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World History II:

Unit 1 Project Guideline

Group Member(s): Jiratchot, Daran, Tanwarat, and Tanyatorn

Product Title: Scarp Book
Type of Product: Book

Your Selected Revolution, Historical Figures, and Ideologies/Movements:

Revolution: American Revolution
Historian Figures: John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
Ideologies/Movements: Lockeanism, Hobbesianism, and Rational

Research Questions (at least 2-3 questions):

(What do you hope to learn? Make sure it is not straightforward/simple. Look at the rubric.)
-How could rational, lockeanism, hobbesianism lead to American revolution?
-What are the nuances between the influences of John Locke and Thomas
- Why did 13 colonists engage these movements for rebellion against England?
- Who was the king of the Great Britain during the revolution?
- Who was the leader of 13 colonists?
- Where was the congress in America?

Product Description:
(Make sure it is clear what the product will look like, what it will include, and how it will be
We will make a scrapbook with a beautiful design and a lot of detail. This
interesting product will surely conduct to attract readers while reading through it.
The scrapbook will be created to look different from others and can be opened in
many ways. The scrapbook generally is the decoration of a stack of papers folded
by the thick paper with brilliant ornament. The stack of papers will show the
important information of American Revolution followed by the historian figures
and ideologies.

How the product demonstrates the connection between your selected topics and
the goals/essential understandings of this unit:
This product has illustrated the connection of the selected topics by showing
out the influences and ideas from John Locke and Thomas Hobbes which
eventually led to the big reformation during that chaotic period. These two
historians were English philosopher who came up with Enlightenment and
modern political philosophy in addition. Our group members have aimed to
interpret these philosophers coming up ideas for political changes.

(What ESLOs does your project relate to and how?)
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

In this project, ESLOs is so essential because we will use almost every path in
ESLOs which are Strategic learners, Innovative thinkers, Articulate
communicators, Morally intelligent persons, Altruistic global citizens, Leaders of
the future. Firstly, in strategic learners, we plan to find the information without
wasting time and we use our phone or laptop to gain information and work.
Next, we apply what we know to diagnose, assess, and neutralize the problem,
creative and not plagiarism, and use laptop to find the idea to make a good
quality product which are in the path of Innovative thinkers. For Articulate
communicators, we may be listen, write, and speak for different purposes and
use different methods to communicate. After that, we hardworking and caring a
work, use computer and laptop in the correct way, and encourage honesty,
justice and peace in the community which are in Morally intelligent persons.
Next, in Altruistic global citizens, we respect their different of each other. Lastly,
in Leaders of the future, we use technology to solve problems as a group, build
teamwork to finish the project, and accept the decisions of each other while we

VARK Learning Strategies:

(What is your individual VARK learning style and how do you plan to do your research based on
the style?)
Firstly, in

According to my VARK test, it has four part which are telling visual, aural,
read/write, and Kinesthetic. For all of these, I got the most score on telling
visual. So, in telling visual, I will use this process that I have the most score to
plan or decide a picture and management the information to put into the

Starter sources/references:
(Sources that you will begin with in your research for your project.)

Learning Plan:
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

(This is a daily plan of what you will do each day for the rest of the quarter.)

What You Plan to Do Things to Due Date


Day 1 - -

Day 2 - -

Day 3 - -

Day 4 - -

Day 5 - -

Day 6 Proposal 18th August

Day 7 - -

Day 8 - -

Day 9 - -

Day 10 - -

Day 11 - -

Day 12 - -

Day 13 - -

Day 14 - -

Day 15 Product 8th September


Day 16 Learning Day 1 of that

Records Week

Day 17 - -

Day 18 - -

Day 19 - -

Day 20 Reflection 21st September

First Mind Map:

World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

(Here I would like you to brainstorm everything you know about your topic(s) before even
beginning to work on the project. It does not matter if you do not know much but try to add as
much information as possible.)

I will post on it due date


Goal: Buy a scrap book

Note: I volunteered to buy a scrap book and I asked my

friends about what they wanted regarding size, color, and
design of the book that we will choose to make a scrap
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

book. I sent the picture of a book that I couldnt chose to

my group mates and, as a result, I got a hardcover book
with a hard paper inside, and light brown cover.

Reflection: I went to buy the product at the mall. There

were many options to choose from. First, I saw a
hardcover book that was perfect for our project, however
it was too expensive. In the end, I found another hardcover
book with an appropriate price that was useful for our
group. Therefore, we paid 24 baht per person.


Goal: Design the product

Note: For first I designed the product to be like a pop-up

book, but when my group mates and I discussed about
how hard it is to make a pop-up book, we changed to a
scrap book because we thought it was not too hard, but
also not too easy do.

Reflection: Now I have finished designing the product, I

know what it will look like. I thought that I like this
product and me and my group mates agreed with this
style. So, we have decided to go ahead with it.


Goal: Design the front cover

Note: I looked at other books covers and saw what was

good and bad about them. Some of them inspired me to
make my own cover and we designed it to be appropriate
for our book. We sketched the outline of the images, then I
took it home and I completed the final draft and decorated
it by dipping it in black coffee after coloring it.
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

Reflection: I am satisfied with the final product. The cover

looks old and realistic like it is an original product. The
group are pleased with my work and tomorrow we will
start on the interior of the book.


Goal: design the books interior

Note: We had to design the layout of the inside of the book.

We wanted to make it look very old, so we talked about
how to do it at the end of the class.

Reflection: I agreed with my friends idea that making it

look old will match with the books cover.


Goal: The Victory of America

Question: Why did the United States win?

Note: There were many reason for the victory of American

against Britain who was one of the worlds super powers in
that period. The first reason was since the war took place
in the United States, this meant that the cost and
difficulty of supplying an army across the sea created
many problems for the British. On the other hand, the
British had used poor strategy against the American army
during the battles. Because of over confidence, British
army had lost many opportunities to crush the foes army.
Lastly, the British forces used conventional methods of
warfare by lining up in rows ready for the battlefield which
was easily taken down by guerilla tactics.
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

Reflection: I think that America could win the war because

they were fighting the battles in their home country, so
they were readier to fight the British. Also, the U.S. had
better strategies of warfare and they wanted to win
because they wanted to be free.



Goal: Extra information about the victory of America

Question: Why did the American win this war?

The essential reason they won is that America fortunately

obtained financial and military assistance from the
French. The French government had seen a great
opportunity for revenge for the defeat of the Seven Years
War or French Indian War. The French and the British had
been fighting each other for hundreds of years. In 1781,
The Americans forced the British army to give a surrender
at Virginia. About hundred year after the war France gave
America the statue of liberty, to celebrate their close

Reflection: Today I found the complete information about

why American won this war. I learned that France had an
important role in Americas victory. So, we can understand
that an enemy of your enemy is your friend.
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline



Goal: How King George iii related to American revolution?

Question: what did he do about the war?

Note: King George the third wanted to keep America as

part of Britain. Even though some ministers wanted to
negotiate with the rebels King George wanted to punish
the Americans by continuing the war. The King did not
want to surrender such a large territory, but in the end, he
had to surrender it because it was a very expensive war.

Reflection: I thought that at that time the British should

prepare more about warfare and supplier because America
is a powerful country, so it hard to beat them.

revolution/king-george- iii.html


Goal: Finish all of the book

World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

Note: I assembly the books cover onto scrapbook.

Reflection: I am so excited because it means that

everything on the product are done completely.