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How to use Bayabas as an antiseptic and astringent:

1. Gather fresh bayabas leaves and wash with water

2. Boil one cup of bayabas leaves in 3cups of water 8-10 minutes
3. Stain and let cool
4. To use as mouthwash,gargle
5. To use as wound disinfectant was affected areas 2-3 times a day

For diarrhea and control of stomach parasite

1. Gather fresh bayabas leaves

2. Boil chopped pieces of about 4- 6 tablespoon for every 18ounce of water
3. Strain and let cool
4. Drink cup of decoction every 3-4 hours until symptom improve

As used as herbal medicine has its earliest beginnings even in early Egyptian times and has been
traditionally used as herbal remedy for skin burn,cuts and bruises.