TIFM BP2013 Top 10 Cost - Improvement Plan

Implement CO2 Program, CF
savings RM113K by E12/2013
2,974,359.00Implemented Ramp Up Media
RM3,000,000 Consumption Process Flow

RM2,500,000 1. Perform System Technical Audits
2. FMEA Top 3 Systems
RM2,000,000 1. Compet
Spent OOAK Critical Spare Parts as 2. Closer M
RM1,500,000 1,405,128.00 part to improve OEE in 2014 via

Repair & Maintenance - Special Machine
Electric Power - External Procurement
RM1,000,000 734,432.00

Workshop Consumption - Gas Park
549,553.00 439,560.00
RM500,000 330,440.00

Rent & Leasing for Vehicle

Planned 3,454,669.00 1,735,601.00 850,339.00 992,803.00
Actual 2,974,359.00 1,405,128.00 1,040,747.00 734,432.00

553.Consumables Workshop Consumption .771.560.Spare Parts 9.846.00 Planned 185.00 .00 164.529.00 153.440.00 439.897.Indirect Costs for Catering Focus Area 438.553.00 185.Improvement Plan in 2013 s Water .00 439.560.00 496.00 Actual Remuneration .00 153.633.835.440.846. cost ve OEE in 2014 via FM Budget Controller from E10/13 General Consulting Expenses (without IT) Workshop Consumption . Competency Training by Vendors Critical Spare Parts as 2.782.897.External Procurement .00 103.560..Sewage Treatment Plant 1.00 97. Closer Mechanism to monitor misc.00 76.00 330.835.00 549.00 164.00 439.00 330.558.

1 Budget Controller to M12/2013 complete HC plan 2013 ® Start FM activities to Training Building by M ® Execution of better efficient CxHy condenser design ® New TMS "Go Live" by Nov 1st. normally <65db) ® Installed vibration damper for Transformers (as best > C/M-Discussion with OEM practice) ® Non compliance of waste segregation ® Achieved Agreement with MD on Power Supply > C/M-internal procedures improvement by Back Up Strategies (based on cost profitability) ® Vibration of 4 Cooling Towers (under ext. 2013 to resolve water carry over from MFG ® Installation of Meeting Room Cabins by E10 ® Installation of Static UPS to reduce power quality issues ® On time Construction Status for B2 and aux by MFG ® Energy Audit by Vendor by E10/2013 (Legal . w ® Hardened Electrical & LSS system coverage by > C/M-OEM plans to be on site by M10/2013 implementing Assistant Engineers (2 headcounts) ® FM 2013 is realistic within 2013 target Next Steps ® Follow up FM Technical Audit findings (targ Inter-dependence average 90% by E11/2013 ® Unclear Fire Engine room concept from HSE ® Follow up on Pull Ahead/ Spare Parts execu ® HR hiring of 1 Technician.2% tasks for Sept 22nd SD ® C/M-Re-education of Contractor Team to in ® Zero ITP (caused by FM) for 2 running months 1.2 in Safety Work Permit RA for related act ® Completed Office roof leaking repair activities ® Level of noise of Transformers still high (at ® Rectified the cracked beam in front of B1 damper installation. High Lights Low Lights ® Zero Safety Incident during Sept 22nd Shut Down ® 30 minutes fire alarm evacuation caused by ® Implemented succesfully Safety CiPs Contractor ® Completed average 98.

normally <65db) f waste segregation cedures improvement by E2/2014 ing Towers (under ext. 2013 eting Room Cabins by E10/2013 ion Status for B2 and auxillaries endor by E10/2013 (Legal requirement) . warranty) o be on site by M10/2013 hnical Audit findings (target> Ahead/ Spare Parts execution by to Training Building by M10/2013 " by Nov 1st.rm evacuation caused by of Contractor Team to involve FM Permit RA for related activities ransformers still high (at 80db after n.

W o r k C o m p l e t e d ( b a s e d o n S L A ) .