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AutoCAD Electrical

Duration : 30 Days

Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical o Edit Component

o What is AutoCAD Electrical? o Project Task List
o Drawing Files o Scoot
o Electrical Components and o Move Component
Wires o Copy Component
o Design Methodologies o Align
Project Files o Delete Component
o Project Files o Surfer Command
o Project Manager Interface o Copy Catalog Assignment
o Accessing Project Files o Copy Installation/Location Code
o Opening a Drawing Values
o Creating a Drawing o Attribute Editing Commands
o Add a Drawing to a Project File Panel Drawings
o Managing Drawings in Projects o Insert Footprint (Icon Menu
o Project Manager Drawing List o Insert Footprint (Schematic List)
Schematics I - Single o Insert Component (Panel List
Wires/Components o Edit Footprint
o Referencing o Assign Item Numbers
o Ladders o Add Balloons
o Insert Wires
o Edit Wires Terminals
o Add Rungs o Insert Terminal Symbols
o Wire Setup o Multiple Level Terminals
o Wire Numbers o Multiple Insert Component
o Source & Destination Signal Command
Arrows o Insert Jumpers
o Insert Component o Terminal Strip Editor
o Parent/Child Components o DIN Rail Command
Schematics II - Multiwire and Circuits PLC Symbols
o Dashed Link Lines o Insert PLC (Parametric
o 3-Phase Ladders o Insert PLC (Full Units
o Multiple Wire Bus o Insert Individual PLC I/O Points
o 3-Phase Components o PLC Based Tagging
o 3-Phase Wire Numbering o Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility
o Cable Markers Point-to-Point Wiring Drawings
o Fan In/Out o Insert Connectors
o Insert Saved Circuits o Edit Connectors
o Save Circuits to Icon Menu o Insert Splices
o WBlock Circuits o Insert Multiple Wires
o Copy Circuit o Bend Wires
o Move Circuit Symbol Creation
o Circuit Clipboard o Schematic Symbols
o Circuit Builder o Naming Convention
Editing Commands o Icon Menu Wizard
o AutoCAD Electrical Databases
o Project Database
o Catalog Database
o Footprint Lookup Database
o PLC Database
o Update Titleblocks
o Titleblock Setup
Reporting Tools
o Create Reports
o Save to External File
o Put on Drawing
o Configure Report Templates
o Running Automatic Reports
o Electrical Audit
Settings and Templates
o Project Properties
o Drawing Properties
o Panel Drawing Configuration
o Template Files
o Sharing Symbol Libraries and
Drawing Update Tools
o Project-Wide Update/Retag
o Project-Wide Utilities
o Plot Project
o Export to Spreadsheet
o Update from Spreadsheet
o Copy Project
o Swap/Update Block
o Mark Drawings
o Verify Drawings