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ny UNLEASH YOUR ROUTER 3D CAPABILITIES J Born from the partnership between world-renowned CAD-CAM Software Company and the largest 3D ready-to-carve models library. ‘The new 3D CAD/CAM that you have been looking for... > Extensive library of over 1,000s (and growing. ..) 3D high quality models to choose from and download frdm our website > Simply carve existing models or combine, resize, add & subtract, rotate, duplicate... several models to make your own unique 3D pieces > Professional toolpath generation and 3D machining simulation included to insure perfect carving on any CNC and router machines > Affordable CAD/CAM for both 2D cutting & engraving & 3D sculpting needs Want a demonstration? CALL NOW! 219.624.6321 * FREE LIBRARY OF 3D TEXTURES . + Over 60 textures already loadled (bark, stone, leather, sand...) 4 + Easy addition of new textures; Import STL, 3dm, 3D digitized files... + Texture creatiomsfrom picture with grey scale" feature 7 4 = | UNLIMITED. ACCESS, ‘Text creation on curves and projection on 3D models ™ Import of many 2D & 3D file formats > Stop using your 3D Router machine only for simple 2D cutting or engraving... Create 3D products that your customers will want to buy and stand up from your competition. > Stop paying per individual 3D model or limiting your choice to just a few usually provided by competitors... Over 1,000's (and growing) 3D model FREE to choose from for any project you may have in mind. CARVED PANELS CABINET CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOM FURNITURE ARCHITECTURAL SIGNAGE DOOR & WINDOW SCULPTING 30 MOLDINGS... ASK YOUR CNC & ROUTER VENDOR FOR ARTCLIP3SD ARTCLIP3D | 10440 Pioneer Bld - Suite 1 | Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 7 213624.6321 | | a)