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Julien Granberry

Spanish 2, B3

Did you know the official name for Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanoes (United Mexican

States).The country Mexico was initially named after its capital Mexico City. After the Spanish

conquered the city in the 16th century, they made Mexico City resemble a Spanish City. Mexico

is a country full of all types of interesting facts. Mexico being the nickname is very intriguing.

With information like this not being prominently known; dont you want to learn more about the

Chocolate country?

Mexico is located in North America and is bordered by Guatemala and Belize. A citizen from

another country will need a Visitors permit or a Visa/passport to gain entry. Mexico is a little

smaller than Saudi Arabia, or about three times the size of Texas. Some important geographic

features include: Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range in the east and Sierra Madre Occidental

in the west lie small mountain ranges on the Central Plateau. Getting in and out of Mexico really

isnt very difficult (hence why some can do it illegally) you just need your visitors permit or you


Mexicos population is 123,799,215 people. Some of the different ethnic groups in Mexico

include: Mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) 62%, predominantly Amerindian 21%, Amerindian, 7%,

other 10% (mostly European). Other languages that are spoken in Mexico are: Nahuatl, Yucatec

Maya, and Mixtec. These are the indigenous groups of the country. Tourism in Mexico is very

much welcomed.

For instance, Acapulco is the original Mexican resort town which came into prominence by the

1950s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. Cliff divers have been preforming

there since the 1930s. A lot of college students also vacation there. Another hot spot would be

the colonial city of Guanajuato. Nestled in the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato. The city
was founded in 1554 next to one of the richest silver mining areas of Mexico. The 16th century

mining boom led to the construction of beautiful haciendas and fine colonial buildings.

Last but not least, Chichen Itza. The largest Maya city in the Yucatan Peninsula and one of

Mexicos most visited tourist destinations. The most famous landmark of Chichen Itza is the

temple pyramid of El Castillo. Each of the section of the pyramid has a stairway of 91 steps,

which together with the shared step at the top, add up to 365 the number of days in a year.

The climate in Mexico varies from tropical to desert. The climate is usually sunny for the most

part of the year. The rainy season over the whole country is the period of high sun from May to

October. The rest of the year is completely rainless. On to the holidays!

Dies y Sies! Mxicos Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th, the day in 1810 when

farther Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla urged Mexicans to rise up against the Spanish-born ruling

class. In towns and cities across Mexico, citizens gather at midnight on September 15th in their

communitys main square to hear the mayor grito, or cry for freedom. At sunrise on the 16th,

military and civic parades kick off a day of the celebration that includes fireworks, food and


Another major holiday would be, Day of the dead. Dias de los Muertos is celebrated across

Mexico, with each region having its own cultural mark on the observance. On all Saints day,

November 1st, small children who have died are honored as angelitos, little angels. All souls

day is the day set aside for remembering older family members, friends, even the famous who

have passed away. Family altars or public displays are set up and decorated with photographs,

mementos and ofrendas- offerings of food, refreshments and symbolic gifts. In some regions,
families hold vigils and feasts at the cemetery. While in other regions, candy skeletons or pan de

muerto (sweet bread) are consumed. November 1st - November 2nd.

We cant forget about the biggest of holiday in the world, Christmas! The Christmas season

begins on December 16th Las Posadas. Children, portraying the holy family arriving in

Bethlehem, go from door to door in the neighborhood seeking shelter. Traditionally, Mexican

children received their presents on Dia de los Santos Reyes, three kings day, on Jan 6, but the

Christmas traditions popularized in Northern Europe and the U.Ss are beginning to take hold in

Mexico giving kids two days during the season to receive Christmas gifts.

Mexico is full of facts like I stated in the beginning. There are two important interesting

historical events that I found interesting. The Battle of Puebla being the first. It was between

Mexican forces and the French. It happened on May 5, 1862, also known as Cinco de Mayo. It

obviously happened in Puebla, Mxico. The battle of Puebla was not an isolated incident. There

is a long and complicated history that led up to it. In 1857, The Reform War broke out in

Mexico. It was a civil war and it pitted Liberals (who believed in separation of church and state

and freedom of religion.)Against the conservatives (who favored a tight bond between the

Roman Catholic Church and Mexican State.) This brutal bloody war left the nation in shambles

and bankrupt. When the war was over in 1861, Mexican President Benito Juarez suspended all

payment of foreign debt: Mexico simply didnt have any money. This made Great Britain,

France, and Spain angry. They were going to force Mexico to pay together. Mexico explained to

them all that theyd all get their payments and a war would be in nobodys best interest. France

was not content with this promise. They decided to stay and force them to get their money. It was

6,000- France, to Mexicos 4,500. The Mexicans occupied the city of Puebla and its two forts,

Loreto and Guadalupe. On the morning of May 5th, the French moved to attack. The French
thought the Mexicans were much smaller and that they would surrender easily and not risk any

damage to their city. So they decided to attack them directly. The French leader told his men to

worry about their strongest defense. This was the Guadalupe fortress, which stood on hill

overlooking the city. That was a big mistake because the Mexicans were ready for them and they

held their ground. It was also raining at this point in time and the Mexicans were covered well.

The French had to retreat, but they used a route that the Mexicans also knew which led to them

getting bum rushed there too. 460 died from the French and 83 died from the Mexicans.

The second historical event that I personally found interesting was Pancho Villa attacking the

USA. This event took place March 9, 1916 in Columbus, New Mexico. Pancho Villa went rogue

with about 200 men at his side. Villa resorted to banditry to keep his men supplied with food and

ammunition. Vila became increasingly erratic and he blamed the Americans for his losses in

Sonora. He also blamed Woodrow Wilson for recognizing the Carranza government and began

harassing ant Americans that he crossed paths with. He also wanted revenge on Sam Revel (an

arms dealer who had double crossed Villa. So they decided to attack and rob a base and bank, as

well as get revenge on Sam. He plan was to robbed the small garrison and make off with

weapons and ammunition as well as robbing that bank. He plan failed on every level. The

American garrison was much stronger than anticipated. They didnt rob the bank and Sam was in

El Paso. It wasnt all bad for him though. People were shocked that he had the guts to attack the

U.S. so more people joined him.

Mexico isnt the cleanest place in the world so they have a couple of contagious diseases, but for

the sake of dinner Ill keep it at two. Hepatitis A, a viral disease that interferes with functioning

of the liver; spread through the consumption of food or water contaminated with fecal matter,
usually in areas of poor sanitation. Victims exhibit the following: fevers, jaundices, and diarrhea.

15% of victims will experience prolonged symptoms over 6-9 months; vaccine available.

Another popular disease is Malaria. It is caused by a single-cell parasitic protozoa Plasmodium;

transmitted to humans via the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito. Parasites multiply in the

liver attacking red blood cells resulting in cycles of fever, chills, and sweats accompanied by

anemia. Death can occur due to damaged vital organs and interruption of blood supply to the

brain; endemic in 100, mostly tropical countries with 90% of cases.

While doing my research I came across two interesting facts about Mexico. The first one being

that Mexico introduced chocolate, chilies, and corn to the world. They were made by Mess-

American people. The word chocolate derives from the language of the Aztecs, Nahuatl. Ixcacao

is the Maya goddess of chocolate. Corn (Zea Maiz) was first cultivated in Central Mexico. Most

chilies come from Mexico, the word derived from the Nahuatl word chili.

Mexico is located in the ring of fire. This area is one of the worlds most violent earthquakes and

volcano zones. The ring of fire contains more than 450 volcanoes. Popocatepetl is considered to

be the most dangerous volcano in Mexico. It is located 10 km southeast of Mexico City.

One of the major engineering projects that Mxico has going on is the BP power plan. BP is

starting a major project at its largest platform, The Gulf of Mexico. The will be injecting water

into two wells, which will then go into the reservoir to increase pressure and enhance production

(more oil). Water injection is expected to result in 65 million additional barrels produced from

thunder house.
The Norte III project will be Mexicos largest combined cycle plant and is the second that

Abengoa is developing. It is for CFE after Centro Morelos, which is currently under

construction. The generating power is expected to hold a capacity of 640 MW.

Mexico is a country that is proud of its accolades and heritage. A lot of people are under the

impression that Mexico doesnt have a lot to offer besides trouble. That is why people should

travel there and get a better understanding of the country. To experience the deep culture shock

you undergo from a visit. With all of that being said; how do you feel about Estados Unidos

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