cng vi bn. Gia nh l iu may mn m mi chung ta c c. V vy, hy trn trng

nhng g bn ang c.

2. The meaning of family

Today I would like to about the meaning of family in life. Family is where members reunite.
The popular model of families in Vietnam often have two or three generations living
together: grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren . Families are also shelters
protecting you from the evils of society; simultaneously, it is a place reliable for you to
lean on whenever you get stuck. They are also willing to help and share the joys and
sorrows with you. A family is a blessing that we each have. So please cherish what you
3 Helping Mother
Every child should love his mother. A girl or boy learns many good things from mother.
Our mother teaches us to be obedient, helpful, and friendly to others. Ever since my young
days I have always helped my mother in the kitchen. I get up early in the morning and help
my mother prepare breakfast. Then I clean the kitchen and sweep the floor. On Sunday I
follow my mother to the market and help her to carry vegetables and fish back home. I like
to give small help whenever I free from school work. My mother is always happy and tells
me that I should be good to everyone.
3. Gip m
Mi tr em u phi yu thng m ca mnh . Mt c gi hay cu b hc nhiu iu tt
p t ngi m. M ca chng ta dy chng ta phi vng li , hu ch v thn thin vi
nhng ngi khc . t lc nh, ti lun gip m ti trong nh bp . Ti dy sm vo
bui sng v gip m chun b ba sng . Sau , ti dn dp nh bp v qut nh . Ngy
ch nht ti theo m i ch v gip c mang rau v c tr v nh . Ti thch em ti nhng
s gip nh b bt c khi no ti rnh ri. M ti lun lun vui v v ni vi ti rng
ti hy tt vi tt c mi ngi .
4 Gia nh trong thi k hi nhp
Ngy nay, lnh vc Gia nh v vn ha gia nh trc nhng thch thc ca tin trnh hi
nhp. S giao lu m ca hi nhp em n cho gia nh Vit Nam nhiu c hi, c
iu kin pht trin kinh t, giao lu hi nhp vi cc nn vn ha tin tin, vn minh ca
cc nc. Song, bn cnh nhng mt tch cc , mt tri ca c ch th trng cng ny
sinh nhiu vn tc ng n i sng gia nh, mt gc no ph v n np
gia phong o c ca gia nh truyn thng Vit Nam.
4. Family in the integration period
Today, the field of family and family culture to the challenge of the integration process.
Exchanges and opening door for integration have brought Vietnamese families more
Quang Tran

opportunities, favorable conditions for developing economy, exchanging and integrating

with the advanced culture and civilization of other countries. However, besides the positive
sides, the drawbacks of the market mechanism create many issues affecting family life , to
some extent it broke the routines traditions and morals of vietnamese traditional families.
5 Gia nh ti
Ti sinh ra t mt lng qu ngho tnh Qung Nam. Ni lng xm bao quanh l ni v
cy ci um tm,ngi dn ni y sinh sng ch yu nh vo trng la nc v lm lm
nghip. vng ni xa xi nn in v con ch cng kh n vi ngi dn. Hng
nm,chng ti phi chu nh hng nng n t thin nhin nh l hn hn vo ma h v
l lt st l t vo ma ma. D cuc sng kh khn,nhng con ngi y lun giu
lng nhn i v tnh on kt gip nhau.

5. My family
I come from a poor rural village in the province of Quang Nam. The village is surrounded
by mountains and luxuriant vegetation, the people here live mainly on rice cultivation and
forestry. Because of living in remote mountainous areas, electricity and education is also
difficult to reach the people. Each year, we suffer heavy influences from nature such as
droughts in the summer and floods, landslides during the rainy season. Although life is
difficult, people here are rich in compassion and solidarity to help each other.
7. Ba m ti
B ti l mt ngi cha s mt trong lng ti. c quan b rt nghim khc trong cng
vic nhng khi v nh b l ngi rt quan tm v thng con. Nhn b ngoi, b l ngi
cng rn nhng bn trong li sng rt tnh cm. B khng ch l im ta tinh thn cho m
m cn l cho tt c ch em ti sng tt v noi theo. Khc vi b, m l ngi ph n yu
mm, du dng v m ang. Cch quan tm, lo cho con, ngay c cch dy con ca m ti
cng rt ring. Nhn thy ba m ti thc khuya dy sm v mong con ci c cuc sng y
, ti lun t nh vi lng mnh s sng tht tt v c hiu vi cha m.
7. My parents
My father is number one in my heart. In the office, my father is very severe with his work
but at home he concerns and love his children a lot . On the surface, my father is a rigid
person but very emotional inside. My Dad is not just spiritual fulcrum for the mother but
also for all my sisters to live well and to follow. Unlike my father, mother is a soft, gentle
and dependable women. The way she concerns, cares for her children , even the way she
teach me are extremely/ particularly individual/ special. Seeing my parents stay up late and
get up early in the hope their children to have a full life , I always say to myself to live well
and be dutiful/ respectful/ grateful to my parents.
Quang Tran

8. Gia nh ca ti
Ti sinh ra v ln ln ti mt min qu nh. Ba m ti u l nng dn v cuc sng ca
h gn cht vi cnh ng. Hng ngy h phi lm lng qun qut t sng n ti cho
ch em ti c mt cuc sng tt hn. T nh ti thch nghi vi cuc sng cc kh .
Ti thng ph ba m lm lng v c gn hc chm khng ph lng ba m. Ti yu qu
ti, ti yu gia nh nh b ca ti v ti lun hnh din v ti c sinh ra ti min qu
ngho thm m tnh thng ny.

8. My Family
I was born and raised in a small countryside. My parents are farmers and their lives tie to
the field. Every day they have to work hard from morning/ dawn to/ till night/ dusk to give
my sisters and me a better life. Since childhood/ from my earliest years I have adapted to
that miserable life . I often assist them with work and try my best to study hard to please
my parents . I love my hometown , I love my little family and I am always proud that I was
born in the village poor- property but permeated/ imbued with love .
9 My father
Today, Im going to talk about my father because he has been a major influence in my life.
My father was always a good role model for me. He's hard-working, patient and
understanding. He's also got a good sense of humour and seems to get on well with
everybody. I admire my father because I think he brought me and my brothers up well; he
was quite strict but always fair, and he has always been someone I can turn to for advice. I
think my father set a good example by working hard and having a positive outlook on life.
9. Cha ti
Hm nay , ti s ni v cha ti v ng c mt nh hng ln trong cuc sng ca ti .
Cha ti l lun lun l mt tm gng tt cho ti. ng lm vic chm ch , kin nhn v
hiu bit. ng cng c khiu hi hc v dng nh ha ng vi tt c mi ngi . Ti
ngng m cha ti v ti ngh ng nui dy ti v cc anh em ca ti rt n cn ; ng
kh nghim ngt nhng lun lun cng bng , v ng lun lun l mt ngi m ti c th
tm n c t vn . Ti ngh cha ti thit lp mt tm gng tt bng cch lm vic
chm ch v c mt ci nhn tch cc v cuc sng.
10 M
M khng nhng l ngi m m cn l ngi bn thn thit ca ti trong cuc i. i
vi ti, m l ngi ph n quan trng v tuyt vi nht. Nhng g ti c c ngy hm
nay u l do cng sc ca m nui dy. Nh c m m ti thc s trng thnh v
ang l mt ngi cng dn tt ca gia nh, trng lp v ca x hi. Ti t ha vi mnh
s lun c gng hc tp tht tt v s lun c gng hon thin mnh tr thnh ngi
ph n tuyt vi nh m! Ti cm n nhng iu tt p nht m dnh cho ti v trn
chng ng ti ang i ti rt cn c m bn cnh.
10. my mother
Quang Tran

My mother is not only a mother but also my best friends in life . For me , she is the most
amazing and important women . What I have today are due to my mother's parenting
efforts . Thank to mom I was really mature and is a good citizen of the family , school and
society . I promised myself I would always try to study well and will always try to improve
myself to become a great woman as my mother ! thank for the best things my mother give
me and on the way I 'm going I need mother beside me.
11. My family
My mother is a devoted wife. She always takes good care of everybody in the family. Never
does she get up after 5 a.m. to prepare breakfast for dad and me. My father is a great
husband. He always keeps a good eye on the family. In his spare time, he gives a hand
with household chores. He is my great support and guide in my study. We are very closely-
knit and supportive of one another. I feel happy because my parents are very caring. They
spend as much lime for the family as possible. At weekends all the members of the family,
sometimes gather and have dinner together. We share our feelings, joys as well as sorrows,
and support one another when any problems come up.
11. Gia nh ti
M ti l mt ngi v tn ty . C y lun chm sc tt cho tt c mi ngi trong gia
nh. B lun thc dy trc 5 gi sng chun b ba sng cho cha v ti. Cha ti l mt
ngi chng tuyt vi . ng lun quan tm ch ti gia nh. Trong thi gian rnh ri ca
mnh , ng thng tham gia chung tay vo vic nh . ng l s h tr tuyt vi ca ti v
hng dn ti trong hc tp . Chng ti ang rt khng kht v gip ln nhau . Ti cm
thy hnh phc v b m ti rt chu o . H dnh nhiu thi gian cho gia inh nhiu c
th . Vo cui tun tt c cc thnh vin trong gia nh , i khi t tp v n ti cng nhau .
Chng ti chia s nhng cm xc ca chng ti , nim vui cng nh ni bun , v h tr
nhau khi bt k vn xy ra.
1 My best friends
I have many friends both at school and outside. Of more than the dozen friends that I have,
two of them are my close friends: William and Tony. Both of them are very helpful when
I'm in doubt in my studies. William always happens to be the first- boy in class and he
really takes a lot of pain to help me understand things I do not know. He also helps me in
doing homework. Tony, my second best friend, often helps me in my study of languages.
Sometimes Tony comes to my house and spends a few hours in explaining difficult things
which I do not understand. He is an honest boy and I like him very much. My friends are
really my treasure in life.

1. Nhng ngi bn tt nht ca ti

Ti c nhiu bn b c trong v ngoi trng hc . Trong s hn chc ngi bn m ti c,
hai trong s l nhng ngi bn thn ca ti : William v Tony . C hai u rt hu ch
Quang Tran

khi ti phn vn trong hc tp . William lun lun l ngi ti lp u tin v cu ta thc

s mt rt nhiu cng sc gip ti hiu c nhng iu ti khng bit . anh y cng
gip ti lm bi tp v nh . Tony , ngi bn thn th hai ca ti , thng gip ti trong
nghin cu v ngn ng . i khi Tony n nh ti v dnh mt vi gi cho vic gii thch
nhng iu kh khn m ti khng hiu . anh y l mt ngi trung thc v ti thch anh
y rt nhiu. Bn b ca ti thc s l kho bu ca ti trong cuc sng .
2. Tnh bn
Tnh bn ng hnh vi chng ta trong sut c cuc i. Tnh bn lun l tnh cm vng
chc, thing ling ni ta c th tin tng chia s nhng nim vui hay ni bun trong cuc
sng. Thnh thong c nhng iu chng ta khng th chia s cng gia nh hay ngi yu,
chng ta c th c bn b s chia. Nhng thng ngy bn bn b chc s l nhng thng
ngy p nht ca mi ngi v ta s mi mi khng th qun c. i khi, c nhng lc
ta cm thy bun v tnh bn khng sun s, gin hn nhau nhng l nhng th thch
gip tnh bn ca chng ta tr nn vng chc hn. Mt tnh bn thc s p khi n c
xut pht t tn tri tim mi ngi.

2. Friendship
Friendship accompanies us throughout life. Friendship is always a strong, spiritual emotion
which we can trust to share the joys and sorrows in life. Sometimes there are things we can
not share with family or lover, we may have friends to share. The months and days beside
friends will definitely be the most beautiful ones of each individuals, and we will never
forget it. Sometimes, there are times when we feel sad because our friendship is not smooth
or get angry, but these are challenges helping our friendship became stronge . A really nice
friendship when it comes from the bottom of our hearts.
1. Fast food
Currently, fast foods are the most favorite foods of young people in food stores. There are
many fast food stores in the world famous as KFC, Jollibee, McDonald, Lotteria ... with
many different delicious dishes such as pizza, fried chicken, frenchfries, fried fish, ice
cream, pasta ... and various drinks. The food is very tasty and we can eat it in anywhere.
However, eating too much fast food is not good for human health. Most of the dishes are
high in fat, will easily lead to obesity and heart disease. So, we need to have a reasonable
diet to create a habit and the best health.
1. Thc n nhanh
Hin nay , thc n nhanh l nhng mn n a thch nht ca nhng ngi tr tui trong
cc ca hng thc phm . C rt nhiu cc ca hng thc n nhanh trn th gii ni ting
nh KFC , Jollibee , McDonald , Lotteria ... vi rt nhiu mn n khc nhau ngon nh
pizza , g rn , khoai ty chin , c chin , kem , m ng ... v cc ung khc nhau . Cc
mn n l rt ngon v chng ta c th n n bt c ni no . Tuy nhin, n thc n nhanh
qu nhiu l khng tt cho sc khe con ngi . Hu ht cc mn n c nhiu cht bo , s
d dn n bo ph v bnh tim . V vy , chng ta cn phi c mt ch n ung hp l
to ra mt thi quen v sc khe tt nht.
Quang Tran

2. Thc phm trong i sng

Thc phm l ngun cung cp nng lng ch yu cho con ngi, con ngi khng th
sng m khng n. V vy, thc phm ng vai tr quan trng trong cuc sng ca chng
ta. Mi ngy chng ta nn n mt lng thc n nht nh cung cp nng lng v duy
tr s sng. Nhng thc phm c cha nhiu cht m nh tht, c, trng , sa. Bn cnh
rau qu, tri cy cha rt nhiu vitamin, chng ta nn n nhiu loi thc n ny v n
rt tt cho sc khe v ngn nga cc bnh tim mch v bo ph. Tm li , chng ta nn c
mt ch n ung hp l ,cn bng v m bo an ton thc phm.
2. Food for life
Food is a primary source of energy for man, man can not live without eating. Therefore,
food plays an important role in our lives. Every day we eat a certain amount of food to
provide energy and sustain life. These foods contain lots of protein like meat , fish , eggs ,
milk . Besides that, vegetables, fruits contain a lot of vitamins , we should eat these foods
because they are extremely good for health and prevent cardiovascular disease and obesity
. In summary, we should have a balanced and reasonable diet , and ensure food safety.
1. Catching a cold
Today Id like to talk about catching a cold. Many people catch a cold in winter. Different
people have different remedies for colds. In the United States, for example, people might
eat chicken soup to feel better. Some people take hot baths and drink warm liquids. Other
people take medicines to stop the fever and runny nose. There is one interesting thing to
note. Some scientists say taking medicines when you have a cold is actually bad for you.
The virus stays in you longer because your body doesnt have a way to fight it and kill it.
Bodies can do an amazing job on their own.
1. b cm lnh
Hm nay ti mun ni v cm lnh. Nhiu ngi b cm lnh trong ma ng . Nhng
ngi khc nhau c bin php khc phc khc nhau cho cm lnh . Ti Hoa K, v d , mi
ngi c th n sp g cm thy tt hn . Mt s ngi i tm nc nng v ung nc
m . Nhng ngi khc c th dng thuc ngn chn cn st v chy nc mi . C
mt iu th v cn lu . Mt s nh khoa hc ni rng ung thuc khi bn b cm thc
s l xu cho bn . Cc vi-rt vn tn ti trong bn lu hn bi v c th ca bn khng c
mt cch chng li n v git n . Cc c quan c th lm mt cng vic tuyt vi bng
chnh chng.
2 How can we cure a cold
Today Id like to talk about catching a cold. Many people catch a cold in winter. It makes
us wonder why cant scientists find a cure for it. The answer is easy. There are literally
hundreds of kinds of cold viruses out there. You never know which one you will get, so
there isnt a cure for each one. When a virus attacks your body, your body works hard to
get rid of it. Your temperature rises and you get a fever. But the heat of your body is killing
the virus. You also have a runny nose to stop the virus from getting to your cells. You may
feel miserable. But actually your wonderful body is doing everything it can to kill the cold.

2. Lm th no chng ta c th cha bnh cm lnh

Quang Tran

Hm nay ti mun ni v cm lnh. Nhiu ngi b cm lnh trong ma ng . N lm

cho chng ta t hi ti sao cc nh khoa hc khng th tm cch cha tr. Cu tr li rt
n gin . thc s C hng trm loi virus cm lnh ngoi kia . Bn khng bao gi bit bn
mc ci no, v vy khng c cch cha tr cho tng loi c. Khi mt virus tn cng c
th , c th bn lm vic vt v loi b n . thn nhit ca bn tng ln v bn s pht
st . Tuy nhin sc nng ca c th bn ang tiu dit virus . Bn cng s mi ngn
chn virus i su vo cc t bo. Bn c th cm thy kh cc. Nhng thc ra c th tuyt
vi ca bn ang lm mi th c th nh bay cm lnh .

3. Gi gn sc khe
Tp th dc bui sng rt tt cho sc khe. N gip ly li tinh thn lc quan, suy ngh tch
cc v trn y nng lng cho mt ngy lm vic mi. Bn cnh vic tp th dc, mt
ch n hp l cn gip bn khe mnh v c sc khng chng li bnh tt. Mt
ch n hp l bao gm nhng thc n giu nng lng, giu calo v cc khong cht vi
lng t rau, c, qu. c bit, chng ta nn trnh nhng thc n nhiu du m. Hay bt
u vi vic tp th dc bui sng v c mt ba n hp l c mt c th khe mnh,
trn dy nng lng.
3. Staying healthy
Morning exercising is really good for health. It helps to regain optimism, positive thinking
and being full of energy for a new working day . Besides exercising, a sensible diet also
keeps you healthy and have resistance to fight diseases . A sensible diet includes foods
high in calories , rich in calories and micronutrient minerals from vegetables and fruits .
Specifically, we should avoid oily food . lets start with a morning exercise and a sensible
diet to have a healthy body , full of energy .
4. Sc khe l vn qu
R rng sc khe l ca ci qu nht trn i i vi mi ngi. Nu khng c sc khe,
chng ta khng c hnh phc v khng c thnh cng. Mt ngi sc khe yu khng bao
gi tn hng c nhiu nim vui trong cuc sng. Sc khe ph thuc vo nhiu yu t:
thc phm, nc, nhim, khng kh, tinh khe tt ko theo tinh thn tt. Do
vy, mi ngi nn c cch bo v sc khe ca mnh. Th dc, khm sc khe nh
k l nhng phng php hu ch cho s khe mnh. Chng ta nn chm sc cho bn thn
mt cch ng n v kp thi mi ngy sng mt ngy vui.
4. Health is an invaluable treasure
Clearly, health is the most precious wealth of everyone in life. Without health , we can not
be happy and can not succeed . An unhealthy person never enjoys a lot of fun in life .
Health depends on many factors : food , water , pollution , air , spirit ... a good health leads
to a good spirit. Therefore , each person should have a way to protect their health .
exersising , periodic medical examinations are useful methods for a good health . We
should care for ourselves properly and promptly to live happly everyday .
5. Walking and health
Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes every
day can strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance.
It can also reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and
Quang Tran

some cancers. Unlike some other forms of exercise, walking is free and doesnt require any
special equipment or training. Walking can be done at any time of day and can be
performed at your own pace. Walking is also a great form of physical activity for people
who are overweight, elderly, or who havent exercised in a long time.

5. i b v sc khe
i b l mt cch tuyt vi ci thin hoc duy tr sc khe tng th ca bn . Ch cn
30 pht mi ngy c th tng cng h xng , gim m tha , v tng cng sc mnh
c bp v sc chu ng . N cng c th lm gim nguy c pht trin cc bnh nh bnh
tim, tiu ng v mt s bnh ung th. Khng ging nh mt s hnh thc khc ca tp
th dc , i b l min ph v khng cn bt k thit b c bit hoc o to . i b c th
c thc hin ti bt k thi gian trong ngy v c th c thc hin theo nhp ca
bn . i b cng l mt hnh thc tuyt vi ca hot ng th cht cho nhng ngi tha
cn , ngi cao tui , hoc nhng ngi khng tp luyn trong mt thi gian di .
6. Chm sc sc khe
Trong cuc sng ny, khng c g quan trng cho bng chnh con ngi bn. C cu ni :
Ngi c sc khe c mt trm c mun, ngi khng c sc khe ch c mt c
mun duy nht: l sc khe. Nhng khng phi ng nhin m mi ngi chng ta
c s hu mt thn th khe mnh. phi l kt qu ca qu trnh gn gi v rn luyn
thng xuyn trong sinh hot hng ngy . V th chng ta cn chm sc bn thn v rn
luyn mt cch tt nht c mt c th khe mnh v chinh phc c mi th thch
trong cuc sng .
6. Health Care
In this life , there is nothing as important as yourselves . There's a saying : "People having
good health have a hundred wishes , people without health have only one single desire :
that is health " . But not of course that each of us possess a healthy body . That must be the
outcome of the process of preserving and practicing regularly in daily activities . So we
need to take care of ourselves and exercise in the best way to have a healthy body and
conquered every challenge in life .
1 Giao tip bng ting Anh
Hm nay ti xin c ni v vic giao tip bng ting Anh. Hu ht sinh vin mun giao
tip bng ting Anh nhng thng e ngi khi thc s cn ni chuyn vi ngi nc ngoi.
Nguyn nhn chnh khng phi l do sinh vin khng c kh nng ngn ng, m do tm l
s mc li. Sinh vin cn t gip mnh vt qua kh khn ny bng cch luyn tp thng
xuyn. C nhiu cch luyn ni ting Anh. Mt s sinh vin ni ting Anh vi bn cng
lp. Mt s sinh vin tn gu vi bn bng ting Anh trn cc mng x hi.

1. Communicating in English
Today I was talking about communicating in English . Most students want to communicate
in English but often reluctant to really need to talk to foreigners . The main reason is not
Quang Tran

because students do not have language skills , but because of the psychological fear of
making mistakes . Students need to help themselves overcome this difficulty by regular
exercise . There are many ways to practise speaking english . Some students spoke English
with classmates . for example, Some students chat with you in English on the social
networks .
Cross culture
1 Ba n Vit Nam
Hm nay ti xin c ni v ba n Vit Nam. Thng thng ngi Vit Nam n ba ba
chnh: im tm, ba tra v ba ti. Ba im tm thng l bn hoc bnh m. Ngi
Vit Nam thng n im tm ngoi. Chng ta thng ch nu ba tra v ba ti. Chng
ta n cm, rau v tht, c. Thc n c ch bin theo nhiu cch khc nhau. i khi chng
ta cng i n nh hng vo bui ti hoc cui tun. Ngoi ra, vi s pht trin ca cc khu
cng nghip, cng nhn ngy nay thng n tra cn tin.

1. Meals in Vietnam
Today I'm pleased to talk about the meal in Vietnam . Vietnamese people Usually have
three meals : breakfast , lunch and dinner . Breakfast is usually bread or soft noodles . The
Vietnamese often have breakfast outside . We usually cook lunch and dinner . We eat rice
, vegetables and meat , fish . Food are prepared in many different ways . Sometimes we
also go to restaurants in the evenings or weekends . In addition, with the development of
industrial zones , workers today often have lunch at the cafeteria .
1 Climate change
Today Id like to talk about climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges
to the human beings. Climate change can lead to serious impacts on production, life and
environment on a global scale. Higher temperature and sea level rising will cause water
salinity. That can bring about high risks to industry and socio-economic systems in the
future. Climate change has been and will continue leading to comprehensive and deep
changes in global development and security. Climate change has really made natural
disasters, especially storms, floods and droughts, increasingly violent.

1 Bin i kh hu
Hm nay ti mun ni v thay i kh hu. Bin i kh hu l mt trong nhng thch thc
ln nht i vi con ngi . Bin i kh hu c th dn n nhng tc ng nghim trng
n sn xut , i sng v mi trng trn phm vi ton cu . Nhit v mc nc bin
dng cao s lm nc nhim mn . iu c th gy ra ri ro cao cho ngnh cng nghip
v cc h thng kinh t - x hi trong tng lai. Bin i kh hu , ang v s tip tc
dn n nhng thay i ton din v su sc trong pht trin v an ninh ton cu . Bin
i kh hu thc s gy ra cc thm ha thin nhin , c bit l bo , l, hn hn ngy
cng d di .
Quang Tran

2. Tm quan trng ca nc
Khng th no ngh n cuc sng m khng c nc. Chng ta cn nc trng hoa
mu, trng rng v sn xut in. C th chng ta,vi nc chim 70%, s khng th tn
ti lu di nu khng c nc. T khi tri t c hnh thnh, cc sinh vt s dng mt
khi lng ln nc. Thin nhin c mt phng thc rt thng minh mang nc t
my xung t v bin v tr li my. Nhng thin nhin khng nc sn ni chng
ta cn n. V vy con ngi trn ton th gii ang c gng mang nc n ni khan
him, kim sot mc nc khi l lt xy ra, s dng nc mt cch thng minh.

2. The importance of water

It is impossible to think of life without water . We need water to grow crops , forestry and
power generation. Our bodies , with water accounting for 70 % , will not survive long
without water . Since the Earth was formed , the creature had used a large amount of water
. Nature has a very clever method to bring water from the clouds to the earth and the sea
and return water to the clouds .But nature make water available in places where we need
it . So people around the world are trying to bring water to somewhere water is short ,
control over water level when flooding occurs , to use water wisely .

3. Environmental pollution
Environmental pollution is a popular issue after World War II. It can be said that pollution
is the result of our social development through the means of science. Pollution is the
product of our scientific achivements being applied for the improvement of human
facilities. Environmental pollution has become the biggest problem to the human race on
this planet. Poluttion is adding impurity to our environment. Pollution in our environment
will hamper the core of existence of man and natural. Due to deforestation, the earth is
becoming warmer; if this continues our earth will become a desert or will be covered with
sea and will cause destruction of mankind.

3. nhim mi trng
nhim mi trng l mt vn ph bin sau Th chin II . C th ni rng nhim l
kt qu ca s pht trin x hi ca chng ti thng qua cc phng tin ca khoa hc.
nhim l cc sn phm ca thnh tu khoa hc ca chng ta ang c p dng cho vic
ci thin c s vt cht ca con ngi. nhim mi trng tr thnh vn ln nht
i vi loi ngi trn hnh tinh ny . nhim ang thm tp cht vi mi trng ca
chng ta . nhim mi trng s cn tr ct li ca s tn ti ca con ngi v thin nhin
. Do nn ph rng ,tri t ang tr nn nng ln ; nu iu ny tip tc tri t ca chng
ta s tr thnh mt sa mc hoc s b c lp vi bin v s gy ra s tuyt chng ca nhn
loi .

4. Humans and Environment

Humans are responsible for a variety of environmental problems, but we can also take steps
to reduce the damage that we are causing to the planet. Two of the biggest threats to the
Quang Tran

environment are air pollution and waste. Gas emissions from factories and exhaust fumes
from vehicles lead to global warming, which may have a devastating effect on the planet
in the future. As the human population increases, we are also producing ever greater
quantities of waste, which contaminates the earth and pollutes rivers and
oceans. Governments could certainly make more effort to reduce airpollution. Beside,
individuals should also take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment.

4. Con ngi v Mi trng

Con ngi phi chu trch nhim cho mt lot cc vn v mi trng , nhng chng ta
cng c th thc hin cc bc gim bt thit hi m chng ta ang gy ra cho hnh
tinh. Hai trong s nhng mi e da ln nht i vi mi trng l nhim khng kh v
cht thi . Kh thi t cc nh my v khi thi t cc phng tin dn n s nng ln
ton cu , ci m c th c mt tc ng tn ph i vi hnh tinh trong tng lai. Khi dn
s ca con ngi tng ln, chng ta to ra s lng cht thi ln hn cha tng thy , gy
nhim t sng v i dng . Chnh ph chc chn c th n lc hn na gim mc
nhim khng kh . Bn cnh , cc c nhn cng phi chu trch nhim cho nhng
nh hng m h gy ra vi mi trng .

1. My favourite game
My favourite game is football. To play this most interesting game, I go to the field near my
house where my friend wait for me every evening. My friends also love this game very
much. We often run round the field continuously for at least two hours a day.
Football is such a popular game that it is played even in the most remote corner of my
country. But it is a very hard game because it requires a lot of running. Those who love the
game, however, run about with tireless energy. Football players should also have a lot of
strength to kick the ball. They must also be skillful in controlling the ball. This makes the
game a difficult one indeed, yet also very interesting. I shall always love this game.

1. tr chi a thch ca ti
Tr chi a thch ca ti l bng . chi tr chi th v nht ny , ti i n cnh ng
gn nh ca ti, ni bn ti ch i ti mi bui ti . Bn b ca ti cng thch tr chi
ny rt nhiu. Chng ti thng chy quanh sn lin tc t nht hai gi mt ngy .
Bng l mt tr chi ph bin n ni n c chi ngay c ni xa xi nht ca t
nc ti . Nhng n l mt tr chi rt kh v n i hi rt nhiu hot ng . Nhng ngi
yu thch tr chi , tuy nhin , chy vi nng lng khng mt mi . Cu th bng cng
cn c nhiu sc mnh qu bng. H cng phi kho lo trong vic kim sot bng .
iu ny lm cho cc tr chi l mt mn kh khn thc s , nhng cng rt th v . Ti
s lun lun yu thch tr chi ny .
Quang Tran

2. Tm quan trng ca sc khe

Hm nay ti xin ni v tm quan trng ca sc khe. Chng ta ang sng trong mt th
gii vi s cnh tranh v di p lc ln. Sc khe l rt quan trng i vi chng ta
gi cho c th v tinh thn khe mnh. Chi th thao c th l mt cch tt gii phng
p lc v duy tr c th .Th thao khng ch gip con ngi cm thy khe mnh m mt
s ngi cn coi l mt cch gii tr. Tp th dc khng ch ci thin sc khe ca
xng m cn gip c bp thm mnh m, tng kh nng phi hp, gi thng bng v gip
bn khe mnh hn
2. The importance of health
Today I talk about the importance of health . We live in a world under great pressure and
competition. Health is very important for us to keep the body and mind healthy . Sports
can be a good way to release the pressure and maintain a heathy body. sports not only helps
people feel healthy , but some people see it as a way of entertainment . Exercise not only
improves bone health but also reinforce muscles more powerful , improve coordination ,
balance and help you become stronger

3. Benefits of sports
There are many benefits of playing a sport. Firstly, playing sports can give you a healthy
life and a fit body. You will be more active and healthier by playing sports. To illustrate,
you can have a lower chance of getting a serious illness such as a heart attack or high blood
pressure. In other words, it increases your resistance to illness. In leisure time, you can play
sports with your friends or your relatives, this not only helps you but also motivates
everyone around you to take part in sports and have good health. Furthermore, there are
some sports which you can play easily such as table tennis, tennis or football and after that,
you feel completely relaxed or even free from your stress.
3. Li ch ca th thao
C rt nhiu li ch ca vic chi mt mn th thao . Th nht , chi th thao c th cho
bn mt cuc sng khe mnh v mt c th cn i . Bn s ch ng hn v khe mnh
hn bng cch chi th thao . minh ha , bn c th c t c hi mc phi mt cn bnh
nghim trng nh mt cn au tim hoc huyt p cao . Ni cch khc , n lm tng sc
khng i vi bnh tt . Trong thi gian rnh ri , bn c th chi th thao vi bn b hoc
ngi thn ca bn , iu ny khng ch gip bn m cn thc y tt c mi ngi xung
quanh bn tham gia vo cc mn th thao v c sc khe tt . Hn na , c mt s mn th
thao m bn c th chi mt cch d dng nh bng bn , tennis hay bng v sau ,
bn cm thy hon ton thoi mi hoc thm ch khng cn cng thng na.

4. Li ch ca th thao
Chi th thao rt tt cho c th. Luyn tp thng xuyn khng ch gip c th khe mnh
m cn c c thn hnh chun. Th thao cng l cch tt nht chng ta gim stress
sau thi gian hc tp v lm vic mt mi. Vic tp th thao gip chng ta quen i nhng
phin no ca mnh. Hn na n cn l cch ngn nga bnh tt. Bng cch luyn tp
th thao mt cch thng xuyn chng ta c th ko di tui th hn. V vy, bn hy hnh
Quang Tran

thnh mt thi quen luyn tp hng ngy cho mnh v bn s cm thy khe mnh hn
tng ngy.

4. The benefits of sport

Sports are good for the body. Regular exercise not only help the body healthy but also gain
a model body . Sport is the best way for us to reduce stress after tired time of learning and
work. Doing sport helps us forget our concerns . Moreover it is also a way to prevent
disease . By practicing sport on a regular basis we can prolong the life longer. So , you
should form a habit of daily exercise for yourself and you 'll feel stronger every day .

5. S cn thit ca th thao
Tp luyn th thao hng ngy l mt trong nhng vic lm rt cn thit cho cuc sng ca
chng ta. C rt nhiu loi hnh th thao khc nhau nh: trong nh v ngoi tri. D nhin,
cng c nhiu mn th thao khc nhau nh: bng, bi li, khiu v, th dc nhp
iu,.Ty theo tui tc v s thch,bn c th la chn cho mnh mt mn th thao ph
hp. iu cn thit l nn bit cch sp xp thi gian, ch tp luyn hp l mang li
hiu qu tt nht. Nu bn duy tr hot ng ny thng xuyn, chc chn bn s chng
c nhiu bnh tt v gim bt cng thng, mt mi trong cng vic.
5. The necessity of sports
Doing exercise daily is one of the jobs essential for our life . There are many different types
of sports such as indoor and outdoor . Of course , there are also many different sports such
as football , swimming , dancing , aerobics , ... .depending on ages and preferences , you
can choose yourself a suitable sports . It is necessary to know how to organize time ,
reasonable workout to bring the best effectiveness . If you maintain this activity regularly ,
you will definitely fight out many diseases and relieve stress , tiredness at work.
6. Sport benefits
Regarding to sports, there are many benefits that we can perceive. Firstly, it helps us
maintain good health, the body is always full of energy for a effective day. Then our spirit
is also improved, becoming lucid and reduce the stress and pressure after hours of hard
study and work. Secondly, sport helps us to have good relationships with the people around,
for example, when you join a team sport with a lot of people, you can connect to people in
order to make a match or game, help us enhance work-group skills, raise spirit of teamwork
, etc .. Finally, sports can connect people with similar sporting passion together.
6. Nhng li ch Sport
V th thao , c rt nhiu li ch m chng ta c th cm nhn c . Th nht , n gip
chng ta duy tr sc khe tt , c th lun trn y nng lng cho mt ngy hiu qu . Sau
, tinh thn ca chng ti cng c ci thin , tr nn minh mn v gim bt cng thng
v p lc sau gi hc tp v lm vic mt nhc. Th hai , th dc th thao gip chng ta c
mi quan h tt vi nhng ngi xung quanh , v d , khi bn tham gia mt mn th thao
Quang Tran

i bng vi rt nhiu ngi , bn c th kt ni vi mi ngi t chc mt trn u

hoc tr chi , gip chng ta nng cao k nng lm vic nhm , nng cao tinh thn ng
i , vv .. Cui cng , th thao c th kt ni mi ngi c nim am m th thao tng t
vi nhau .
7. Chy b
C rt nhiu mn th thao hu ch cho sc khe con ngi nh l yoga, bi li, bng r,
bng chuynVi ti mn th thao n gin v hiu qu l chy b. Chy b l mt
phng php rt d thc hin i vi bt k ai. L mt mn th thao tin li v t tn thi
gian. Mi ngy chng ta ch cn khong 15- 30 pht cho vic chy b rn luyn sc
khe v ngn nga bnh tt. c bit chy b khng ch l bi tp ph bin m cn l
phng php gim cn an ton v nh nhng.
7. Jogging
There are many useful sports for human health such as yoga , swimming , basketball ,
volleyball ... For me a simple and efficient sport is jogging . Jogging is a very easy method
to implement for anyone. It is a convenient and less time-consuming sport . Each day we
only need about 15 to 30 minutes of jogging to improve health and prevent disease .
Especially jogging exercise is not just popular but also a method to lose weight safely and
gently .
8. Taekwondo
C nhiu cch gip chng ta c sc khe tt v vc dng cn i, mt trong s l
vic tp th dc u n. Ti kh hng th vi cc hot ng nhm gip c mt thn hnh
khe mnh nh bng bn, chy b hay bng chuyn, nhng hot ng ti yu thch nht
vn l Taekwondo. Ti luyn tp n mi sng v i ti cu lc b vo cui tun. Vic tp
luyn thng xuyn gip ti th gin khi vic hc b p lc, hn th na Taekwondo gip
ti tr nn mnh m. Taekwondo khng ch l hot ng nhm c sc khe tt m cn l
am m ca ti.

8. Taekwondo
There are many ways to help us have good health and good shape , one of which is to
exercise regularly. I am quite interested in activities to help have a healthy body such as
table tennis , running or volleyball , but my most favorite activity is Taekwondo . I practice
it every morning and go to the club at the weekend . regular exercise helps me relax when
under study pressure , moreover Taekwondo help me become stronger . Taekwondo is not
only an activity to have good health but also my passion .
Quang Tran

1. Books
When choosing correctly, reading gives us pleasure. Some books we read are simply for
pleasure and amusements. When we are tired or weary with serious study, it is a healthy
recreation to read a story written by a great man.
However, we must also have serious reading for the mind. Each of us can choose a suitable
book according to our taste. There are many good books on history, biography, travel or
science. Every student can get a lot of benefit by reading books. We can keep ourselves
well-informed with world events and improve our general knowledge. It is advisable for
all of us to read books as our hobbies or pastimes.

1. Sch
Khi la chn mt cch chnh xc , c sch cho chng ta nim vui . Mt s cun sch
chng ta c ch n gin v nim vui v th vui . Khi chng ta mt mi vi cc nghin
cu quan trng , vic c mt cu chuyn c vit bi mt ngi v i l mt s gii tr
lnh mnh. Tuy nhin , chng ta cng nn c mt cch nghim tc. Mi ngi trong
chng ta c th chn mt cun sch ph hp theo thch . C rt nhiu cun sch tt v
lch s , tiu s, du lch , khoa hc . Mi hc sinh c th nhn c rt nhiu li ch bng
cch c sch . Chng ta c th cp nht y thng tin v cc s kin th gii v nng
cao kin thc chung. c sch nh s thch hay th tiu khin l iu c khuyn ngh
cho tt c mi ngi.
2. Travelling
The world is a colorful landscape of different languages, skin colors, and different cultures.
And one of the best ways to learn about different cultures is to travel. Traveling increases
our knowledge and widens our perspective, explores culture of each nation. It gives us a
new things about life, helps us learn about history and geography of many places. When
we travel, we usually make it a point to try new food, to view new customs and different
ways of living, which is fantastic for the mind. Traveling provides opportunities for us to
share our happiness with our friends and family.
2. i du lch
Th gii l mt phong cnh y mu sc ca cc ngn ng, mu sc da , v cc nn vn
ha khc nhau . V mt trong nhng cch tt nht tm hiu v cc nn vn ha khc
nhau l i du lch . Du lch tng kin thc v m rng tm nhn cu chng ta, khm ph
vn ha ca mi quc gia . N cho chng ta mt iu mi v cuc sng, gip chng ta tm
hiu v lch s v a l ca nhiu ni . Khi chng ta i du lch , chng ta thng quan tm
ti vic th thc n mi , tm hiu nhng phong tc tp qun mi v nhng cch sng
khc nhau, tuyt vi cho tm tr . Du lch cung cp c hi cho chng ta chia s nim hnh
phc vi bn b v gia nh .
Quang Tran

3. Reading
My hobby is reading interesting and knowledgeable books in my free time. Reading books
keeps me always happy and busy. It is the good source of enjoyment, knowledge,
inspiration and instruction. Through books reading, nobody can feel alone and disturb. I
think this habit is more precious than gold or other precious stones of the world. It provides
us high level of knowledge, noble thoughts and ideas to work in many fields. Good and
interesting books are like best friends of the one who like to read. The one who do not have
this habit many possess worldly wealth but he/she would always be poor because of the
lack of wealth or true knowledge.

3. Reading
S thch ca ti l c nhng cun sch th v v y kin thc trong thi gian rnh ri
ca. c sch khin ti lun lun hnh phc v bn rn . N l ngun vui, kin thc , cm
hng v hng dn hay . Thng qua c sch, khng ai c th cm thy c n v phin
h . Ti ngh rng thi quen ny l qu hn vng , qu khc ca th gii . N cung cp
cho chng ta mc cao v kin thc , t tng v tng cao qu lm vic trong
nhiu lnh vc. nhng cun Sch hay v th v ging nh nhng ngi bn tt nht ca
mt trong nhng ngi thch c sch. Mt ngi khng c thi quen ny c nhiu ca
ci th gian , nhng anh / c y s lun lun l ngi ngho v thiu ca ci hay kin thc
tht s .
Nc ta c nhiu ngy l trong nm nh quc khnh, ph n Vit Nam, Quc t lao ng.
Nhng Tt tht s l ngy quan trng nht i vi ngi Vit.Trong dp ny, mi ngi
thng dn dp v trang tr nh ca. Hu ht cc gia nh lm v thng thc nhng mn
n truyn thng nh bnh chng, mt da, mt gng. Nhng thnh vin trong gia nh d
sng u cng c gng v sum hp bn gia nh v h hng.Mi ngi cng c th chi
mt s tr chi truyn thng trong hi xun.Ti ngh Tt Vit Nam tht th v.
1.Tet holiday
Our country has many holidays in the year as Independence day , vietnamese womens
day , the International Labour day . But the New Year is actually the most important day
for vietnamese people. on this occasion , people usually clean and decorate their homes .
Most families prepare and enjoy traditional dishes like rice cake, coconut jam , candied
ginger . no matter where members of family live , they always try to reunite with their
family and relatives .every one can also play some traditional games in spring festival. i
think it is really interesting.
2 L hi Vu Lan
L hi Vu Lan l mt trong nhng l hi truyn thng ca Vit Nam. L hi ny din ra
vo ngy 15 thng 7 m lch hng nm. y l dp c bit t hp gia nh v th hin
Quang Tran

lng bit n n t tin v cha m. Mi ngi thng ci mt bng hoa trc ngc nh l
mt biu tng ca tnh yu. Nhng ai cn cha m s ci hoa mu hng, cn nhng ai km
may mn khng cn cha m s ci hoa mu trng. l mt trong nhng nt c trng ca
l Vu Lan.

2. the ghost Festival

The ghost Festival is one of the traditional festivals of Vietnam . This festival takes place
on July 15th on the Lunar calendar annually. This is a special occasion to gather the family
and express gratitude to ancestors and parents . People often set a flower on chest as a
symbol of love . Those who have parents will wear a pink flowers , while those who are
less fortunate without parents will set the white one . That is one of the features of the ghost
festival .
3. Tet Holiday
As the new year begins and the old year is put to rest, all Vietnamese rejoice in their most
important holiday - New Year. The living pay homage to the dead, and younger community
members honor their elders. Families are reunified, the coming of spring and the planting
season are celebrated. This is a time for relaxation, joy, and hope. Tet is the time to settle
past mistakes and begin anew. It is the height of feasting, parties, and gift giving-especially
for children, who are rewarded with red envelopes containing "lucky money."
Traditionally, this was the time when everyone counted himself or herself one year older.
Houses are meticulously cleaned, business accounts are settled, homes are decorated with
flowers and budding saplings, and everyone buys new clothes.
3. Tt
Khi nm mi bt u v nm c c khp li, tt c ngi dn vit trong ngy l quan
trng nht ca h - nm mi . ngi sng t lng tn knh n nhng ngi khuyt, v
ngi tr t long knh mn nhng ngi ln tui . gia nh c on t, mi ngi n
mng ma xun ma trng trt mi. y l thi gian cho s th gin, nim vui v hy vng .
Tt l thi gian gii quyt nhng sai lm trong qu kh v bt u li t u. l thi
im ca yn tic , tic tng, v tng qu , c bit l cho tr em , nhng ngi c khen
thng vi phong b mu c cha "tin l x. " Theo truyn thng , y l thi im khi
tt c mi ngi ln tui mi. Nh ca c lm sch mt cch t m , cc ti khon kinh
doanh c n nh, ngi nh c trang tr bng hoa v cy ging va chm n , v tt
c mi ngi mua qun o mi .
1. Qu ti
Ti sinh ra v ln ln Ni Thnh, mt th trn ca tnh Qung Nam. Dn s y khng
ng c nh nhng ni khc. Cuc sng min qu thanh bnh vi phong cnh rt hu
tnh, khng kh trong lnh. Con ngi y sng ch yu bng ngh nng. Cuc sng tuy
kh khn nhng h sng rt c tnh ngha, yu thng m bc ln nhau.Ni Thnh hm
Quang Tran

nay ang ngy cng i mi, i sng ngy cng c ci thin. Hn th na, Ni Thnh
l ni c mt lch s truyn thng v vang.Ti t ho l ngi con ca Ni Thnh.
1. my hometown
I was born and raised in Mountain City, a town of Quang Nam. The population here is not
as crowded as other places. Life in the village is peaceful with charming scenery, fresh air.
People here mainly earn a livehood by farming. Life is tough, but they live with affection
and gratitude, love and cover each other. Nui thanh today are increasingly innovated, life
has been constantly improved. Moreover,nui thanh is the region with a glorious traditional
history I are proud to be a child of Nui Thanh.
2. Tam Ky my hometown
I was born and grew up in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. It is located in the central
part of Viet Nam. It is not big as other cities but it is extremely special to me. The small
size of of hometown gives its residents special qualtites. The people here are very friendly
and hospitable. Tam Ky also has many beautiful destinations that attract many visitors
home and abroad such as Phu Ninh lake, Tam Thanh beach, Ki Anh tunnel. All foreign
friends I have met so far tell me that they really like Tam Ky and want to stay here for a
long time. Living in a town like this, one learns to appreciate the simpler things in life.

2. Tam K qu hng ca ti
Ti sinh ra v ln ln thnh ph Tam K, tnh Qung Nam . N nm min trung Vit
Nam . N khng phi l ln nh cc thnh ph khc, nhng n l v cng c bit vi ti .
Kch thc nh ca qu hng mang n cho c dn cht lng c bit. Ngi dn y
rt thn thin v hiu khch. Tam K cng c nhiu im n p m thu ht nhiu du
khch trong v ngoi nc nh h Ph Ninh , bi bin Tam Thanh , a o Ki Anh . Tt
c bn b nc ngoi ti gp cho n nay ni vi ti rng h thc s thch Tam K v
mun li y trong mt thi gian di . Sng trong mt th trn nh th ny , ngi ta s
bit cch trn trng nhng iu n gin trong cuc sng .
1. Living in the country
The country is a quiet place where the influence of the city is not felt much. In a village
people do not live very close to one another. Almost every house is surrounded by flowers,
fruit plants and vegetables. Some villagers are surrounded by paddy fields or mountains.
All these make the country look green and fresh.
People living in the countryside are very simple in thought and behaviour. They are
therefore friendly and helpful. So the crimes in the city are almost unknown in the country.
The people here work together and live in peace. Living among such friendly and simple
people, in such a quiet place, is indeed a real pleasure.
1. Sng nng thn
Quang Tran

Nng thn l mt ni yn tnh, ni m nh hng ca thnh ph khng cm thy nhiu.

vng qu ngi ta khng sng rt gn gi vi nhau . Hu nh mi nh c bao quanh bi
hoa, cy n qu v rau . Mt s ni c bao quanh bi nhng cnh ng la hoc ni .
Tt c nhng lm cho vng nng thn trng xanh v ti .
Ngi dn sng cc vng nng thn rt n gin trong suy ngh v hnh vi. do h
thn thin v tt bng . V vy, cc ti phm trong thnh ph hu nh cha c bit
vung qu. Ngi dn y lm vic vi nhau v sng trong ha bnh . Sng gia nhng
con ngi thn thin v n gin nh vy , mt ni yn tnh nh vy , thc s l mt
nim vui thc s .
2. Modern life
Modern life really brings us both advantages and disadvantages. Together with the striking
developing of our society, people live more and more comfortably. In their work, they can
use laptops to get information as well as to exchange information easily. In their
housework, there are some machines which can help them to do the housework. However,
they have to work very hard to get money as much as possible so that they can afford for
their lifes expenses. Sometimes, they dont even have time for their family. I personally
think that we should share time for work and entertainment so that we can have enough
time to enjoy our life.
2. Cuc sng hin i
Cuc sng hin i thc s mang n cho chng ta nhng thun li v bt li . Cng vi
s pht trin ni bt ca x hi chng ta , con ngi sng ngy cng thoi mi hn . Trong
cng vic, h c th s dng my tnh xch tay ly thng tin cng nh trao i thng
tin mt cch d dng . Trong cng vic gia nh ca h , c mt s my mc m c th
gip h lm vic nh . Tuy nhin , h phi lm vic rt chm ch c c tin cng nhiu
cng tt h c th kh nng chi ph cho cuc sng ca h . i khi , h thm ch
khng c thi gian cho gia nh ca h . C nhn ti ngh rng chng ta nn chia s thi
gian cho cng vic v gii tr chng ta c th c thi gian tn hng cuc sng
ca chng ti .
3.Cuc sng hin i
Ngy nay cuc sng ngy cng hin i khin con ngi tr nn bn rn vi nhiu th. H
c rt t thi gian th gin v ngh ngi. Ti nhn thy rng c rt nhiu ngi chy theo
nhng li ch trc mt m khng coi trng sc khe ca mnh. H c suy ngh rng sng
ch yu kim tht nhiu tin. Kt qu l cht lng cuc sng ngy cng suy gim v
phi i mt vi nhiu bnh tt nguy him. Nhng cng c mt s ngi bit cch sng
mt cuc sng ngha v khe mnh. H bit cch phn b thi gian hp l. Bao nhiu
thi gian cho cng vic v bao nhiu cho vic th gin trn mt ngy.
3. Life modern
Today more and more modern life makes people become busy with many things . They
have very little time to relax and rest . I noticed that a lot of people chasing the immediate
benefits that disregard their health . They think that live primarily to make more money .
The result is that quality of life is dwindling due to face many dangerous diseases . But
there are some people who know how to live a meaningful life and healthy . They know
how to allocate reasonable time . How much time and how much work to relax on a day .
Quang Tran

1. Ngh nghip tng lai
Hin nay ti ang l sinh vin ngnh ting anh v vy cng vic m c trong tng lai l
tr thnh mt hng dn vin du lch. Ti s dn du khch trong v ngoi nc n thm
tt c nhng a im du lch p Vit Nam. Cng vic ca mt hng dn vin l phi
p ng nhng dch v tt nht n du khch v phi gii thch r rng v nn vn ha Vit
v con ngi du khch c th hiu thm v con ngi v t nc Vit Nam. V vy,bn
cnh vic hc chuyn mn th ti cn phi hc thm nhiu v vn ha v lch s Vit Nam
cng nh ca cc nc trn th gii.

1. Future Career
Currently I am a student of English so desired job in the future is to become a tour guide .
I will guide domestic and foreign tourists to visit all the beautiful tourist destination in
Vietnam . The job of a tour guide is to meet the best services to tourists and to explain
clearly about Vietnamese culture and people so visitors can learn more about the people
and the country of Vietnam . So besides learning professional , I need to learn more about
the culture and history of Vietnam and the countries of the world .

2. Chun b cho cng vic

Sau khi tt nghip, iu m cc sinh vin lo lng nht chnh l vn tm vic lm. Th
nhng i khi v qu lo lng v khng tm hiu mt cch k lng m nhiu bn sinh vin
khng tm c cng vic nh , lng ph thi gian v cng sc nhng khng thc s em
li kt qu nh mong i. Trc tin, chng ta phi tm hiu tht k nhng thng tin v
cng ty ng tuyn. Chun b k s gip cho chng ta cm thy mnh am hiu nh mt nhn
vin ca cng ty, t s t tin hn rt nhiu. Ngoi ra sinh vin mi ra trng trang cn
trang b k nng, chuyn mn k thut tt mi c c hi tm vic lm d dng.
2. Prepare for the job
Quang Tran

After graduation, what the students most worried about is the problem of finding a job. But
sometimes too anxious and do not understand thoroughly that many students can not find
a good job, wasted time and effort, but do not really produce results as expected. First, we
must thoroughly understand the information on the company applying. Preparation makes
us feel understood as an employee of the company, which will be more confident lot. Also
born Entry pages to equip skills, new professional and technical good chance to find
employment easily.
3. Job stability
Today, I would like to talk about the importance of having a stable job. Nowadays, young
people start loving early and often spend more time with loved ones. But if you spend a lot
of time to love, you will not have time and do not concentrate on learning. That directly
affects your academic results and direct impact on employment in the future. Young people
need to have a stable job to ensure financially, help you have a better future, reduce the
burden on families. Therefore, there is a stable job is extremely necessary.
4. Vic lm sau khi ra trng
Hin nay, sinh vin ra trng u mong mun tm cho mnh mt cng vic yu thch vi
mt mc lng cao. Song, phn ln sinh vin sau khi tt nghip ra trng vn cha tm
c vic lm hay cng vic cha ph hp. C nhiu l do dn n tnh trng ny. u
tin phi k n khong cch gia nhu cu x hi v chng trnh o to ti cc trng
i hc. Th hai, cht lng o to tht s cha p ng c yu cu ca cc nh tuyn
dng. Nhng r rng gii quyt vn ny chng ta khng th lm ngay trong mt thi
gian ngn. y l vn ng quan tm v nh nc cn a ra chnh sch hp l khc
phc tnh trng ny
4. Employment after graduation
Currently, graduates are keen to find a job with a salary favorite high. However, most of
the students after graduation have not yet found work or work not suitable. There are many
reasons for this situation. First to mention the gap between social needs and training
programs at the university. Second, the quality of training actually not meet the
requirements of employers. But it is clear to solve this problem we can not do right in a
short time. This is a matter of concern and the state should provide a reasonable policy to
rectify this situation
5. My dream job
A job I would like to do in the future would be to work as a foreign correspondent
journalist. Im somebody who loves to travel and loves to learn about other cultures and
the way they work, and also the history of other countries and places around the world. So
this is a job that really is attractive to me. I also really enjoy writing. Its something I get a
lot of pleasure from, so that job would allow me to combine my interests in travel, learning
about the world and also writing. To do that I need a lot of effort, I will learn by heart to
Quang Tran

improve my English skill and study about the social problems in my life. I believe I will
accomplish my dream.
5. cng vic m c ca ti
Mt cng vic m ti mun lm trong tng lai s c lm vic nh mt nh bo phng
vin nc ngoi. Ti ai thch i du lch v thch tm hiu v cc nn vn ha khc v
cch h lm vic, v cng l lch s ca cc nc khc v nhng ni trn th gii. V vy,
y l mt cng vic m thc s l hp dn vi ti. Ti cng thc s thng thc bng vn
bn. l iu ti nhn c rt nhiu nim vui t, v vy cng vic s cho php ti
kt hp li ch ca ti trong chuyn du lch, hc hi v th gii v cng vit. lm iu
ti cn rt nhiu n lc, ti s hc bng tri tim ci thin k nng ting Anh ca mnh
v nghin cu v cc vn x hi trong cuc sng ca ti. Ti tin rng ti s thc hin
c c m ca mnh.
6. c m
M c ca ti l tr thnh mt hng dn vin du lch . Mun tr thnh mt hng dn
vin tt i hi ti phi c k nng v trnh chuyn mn kh cao. T tin trong giao tip
l mt trong nhng iu cn thit nht m bt c ngnh ngh no cng phi i hi, c
bit l ngnh ngh ny. K nng giao tip hiu qu l hon ton cn thit cho mt s nghip
thnh cng ca mt ngi hng dn.D nhin l cng vic ca ti s lin quan n s am
hiu v vn ha nhiu quc gia trn th gii. N khng ch gip ch cho cng vic m
cn gip ti m rng tm mt v giao lu gp g vi nhiu ngi hn.
6. Dreams
My dream is to become a tour guide. Want to become a better instructor requires me to
have the skills and qualifications is high. Confidence in communication is one of the most
essential thing that any profession would have to require, in particular occupations.
Effective communication skills are absolutely necessary for a successful career of a user
dan.Di my course work will involve an understanding of the culture in many countries
around the world. It not only helps employment but also help me to broaden their
perspective and interaction to meet with more people.
7. Ngh hng dn vin du lch
Hin ti ti ang l sinh vin nm 4 khoa ngoi ng, c m ca ti l s tr thnh hng
dn vin du lch. T nh, ti m c c i khp m min t nc. Khi tri qua
nhng chuyn i u tin trong i, mong mun tr thnh hng dn vin ca ti cng tr
nn mnh lit. Ngi hng dn vin mang trong mnh s mnh cao c. H va l nh
qung co, va l nh ngoi giao. H cng l nhng ngi trc tip qung b hnh nh t
nc n cho th gii. Ngh hng dn vin cng nh bao ngh khc u c th thch v
s hy sinh, nhng l ngh ti yu thch v ti quyt tm hc tht c th tr thnh mt
hng dn vin u t.
7. Occupation tour guide
Quang Tran

Currently I am a student in 4 foreign language departments, my dream is to become a tour

guide. Since childhood, I have dreamed dreams throughout the country. When
experiencing his first trip, would like to become my guide became more intense. The tour
guide in her noble mission. They both advertisers, just as diplomats. They are also directly
promote the country's image to the world. Vocational instructors, as well as how other
professions are challenged and sacrifice, but it is the profession I love and I determined to
learn truth can become an excellent tour guide.

8. Hng dn vin du lch VN

Hin nay ti ang l sinh vin ngnh ting anh, v vy cng vic m c trong tng lai l
tr thnh mt hng dn vin du lch. Khi , ti s dn du khch trong v ngoi nc n
thm tt c nhng a im du lch p Vit Nam.L mt hng dn vin ti c th i du
lch rt nhiu ni, gp g nhiu ngi v tip xc vi nhiu nn vn ha khc nhau. Cng
vic ca mt hng dn vin l phi p ng nhng dch v tt nht n du khch v phi
gii thch r rng v nn vn ha Vit v con ngi du khch c th hiu thm v con
ngi v t nc Vit Nam.

8. travel guides VN
Currently I am a student of English, so the dream job in the future is to become a tour guide.
Meanwhile, I will guide domestic and foreign tourists to visit all the beautiful tourist
destination in Vietnam Nam.La a tour guide I could travel in many places, met many people
and exposure many different cultures. The job of a tour guide is to meet the best services
to tourists and to explain clearly about Vietnamese culture and people so visitors can learn
more about the people and the country of Vietnam.
1. Disadvantages of technology
Today Id like to talk about the disadvantages of technology. Modern technology may lead
to job loss. Modern technology has replaced many humans. Robots are doing the jobs
which used to be done by humans. Many factories have employed robots on production
lines to increases.e production and efficiency. This is good news for businesses because it
helps them make more money. However, it is bad news to employees because they get
replaced by a robot. In order to deal with the problem, they need training more skills. If
they adapt well, they can earn much money.
1. Nhc im ca cng ngh
Hm nay ti mun ni v nhng nhc im ca cng ngh. Cng ngh hin i c th
dn n mt vic lm. Cng ngh hin i thay th nhiu ngi. Robot c lm cng
vic m s dng c thc hin bi con ngi. Nhiu nh my s dng robot trn
dy chuyn sn xut increases.e hiu qu sn xut. y l tin tt cho cc doanh nghip
Quang Tran

v n gip h kim nhiu tin hn. Tuy nhin, n l tin xu i vi nhn vin v h c
thay th bi mt robot. i ph vi vn ny, h cn o to nhiu k nng. Nu h
thch nghi tt, h c th kim c nhiu tin.
2. Why technology is not so good
Today Id like to talk about the disadvantages of modern technology. Technology brings
about loneliness. Social isolation is on the increase. People are spending more time playing
video games. They are busy learning how to use new modern technologies. And they are
interested in using social networks. Consequently, they neglect their real life. Technology
has replaced our old way of interacting. If a user can easily interact with 100 friends online,
they will feel no need to going out to make real friends. That easily leads to loneliness.
Peoples surrounding is not people but certain machine.

2. Ti sao cng ngh khng phi l qu tt

Hm nay ti mun ni v nhng nhc im ca cng ngh hin i. Cng ngh mang v
ni c n. C lp x hi ngy cng gia tng. Mi ngi ang dnh nhiu thi gian chi
tr chi video. H ang bn rn vic hc cch s dng cc cng ngh hin i mi. V h
quan tm trong vic s dng cc mng x hi. Do , h b b cuc sng thc ca h.
Cng ngh thay th cch c ca chng ta tng tc. Nu mt ngi s dng c th d
dng tng tc vi 100 bn b trc tuyn, h s cm thy khng cn phi i ra ngoi kt
bn thc s. iu d dng dn n s c n. Ca ngi dn xung quanh khng phi l
ngi nhng my no .
3. Li ch ca Internet
Cng vi s pht trin nhanh chng ca x hi, Internet cng ngy mt ph bin vi con
ngi. Internet gip cho cuc sng ca chng ta d dng hn. N l mt cng c tm kim
thng tin hu ch. Chng ta c th tm kim mt lng ln thng tin vi nhiu ch khc
nhau. Ngoi ra, nh internet con ngi c th giao tip vi nhau mt cch thun tin hn
thng qua Facebook hay Zalo. Hn th na, cc sinh vin chuyn ngnh Ting Anh c th
rn luyn cc k nng nh : Nghe, Ni, c, Vit thng qua cc website : or Grammar ... v.v. Tm li, Internet l mt cng c thng minh
v cn thit cho cuc sng hin i

3. Benefits of Internet
Along with the rapid development of society, the Internet is also increasingly popular with
humans. Internet makes our life easier. It is a search engine useful information. We can
search a large amount of information with many different topics. Also, thanks to the
internet people can communicate with each other more convenient through Facebook or
Zalo. Moreover, the students who study English can practice skills such as listening,
speaking, reading and writing through the website:
Quang Tran

Grammar or ... etc. In short, the Internet is an intelligent tool and
essential for modern life
4. The Internet
There is so much that students can do with the internet. Not only can they communicate
with international students, they can gain from others knowledge and experience,
participate in chatrooms, share ideas and solutions and learn about the many diverse
cultures out there. While the Internet does a lot for students, there are aslo benefits for
parents and teachers. The interactive learning that the Internet provides can help students
and parents with little or no English skills to learn English. Parents can become more
involved in their childrens education by conecting the school with homes, libraries or other
access ports.
4. Internet
C qu nhiu m sinh vin c th lm vi internet. Khng ch h c th giao tip vi cc
sinh vin quc t, h c th t c t kin thc v kinh nghim ca ngi khc, tham
gia vo cc phng chat, chia s tng v gii php v tm hiu v cc nn vn ha a
dng nhiu trn mng. Trong khi Internet hin rt nhiu cho sinh vin, cng c nhng li
ch cho ph huynh v gio vin. Vic hc tp tng tc m Internet cung cp c th gip
hc sinh
v cha m vi k nng rt t hoc khng c ting Anh hc ting Anh. Cha m c th
tham gia nhiu hn vo gio dc con em mnh bng cch kt ni cc trng hc vi nh,
th vin hay cc cng truy cp khc.
5. The importance of the Internet
The main importance of the internet is that it has made information available in a quick
and easy manner. Here are just a few of the advantages that internet brings to our lives.
First of all it provides millions of people with information that is updated by the second 24
hours a day, seven days a week. With just the click of a mouse you become connected to
someone who is in another city or even halfway across the world. Another advantage is
that the internet has completely changed entertainment. On demand channels now make it
possible for you to watch any television programs that you missed. Social networking has
also changed the way that friends communicate through the likes of facebook and twitter.

5. Tm quan trng ca Internet

Tm quan trng chnh ca Internet l n c sn thng tin mt cch nhanh chng v d
dng. y ch l mt vi trong s nhng li th m Internet mang li cho cuc sng ca
chng ti. Trc ht n cung cp hng triu ngi vi cc thng tin c cp nht bi cc
th hai 24 gi mt ngy, by ngy mt tun. Ch vi mt c nhp chut, bn tr thnh kt
ni cho mt ngi ang mt thnh ph khc hoc thm ch na chng trn th gii. Mt
li th khc l internet lm thay i ton gii tr. Trn knh nhu cu hin nay lm cho
Quang Tran

n c th cho bn xem bt k chng trnh truyn hnh m bn b l. Mng x hi cng

thay i cch m bn giao tip thng qua s thch ca facebook v twitter.
6. Internet and communication
The development of the Internet has provided a convenient way for people to communicate
with each other without boundary. People from different countries are brought together
through such sites as Facebook, Skype.. thereby, people have more chances to exchange
their own cultures and customs. Another point in favor of communicating online is personal
information offering. The internet allows all of us to upload images, videos, telephone
number or even current status via multimedia tools. With the wider ability of information
transferring, these images and information will help people know the situation of others in
a better manner. Online communication is also a cheap means of interaction as well.

6. Internet v truyn thng

S pht trin ca Internet cung cp mt cch thun tin mi ngi giao tip vi
nhau m khng c ranh gii. Ngi t cc nc khc nhau c mang li vi nhau thng
qua cc trang web nh Facebook, Skype .. do , ngi dn c nhiu c hi trao i
vn ha v phong tc ring ca h. Mt im li ca giao tip trc tuyn l thng tin c
nhn cung cp. Internet cho php tt c chng ta ti ln hnh nh, video, s in thoi
hay a v thm ch hin nay thng qua cc cng c a phng tin. Vi kh nng m rng
thng tin chuyn nhng, nhng hnh nh v thng tin s gip mi ngi bit tnh hnh
ca ngi khc mt cch tt hn. Giao tip trc tuyn cng l mt phng tin gi r ca
s tng tc l tt.

Study a foreign language

1. Some tips for learning a foreign language
You should have a positive attitude in learning a foreign language. Practicing every single
day is an essential factor in learning a foreign language. Many students believe that if they
have a vocabulary list and learn it every day, they are learning a language. However,
learning a foreign language is much more than that. When you start to learn a foreign
language, you must learn pronunciation and grammar structures along with listening,
speaking, reading and writing skills. The most important thing in learning foreign language
is practicing. If you practice regularly day by day and apply what you have just learned to
reality, you can use a foreign language fluently.

1. Mt s li khuyn cho vic hc mt ngn ng nc ngoi

Quang Tran

Bn cn phi c mt thi tch cc trong vic hc mt ngn ng nc ngoi. Luyn tp

mi ngy l mt yu t thit yu trong vic hc mt ngn ng nc ngoi. Rt nhiu sinh
vin tin rng nu h c mt danh sch t vng v tm hiu n mi ngy, h ang hc mt
ngn ng. Tuy nhin, vic hc mt ngn ng nc ngoi l nhiu hn th. Khi bn bt u
hc mt ngoi ng, bn phi tm hiu cc cu trc ng php v pht m cng vi nghe, ni,
c v k nng vit. iu quan trng nht trong vic hc ngoi ng l thc hnh. Nu bn
thc hnh thng xuyn tng ngy v p dng nhng g bn va hc c vi thc t, bn
c th s dng mt ngoi ng lu lot.
2. Practice makes perfect
The saying Practice makes perfect is really reasonable in any times. Firstly, the more we
practice, the more we get experiences. For example, when we study English, we have to
learn such as vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, and grammar.
However, if we want to use English fluently and effectively, we need practice every day.
Secondly, when we practice frequently, we can make things perfect more and more. For
instance, when we learn speaking we should feel free to speak out what we are thinking in
our mind although we make mistakes because the more we make mistakes, the more we
have chances to get experiences of speaking. As a result, we can surely improve our
speaking skill. In short, it is clear that practicing more and more in reality really makes
things perfect.
2. Thc hnh lm cho hon ho
Nhng cu ni "Thc hnh lm cho hon ho" l thc s hp l trong bt k ln. Trc
ht, chng ta cng thc hnh, chng ta cng thm kinh nghim. V d, khi chng ta hc
ting Anh, chng ta phi hc nh t vng, pht m, nghe, c, vit v ng php. Tuy nhin,
nu chng ta mun s dng ting Anh thnh tho v hiu qu, chng ta cn phi tp luyn
mi ngy. Th hai, khi chng ta thc hnh thng xuyn, chng ta c th lm cho mi th
hon ho hn v nhiu hn na. V d, khi chng ta hc ni chng ta nn cm thy t do
ni ra nhng g chng ta ang suy ngh trong tm tr ca chng ti mc d chng ta mc
sai lm v chng ta cng lm cho nhng sai lm, chng ta cng c c hi c c nhng
kinh nghim ca ni. Kt qu l, chng ti chc chn c th ci thin k nng ni ca chng
ti. Trong ngn hn, n l r rng rng tp luyn nhiu hn v nhiu hn na trong thc t
thc s lm cho mi th hon ho.

3. The importance of English

English is the most widely spoken foreign in the world. Nowadays, many sectors are using
English, such as economics, education, health, and social life. That is the reason why it is
important to learn English: so that we can communicate and get a lot of knowledge. As a
global language, English is used to communicate with other people from the other
countries. For the ones who love travel, English is the most important requirement. You
cannot get the information of a new place if you are not able to communicate with others.
Quang Tran

So, learning English is important and has many advantages, such as improvement of our
knowledge, more job opportunities, and good interact with local people when we travel to
other countries.
3. Tm quan trng ca ting Anh
Ting Anh c s dng rng ri nht ca nc ngoi trn th gii. Ngy nay, nhiu ngnh
ang s dng ting Anh, nh kinh t, gio dc, y t v i sng x hi. l l do ti sao
iu quan trng l phi hc ting Anh: chng ti c th giao tip v nhn c rt nhiu
kin thc. L mt ngn ng ton cu, ting Anh c s dng giao tip vi ngi khc
t cc nc khc. i vi nhng ngi thch i du lch, Ting Anh l yu cu quan trng
nht. Bn khng th nhn c cc thng tin ca mt a im mi nu bn khng th giao
tip vi ngi khc. V vy, vic hc ting Anh l rt quan trng v c nhiu li th, chng
hn nh nng cao kin thc ca chng ti, c hi vic lm hn, v tng tc tt vi ngi
dn a phng khi chng ti i du lch n cc nc khc.

4. English
In the trend of globalization today, the importance of English can not be denied and ignored
because it is widely used everywhere in the world. Along with the development of
technology, Medicine, Engineering and Education ... there are places where English plays
the most important role. Especially for a developing country like Vietnam, English was
taught from a very early age and many young people were aware of the importance of it
for reasons like finding a good job, communication with everyone in the world, access to
scientific resources for which they are pursued. That is also the reason why many
universities and colleges currently conducting teaching contents in English.
4. ting Anh
Trong xu th ton cu ha ngy nay, tm quan trng ca ting Anh khng th ph nhn v
b qua bi v n c s dng rng ri khp mi ni trn th gii. Cng vi s pht trin
ca cng ngh, y hc, K thut v Gio dc ... c nhng ni m ting Anh ng vai tr
quan trng nht. c bit l i vi mt nc ang pht trin nh Vit Nam, ting Anh
c dy t khi cn rt nh v nhiu ngi tr nhn thc c tm quan trng ca n
v nhng l do nh vic tm kim mt cng vic tt, giao tip vi tt c mi ngi trn th
gii, tip cn vi cc ngun lc khoa hc m h chu theo ui. cng l l do ti sao
nhiu trng i hc v cao ng hin ang tin hnh cc ni dung ging dy bng ting

1. Du lch Qung Nam
Hm nay ti xin c ni v du lch ti tnh Qung Nam. Qung Nam nm min Trung
Vit Nam. Qung Nam l im n l tng cho du khch. y, du khch c th i thm
Quang Tran

nhiu ni, c bit l hai di sn th gii: Hi An v M Sn. Du khch ch mt 30 pht

t i t sn bay quc t Nng. Con ngi Qung Nam rt thn thin, hiu khch. Thc
n v cc sn phm du lch c sc nhng khng t . Nm 2013, Qung Nam n hn
3 triu du khch
1. Tourism in Quang Nam
Today I would like to talk about tourism in Quang Nam province. Quang Nam is located
in central Vietnam. Quang Nam is the ideal destination for travelers. Here, guests can visit
many places, especially the two world heritage: Hoi An and My Son. Guests only 30
minutes away from the airport automobile Danang International. Quang Nam People are
very friendly and hospitable. Dietary and special tourist products but not expensive. 2013,
Quang Nam welcomed more than 3 million tourists

2. im du lch ma ng Vit Nam

Hm nay ti xin c ni v im du lch ma ng Vit Nam. Th nht l Nng.
Vi nhit khng qu lnh, Nng l im n tuyt vi. Du khch thch n thnh
ph ny v h c phc v thn thin v chuyn nghip. Th hai l Nha Trang. Nha Trang
c kh hu nng m quanh nm. Nha Trang c nh gi l mt trong nhng vnh p
nht th gii, s hu bi bin xanh th mng. Cui cng, khng th khng k n Sa Pa.
Nhit y rt thp. c bit, du khch c c hi ngm nhn tuyt ri gia t nc
nhit i
2. winter tourist destination in Vietnam
Today I was talking about winter tourist destination in Vietnam. Firstly Danang. With
temperatures not too cold, Danang is a great destination. Guests love to this city because
they are offered a friendly and professional. Secondly Nha Trang. Nha Trang has a sunny
climate year round. Nha Trang is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world,
possesses blue beach dreaming. Finally, not to mention Sapa. The temperature here is very
low. In particular, visitors have the opportunity to watch the snow fall among tropical

3. Du lch Nha Trang

Hm nay ti xin ni v du lch Nha Trang. Du lch Nha Trang t lu ni ting vi nhiu
im tham quan th v nh cc o vi bi tm p, hoang s, thp chm c knh v m
thc c trng vng bin. Nha Trang thuc tnh Khnh Ha v l mt trong nhng thnh
ph du lch bin ni ting nht Vit Nam. n y bn s c ha mnh vo dng nc
mt lnh v thng thc nhng mn n c sn vng bin ny. Khng nhng th y
cn c nhng bi ct mn mng v sch s. Ni y thu ht rt nhiu khch du lch trong
nc v ngoi nc.
3. Travel Nha Trang
Today I talk about tourism in Nha Trang. Travel Nha Trang has long been popular with
many interesting sights like the island with beautiful beaches, pristine, ancient Cham
typical food and waters. Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa province and is one of the city's most
famous cruise Vietnam. Here you will be immersed in the cool stream and enjoy the
Quang Tran

gourmet cuisine at sea. Not only that here there are sand smooth and clean. It attracts a lot
of tourists in the country and abroad.

4. Hi An
Hoi An is one of the few towns in Vietnam where the Chinese influence is clear: old
temples, narrow streets, lacquered walls and colorful tiled roofs. Hoi An's most famous
sight is the Japanese Covered Bridge or Cau Nhat Ban. Built during the first half of the
17th century, the bridge houses a small temple dedicated to Tran Vo Bac De, the god of
weather. The 18th-century Phuoc Lam pagoda and several ancient wells also are of
interests to tourists. Hoi An is home to two small museums: the Museum of Sa Huynh
Culture and the Museum of Trade Ceramics.

4. Hi An
Hi An l mt trong s t cc th trn Vit Nam ni m nh hng ca Trung Quc l r
rng: nhng ngi n c, ng ph cht hp, tng sn mi v mi ngi y mu sc.
Tham quan ni ting nht ca Hi An l Cha Cu Nht Bn hay Cu Nhat Ban. c xy
dng trong na u ca th k 17, cy cu nh mt ngi n nh dnh ring cho Trn
V Bc , v thn ca thi tit. Cha Phc Lm th k 18 v mt s ging c cng l
li ch cho khch du lch. Hi An l ni c hai bo tng nh: Bo tng vn ha Sa Hunh
v Bo tng Gm s Thng mi.

5. Ngnh du lch Vit Nam

Du lch l mt ngnh rt quan trng trong c cu nn kinh t. Hng nm nc ta n hng
trm triu lt khch trong nc v quc t thu v hng trm t la v to cng n vic
lm cho hng triu ngi. Nhn thy c vai tr ln lao , ng v chnh ph nc ta
lun quan tm chm lo ti vic y mnh pht trin ngnh. Du lch Vit Nam ngy nay
ch trng vic trng tu cc khu di tch lch s, xy dng thm cc a im du lch v c
bit l pht trin h thng giao thng nh khch sn phc v cho vic ngh ngi tham
quan ca du khch. Nh vy m du lch t nhng thnh qu rt ln.
5. Tourism Vietnam
Tourism is a very important sector in the economy structure. Every year our country
hundreds of millions of passengers welcomed domestic and international collection of
hundreds of billions of dollars and create jobs for millions of people. Realizing the great
role that the Party and government have always interested to take care to boosting
development. Traveling Vietnam today has focused on the restoration of the historic
district, building more tourist attraction and especially the development of the transport
system in the hotel home to serve the rest of visit guests. So that tourism has achieved great

6. Qung Nam: mt im n hai di sn

Nhng ngi nh c knh vi mi ngi ru phong qua hng trm nm tui, nh n lng
lung linh y mu sc trong lng ph c Hi An; hay s trm mc v huyn b ca thnh
a M Sn to nn mt sc ht l k i vi du khch trong v ngoi nc khi n
Quang Tran

vi Qung Nam. K t nm 1999, khi hai a danh Ph c Hi An v Thnh a M Sn

c UNESCO cng nhn l di sn vn ha th gii. Qung Nam ha hn s l vng t
di sn thu ht ng o du khch gn xa, gp phn qung b du lch di sn vn ha Vit
Nam n vi bn b quc t.

6. Quang Nam: a two heritage destination

The ancient house with tile roof moss over hundreds of years old, lantern colorful
shimmering inside Hoi An; or the taciturn and mysterious My Son Sanctuary - has created
a strange attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to come to Quang Nam. Since 1999,
when two sites in Hoi An and My Son is recognized by UNESCO as world cultural
heritage. Quang Nam is the land promised heritage attract visitors from near and far from
the island, contributing to the promotion of tourism - cultural heritage of Vietnam to
international friends.

7. S pht trin ca ngnh du lch

Ngy nay, vi s hi nhp nn kinh t cng nh giao lu vn ha vi cc nc trn th
gii th ngnh du lch ca nc chng ta cng ang ngy cng pht trin. Trong nhng nm
gn y, ngnh du lch pht trin nhanh gip cho nn kinh t cng c s thay i. Mt
trong nhng im du lch m du khch khng th b qua khi n Vit Nam l H Ni,
Vnh H Long, bin Nha Trang, ng Phong Nha, Ph c Hi An.... Khng ch tham quan
nhng danh lam thng cnh m du khch cn khm ph v vn ha v m thc ca Vit
Nam. Nc ta ang u t vo ngnh du lch thu ht u t nc ngoi v pht trin
kinh t.
7. The development of tourism
Nowadays, with the integration of the economy as well as cultural exchanges with
countries around the world, the tourism industry of the country we are growing. In recent
years, fast-growing tourism sector helps the economy to change. One of the attractions that
visitors can not be ignored when it came to Vietnam Hanoi, Halong Bay, Nha Trang, Phong
Nha, Hoi An .... Do not just visit those spots scenes that visitors also discover the culture
and cuisine of Vietnam. Our country is investing in the tourism sector to attract foreign
investment and economic development.

8. Hi An a beautiful city
Hoi An is a young and beautiful city. It was recognized as a world cultural heritage in 1999.
Coming to Hoi An, you will feel the intimacy and sincerity of the people here. Despite a
small city, Hoi An always attracts visitors with its ancient beauty and mystery. Hoi An is
famous for the ancient moss houses and long narrow streets. Furthermore, Hoi An
captivates people with long beautiful beaches such as Cua Dai, An Bang and special dishes
here like Cao lau, Quang noodle, pancake and so forth. For those reasons, Hoi An is an
interesting and attractive destination for many domestic and international travelers
8. Hi An l mt thnh ph xinh p
Hi An l mt thnh ph tr v xinh p. N c cng nhn l mt di sn vn ha th
gii vo nm 1999. n vi Hi An, bn s cm nhn c s gn gi v chn thnh ca
Quang Tran

ngi dn ni y. Mc d mt thnh ph nh, Hi An lun thu ht du khch vi v p

c knh v b n. Hi An ni ting vi nhng ngi nh c knh ru v nhng con ng di
v hp. Hn na, Hi An say lng ngi vi nhng bi bin di p nh Ca i, An Bang
v cc mn n c bit y nh Cao lau, Quang m, bnh v vv. i vi nhng l do,
Hi An l mt im n th v v hp dn i vi nhiu du khch trong nc v quc t

9. Hu
Nm di t hp min Trung Vit Nam, Hu l thnh ph c b dy vn ha lu i, cnh
quan thin nhin p v hu tnh cng qun th di tch lch s c th gii cng nhn.
t lu du lch Hu c bit n nh mt a im du lch hp dn i vi du khch
trong nc v ngoi nc. Ngy nay Hu c bit n l thnh ph Festival ca Vit
Nam. Hu cn ni ting vi chui nhng khch sn 5 sao nh Hng Giang, Si Gn
Morin..v nhng khch sn mang kin trc Cung nh c o khc. Du lch Hu- mt a
im du lch khng th b qua. Hy n v cm nhn v p ca Hu.
9. Hue
Situated in a narrow strip of land in central Vietnam, Hue is a city steeped in ancient
culture, beautiful natural scenery and charming and historic relics are recognized
worldwide. Hue tourism has long been known as an attractive tourist destination for
domestic travelers and overseas. Hue today known as Festival City of Vietnam. Hue is also
famous for the 5 star hotel chains as Huong Giang, Saigon hotel the royal
architecture unique. Tourism Hue a tourist destination not to be missed. Come and
experience the beauty of Hue.

10. Tam Ky
My home town is Tam Ky, a small city located in the centre of Quang nam province, with
population of about 110 thousand. It is very convenient to live here because Tam Ky is
peaceful and quiet. The people in my hometown are generally very friendly, hard-working
and helpful. In recent years, there have seen a lot of changes with economic development
and peoples living standards have been greatly improved. Tam Ky now is a charming
destination attracting many domestic and foreign tourists because it has a lot of interesting
places such as Phu Ninh lake, Tam Thanh beach, Ky Anh tunnel, etc. My hometown is also
famous for delicious food like Quang noodles or seafood. I love my hometown very much
because this is the place where I have the sweetest memories in life.
10. Tam K
Th trn nh ca ti l Tam K, mt thnh ph nh nm trung tm ca tnh Qung Nam,
vi dn s khong 110 nghn. N rt thun tin sng y v Tam Ky l ha bnh v
yn tnh. Nhng ngi dn qu hng ca ti ni chung l rt thn thin, lm vic chm
ch v hu ch. Trong nhng nm gn y, thy rt nhiu thay i vi s pht trin kinh
t v i sng nhn dn c ci thin rt nhiu. Tam K hin nay l mt im n hp
dn thu ht nhiu du khch trong v ngoi nc bi v n c rt nhiu a im th v nh
h Ph Ninh, bi bin Tam Thanh, K Anh hm, vv qu hng ca ti cng ni ting vi
cc mn n ngon nh m Qung, hi sn . Ti yu qu hng ca ti rt nhiu bi v y
l ni m ti c nhng k nim ngt ngo nht trong cuc sng.
Quang Tran