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Mario Augusto Junior

Cases and Exercises Chapter 11

1. What forms of interpersonal power does Larry Ellison use

and how does he use them?

Larry Ellison extremely demonstrates he is a follower of the Coercive Power.

Comparing to the other types power use coercive power is the one that seems to be

tougher and stricter. The Coercive Power is the manner that always informs the

subordinates of policies and punishments, warns before penalizing, and plays

punishment consistently and uniformly. On the other side other types of power are

smoother, being cordial, polite, confident, and explain reasons for request. Ellison

uses coercive power in order to control individuals or organizations that he is

interested; he creates unkind situations for those people. This is not a bad way to

run his business, but he could use other approaches to get the same results. Other

type of power used in Ellisons company is Expert Power, which maintains

reliability, act assertive and decisive, keep informed, recognizes employees concern

(Nelson and Debra, 2015, p. 174). He has know-how about industry and

fundamental abilities in controlling a prosperous business. He takes risk and having

a solid baggage in the computing helped him to pave the manner for enterprise

2. How do the two faces of power relate to Larry Ellison's

Larry Ellisons attitudes seem to be a mixture of a negative power versus a

positive one in his company. He uses personal power that is a negative way to

obtain what he wants or what he wants to control; this is focused on benefits that

he can gain only for him and his company. In other words, he is most interested

in his own needs and interests. Individuals that uses the Personal Power are

considered Machiavellian, which is doing whatever it takes to obtain what they

need at certain point. The use of this power can cause legal problems and

uncertainty among co-workers or with the other companies. The positive face

power inside Oracle is defined by the fact that Ellison strongly believes in the

authority system; the company is important and its authority is necessary.

Influencing others happens naturally for him. Also, there is a sense that prefers

the work and discipline; he likes his job and is systematic with it. This principle

says that the work is good for an individual and better than its salary. Altruism is

other fact within the positive power practiced in the Oracle. The company needs

come before than any other thing. They see their own wellness as essentially

linked to the organizations wellness.

3. Does Larry Ellison use power ethically? Explain your

Larry Ellison demonstrates not being very ethical in his manner do business.

According to the article Oracle's Larry Ellison: A Profile of Power, Influence, and

Dominance, by Michael K. McCuddy, Ellison made aggressive actions to Mark

Hurd as Hewlett-Packards CEO in August 2010 after an investigation over

accusation of sexual assault. After Hurd was fired Ellison hired him to work at

Oracle. Also, Ellison goes beyond business and does personal confrontations on

the CEOs and Board of Directors of other organizations in attempt of gaining any

competitive benefit. Determining if decisions made will reflect in ethical actions

is a difficult situation. There are three questions that can be asked to check if the

actions that will be done are reasonable and ethical. First, does the comportment

create a decent result for individuals both internal and external of the company?,

second, Does the comportment respect the rights of all parties?, and Does the

comportment consider all parties equally and honestly?. The first question is

focused on the result that has to be great for the greatest number of individuals

involved. It fails if it only serves the persons interest and does not help the

company achieve its objectives. The second question represents the criterion of

individual rights freedom of speech, privacy, and due process are individual

rights that must be respected (Nelson and Debra, 2015, p .174). The last question

focuses on the distributive justice that needs to be met, for example, giving

vacancy for an employee and not for the other would not be correct. If one of

those three questions have a negative answer, then it fails in the test an the

decision is unethical.
4. What influence tactics does Larry Ellison use? How does
he use these influence tactics?

It seems that he puts everyone under pressure, uses demands, threats, or

coercion to make people to do what he wants. He has a lot of experience, which

gives him a chance of using rational persuasion. Logical facts and arguments are

needed to persuade people, and then the suggestion or proposal is viable to

produce a satisfactory result.

The employees of Oracle have their opinions and conducts affected by Ellison. He

establishes a workplace that only has winners and losers better than an

environment that people perform their job to meet the goals of the organization.

As noticed in one of the previous answers he uses lateral power to persuade and

acquire other corporations or confronts other organizations CEO and Board


5. Does Larry Ellison use power effectively? Explain your


The facts and stories that have been presented about Larry Ellison and his company do

not show that he uses power positively. Although it still can be considered effective

because he has been using the available power to grow his company and acquire other

organizations. He has enough abilities to choose and pursue organizations he wants to

control or acquire. Ellison knows exactly how to use the power effectively to obtain

things that he targets.

6. In your own future career, would you be willing to
emulate Larry Ellison's behavior? Why or why not?

I definitely would not follow Larry Ellisons conduct in my future career. For sure I

want to succeed in my business or work, but I want it without roll over other

person, or company. I would not feel comfortable knowing that I am getting benefits

not respecting other individual for that. Ellison behaves in a combative manner

against others and every thing is a competition that needs to be won in order to take

advantage. I believe that I can reach the success using respectable strategies.

Working in an ethical manner is better and makes a healthier climate inside the

work place. There are other types of power that can be used in order to obtain the

concordance of the co-workers of doing business with other organizations.

Legitimate Power that is being cordial, polite, be clear and follow up to verify

understanding, making sure that the request is appropriate (Nelson and Debra,

2015, p. 174). I would also use Referent Power to treat the subordinates fairly and

defend subordinates needs and feelings.