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Crisel Bagsiyao

She couldnt breathe


Shes out and alive

Bring back the sunshine, she
Laugh pleads

So full of energy The warmth of it would make

her feel better
Yet inside, the pain is killing
her The brightness would make her
forget the nightmares
Slowly eating her heart out

Little by little, it cuts so deep

in her soul She loathes the pain--- Its sight
is a slap to her face
Her body becomes numb, shed
lost her heart She could see herself in it

Yes, shes a living body with a Dark clouds make the sun weak
dead soul
Dark memories make her sick

Fear, pain, anguish and

The more she digs
The more she drowns
All along it was there
Now, shes gasping for air
Buried deep inside her heart
The light is fading away too
Ignore it, its what she did
Avoid it, it was her goal
Yes, shes screaming for help

Yet, everybody chose not to

Finally, the rain poured listen

Oh, how she hates the rain

Its dripping sounds brings

back all the memories

The coldness clutches her