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Letter from the Chairman Tony O. Elumelu, MFR

It has been another exciting quarter
Covers June Issue of
for our commercial and philan-
thropic activities .
Forbes Africa Magazine
We have been promoting Africap-
italism, an economic philosophy
that embodies the private sectors
commitment to the economic
transformation of Africa through
long-term investments that create
both economic prosperity and social
wealth. Here are some of the high-
t In March, Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc
(Transcorp), a Nigerian conglomerate with interests in hospi-
tality, agriculture and energy,and part of the Heirs Holdings
investment portfolio, commissioned the Teragro fruit juice
concentrate plant in Benue State, Nigeria. The plant is the
first of its kind in the country. Our President, Dr. Goodluck
Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, commissioned the production facil-
ity, which has an annual capacity to process 26,500 metric
tonnes of orange, mango or pineapple into fruit juice con-
t Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and I were in Free- I was born in Africa, bred in Africa,
town, Sierra Leone, also in March, to launch the Blair Elumelu schooled in Africa, worked in Africa,
Fellowship Programme (BEFP). We have partnered to help still work in Africa, and achieved
strengthen the private sectors role in the economic transfor- some level of financial and economic
mation of select African countries starting with Nigeria, Li- comfort in AfricaI like to make
beria and Sierra Leone by assisting in their governments to people understand that there is no
enhance competitiveness, attract and nurture private invest- glass ceiling, that you are who you
ment, and move beyond aid. In Sierra Leone, we are working want to be; that if I can, you too can

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Chairmans letter, continued from page 1
with President Ernest Bai Koromas drive to help develop his
countrys domestic private sector.

t Late last year, in November, TEF and the World Bank hosted
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF:+F/JLB1.VLPSP a gathering of African philanthropic organisations at our
MANAGING EDITOR:-PMB0LVTBNJ office in Ikoyi to discuss the philanthropic landscape of the
continent, as well as opportunities for collaboration and
THE AFRICAPITALIST setting Africas economic development agenda from within.
5IJTOFXTMFUUFSJTQVCMJTIFERVBSUFSMZCZ Participants at the meeting included South African organisa-
)&*34)0-%*/(4-*.*5&% tions such as the Brenthurst Foundation, the Motsepe Family
 .BD(SFHPS3PBE *LPZJ -BHPT /JHFSJB Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund; the Kenya
Community Development Foundation; and Nigerias Wellbe-
ing Foundation. We agreed on a series of steps to accelerate
QMFBTFFNBJMZPVSSFRVFTUUP the growth of the African philanthropic sector, which we
JOGP!IFJSTIPMEJOHTDPNPSDBMM  christened the Ikoyi Initiative, a nod to the location of what is
now being considered a historic first convening of its kind for
$PQZSJHIU)FJST)PMEJOHT-UE BTUP philanthropy in Africa.
"MMSJHIUTSFTFSWFE t More recently, we received news that Mtanga Farms Lim-
ited (MFL), the impact investment partnership between Heirs
Holdings, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Calvert Foundation
and Lions Head Global Partners, registered four new potato
varieties the first varieties to be released in Tanzania in 30
local shareholder farmers. For a majority of the farmers, the
potato is their most important source of income and with
access to clean seed material, farmers will be able to increase
yields by up to three times. An efficient potato sector can
be a pathway out of poverty for a large number of farmers,
which can immediately address some of the key developmen-
tal challenges in Africa, namely those of raising smallholder
income and providing the poorest communities with access
to higher nutritional foodstuff.
The great thing about all this news is that we can all be a part of it.
All Africans must participate in the rewriting of Africas destiny. The
private sector must step up and take a lead role in the economic
revolution. Nobody can develop Africa except us.
you for being a part of it. For more on the highlights I mentioned
above, please read on. I look forward to sharing more with you in
our next newsletter.

Tony O. Elumelu, MFR

Chairman, Heirs Holdings


the myriad of social challenges that Nigerians face.

The Tony Elumelu Dr. Wiebe Boer, CEO of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, said: The
Foundation XBEFT partnership is part of our broader effort to develop an integrat-
ed venture pipeline development process in Nigeria. The Co-

JOUPA4JMJDPO-BHPPO Creation Hub is doing work that is at the sweet spot of who we
are as a Foundation equipping emerging entrepreneurs with a
passion for transformative social and economic wealth creation
The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is partnering with Co- in Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general. TEF is pleased to
Creation Hub Nigeria (CcHub), Nigerias first open living lab and support something on this level which has not previously been
pre-incubation space dedicated to catalysing creative social formally done in Nigeria.
technology ventures, in an effort to encourage innovative He added: It is my belief that our collaboration with CcHub will
ideas that could help transform the social technology space in help provide job creation opportunities across a broader geog-
Nigeria. raphy than CcHub currently operates, and ultimately improve
Through the partnership, TEF will contribute to the growth the impact investing space in Nigeria.
and development of Nigerias emerging tech industry from the Mrs. Omobola Johnson, the Honourable Minister of Commu-
Silicon Lagoon by providing managed seed funding to 20 nications Technology, said: This is a great initiative on the part
technological ideas/ventures targeted at typical social chal- of The Tony Elumelu Foundation. The team at Co-Creation Hub
lenges faced by the average Nigerian. The fund will support the are doing a great job, and they need all the support they can
novel use of technology in several key areas of the economy get. The Ministry also recognises Nigerias emergence as an ICT
including healthcare, education, agriculture, governance, innovation centre and are partnering with the private sector
inclusive technology, small business development, and finance. to establish technology incubators across the country. This is,
By focusing on the early stages of high-impact, results-oriented indeed, a step in the right direction.
ideas/ventures, the seed funding will support experimenta-
tion and prototype development in order to accelerate the Bosun Tijani, the CEO of Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, said: This
adoption of the solutions. Each technology venture will then partnership with The Tony Elumelu Foundation is exciting to
have the potential to become a self-sustaining profitable social us for many reasons. It is not every day that you see an African
enterprise. philanthropic organisation that is not just looking to throw
grants at charity cases but is more interested in supporting
On its part, the Lagos-based CcHub will act as an incubator causes that have the potential to create thousands of economic
designed to accelerate the successful development of the fund- and social opportunities for Nigerian people. As young entre-
ed social technology ventures through an array of business preneurs in what the two organisations are now calling Lagoss
support resources and services developed and orchestrated Silicon Lagoon, TEFs interest and involvement in promoting
by the Hubs management. In addition, the group will lead Co- social technology is an inspiration and forces us to set the bar
Creation initiatives and facilitate multiple stakeholders to work high.
together to create novel technologically-driven solutions for


Blair Elumelu
Fellowship Programme
Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, and Rt. Hon. Tony Blair formally kicked off
the first part of a joint innovative programme aimed at supporting
transformational governments in Africa in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
The Blair Elumelu Fellowship Programme (BEFP) a partnership be-
tween The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) and the Tony Blair Africa
Governance Initiative (AGI) will give partner governments access to
experts drawn from international private and public sectors.
This launch of the fellowship programme in Sierra Leone will see
the partnership supporting President Ernest Bai Koromas drive to
develop his countrys domestic private sector. Working within the
Government of Sierra Leone, the first Blair Elumelu Fellow, Sbastien
Frendo, is currently supporting the administrations drive to attract
foreign investors and develop its domestic private sector.
By leveraging the expertise of Elumelu, a business leader who trans-
formed a single-country bank United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA)
and 3 continents; and Blair, the former British prime minister; as well
as the expertise of the full-time Fellows, the three-year programme
aims to help partner governments to:
t Enhance competitiveness;
t Attract and nurture private investment;
t Move beyond aid.

Speaking to an audience of Sierra Leones leading business people,

entrepreneurs, and public sector officials, Elumelu, who set up his
Foundation to help foster the growth of Africas private sector, said:
I am delighted to launch this innovative partnership with Mr. Blair
as a way of supporting the Sierra Leonean people. I am particularly
encouraged by the work that President Koroma is doing to trans-
form the economic landscape of Sierra Leone, and I want to ask the


countrys private sector to prepare itself to take ad-

vantage of the enabling environment which is being
He also added: Africa is lucky to have a friend like
country. This means that the power of Tony Blairs ad-
vice to a government is more than what you can learn
in any textbook he has been there. I believe that the
Blair Elumelu Fellowship Programme is an important
further step to help contribute to this countrys suc-
Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister; Ernest Bai Koroma, President of Sierra
Blair, patron of the Africa Governance Initiative, which Leone; and Tony O. Elumelu, MFR.
has been working with the Government of Sierra Le-
one to help build its capacity to deliver public services
and develop the countrys private sector since 2008,
Sierra Leone has made very significant strides in at-
tracting investment over recent years, and President
Koroma is absolutely right to take inspiration from the
success of emerging economies like India and China.
Sierra Leones future prosperity indeed, Africas pros-
perity depends on developing a private sector that
can compete with the best in the world.
He went further to say: Our goal is to make donors
unnecessary in the long term. When I talk to leaders
around the world and it does not matter what stage Sbastien Frendo
of development their countries are in I advise them #MBJS&MVNFMV'FMMPX 4JFSSB-FPOF
that they must prioritise a few key things and actually
get them done. This is why it is important for us to Sbastien Frendo is the Blair Elumelu Fellow attached to the
partner with someone like Tony Elumelu, because he Ministry for Trade and Industry, and the Ministry for Energy and
is used to getting things done, as exemplified in the Water Resources in Sierra Leone. He also doubles as the deputy
manner in which he transformed UBA from a one- country head of the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative in
country bank to a global institution. Therefore, I am Sierra Leone.
delighted to stand next to Mr. Elumelu and say that
AGI and the Blair Elumelu Fellowship Programme will Sbastien worked previously at the Boston Consulting
play its part in helping Sierra Leone unlock the huge Group as a Senior Associate, advising different clients in the
potential of its people. pharmaceutical, automotive and financial services industries.
He was also involved with McCabe Partners, a consulting and
Dr. Wiebe Boer, CEO of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, corporate finance boutique set up by ex- McKinsey consultants
added: with operations across Sub-Saharan African countries.
After its founding 200 years ago, Sierra Leone became In 2002, while he was an exchange student in Shanghai,
a symbol for promise and progress in Africa. Despite a Sbastien helped set up a not-for-profit, ShARE, an international
debilitating civil war, President Koroma is leading the student organisation present in 30 universities which connects
rapid transformation of the country. We are there- talented students to corporate and social leaders to discuss
fore delighted to be formally launching this historic world economic issues.
partnership between the Tony Blair Africa Governance
Initiative and The Tony Elumelu Foundation in Sierra He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from a joint
Leone, and our hope is that our contribution to this program between TelecomParisTech and Shanghai Jiaotong
private sector-led economic development model will University, and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the
become an example for other countries in Africa to Delhi School of Economics.
Sbastien is a French national who also speaks English, Chinese
and Hindi.


By Steven Barboza

Africa, the second largest continent, is in a fix. It is rich in natural re-

sources. It has a relatively young population, but fifty years after it
shook off the last colonialist, it is up to its neck in aid. It still has big
problems stemming from a failure of governance, and it has the
worlds poorest people.
African philanthropists are working to clean up the mess, using hun-
dreds of millions of dollars of their own money to transform Africa
both socially and economically. Some want to develop Africas fledg-
ling markets. Others want to strengthen the private sector and work
with government agencies to develop business-friendly policies. One
wants to use African businesses as a world-class entrepreneurial train-
ing ground. If African government leaders play along, economic trans-
formation could ensue.
One African business leader, Tony O. Elumelu, is fond of saying, No-
body is going to develop Africa except us. It is his way of saying Af-
ricans must control Africas financial future and thus reap Africas
financial rewards.
Africa is brimming with talent and innovation, and the continents
growth and development can best be achieved through private sector
investing that creates economic prosperity and social wealth. Africas
political leaders must urgently focus on creating the enabling environ-
ment for business to flourish.
Elumelu has put his money where his mouth is. The former bank CEO,
who is credited for having modernized West African banking, estab-
lished a foundation (named for him) that seeks to drive Africas eco-
nomic growth from within. The foundation, based in Nigeria, makes
what he calls impact investments with an aim to turn a profit while
focusing on social and environmental problems. Elumelu believes
impact investing is a much more sustainable means of capitalization
than direct grants because of the entrepreneurial rigor needed to pro-
duce a financial return.
The foundations inaugural impact investment went to a farm-live-
stock business in southern Tanzania, Mtanga Farms. The 2,200-hect-
are operation that will use the grant to launch a seed potato industry,
which will produce new varieties of potatoes in the region, benefiting
in Africa.
Its a great opportunity not only for East African farmers to increase
the diversity of crops but to forge partnerships with government and
development agencies to further develop the regional economy, said
Sam Nwanze, chief investment officer for Heirs Holdings, a private in-
vestment firm that partnered with the foundation to make Mtanga


Farms grant. What makes this different from other investments Perhaps the best-loved African philanthropist is Mohamed Ibra-
is the promise to increase sales for farmers, increase their prof- him, the Sudanese billionaire who made his fortune in mobile
its from higher yields of a popular crop and overhaul marketing phones and who travels the continent advocating for the poor
and retail food operations in Tanzania. And then theres a great and trying to persuade political leaders not to steal from govern-
opportunity for pan African innovation transfer to farmers in ment coffers. He sponsors the Ibrahim Prize, founded in 2006,
West Africa. which offers $5 million to an African leader who promotes de-
mocracy and leaves office peacefully.
Eighty percent of the Tanzania population are farmers, produc-
ing 42 percent of the nations GDP. Yet economists predict the Earlier this year, Ibrahim told a reporter that the main purpose of
DPVOUSZXJMMIBWFPOFPGUIFXPSMETGBTUFTUHSPXJOHFDPOP- the award is to encourage leaders to leave, because otherwise
NJFTCFUXFFOBOE democratically elected leaders might attempt to change the na-
tions constitution to allow them to stay in office.
Elumelus foundation, among the leading African-funded prac-
titioners of impact investing, brings both philanthropy and in- He also created the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which
vesting together as a new development model for African busi- ranks Africas 53 governments according to how well their poli-
OFTT "  SFQPSU CZ +1 .PSHBO $IBTF BOE UIF 3PDLFGFMMFS cies invest in education, attract private sector investment, and
Foundation suggested that such investments worldwide could avoid corruption. Ibrahim founded Celtel, which introduced mo-
grow to $500 billion by 2020, and that the landscape for such bile phone technology to Africans. There are about 400 million
philanthropic-minded investments is promising but relatively mobile phones in Africa today.
new in Africa.
Some philanthro-capitalists are working with governments to
The few African institutions engaged in such investments toil push for business-friendly policies that can help drive the econ-
away in cultures propped up by foreign aid dependency. Over omy by dismantling barriers that stall shipments of goods. A few
UIFQBTUZFBST SJDIDPVOUSJFTIBWFTFOUPWFSUSJMMJPOJOEF- are helping to train entrepreneurs. Elumelus African Markets
velopment aid to Africa, according to Dambisa Moyo, a former Internship Program pairs students from elite business schools
economist at Goldman Sachs and author of Dead Aid: Why Aid abroad, such as the Wharton School of the University of Penn-
Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa. sylvania and the London Business School, with students from
Africa to work in executive suites of businesses across Africa, a
Elumelu has issued a call for Africapitalism, which he defines XFFL QSPHSBN UIBU TFSWFT BT B QJQFMJOF GPS FOUSFQSFOFVSJBM
as economic transformation via private sector commitments talent. The program could bring brain gain to economies that
to generate economic and social wealth. He is not alone in his have traditionally seen only brain drain.
quest to revamp Africas economies. The continents richest per-
TPO "MJLP%BOHPUF XIPSFQPSUFEMZIBTBOFUXPSUIPGCJM- The fate of the African economy rests on the shoulders of a
lion, runs a foundation (named for him, as well) that announced new generation of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, both of
a N5 billion ($30 million) program aimed at the creation of one whom are represented in this internship program, Elumelu said.
million jobs. Dangote heads an empire that includes the conti-
Meanwhile, even Harvard University is getting in on the act.
nents biggest cement maker. He also has interests in sugar, flour
In August, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter,
milling, salt processing, textiles, real estate and oil and gas.
known as the father of modern business strategy, led workshops
In addition, last year, the Nigerian oil magnate Theophilus Dan- for interns and lectured on strategy to Nigerian business and
cation, healthcare and the arts. Other huge African donations
Africa currently has the worlds highest concentration of rapid-
growth economies. Such approaches to philanthropy prac-
to community-based projects) and Mark Shuttleworth ($40 mil-
ticed mainly by Africans for Africans could help rev up Africas
lion to education, the arts and social change projects).
economies, while touching the lives of hundreds of millions of
gerians, four South Africans and eight Egyptians.
This article was originally published on


Transcorp commissions agribusiness

(Teragro Ltd) plant in Benue State

Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc (Transcorp) commis- state. However, a significant amount of these fruits waste yearly
sioned the Transcorp Agribusiness (Teragro Ltd) plant on Friday, due to the lack of processing facilities in the agriculture chain.
According to a United States Department of Agriculture
orange and mango juice concentrate production facility of its
(USDA) report, an upwardly mobile population, an expanding
kind in the country. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR,
middle class, and increasing health awareness are factors driv-
commissioned the fruit juice plant while Dr. Gabriel Torwua
ing the fruit juice market in Nigeria. Fruit juice consumption in
Suswam, the Governor of Benue State, was the able host.
The event also hosted distinguished personalities including Mr. since 2002. Consequently, Nigeria has become a major market
Steven Lawani, Deputy Governor of Benue State; Dr. Akinwumi for juice and a major importer of juice concentrates as none
Adesina, the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural De- was previously produced in the country. The need to import all
velopment; Mr. David Mark, Senate President; Mr. Jonah Jang, concentrates has resulted in increasing the cost of production
the Governor of Plateau State; and Mrs. Bolanle Onagoruwa, for manufacturers and reduced value being created in Nigeria.
the Director-General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises. Others Yet while juice concentrate is being imported into the country,
included Mr. Usman Saidu Nasamu Dakingari, former Gover- a significant percentage of locally produced fruit spoils its
nor of Kebbi State; Dr. (Mrs.) Ajoritsedere Awosika, Permanent value destroyed.
Secretary, Federal Ministry of Science & Technology; as well as
Teragro has now stepped in to fill this gap the fruit juice
representatives from the World Economic Forum, the UKs De-
concentrate produced at the plant will provide a more cost-ef-
partment for International Development (DFID), and the Tony
fective alternative for local manufacturers, and should also
Blair Africa Governance Initiative. The event featured guided
translate to more affordable fruit juice prices for consumers.
tours, and gave guests the opportunity to view the entire fruit
Further, by sourcing directly from Benues own small and
juice concentrate production process.
medium fruit growers, the plant will provide reliable income
The agreement between Transcorp and the Benue State Gov- streams to rural farmers and contribute meaningfully to rural
ernment that brought about the Teragro plant was executed economic transformation and job creation. Additionally, by pro-
JO.BZ NBSLJOH5SBOTDPSQTSTUGPSBZJOUPUIFDPVOUSZT cessing domestically grown fruits, thousands of Nigerian fruit
agriculture space. producers will enjoy long-term increases in their standards of
living, making a contribution to rural economic transformation
The plant, which has an annual capacity of 26,500 metric and job creation. This is impact investing investments that
tonnes, is located on one hectare of land in Makurdi Industrial result in both financial and social returns to the investors and
Estate and has the capacity to produce orange, mango and the nation as a whole.
pineapple fruit juice concentrates. Currently, Benue State pro-
duces over one million metric tonnes of citrus fruits per annum, President Jonathan said, We want to come up with policies
mostly produced by small- and medium-scale growers in the and programmes that will create the enabling environment


for the private sector to blossom in Nigeria, and that is the key Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, Chairman of Transcorp reiterated the
driving force of our transformation agenda. We believe that all companys mission to build a conglomerate of strategic busi-
the states of the federation have products they can sell, and nesses underpinned by excellence, execution and entrepre-
if governments of the various states look at areas where they neurship.
have comparative advantage and work with organisations
He said, This plant aligns with the Presidents economic trans-
like Transcorp in those areas, before you know it, all states of
formation agenda, with agriculture being a key pillar. This first-
this federation will have something, not just for our own lo-
of-its-kind juice concentrate plant, with the capacity to produce
cal consumption, but something to export. Government will
26,500 metric tonnes of concentrate, will not only contribute
continue to encourage organisations like Transcorp, and I am
to the economic development of Benue State but the Nigerian
quite pleased to commission this juice concentrate plant by
nation by creating employment, boosting farmers productivity,
conserving foreign exchange, and providing food security. This
He added: So let me sincerely thank and commend the Trans- plant commissioning would not have been possible if Governor
corp family for what they have done. This is what we believe Suswam did not create the enabling environment. This public-
should be extended to all sectors, specifically the agro business private partnership is what Transcorp would like to extend to
sector because Nigeria is primarily an agrarian society. And I other sectors and other states.
have to thank Gabriel Suswam, his government, and the people
Todays commissioning is a significant step in the direction
of Benue state for maintaining the peace in this state that is at-
that we have been headed for some time now making invest-
tracting the private sector to come and do what Transcorp has
ments in strategic sectors that hold the future for our countrys
just done.
economic development:
Governor Suswam expressed his joy at the commissioning of
t Energy (Power/Oil & Gas)
Transcorp Agribusiness (Teragro Ltd). He re-emphasised his
commitment to Public Private Partnerships such as the one that t Agro & Fertiliser Business
exists between Transcorp and Benue State.
t Hospitality & Tourism
My visits to the Teragro plant have been impressive. I have
visited the plant and seen truckloads of oranges and mangoes Transcorps investment in Teragro Juice Concentrate Plant
and upon my return in under two hours, the fruits have been underscores our philosophy of investing in Nigeria and Africa in
processed. Over 60 percent of the fruits in Benue waste every a way that creates both economic prosperity and social wealth.
year. Transcorp, through the Teragro Juice Concentrate Plant We are very excited at this partnership with the abundantly-
will put this to an end and ensure that we put to better use, endowed state of Benue and the great people of Nigeria.
some of the vast resources of our state.


Valentine Ozigbo, MD/CEO,

Transnational Hotels &
Tourism Services Limited

Transcorp Hilton Abuja: A Nigerian Icon

To determine the rate of economic development going tion is important as it will encourage the growth of
on in Nigeria, one need look no further than Transcorp the hospitality industry in Africa and is in keeping
Hilton Hotel Abuja. Last year, Transcorp Hilton Abuja with the hotels desire to encourage diversity. This
won Hilton Worldwides coveted prize for Hotel of expatriate reduction will also lead to more employ-
the Year for Middle East & Africa, a prize awarded to ment opportunities for the community that we
a hotel that excels on all key performance indicators serve, training local talent to manage the business-
including revenues, quality, team member engage- es in local environments.
ment, sustainability and community engagement.
The hotel has seen a number of VIP guests in re-
Transcorp Hilton Abuja beat 47 other Hilton hotels in
cent times. How do you plan to keep them com-
the region to win the award. In late March 2012, Rudi
Jagersbacher, Area President, Middle East and Africa,
for Hilton Worldwide visited Nigeria with stops in La- VO: You have to understand the hotels history.
gos and Abuja. According to Mr. Jagersbacher, Hilton When the government decided that it wanted to
plans to build at least two new luxury hotels in Lagos create the countrys capital at Abuja, it was decided
and others in select cities across the country. The AFRI- ahead of time that Abuja needed to have a 5-star
CAPITALIST caught up with Valentine Ozigbo, MD/CEO hotel. That 5-star hotel would serve many purposes,
of Transnational Hotels & Tourism Services Limited but especially, it would host top-level government
(the owners of Transcorp Hilton Abuja), to talk about officials and guests of the government. That was
the iconic Abuja hotel, and his plans for it in 2012. how it all started. There are no other hotels compa-
rable to the Hilton in Abuja. Every important guest
of the government stays at Transcorp Hilton. In the
What is your vision for Transcorp Hilton Abuja in past few months, the hotel has hosted global figures
2012? that include Christine Lagarde, Managing Director
of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); Angela
Valentine Ozigbo: Transcorp Hilton Abuja is al- Merkel, the German Chancellor; Jeff Immelt, Chair-
ready the number one choice in Nigeria for leisure man & CEO of General Electric; and Tony Blair, the
stay, international conferences, meetings and con- former British Prime Minister. At one time, we host-
ventions. We want to take this further by becoming ed 52 sitting presidents of different countries in one
the renowned brand on the continent for best-in- night. Now, when a president is coming, we pull out
class quality service delivery for our leisure and busi- the red carpet. When Jeff Immelt, the GE president
ness guests. The hotel marked its 25th anniversary visited, we welcomed him with a choir that sang a
PO "QSJM     BOE XF JOUFOE UP EFWFMPQ OFX customised welcome song. He said he had never
hotels in strategic cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and seen anything like that. We would like people to
Port Harcourt. Our overall strategic intent is to build come, have their own experience, talk about it, and
Africas choice hospitality assets underpinned by ex- when they come back, they insist on staying at the
cellence, entrepreneurship and efficiency. Hilton and nowhere else.
During his visit, Mr. Jagersbacher mentioned Is there any guest that you have not hosted yet
that Hilton Worldwide planned to reduce the that you would like to see?
number of expatriate employees at the Trans-
corp Hilton Abuja and train Nigerians in opera- 70 1SFTJEFOU #BSBDL 0CBNB -BVHIT
tions and management. How are plans to achieve matter of time, but I am sure he will follow in the
that going? footsteps of his predecessors Bill Clinton and George
W. Bush, and let us host him one day.


Transcorp announces
in Delta state
An excited crowd cheered the Chairman of Transnational
Corporation of Nigeria (Transcorp), Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, as he
state, Nigeria.

Mr. Elumelu made this announcement during the Delta state-

sponsored event, Delta: Beyond Oil that held in Asaba, the
states capital. The event is a part of moves being made by the
state governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, to spearhead the
journey towards a non oil-reliant Delta state.
According to Mr. Elumelu, the fertiliser plant will make use of
gas that would otherwise be flared and therefore wasted
from the companys oil & gas operations in Burutu. The fertiliser
project will initially produce 2.4 metric tonnes of fertiliser.

Why flare natural gas that could be utilised to produce fertil-

iser for farmers to increase their crop yield? he asked.

Along with the announcement, Mr. Elumelu drove home his

message a private sector commitment to long-term invest-
ments that create both economic prosperity and social wealth.
We need to make long-term investments not just short-term
entails that the state has a larger economy than more than 30
investments of buying and selling, but long-term investments
African countries. Even more important than this, Delta State
that have catalytic impact and can truly create economic devel-
has, over the decades, produced an inordinate amount of talent
opment for the state in terms of employment, poverty allevia-
for Nigeria especially in the business world.
tion, creating higher standard of living, and so on, he said. This
is what I call Africapitalism. You are making profits but you are
The governor is working on developing other sectors of the
also touching lives simultaneously.
economy and has invited the private sector to collaborate
with his government in order to achieve these objectives. Mr.
He added, Many times, the temptation is to go short term
Elumelu praised Governor Uduaghan for choosing to work on
because short-term investment is where you can make quick
breaking the resource curse and also for creating an enabling
money. The new thinking is, given the way capitalism has gone
environment for business.
in the world today, short-term investment does not work in the
long run. If we are looking at true development, we need to
Historically, many states and countries that have oil resources
look at it from a stance of long-term sustainable investment.
hardly ever do well in other sectors, he said. For a governor
and his entire leadership at the state level to decide that we
Delta, Beyond Oil
need to look inwards, to see how we can begin to develop
With a population of 4.5 million people, Delta has more people
other sectors that would help us remain viable, is extremely


Africa Diaspora Marketplace II, Kuenyehia on Entrepreneurship
Washington, DC, June 23, 2012 Launch, Accra, Ghana, June 19, 2012

Africa Diaspora Marketplace II awardees with actor Jeffrey Wright and Founder Special guest of honour, Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, speaks
of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony O. Elumelu, MFR. at launching of Kuenyehia on Entrepreneurship, a
book written by a former protg, Elikem Nutifafa

Transcorps 6th Annual General

New York Forum Africa, Gabon, June 8-10, 2012 Meeting, Abuja, May 4, 2012

The Tony Elumelu Foundations CEO, Dr Wiebe Boer was at the New York Forum Africa L-R: President /CEO, Transnational Corporation of Nige-
convention as a top level panellist. Flanking him are Luc Oyoubi, the Gabon Minister of ria (Transcorp) Plc, Obinna Ufudo; Chairman, Transcorp
Economic Planning, and Jean Chretien, who was Prime Minister of Canada for ten years. Plc, Tony O. Elumelu, MFR; and Company Secretary,
Others are Prof. Lehmann of IMD Lausanne in Switzerland and Sal Mezouar, former Christopher Ezeafulukwe, during Transcorps 6th Annual
Finance Minister of Morocco. The panel spoke on Decoding Africas Economies. General Meeting held in May


The Global Philanthropy Forum in Washington, DC on April 17, 2012

(L-R) Carol Civita, Philanthropist, Grupo Abril (Brazil), Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, Chairman of Heirs Holdings & Founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation
(Nigeria); Laurence Lien, Chairman, Lien Foundation (Singapore); and moderator Matt Kramer, Co-Founder & Managing Director, FSG

Foreign Policy Association event in New York, March 15, 2012

Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, making a point as Ali Velshi, Teresa Clarke and Amb. (ret.) Joseph Wilson listen intently

Heirs Holdings hosts Hilton Worldwide team, Nigerian Breweries Annual Sales
Ikoyi, Lagos, March 2012 Conference, Ikoyi, Lagos,
January 2012

Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, Chairman, Heirs Holdings and Transcorp; Rudi Jagersbacher, Area Tony O. Elumelu, MFR, and Nic Vervelde, managing
President, Middle East & Africa for Hilton Worldwide; and Olorogun Otega Emerhor, director, Nigerian Breweries
OON, Chairman, Transnational Hotels and Tourism Services Ltd (THTSL)



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After taking UBA to extraordinary heights, Hlamalani Ndlovu proved herself as a shrewd A serious heart condition did not prevent
Tony Elumelu has set his sights on growing businesswoman when she took over the Nigerian-born football legend, Kanu
Africas entrepreneur base. family business at just 26. Nwankwo, from making his mark.


6 | EDITORS DESK // Chris Bishop

12 | BRIEF 360


When the global financial crisis hit Kenya in 2009, Central Bank governor Professor Njuguna Ndungu found
himself helpless and suffering his worst day.


A journalist-turned-restaurant owner started up the hard way, in a country far from home, after an epiphany in the newsroom.


Africa is on the threshold of a furious debate over fracking: the destructive hunt for gas could ease
the continents energy shortage. In the front line are the farmers of the Karoo.

38 | AdVoice






Multi-millionaire Tony Elumelu has enjoyed a remarkable career as banker and
entrepreneur. All the money and success in the world could not have prepared him
for the shock that came knocking in April.

ony Elumelu is in his The family wishes to thank Nigeri- that until the opening of Transcorps
office on the corner of a ans and friends from around the world manufacturing plantthe agri-business
serene Ikoyi street, not far for the unprecedented outpouring of subsidiary run as Teragro Limitedin
from the bustling Obal- concern, solidarity, love and prayers Benue last March, Nigeria imported all
ende taxi and bus park, during the harrowing ordeal. We are of its concentrate, costing the economy
in the heart of Lagos. Documents are most grateful to the Federal Govern- close to $1 billion every year. Teragro
strewn across a large desk and he looks ment, the Delta State Government and also plans to build fertilizer plants in
busy. the respective law enforcement agen- Delta State.
I was in a meeting in this office cies for their professionalism, diligence There are also the two oil blocks,
when I got the call. The rst thing I and bravery which led to her rescue. one owned by Transcorp, the other
did was to call one of my brothers, to At this time the family requests for by Heirs Holdings. He expects that by
mandate him to take charge. In crisis privacy to spend time with Mama, and 2013 both oil blocks would have gone
management, the rst thing you do is recover from the emotional wounds into production. And then there is
get somebody to take charge, he says. and anguish of the last few days. the power plant Transcorp is bidding
It was a call that everyone dreads. Persuading Suzanne Elumelu to for, under the Nigerian governments
Kidnappers had snatched his 84-year- move to the relative safety of Lagos privatization program. For this, the
old mother, Suzanne, from her farm in doesnt appear likely. Elumelu says his company has gone into partnership
the Delta State. Elumelu, realizing the mother insists on staying in her village. with US energy rm, Symbion Power.
futility of panic, strove to deal with the At that age, he adds, it is essential for When the deal is done, Elumelu says
situation calmly. By all accounts, there her to be where she feels at home. the goal will be to increase the plants
was nothing frenzied about his actions As Elumelu and his family recover capacity from the current 300MW to
in the days following the kidnapping. from this trauma, the coming months 1,200MW.
I ask if he expected something like promise to be hectic for him. There Elumelu is a champion of the private
that to happen. His answer is instant are three new hotels to be built: two sector and its role in redeeming Nigeria
and forceful: Not at all! in Lagos, and one in Port Harcourt. and Africa. Regarding the insecurity in
Elumelu sums up the incident as a This will increase the number of hotels Nigeria, he chooses to focus on how the
symptom of the prevailing despair in owned by his Transcorp Group to ve, private sector, by providing employ-
the country. Nigerias security agencies in which he acquired a controlling ment, can help create a less combus-
were very supportive, he says. stake in 2011 through Heirs Holdings, tible environment.
It all ended well, she was rescued his investment rm. Where theres hope people do not
four days later, and arrests were made. Then, there is the goal of taking take to violence. Where theres no hope
The message from the Elumelu family over the entire import market for fruit people become vulnerable, he says.
on Facebook says it all. juice concentrate by 2013. Elumelu says His story is by now a well-known



one. In 1997, a group of investors melus successor, becoming the rst of of the Nigerian banking industry; but
acquired the distressed Crystal Bank the banks to realign. He recalls people the sculpted jawline, and the awless,
Limited, and rebranded it Standard telling him he was too young to quit, understated cut of his suit. The credit
Trust Bank (STB). Thirty-three-year- wondering what he would do with his for his tness should go to the gym,
old Tony Elumelu, who until then was life. He was the youngest of that set of not the golf course. Hes that rare type
executive director at Continental Trust CEOs to retire. of CEOthe non-golng one. And no
Bank Limited, was appointed CEO of But looking back, he tells me, doubt this is a man obsessed with get-
the new institution. Over the next few there couldnt have been a better time ting things doneno fuss, no excuses.
years he grew it into Nigerias fth to start a second journey. And thus Just like Michael Jackson.
largest bank. In July 2004, the Nigerian began the second life of Tony Elumelu. If you saw Jacksons last movie,
Central Bank governor, Charles Soludo,
announced a series of banking reforms,
with the goal of creating larger, more
robust banking institutions in Nigeria. Talents I dont have, I dont regret, I surround myself
Elumelu led Standard Trust Bank with people who have them.
into a merger (in Soludos words,
the rst successful merger during
the banking consolidation) with the
older and larger United Bank of Africa It has been almost two years since This Is It, you saw a man who was so
(UBA), and took over as CEO of the Elumelu left banking. I ask him to detailed and meticulous, he says.
new entity, which adopted the UBA assess the bank he left behind. Im He believed in hard workat
name. especially interested in what he thinks this point his voice takes on greater
Nuhu Ribadu, former chairman about its 2011 resultsthe bank posted forcefulnessLook at the amount of
of Nigerias Economic and Financial dismal results: a pre-tax loss of N28.5 practice, energy; everything he put into
Crimes Commission, recalls it as be- billion ($180.8 million); the result of that show!
ing the gutsiest news of the year. debt write-offs. In a country where all sorts of sto-
The merger was completed in 2005, Last year UBA decided to clean up ries circulate about the personalities
and a year later the Elumelu-led UBA its balance sheet This has been dem- of corporate CEOs, the no-excuses-
became the rst Nigerian bank to hit a onstrated on the rst quarter results, acceptable Elumelu would be lucky
N1 trillion ($6.3 billion) balance sheet he says to escape unscathed. A hint of this
mark. The whizkid had come a long UBA posted, for the rst quarter of may be gleaned from a tribute to him
way from the modest beginnings at 2012, N16 billion ($101.5 million) pre- written when he was leaving UBA,
STBwhich had a N5 billion ($31.7 tax prots, a 233% increase from the and published in a hefty coffee-table
million) balance sheet in 1998. corresponding period last year. And its book, The Power of Vision. Sadly, he is
The UBA phase was destined to share price has more than doubled over misrepresented publicly as being an ar-
wind up as it had startedon the the last month. rogant and hard person, writes Owen
strength of a policy pronouncement by Africa is beginning to contribute to Omogiafo, who worked as his execu-
the Central Bank (CBN). In January the [UBA] bottom line. Africa con- tive assistant at UBA, and now works
2010 the new Central Bank governor, tributed over 20% of the [rst quarter as director of resources at Elumelus
Lamido Sanusi, introduced a new rule 2012] prot. The harvest period is Heirs Holdings.
stipulating that bank CEOs would have here. UBA Ghana, he adds, currently One underlying theme in the trib-
to retire once they had clocked ten generates prots of close to $3 million utes in The Power of Vision is the idea
years in office. Elumelu was in his 13th monthly. of Elumelu as a people-person.
year as CEOeight years at STB, ve at He sees a bright future; referring to Talents I dont have, I dont regret;
UBAso, at the relatively young age of a new Standard & Poors report that I surround myself with people who
47, Elumelu was going to have to step predicts a rise in GDP across several have them, he says.
away from the business in which he African countries. During the interviews he comes
had made his name and fortune; from UBA operates in almost all the across as sober and soft-spoken, with
a bank hed grown into a pan-African countries they mentioned, he says. tendencies for much chuckling and
brand, with more than 800 branches in There is an air of ruthless efficiency laughter. A member of staff tells me
18 African countries, and $19 billion in around Tony Elumeludeducible, one of the things shes realized about
assets. not merely from his rise in less than him is how close he is to his familyhis
Two days after the CBN policy a decade from relative obscurity to a wife, Awele, and their ve daughters.
announcement, UBA named Tony Elu- prominent place in the engine room In the time I spend with him, sitting in

on a meeting of senior management,
and then interviewing him (twice),
his mischievous, self-deprecating
sense of humor shines through.
When I ask him what talent he
wishes he had, he says: I think Im
very shy, but people dont think so.
On July 31, 2010, at the farewell
party organized in Lagos to mark
his retirement, Elumelu said: As
I retire from UBA following the
regulatory pronouncement, a ques-
tion has come up in the minds of so
many of you here; whats next for
Tony Elumelu? I would like to share
that with you today. I have two
passionsentrepreneurship and
Thus, were born Heirs Hold-
ings, his investment company, and
The Tony Elumelu Foundation, a
non-prot organization keen to re-
dene philanthropy in Nigeria and
abroad. In Elumelus words they
were intended to develop business
excellence and leadership in Africa.
He shares the vision behind the
Upon my retirement from UBA
it was a question of beyond busi-
ness. I tell people I was born in
Africa, bred in Africa, schooled in
Africa, worked in Africa, still work
in Africa, and achieved some level
of nancial and economic comfort
in Africa, from Africa toso you ask
yourself, whats next? Whats next
for me is: Id like to create more
Tony Elumelus. If, due to our entre-
preneurial drive weve been able to
create 25,000 jobs, if we had 10 or
100 people like me, multiply 25,000
jobs by 100, its more impact. To me
those are more sustainable and im-
pactful ways of helping society than
just donating money.
Embarking on such a journey, he
looked to the example of Warren
I decided, okay, its time to build
a holding company that will moni-
tor our investments in companies
weve invested in. What we do here
at Heirs is slightly patterned after



Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is a very astute and serial inves- When I ask him what he would title his autobiography,
tor. I like his business sense. When its time to give back to the motivational speaker within him takes over.
society hell give, but time for business is business; they are I like to make people understand that there is no glass
two different things. ceiling, that you are who you want to be; that if I can, you
From the lean nature of Heirs Holdings to its highly too can... I was not the most brilliant in school, and I also did
strategic approach to investing, imprints of the Buffett DNA not have all the resources growing up, to have everything I
are evident. wanted. But I had a determination, I had a purpose, noth-
Joining Michael Jackson and Buffett, in Elumelus per- ing in my life happened by chance... and I think people can
sonal pantheon, is the man whos arguably the most famous become what they aspire to be.
contemporary second actorstepping down from running In the end we conclude that the phrase glass ceiling is
one of the worlds most successful companies to devote his likely to feature in the title of the book.
life to philanthropy: Bill Gates. At our second meeting he deects my attempts to get him
He changed the world to a large extent, and upon retire- to declare his net worth. Its not how much were worth but
menthe also knew when to leavehe decided to give back the amount of impact we make. Why boast that one is worth
to society. The learning point, for me, from Bill Gates is that a certain amount when theres so much poverty around. I
this is a world of innite possibilities. will assess my wealth based on the [number of jobs] I create
Leaving UBA freed him up to expand his perspective. through my economic investments, he says.
UBAs life was extremely busy but industry-focused: As the curtains rise onstage for act two, Elumelu joins a
just on UBA and banking. And I was at UBA, more like, at set of Nigerian CEOs and billionaires who are redening the
operational level. But now, its a different type of lifemore rules of the retirement game. Gone, it seems, are those days
of a strategic life, looking at bigger pictures and interests, he when, after quitting the roles that brought them to national
says. prominence, CEOs settled for a life of sitting passively on
Now he has a lot more speaking engagements within and company boards; playing golf; attending social functions;
outside Nigeria. Most recently, in April, there were appear- chairing book launchesand handing out scholarships to in-
ances and speeches in Washington, D.C.: at the International digent students. More retiring Nigerian CEOs, it seems, are
Finance Corporation headquarters; the Global Philanthropy carrying C-suite thinking along with them into the retire-
Forum Annual Conference and a meeting of the World Bank ment zone.
Group Advisory Council of Global Foundation Leaders. Weve had a trend in the past where it was more of
Im curious to know how things would have worked out donating monies to society, but I personally believe that this
had he not left UBA when he did. From the readiness of his is not the age and time for that. Donations are good, but to a
answer, its clear that its something he has thought about. large extent we should do it in a way and manner that is sus-
If I didnt leave UBA when I did, two things would have tainable, we should make it have more meaning and impact,
happened: one; Id still have continued to see life from that he says.
micro-perspective, and think this is just everything about Given a choice between giving out a million dollars in
lifecompetition... But today one has transcended to a dif- scholarships, and using the money to fund advocacy that
ferent level where you look at your business interests, you could positively inuence the governments education policy
look at mankind, you look at society, you look at the inter- and help expand citizens access to education, he insists hed

Where theres hope people do not take to violence. Where theres no hope
people become vulnerable.

play of societal forces that shape the system, the economy of settle for the former.
the country, the continent. Youre looking at advocacy, trying It might not sound too populist, and people might not
to make sure theres good governance because good gover- even appreciate what youre doing, but indeed it has the
nance brings economic prosperity and social wealth. Youre most signicant impact for society, he says.
also trying to do good; to give back to society in a more After laughing at my questions about the possibilities of a
impactful way, to mentor others... third phase, Elumelu is ready with an answer. I realize that
Again and again Elumelu sounds like a business profes- hes assumed, rightly, that Im hinting at full-time politics.
sor addressing a class. Words and phrases like sustainable, I believe that everyone cannot be a king, and at times,
impacting, good/better society, good governance, full you know, kingmakers are more powerful. I think that Im
potential crop up regularly. very content with this second phase, more so that Im able



to combine business with advocacy, in a manner that is To a large extent we are failing to hold those we should
sustainable, he says. hold accountable for whats happeningthe governments
He proceeds to lecture me on natural human progres- that have failed to either create the right environment, or to
sion. block the loopholes... I do not think that the world should be
Theres the age of acquisition, after that [theres the] age negative towards successful businesspeople. What is impor-
of social order, social wealth, happiness for allyou need tant is the kind of governance framework we put in place to
to think of how you want to be remembered and [helped] make sure that successful people do not exploit those who
change the system. There could also be a third phase of, are not so privileged.
you know what, lets go and do it, lets get things done, but He is standing up for his capitalist constituency, but in
I think one has to know ones limitations, strengths and this new phase of his life, the larger society counts just as
capabilities. So instead of all of us being involved in govern- much.
ment, we can be outside and support the government to Why is it important to companies that a country has a
achieve growth and prosperity. huge population and huge purchasing power, that income
Around the world bankers are prime candidates for the per capita is high? he asks. Because those are predispos-
backlash against the excesses of capitalism. I ask about ing factors to good businessit means it is in our collective
what it means to be a member of the 1% (and Im inter- interest that people who are at the bottom of the pyramid
preting this loosely; hinting at the fact that he belongs to the are also able to afford certain things.
moneyed class). He laughs, and then sets out his thoughts That taskof reconciling the hard-nosed demands of
on the state of the world. He draws from foundational eco- the bottom-line with the interests and well-being of the
nomics philosophythe work of Lenin and Marxto make pyramid-bottomit seems to me, is what the second act of
his point. Tony Elumelu is all about. And he is going about it with the
Elumelu thinks governments should take the bulk of the same passion, and intelligence, with which he built one of
blame for the global economic crisis. the largest banking institutions in Africa.


Shareholders Excited as Transcorp Hits

N35bn Capitalisation
By Goddy Egene

cent growth in the companys market capitalisation is a pointer to a good future for their invest-
ments in the company. Market capitalisation of a company is the product of its market price and
total number of issued shares.
We are excited because we have been waiting for this turnaround in the fortunes of Transcorp,
said Dr. Faruk Umar, president of the Association for the Advancement of the Rights of Nigerian
Shareholders (AARNS). When Heirs Holdings bought into the company, I said Elumelu, who is
the chairman of Heirs Holdings, would bring his magic touch to the company. I am not surprised
that it has started to happen because he is known as the turnaround expert, and this is what
we are seeing in Transcorp with a crop of well-focused professionals now managing the place.
According to Dr. Umar, members of AARNS were really excited that their investments in Trans-
corp had begun to look up and would continue, given business strategies the board and man-
agement were putting in place for the company.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Transcorp, Obinna Ufudo, recently told shareholders
that the company would, for the first time, pay dividends at the end of the current financial year.
We are excited by this early and positive indication that our turnaround and transformation
initiatives are already taking root and yielding results, he said. We have fully embraced and
enthroned the highest level of global best practices and governance standards in our opera-
tions and businesses. Our major priorities now are creating value for our stakeholders as well as
making profits for our shareholders, and we believe very strongly that the foundation that we
are laying, and our hard work, will lead to dividends being paid by the end of this financial year.
This story originally appeared in the June 20, 2012 edition of ThisDay newspaper.



Africa is being held up as the next frontier.

As Africans, we know there are boundless
opportunities across the continent waiting to
be discovered.

At the Heirs Holdings Group, we believe in the

philosophy of Africapitalism the ability of
Africans to create business that will catalyse
economic prosperity and social wealth for
our people.

proprietary capital in the most promising sectors
that can propel Africas economic development:
agriculture, real estate, and hospitality. On
the competitiveness and growth of the African
private sector by identifying and addressing
systemic challenges that inhibit the next
generation of business leaders.

Through long-term investing and business

turnaround skills that nurture entrepreneurship
and promote business excellence, the Heirs
Holdings Group is already showing the world
that Africa truly is the next frontier.

We are African, and Africa is our business. Heirs Holdings

Join us! w w w. h e i r s h o l d i n g s . c o m

Heirs Holdings