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Calvin Becker

Kathryn Knarr
Nicholas Jarvis

Calvin Becker
Comprehension Check:
1. Chinese and other Asian immigrants whose immigration papers were wrong or there was
a health concern.
2. Because it was painted over and was written many years ago.
3. Because they show the power of poetry even poetry many of years old and how they
help communicate between people, conserve history, and inspire many poets.

Dungy starts off by weaving an amazing story of if you were a chinese immigrant
traveling to the distant America only to be stopped and held in a detention center for days up to
years even and see these poems etched onto the wall detailing past detainees stories. We then
see the fact that this is the sad but true truth of Asian immigrants who came to America and
were stopped at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. Then we learn of the poems and the
meanings behind them along with the recent history of Angel Island and how these nearly
impossible to spot poems that were forgotten for generations when the place was bought by the
army saved this place from a fiery demise. This just leads to show us that sometimes a pen,
pencil, keyboard, or even etchings on the wall can be some of the most powerful things in the

Analyze Craft and Structure:

1. a; She states her central idea at the end of the story.
b; It was in my own words pretty much preserve the voices of the past so the future can
learn from them.
Supporting Detail How it Develops the central idea.

Description:Imagine you saw It show just how prevalent these poems are.
not just one poem there was
only a little space left.

Example:The west wind I rely It shows one of the hundreds of poems that is
solely on close friends to relieve being preserved.
my loneliness.

Fact: Someone walked through It shows that because of these poems they
the detention center preserve protected this island.
the detention center and to give
the Angel Island Detention
Center a place of honor in a
newly created State Park.

Reasons: Believe in the power This is something she believes and that is the
of poetry to speak to power of poetry.
commiserate, and to conserve.

Nick Jarvis
Author's Style

Story example of alliteration:

To calm, to communicate, to commiserate, and to conserve. (Pg 83)

Story example of assonance and consonance:

At the head of the bed. (Pg 81)

Kate Knarr
Analyze the Text
1. How do you interpret the poem in paragraph 3? How does the speaker compare with the
heros of the past?
To me its a slave speaking about his awful experience across the sea. He compares himself to
the heros of the past by saying that his own goals are unfulfilled.
2. We discussed as a group.
3. American is being who you are no matter what others are doing to you. It's about your
family and your individual rights.

Concept Vocabulary
The three words memento, composed, and inscribed all have something in common. They all
have to do with the poems that the chinese immigrants wrote on the walls. They all resemble
how and describe how the poems are and what they mean. Another word that could fit in the
category of these words would be engrave. The word engrave described the way the poems
were on the way.
Memento- An object kept as a reminder or souvenir of a person or event.
Composed- Having one's
feelings and expression under control; calm.
Inscribed- Write or carve on something especially as a formal or permanent record

Picture A: Angel Island is an island in the San Francisco Bay. In the Northeast corner of the
island is the Angel island immigration station where they inspect and examine about one million

Picture B: Map of the island.

Picture C: A picture of the outside of the detention center that housed about a million immigrants
of which only 75-82% made it through and now serves as a museum for Asian-American

Picture D: A picture of Asian mens bunks as they waited to get out which shows how crowded it
was with them and their stuff..