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1) Find the area of each of the following shapes. 8 mm b co $1 (M) Maths Homework 23 p-¢ 12 cm 2 m (careful here) 2) ¢) 20cm om 30 em : 9om 18cm 2)Find the scale factor ° o\a/\ > ed / 3m cm om /_\ 12 cm 3)Find the length of x ° b) As sf=3 /\ 8cm x 4) Copy each shape and draw in any lines of symmetry. ores x 5) Create the first six terms of these sequences. ar Ie a) 2n+1 b) 7n-3 yin 6)@) Write these times in hours. e.g. 2 hrs 15 mins is 2.25 hours i) thr 30mins ii) 45mins iii) 135mins V b) A train takes 4 hours 30 minutes to travel 333 miles from Edinburgh to London. What is the average speed of the train.